Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Return...

Heyyyy ya, rangers!

Yes yes...I know. And I sincerely apologize for the blog drought for the past 2 weeks. Gotta' admit, this job of updating the blog ain't a stroll in the park as most of you might think. You gotta have inspiration...revelation...elevation... Sometimes, these things dont come by often. Anyway, its been a pretty hectic 2 weeks, I must say. Work has been steadily piling up. More and more activities coming our way (which in return, requires more planning!) All in all, things have picked up pace...

So, lets recap what happened in the month of February...I believe the E-Rangers have covered 3 merits, which are Psalms, Camp Safety and surprise surprise...Academics merit! Clap clap!! But let's not forget your Ranger's homework, that is the interview with yours school teacher, a letter of your participation in school, and the 500 word essay!!! Also, dont forget to finish up the orange bible merits! Dont you just loveeeeeeee homework??? Gosh, I miss those days...:)

Here's what we have in store for you E-Rangers for the month of March. Check it out :

March 5th - Physical Fitness Merit & Phillipians Bible merit
March 12th - Compass Merit & Philippians Bible merit
March 19th - Compass Navigation Road Trip
March 26th - Visitation to Good Samaritan Home

Believe me guys and gals, its gonna be an awesome month! Loads of fun, loads of laughter, and definitely, history is gonna be made! Oh btw, just a reminder....Power Shieldtox patrol, you're to submit your plans and programs for the visit to Good Samaritan Home asap! Just in case you're wondering, 'asap' means 'As Soon As Possible'... and not the smoke (asap) that comes out from a cigarette bud or your car exhaust...

Line of the week...Guess who said this!

When asked to describe ourselves in a few words...this certain celebrity in our church described himself using these words...

1) Beautiful hair
2) Girls CHASE after him
3) Drop-dead handsome
4) Ei tak ceh (which means...can study wan!)

Well, looking at this description, it can only fit one place your guess at the chatbox and the answer will be revealed soon enough!

Birthday update - Susanna Sandra Joy (27th Feb)

Till then, keep the chatbox alive, have a splendid week...and God bless! Muaks...:)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Kitchen N' Monks...

And yes...the title says it all! Yup, about 2 weeks ago, on the 22nd of Jan, the E-rangers held a 'Chippewa-Kitchen-Making-Day' competition between the two patrol, Krazee Kutu and Power Shieldtox. The bitter rivalry between these two patrols was obvious right from the very start. This modern day rivalry draws comparison between other famous and legendary rivalries such as dogs vs cats, Manchester Utd vs Liverpool, Keane vs Vieira, ACS vs La Salle (PLU boys), MSG vs get the picure. On one corner, we have Lisa 'The Terminator' Lee, the leader of insect repellents, Power Shieldtox. And on my right, wearing red and white boxers, we have Shaun 'The Panda' Lim...leader of the mighty pests, Krazee Kutu! Together with the world famous 4 ft kutu, Amy Tan!

The day started off with a time of bible study, and the topic of the day was about the book of Proverbs. Many simple yet powerful teachings in the Bible can be found in this book, and if one desires to be a chapter a day! The bible study time ended with a time of prayer, where Cmdr. Reuben & Kenny asked God to bless the rangers with wisdom...and lots of it. I personally like the way what the bible says about wisdom. "Wisdom awaits at the entrance of the gates, crying out to anyone who would hear her call..." This is taken from the NIV, btw. (New Indian Version)

Once the rangers had gathered downstairs at the arena, all the necessary equipment and tools distributed to them, the stage was set for an interesting battle. This would be the first inter-patrol competition for the year. And no one wants to end up on the losing side, especially on day find out who's the winner, please take your time to go thru the pics below. The winning patrol is announced at the bottom! Have fun...

Power Shieldtox girls in action...Lisa, Rebecca, Tzi Li, and 'Phiak' Joo! hehe...:)

Shieldtox Box thinking..."The kitchen looks kinda' low, eh?"

"Now that's how its done...and that's why I'm your commander! Yeeeeee ha!"

Kutu babes with their finished product...awww, how adorable they look! Yea right!!!!

Hey hey...not bad! Even the Adventure Girls, led by Cmdr Lilian, fared pretty well...

Yup, looks fine to me alright!

The Lion Dance team was early this time around...Irvin and Vince!

Hmm...Cmdr Kenny kept hanging around this kitchen...I wonder why....:)

4 girls, a tripod, and a kettle full of water...everything looking good! Well done, Shieldtox ladies...

Kutu rawksss!!! (trying to immitate Amy...)

Shieldtox Boys and their mini tripod! Andrew, Simon, Jason, Delven, Ben, Kev, and Thomas...thumbs up, lads!

The Krazeeeeeee Kutu family photo! Check out the father kutu and the two mother kutus beside him! What a lovely couple, eh?

Wow, seems like Chinese New Year is early this time around...pest control family photo!!!

Adventure Girls time! They too passed the test of the kettle effortlessly!

More pics to admire...I bet some of you out there are busy saving all these pics by now, eh? :)

Well, now that we know that everyone of their hand-made camping kitchen passed the test and looked quite marvellous, what do we do next? Well, some rangers decided to take the testing to another level...its called 'The Monkey Test'. Wonder why? Have a look...

Monkey see...

Monkey do... :)

Gorilla thought it was a game and decided to follow....

Well, all in was a fantastic day! Everyone managed to get their kitchen ready in time, made it steady, used the right lashing (I hope) and most importantly, worked together as a patrol. Now that's what I wanna see week in week out! For those experienced the newbies. For the newbies, participate and learn from others. One way to improve ourselves is to constantly help others improve too. Always remember that, rangers!

Yes yes, I guys wanna know the results. Well, after careful observation and looking at your lashing, the stability of your kitchen, the overall neatness...the results are as following :

Best Kitchen (Guys) : Krazee Kutu..

Best Kitchen (Girls) : Power Shieldtox..

Congrats to the winners...believe me, it was a close call. I had to look at the finer details to determine the winner. A job well done, everyone! Keep up the good work and keep a lookout for the next inter-patrol competition. A big thank you to the Adventure Girls for participating in this merit class. Glad to have you all on board...God bless!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A New Beginning...

What a way to start off the new year! RR Selangor #6 finally released it's second edition of its very own RR T-shirt. After waiting for more than a decade...after the many years of toiling...the rangers we're crying out for a breath of new life...and along came a man...Australian by residence, but Chinese to the bone...our very own Vincent from Kapar! Sleeping one night, in the middle of an exciting dream (dreaming of Collin)...he rolled and rolled, fell of the bed, and hit his head on the floor. And then he drew this...

Alright alright...i know wat you people are thinking...stop it! Focus on the shirt, guys! Hehe...yup, Vincent Chin...our very own Gianni Versace of Selangor #6! Not bad eh? Now that's what I call a divine revelation!

Just to recap what most of you might now be suffering from an overdose of mandarin oranges and tarts...on the 15th of January, the new Selangor #6 T-shirts officially went on sale to the public! As we all know, all these while the shirts were sold 'illegally' and 'Petaling street style'...i.e. being sold from the car booth, secretly sold before youth camp...well, I'm glad to say that gone are those days. I'm telling you....the t-shirts were sold like hot rotiboy! Almost 170 shirts were sold by the end of that day! From now on...we can look forward to a brighter future...our future! Guys and girls...believe me when I say that we've got something good going on in let's keep the momentum going!

For those of you who weren't around to witness what actually took place on that fateful day, enjoy the pics!

I'm telling you, man...kecoh wei!

E-rangers in action promoting the hot tee...

Very easy to spot the 'Money-face Queen'...

I told you...once vain, always vain! As usual...the owner of the camera! :)

Not bad...even the E-rangers outpost cmdr was up for sale...for a lelong price of RM10! Even with that price, no body wanna buy....haih!

One for the camera....The rangers together with 'Gigi Versace' Vincent...woo hoo!!!

Can challenge pasar malam ade, man...

View from the top...

"No problem, aunty. I always wear baby-T shirts, wan!"

Cmdr. Eric trying to convince the lady to buy the shirt for her kid...oh btw, did you guys notice the brunette among us? :)

"Wait till I'm big enough to fit into one of those..."

Well, that's all for the pics. To get a better glimpse of the noise and chaos caused by certain 3 individuals on that day...check out the latest video posted! Have fun, lads...God bless! Muahaha..