Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RR 3rd Central District Pow-Wow!

POW WOW 2011 – INVICTUSBy Cmdr. Reuben Ponniah (Camp Commander - Pow-Wow 2011)

“What an amazing camp it’s been!” Many of us will look back at the four days spent together in the 3rd RR Central District Pow Wow with fond memories and will remember the good times in the coming years. With the last Pow Wow almost five years ago, this was a much anticipated camp and many rangers were thrilled at the prospect of experiencing the traditions, uniqueness and life-changing experiences the Pow-Wow was guaranteed to offer.

With a total of 350 rangers, leaders and visitors, the scene was set for a really fantastic camp in the Malaysian summer. We chose the same campground that hosted one of our previous Pow Wows - open fields, lush green forests, cooling streams and blue skies greeted the rangers as they arrived by the busloads.

Fancy pitching your tent in the rain? Well, that was exactly what happened on a very wet first day. The rain was a pleasant welcome, and it certainly did its part to cool the surroundings and made tent pitching a little bit more fun and challenging.

Even as night dawned upon us, the campsite turned into a mad hatter’s party, with rangers parading their most unique and creative head gear for the Pow Wow Council Fire. Hat’s off to the rangers for making it a fun-filled night and for their parading their colorful and quirky head gear!

Throughout the day, various challenges and games were organized for both group competitions and individual challenges. The four main groups in the camp (Red Axe, Yellow Spear, White Shield, Blue Sword) certainly did their part to add color and competition with victory chants and songs, parading of colors and armory, battle moments, display of macho-ness and bruising encounters. In the end, the war was won by White Shield. To quote the words of the victorious group Leader, “Defense is the best form of attack!”

The afternoons presented the campers with the opportunity to participate in Individual physical challenges, traditional games and crafts, bamboo rafting (and mud walking if you fell overboard), flying fox, surfing, and learning the tricks of the trade at the FCF trading post! For the speed lovers and tree-dwellers, there was even a wheel-barrow race and rope climbing challenge! Speaking of memorable moments, who could forget the ‘Love your banana’ game and the Pow-Wow Court of Justice!

Amidst all the various activities, the outdoor night rallies remain the main highlight of the camp, and for many, it is a very special experience. Surrounded by nature, hearing the insects buzz, the glow of the moon and stars above… the silence of the night was broken with the sound of the rangers worshipping and praising God in unison, across all ages, in awe of His creation and power. Our camp speakers, Rev. Davidson, Pastor Mike Kuna and Commander Terence delivered God’s Word with such conviction and power to the various age groups. We thank the Lord for the 24 lives that accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and for the many rangers who re-dedicated their lives back to God, The theme of the camp, Invictus, echoed throughout the night rallies. Our challenge as Christians after the camp is to live as an over comer - victorious, undefeatable, unconquerable in today’s modern society.

Being a part of the Pow Wow camp committee has been such a blessing and rewarding experience to be able to give the rangers the opportunity to express themselves through outdoor activities and skills, to learn about teamwork, and to allow God to touch their lives… most importantly, to move forward together as one in the Royal Rangers ministry. Do keep a lookout for the ‘BIG CAMP’ happening next year – Camporama 2012! We hope to see you there!

God bless.

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