Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ride The Storm...

Guess who's back??? WE'RE BACK!! Ok, that was easy...

Yup...we rode the storm, conquered the wilderness (camping resort), fought the insects, found a new pet monkey whom we named Rama, and came home with all our organs intact! What an achievement! Haha...all 45 went, all 45 returned! And what an amazing camp its been for all those who joined in the Adventure & Expedition Rangers Camp 2009!

I had an absolutely amazing time with the rangers at the camp. Going through the merit classes, watching them cooking their meals and the drama moments, beating them to a pulp during the water games (Hahahaha), and just enjoying nature together as rangers. Its tough to explain the really ought to be there to know what it feels like to live a life of a ranger in the outdoors. The full camp blog post will be up soon, I promise...loads of pics and stories to tell!

And oh, not forgetting the Discovery Rangers Overnight Camp 2009! Man...these kids certainly pack a punch and run on pure adrenaline!! Yeap...the Boss was at both camps this time around to enjoy the best of both worlds! Haha...well, for those moments with the 20+ kids, it was pure fun and excitement all the way! Imagine having to battle these kids in a real-life 'counter-strike' situation...just one of the highlights of the camp. Will be telling the story soon enough. Stay tuned yea? :)

Now that these 2 camps are over...its time to focus on the BIG ONE! After a long 5-year wait, Royal Rangers Malaysia is proud to present you...

10-13th June 2009
Benum Hill Eco-Park, Raub
RM165.00 per person

There's a reason why they call it the 'Event of the Year'....simply because IT IS!! For more updates, do click on the Camporama thumbnail image on the right that will take you to the official camp website (will be launched soon). Alternatively, you can check out Here's what you do...SPREAD THE NEWS! Time for you to spam those msn contacts, emails, facebook, friendster, friend's car, friend's house, school toilet, etc...

More info to follow soon. Stay tuned, pals! As for now, to all the rangers and leaders who have been running around like a bunch of mad hamsters and worker ants for the past few days, time for you to get some well-deserved and much-needed rest. God bless and I'll see ya tomorrow in church. Lights out...

Song for the night - You are my strength (Reuben Morgan)

In the fulness of Your grace
In the power of Your name
You lift me up, You lift me up
Unfailing love, stronger than mountains
Deeper that oceans, reaches to me...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keep on March-ing...

Greetings rangers and friends!

Welcome back everyone!! Yes...I'm talking about you! Where have you been? Havent heard from you in days! Man, while I was away, I was following what's been happening in the RR chat box...and its like CRAZY! There's like 12 Boss-wannabes, and how there's even a few Bosstress??? What in the world??? ppl popped up like mushrooms! Haha...

Oh well...just to give you an update on the latest news and events thats coming up real soon...

19-21st March 2009
The Woods Resort, Kuala Kubu Baru
Cost: RM40 per person

This camp is open to all rangers and friends from ages 12-18 yrs old. This will be 3D2N of pure camping and adventure at its best! We will be covering a host of RR merits that will qualify you to earn your ranger medals. So please do not miss this for the world!! For more details and to get a copy of the camp registration form, please contact the following person:

Expedition Rangers: Cmdr. Kenny Chin
Adventure Rangers: Cmdr. Andy Gan & Cmdr. Laura Yee

Next up, we have...

20-21st March 2009
Venue: Glad Tidings Assembly Klang
Cost: RM15 per person

This camp caters to rangers and children from ages 9-11 yrs old. For those interested, especially your little brothers and sisters who do not know how to use the computer or surf the internet. At only RM15 per person, this camp is soooo affordable, you'll want to bring your aunties, uncle and grandparents along! The Discovery rangers will be taught a host of outdoor-skills merit to earn them the Discovery medals. Sign up now and dont miss out on the fun!

For more details, please contact Cmdr. Chiew Hoe / Cmdr. Phaik Joo.

Its going to be an exciting month, for sure!! Make sure you dont miss out on what's being offered this month, and experience the fun and joy of being one with nature...camping out the RR style!

God bless and have a good week ahead! All the best to those who are collecting their SPM and STPM results tomorrow! I pray that God's boldness and courage be upon each one of you...and I hope that in all things, we will learn to give God the glory and honour and thanks that He deserves! "Your rod and Your staff...the comfort me."

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ranger Kids Camp 2009 - SUPERHERO!

Hey rangers and friends!

Yes...I'm finally back with another round of updates and event reports! And what better way to kickstart things with a post of the recently concluded Sel #6 Ranger Kids Day Camp! And here to share with you her experience is none other than the Camp Commander herself, Amy 'Super Cili Padi' Tan!

Photos and pictures courtesy of Cmdr. Daniel the 'SuperIban' Seliong...:) To view more pics from the Day Camp, please click on the RR photo gallery link on the right. Have fun viewing them!

RR Selangor #6 Ranger Kids Day Camp, 21st February 2009!!! A total of about 70 kids came together and drove all the commanders upside down, inside up, frontside backside. Indeed it was a very remarkable day and a day filled with lots of FUN. I am sure all the kids had fun. As for me, I had a total blast on that day.

The theme for the camp was SUPERHERO and yes, of course we do have our very own appointed superhero mascots... Batman, Bee man?!?, Mrs. Incredibles, Catwoman. Check them out man. Haha. And all the kids were told to dress in their own favourite superhero costume for the council fire.

The kids started arriving as early as 8.30am, eventhough it was written 9am in the flyers, this shows how excited they were, and they arrived even before the helpers arrived.

There were five patrols, namely Superman, Ninja Turtle, Wong Fei Hung, Tarzan and Powerpuffgirls. We had an origami session and as well as a bolo tie making session, and to the competition station games and of course water games. The camp concluded with a time of council fire.

Personally, I would like to take this time to thank all the parents for allowing their children to attend this camp and for entrusting us with their children for the whole day. Really no joke taking care of kids ok???

Secondly, to all the commanders, E-rangers and helpers who helped out in this camp, seriously and again I would say, thank you for being so supportive over this camp Yes, Indeed it was a VERY tiring day, I ALMOST died, and maybe some of u might hav gone alittle cuckoo after that, haha, but I am sure the effort and the seed sowed today will definitely bear fruit in time to come.

And even as the registration kept coming in even till the night before, and we were definitely short of commanders and helpers, nevertheless, people like, Connie, Oscar, Kenneth, Kelsey, who are not in rangers came to the rescue. You guys are truly Friends of Rangers! :) Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out, but yah, thank you guys so much for your support. I am sure u guys had fun too right? Haha.

This is my testimony...At the beginning, I really did not expect a lot out of this camp, maybe because this is my first time handling it ( OF COURSE with MUCH MUCH help from Cmdr. Eric). But to be honest, what I told God was, just let the attendance be more than the previous year's camp. 1 or 2 more extra, I don’t care. As long as there's growth and MORE kids compared to the previous year’s, and that will be enough for me.

Because I don’t see how its possible for parents to actually trust us with their kids. But even as we did our promotion in tadika seri cahaya and children church, unexpectedly, the calls kept coming in after that. I tell you arrr, since then my phone has never stopped ringing! It was a abit 'kuacheong', but its something like tht larh. Even in classes, and since then lecturers thought that I am a business women or something....haha.

Even as the calls kept comin in, I know that God is trying to tell me that nothing is ever impossible for Him, and asked me to expect more from Him and since then, I’ve constantly been asking God for more. Yes, true enough, we reached 71 kids for the camp and it was double the attendance compared to the previous year, and I even came to the point where, I am about to take back what I said.

Out of 71 kids, 59 of them were newcomers and I think most of them were from non-Christian families. Isn’t that AWESOME?! Out of the 59 kids, about 42 of them were from tadika seri cahaya alone. What an awesome opportunity to share with the kids about the true Superhero...Jesus!

Special thanks to aunty Ajunta for giving us the opportunity to reach out to the kids in the tadika, thank you for your cooperation, and you never failed to say YES to us, eventhough those yes-es might create more work for you (collecting money and forms, giving out the checklist and of coz somewhat being responsible to the parents if anything goes wrong). Thank you and God bless!

Not only that, juz last Sunday, we had 17 newcomers from the camp joining us for our rangers meeting. OMG, seriously no joke, they are all hyper, Cmdr Eric should start worrying right now. :) hahaa...

Well, to be able to impart something good and Godly in the lives of the kids and show them who their superhero really is. I can say that this camp was a total success. Keep up the good work, you guys are totally great.

*n yeah, those small size ppl, if you want any cute shirt, there's alot of really cute ones from the camp not claimed by anybody. Hahaha. they are really cute, n the good thing is..i can fit in them... weeeee.. haha! Thank you all once again and God bless!

Here's a scene where Goliath (played by Kenneth) is struck down by David's stone and sling...and best part, all the kids joined in to beat up Goliath! this point, the superheroes Batman and Superman had to intervene to prevent crowd trouble!

Introducing...the Rotan Man! He's basically a superhero character from your high school days...his superpower: Ability to whack you with the rotan all night long!

Our beloved Camp Commander Amy Tan given a hero's reception from her adoring fans! Well done Amy! You did marvellously for the camp...

The Selangor #6 Superhero family portrait! A tribute to a special group of people who came together, got our hands dirty, worked like a horse and donkey all day long, paid in peanuts, ran around like monkeys, dressed up in funny outfits, blessed the kids and most importantly...they made this day possible for the kids!

I salute you, RR Commanders, E-Rangers and friends.

Live High. Live Mighty. Live Righteously.

“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them.
Mark 10:13-16