Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Saturday, August 30, 2008

As You Like It...


Don't we all just luurrvve the weekends?? :) I do! Today's friday, tomorrow's Saturday, and then it's Sunday, and then Monday!! Woohoo...its going to be a good, long, Merdeka weekend! Simply fantastic la. Bet those of you who are sitting for SPM this year are already beginning to sweat eh? Chill out, man...cut loose, wave some flags, have a packet of nasi lemak. At the end of the tunnel, therein lies your freedom and light. But little did you know that a bigger and darker tunnel awaits you further down the road...haha!

Can't wait for the caving trip with you rangers and leaders...its going to be loads of fun, for sure! Don't forget yea? Its happening this coming Monday! For those of you 18 years and below, please download the permission slip from the link below and get it signed by your parents yea? Remember...this is extremely important, k? Please click on the link below to obtain the form.

Remember, please be in church on 1st Sept by 7am!! :)

I'm actually feelin' very, very sleepy right now. Seems like a very good time to fall an early start tomorrow morning. Will be ferrying a bunch of students from Kota Kemuning (Shaun's playground) to HICT Klang for YA! PMR EE...!! It promises to be a good day for those who have signed up. Looking forward to seeing you there yea? Anyone wanna' follow me tomorrow morning at 7am?? I dont even wake up this early for work...:)

Goodnight citizens of this world...

And oh...for those die-hard Malaysia Today readers, no frettin' over the latest tactic by the government. There's always an alternative to get yourself updated on RPK's views on the latest news and happening in the government circus and funfair. Go google up 'Harapan Malaysia', and you'll find the mirror site links. Another joke and politically-motivated lame attempt by MCMC to suppress the freedom of Malaysians...

Just a point to highlight...have you ever noticed how the 'high and mighty political party' is always running their mouth and making personal attacks and insults towards the 'other party'? Why can't they actually come out with solutions to the nation's problems, focus on BUILDING the nation and how to take this country forward, instead of wasting their time debating on who threw the waterbottle and making personal insults ALL the time? Grow up, wake up, and for heaven's sake...LEAD!

Goodnight, once again...

A Malaysia for All...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain, rain go away...

Rain, rain go away...come again another day! Little __________ (fill in your name and sing it out loud) wants to play!

Keep doing this over and over for about ten thousand times and the rain should be gone....I'm guessing, did anyone of you miss your bath this morning? Cauz' it certainly seems that God's is trying to give one of you a real' good bath! Haha...

Just to update you on what's going to happen this coming weekend and on Monday, even as we celebrate our nation's 51st National Day! Certainly, we're in for more drama days ahead now that our 'favourite' de-facto leader Anwar is back in action eh? Congrats to him on his landslide victory...Speaking frankly, as a Malaysian and a citizen of this nation, many of us non-Bumi citizens don't have big dreams or aspire to become billionaires, making a fortune or rule this nation (although that would be nice). All we want is fairness and an equal opportunity to make a living in this beloved nation that we love. Deep inside every Malaysian, there is a desire to see security, prosperity for all, and a bright future for our children. Basically, a chance for everyone to have a slice of the cake.

It really irks us to see certain people getting double portion of this cake when others barely have enough to eat. Worst still...some even take all the icing and the cherry! Fairness...equality...A Malaysia for ALL Malaysians....

All rangers, please take note that there will be no RR meeting this Sunday, in conjunction with Independance Day. So remember to hang your Malaysian flag high, wear it proudly (hidden also can), and wherever you're hiding in this planet...forget the 'God Save The Queen', or 'Star-Spangled Banner' or even 'Advance Australia Fair'. Time for us to sing our favourite 'Negaraku' proudly...even as nasi lemak, santan, roti canai, teh tarik, mamak mee, BKT, etc etc flows through our veins. There's nothing more patriotic than having a nice cuppa' teh tarik with 'nasi lemak telur mata kerbau tambah ayam'...lovin' Malaysia? Eat on, ppl! for the serious stuff. For all those of you going for the Gua Tempurung trip this coming Monday, here's a few things you'll need to bring along:

1. Change of clothes (including towel)
2. Torchlight - VVIP! (waterproof and make sure its not as big as yourself)
3. Sandals or shoes or CROCS (you're bound to get wet and dirty)
4. Cap - for those who dont like the thought of guano piling up on their head
5. An adventurous attitude and loads of smiles and joy! Sourgrapes will be dropped off at Rawang.
6. RM30 for your fees. No money means we'll leave you and let you go caving at church. :)

Remember, we're bound to get dirty and wet. But its an adventure worth experiencing before we pass on to the next life. For those of you who crave for extra adventure, just leave your torchlight at home. And for those hyper-extreme fellas, bring along a blindfold. Maybe can try to do your Disability Awareness award in the cave. :) And oh, the cave is located in Gopeng. Not anywhere near Batu Caves ok? Its about 2 hours drive from Klang.

I guess that's all for now. For those under 18 years old, you'll need to sign the indemnity form that will be posted in the RR blog soon. Download it, print it, get it signed by your parents, and dont forget to bring it along with you ok? This is so that none of you will sue me in case you lose your head, leg, hand, or teeth. :) Just kidding...

Ok mates...time for me to get some pork chop at Wendy's! Adios friends....

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Monday, August 25, 2008

Flintstones and Cavemen...

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Calling out all you cavemen and cavewomen out there! This is the day you've been waiting for...

Yes, RR Sel#6 is organizing yet another exciting and adventurous trip, in celebration of our 51st National Day! For those of you who like to crawl in dark places, love to wiggle your way through tight corners, get a kick out of crawling on your bellies as we wade across a river, and would love to see how dark can darkness be...we've got the right stuff for you!

RR Sel#6 Gua Tempurung Adventure
Date: 1st Sept 2008
Fee: RM30 ++ (final figure to be advised soon)
Open to all commanders and Expedition Rangers!

Just a bit of info and photos regarding the cave, especially for those of you who have not been there before...

One of the most majestic white marble and limestone towers in Malaysia is the Gunung Tempurung. Concealed within this limestone massif is an intricate system of caves of various dimensions honeycombed inside the limestone hills.

These caves are actually a breathtaking gallery of stalagmites and stalactites and other amazing rock formations which are superb speleogical wonders found only in this part of the world. GUA TEMPURUNG is the main attraction here. The cave meanders under the limestone hill and forms a tunnel of wondrous and endless rock formations that runs from east to west, nearly 2 km in length.

Some truly breath-taking sites from within the'll absolutely LOVE it!
This is a good spot to push your friends off over the edge...

This is what's in store for us...
THE GRAND TOUR - A complete catwalk journey from the entrance with full-length underground river adventure. It is a very challenging and strenuous tour, for about three and a half hour.

So, what are you waiting for, friends?? Sign up fast as limited spaces available! For more info, pls contact Cmdr. Reuben at 016-2150186. Trust me, this trip is going to be fun and adventurous! Its going to be my 4th time in the cave, but it never fails to give me new surprises and challenges every time! The previous one was the best and most drama of all...:) Looking forward to have you on-board with us!

Oh, just to update you on some happenings over the weekend...its been a busy busy weekend for all, I guess? Everyone been running around, busy with work and ministry, spending time in prayer, and just getting excited with what God has in store for us! Keep it up, friends...Do enjoy some of the photos below, compliments of the Boss! :)

Here's ranger Hans Willard celebrating his 'freedom' upon completion of the gruelling and grilling Best Ranger Testing held on Saturday. You should see how relieved these kids were once it was over...haha. Will post up more pics from the testing once I get my hands on it.

And yes, yesterday was my buddy's 17th birthday! Happy Birthday to Mr. Samson Yap! Hopefully (not) you'll find your 'Delilah' soon enough...haha. Once you get to know this guy, you'll realize that he's an amazing kid with a big heart for God. Continue to shine on and live for JC, preacher-boy! :)

A couple of friends got him this really cool t-shirt which says..."Mr. Happy!" How nice! Remember how Phaik Joo was looking for Mr. Happy? I think her search has come to an end...:)

Presenting you...Mr. Happy! Yeap, he always looked so much nicer if he smiled more often! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and felt the love all day long! On a sidenote...Phaik Joo too has got a reason to celebrate...:)

Ok friends...once again, its time for me to get back to my work. Yeap, the job that actually pays my salary (and its not Blogspot). Seize the day, chase your dreams, and long live the King!

Verse of the day:

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. (Psalms 1:1-3)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

(Still) Alive and Kicking!

Good evening, friends of Ranger-land. This is your friend speaking...:)

Well, even as I woke up today...I thank God for another day he's given to me. Everyday, many people experience those 'moments' that will change the way they see life. Change the way they perceive things, the way we view every passing day, the way we take life for granted (literally), and the way we live our lives as though it's ours for the keeping! But I (almost) found out otherwise...

Yesterday was one of those 'moments' for me...where our fragile life was so easily exposed and made me think what could have happened. Things could have gotten very very bad for me...but nevertheless, even as I'm here writing this and you're there sitting and reading this, I thank God for a second chance...a second chance to make things right, second chance to make a difference, and a second chance at life. In my moment of desperation, I called...He answered. And He came to my rescue...Truly, a God of second chances. That's my God.

We're now into the 4th day of school holidays, and I've been listening to some of the rangers share their stories of the week. Most have been lazing around, catching up with the latest movies in the cinemas, gaming, FB-ing, but there's also a group of you busy studying! That's awesome!! Keep it up ok? Remember, no one ever died because of hardwork and studying hard! :) I pray that all your hours of labour and toiling with the books will pay off handsomely in the end! And just a word of advice...dont even try studying with your PC next to you! Turn off that evil thing! Haha...

And yes, we have another baby in town this very day! Yeap...she's 17, looking as sweet as ever, and most importantly, she loves Jesus! Amen to that, sister! Friends and foes, with one voice...let's belt out our very own rendition of the song 'Happy Birthday' to our dear friend, Miss Low Lee Yee aka Angel Low!! Many many many happy returns of the day and hope you're having a smashing day so far (with your SPM books!). Yup, go ahead and smash it on the floor...or on your head :) God bless!!

The Birthday Girl - 21st Aug 2008 --> Low Lee Yee!

Well friends...just a final request from all of you. Do constantly PRAY for the political situation in our nation. Somehow, things havent really settled down...and I can assure you that there's lots more drama that's yet to unfold. Expect more 'treats', sitcom moments and 'sandiwara' over the next couple of days leading up to the Pau Challenge in Permatang Pauh. :)

The church has always remained neutral when it comes to our political preference. Over the course of history, in a communist regime...the church existed. Under a socialist govt, the church continued to exist. So it doesn't matter if its a Democratic or Autocratic government, the church will and must continue to exist...and most importantly, to PRAY for our nation! As a Christian, we must always pray for our leaders and government. This is scriptural. So, if you want to see changes in our begins with prayer. It begins with us...the Christians. Do your part for this nation, and let's continue to lift high the name of Jesus in this land we call home!

God bless and looking forward to another fantastic (and kau-kau busy) weekend with each and everyone of you!

And oh...ER and commanders, do keep the 1st of Sept free yea? We've got a lil' adventure of our own...:) Check your email for more details!

I'm outta' here...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where Is The Love...

Once again...
Happy Birthday to Cmdr. Andy Gan (17th Aug)!

From all the leaders and cmdrs in Sel#6, we wanna say...
We LOVE you! :)

Pic courtesy of kenny chin!

The Hunt for Gold...

Good day, rangers and friends!

Well, its been an interesting weekend for us all eh? Bet you school kids are going crazy and hyper now that you're on a week-long hols! I seriously cant understand...didn't you guys like have school holidays not too long ago??? Jealous la wei...anyway, make sure to put in those hours of studying and just a pinch of fun & games ok? ain't ALL about fun & games! :)

Anyway, I'm feeling a lil' bit like Garfield this morning...havin' the monday blues (partly thanks to my beloved football team who only managed a draw in the opening match of the EPL!). Let's hope for better days ahead...Just to share with you what's coming up this week:

23rd August 2008 - RR Selangor #6 Best Ranger Testing

From the E-Rangers, a total of 4 rangers have been selected for testing, and they are: Su Vien, Lee Yee, Daniel Ng and James Lee! *clap*clap* Well done for being selected for your fine and examplary display throughout the year in RR. We'll be cheering you on, yea? All the best! Make us and your mama proud...

And oh...just a lil' bit of interesting news for you...over the weekend, we had a GMA interview for 2 of our outstanding rangers who have worked hard all their ranger-lives to get this far. They met up with the National RR staff in Grace PJ last Saturday for their interview session, and they did pretty well, in my opinion. So ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to present you with our two latest GMA receipients-to-be...

Jr. Cmdr William Ong! Clap clap...he's a man of many hidden talents! He kicks and fights over the weekend, then spends his time on the piano...and then come to church on Sunday to give the devil another round of holy-bashing! Well done, bro...

Up next...another one for the Chin's!! Yeap, this time its Kevin Chin Ken Dean! A ranger-boy all his life, its about time he got himself that coveted GMA!! And now, you can go and rub salt into Kenny's wounds...haha! Just kidding...

Ahh...lovely boys, aren't they? :) Well done once again, and congratulations on your outstanding achievements in the RR ministry!

Do keep a lookout for more news and spills from the medals and achievements scene yea? Its going to be hot and gempak this time around! RR Anniversary is coming soon also...oh my goodness! Time really does fly!!

And oh...before I forget...a very Happy Birthday to our dearest and favourite Cmdr. Andy Gan who turned 25 yesterday! Hoooray! I'm sure he's had quite a few 'surprise' birthday parties over the past couple of days...the cell group had one for him, and yesterday the RR commanders showed him some physical love too! :) Man, its been a while since we gave our leaders a really good birthday whack eh? God bless bro!

Here's Cmdr. Andy during his graduation from Kindergarten...when he was 5 or 6, I guess! Soooo cute rite??? Well, now also still cute. He's grown to be a man who run's after God's heart...keep on running, bro! And ladies, he's very much single and available...and on the hunt, from what I heard! :)

Well, its been a weekend of history-making in the Olympics and record-breaking feats by some amazing athletes! Will never forget the way the 'Lightning Bolt' from Jamaica ran the 100m men's finals. If you missed it...go youtube it! I dont think you're ever gonna' see another race as awesome as that! That dude actually started celebrating even before he reached the finishing line...and mind you, we're talking about the 100m finals! The entire race only lasts about 10 sec and Usain Bolt had the cheek to run the way he did...steady la! Better quickly test him for steroids...:)

And to all Malaysian's who were hoping for a national holiday if Lee Chong Wei had won last night's encounter, stop dreaming and get back to work! We're proud of his achievements, but maybe this was one big ask of him. Nevertheless, look at the good side...he's earned himself RM300,000 for his efforts! Imagine spending RM300,000 on nasi lemak!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

On this monday morning, I've got a special message dedication for Kevin Chin, William Ong, Andy, Usain Bolt, Lee Chong Wei...and my man, Michael Phelps...brought to you by Mr. Shannon Noll...

"This is the time
This is the day
That we've been waiting for
All the world will stop to watch you shine..."

Ok...time for me to get back to think my company pays me to write blog ar??? :)

God bless!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Malaysian Cherry Tree Story...

Hello my dearest friends! How do you do? :)

A big shoutout to our 2 birthday buddies who grew another year older this very day...let's give a big Happy Birthday shoutout to Cmdr. Adeline Saw Phaik Joo and the unbreakable and indestructable Tan Su Ann!! Hope you've had a bash of a day and celebrated till you popped! :) Many many more years to come yea? God bless!

Just to spice things up a bit over here in the blogworld...:) Since every Malaysian loves to take a swipe at our political circus and share their expert views, I got this story from a friend, which basically sums up the the antics and famous quotes of our political ring masters and the circus crew...

Chopping the cherry tree - Malaysian political version!

I remember a story told to me by my late father regarding telling the truth and facing the consequences. It has been a story told by many a father to his offspring. I am of the conviction that the truth is not always a simple "yes" or "no", but many of us miss the point when it comes to taking decisive action.

Legend has it that George Washington, America's first president, chopped down a cherry tree in his youth. George gives the tree a good swing and chops it down with an axe. His father sees the damaged tree and asks his son if he knows who did the deed.

George is quoted bravely admitting the truth: - "I can't tell a lie, Pa. You know I can't tell a lie. I did cut it with my axe."

This is a satire of how some Malaysian politicians circa (and circus) 2008 may have reacted to the question :-

PM Badawi - I did not cut down the tree , I was just taking a nap underneath it.

Najib - I swear that I have never MET that tree.

Hishamuddin - .....but I only own a keris, not axe, how to cut down the tree.

Dr. M - Apa nama cherry tree, I chopped it down because, I don't like the idea of Pak lah sleeping under it.

Chua Soi Lek - Yes it was me, I resign as caretaker of this orchard.

VK Lingam - It could be me, it might have been me but I don't think its me.

Anwar Ibrahim - I DID NOT do it, and I am not giving any DNA samples for you to plant on the axe handle.

Khir Toyo - the new state government should just trim the grass and not waste time asking who cut the tree.

Ahmad Said (Terrenganu MB) - I chopped it because cherry trees are more expensive to maintain than durian trees.

Azalina Othman - The cherry tree is not included under my tourism MOU so I cut it down besides there were unauthorized signboards put up around the tree.

Shabery Cheek - I challenge you to a debate on tree cutting.

Samy Velu - I chopped it because HINDRAF members were using it as a meeting point.

Wira Ali Rustam - We have planted Durian trees for 50 years and we will plant them for another 50 years, we do not need cheery trees, apple trees , pear trees and all these other foreign trees.

Rais Yatim - you must see the bigger picture, Ahmad said cherry trees are expensive to maintain, Ali Rustan said that are against our national identity and I needed to test my new axe, so you see - its a WIN-WIN situation all around.

Sharir Samad - I cut the tree because we could no longer afford to subsidize it.

Karpal Singh - The bigfoot creature did it.

Bung Mokhtar - The big monkey did it

Pandikar Amin Mulia - There is nothing in the standing orders against chopping cherry trees Kinabatangan duduk, Bukit Gelugor duduk. Sit down.

Khairy Jamaluddin - I did not do it, neither did the mat rempits. By the way, what's a cherry tree?

Lim Kit Siang - In response to Khairy - cherry tree also you don't know, you are an insult to Oxford.

Nazri Aziz - racist, racist, racist, when we cut down durian trees nobody made a fuss.

Malaysian Citizens - oh for heavens sake! Somebody plant something before we all starve to death...

Vijay Kumar Murugavell (original author of this piece)

God Bless Malaysia!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

And So It Begins...

"Let The Games Begin!"

These famous words resounded even as the Opening Ceremony commenced for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, and what an AMAZING spectacle of fireworks and beautifully crafted performances that were on display! Truly, a showcase for the world and for the 4-billion tv audiences worldwide! Everyone's going, "Did you catch the Opening ceremony???" And if you're the kind that lives under a coconut shell within a well, you might as well continue to stay there! Watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics is like a pre-requisite if you want to be labelled a 'Human'. Its the Ferrari of sports cars, the Haagen Daaz of ice-creams, the Elmo in Sesame get the drift, eh?

Just looking at all those 204 nations coming together was absolutely heart-warming. Will always remember the words of the commentator..."This is how the world should be." I couldn't help but say amen to that! How perfect that China should chose the theme 'One World, One Dream' for this year's Olympics. Seriously...if only the world would come together like this in other areas, dont you think we could potentially solve many of the world's crisis together? After all, this is our world! Okok...i'm going to stop with all these ramblings. Just wanted to leave you with some stunning images I picked off the net showcasing the Opening Ceremony, courtesy of Getty Images...(better give credit or else I'll be facing lawsuit pretty soon...)!

Cheers, mate!

The 8th wonder of the world...China's National Bird Nest Stadium! I absolutely loved the lightings, especially the blue-ish effects...

A job well done by the 1.4 billion Chinese people who made this night possible!

The intriguing globe performance that got everyone going, "How in the world did they do that???"

The view from the top of the nest...its my dream to be at the Olympics one day! Maybe not as an Olympian (thanks to Malaysia's dear Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai), but more of a spectator!

We all know that fireworks originated from China, rite? And proudly, they gave us a 6-star fireworks and pyrotechnic show that litted up the entire city! Almost 29,000 shots were let off into the sky! If you missed the beginning 'Footprints' fireworks display....too bad for you.

The Spirit of the Olympic Games - Fairplay, Honour, Respect, Sportsmanship

Woohooo!!! Have you ever seen anytihng as awesome as this??? Their cube-like aquatic center and the National Stadium in the background...estimated total expenditure for this Olympics: almost 50 billion USD!!! That's like almost half of our national budget! :)

Hey hey...Yankee Doodle's in town! Its the Bushman...George & Laura Bush!

Presenting you...China-naut! Now everyone can outer space!

If the China-naut dude can fly, so can I! The chosen one...the final torch-bearer that flew right up into the sky while doing his thing...pretty cool stuff!

Here's the dude doing the almost-horizontal run close to the stadium's ROOF...can you believe that??? I've seen some crazy stuff in my life...but this is right up there!

Ahhh...finally! The long-awaited secret is out, the cat can finally play outside the bag! Its been a long, but well worth-it 3 hours plus of fun, showmanship, glitz and glamour, hype and everything that the Olympics stand for. But most importantly, it shows us what it means to be citizens of this world, and how life should be lived...

"The essential thing in life is not conquering, but fighting well..."

Do keep our Malaysian contingent in your prayers, friends. Looking at the stuff we've been eating all our lives, only a miracle and/or God Himself can help Malaysia win a coveted Gold Medal...:) MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! After all, this is the 'Boleh-land'...

"Ane, kasi satu nasi lemak ayam telur-separuh masak..."

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Greater Things Are Yet To Come...

Well, hello friends and rangers!

This week has been an absolutely fantastic one, and I'm earnestly looking forward to what the month of August has in store for all of us! Just to recap and share with you on what's been happening around town and around us...Last Sunday, about 30 of us from church had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the 'Passion 2008 Conference', in which Kuala Lumpur (more like Sunway) was the 7th stop (I think!) in its world tour of 17 cities around the globe! Simply an awesome experience to be a part of this amazing movement. Its main objective - to make our lives count for the very reason it was created for...which is to make the name of Jesus FAMOUS in our generation! That's powerful stuff, friends...will share with you more as the days go by, yea? Hang in there, peeps...

Many thanks to Manila for praying for us! And Jakarta, our prayers were with you too all the way, pak...for more news and spills, check out Loads of amazing news and conference reports for your reading pleasure. Be blessed!

After all that has been said and done, we thank God for the life of Ashley...who's journal has continued to bless, inspire, and shown the world THE way. That's what I call a life worth living for. All for Jesus, for all else is in vain. And may God continue to use 'Fruitcake' to change the world, one person at a time...

And so, even as a new month begins...can you believe it that we're already in the month of August??? Man oh man...I feel I'm getting really old really fast! Anyway, bet you're looking forward to what's happening this coming month. Here's some updates!

RR Meeting Dates in August 2008
3rd August - ER Merit Day
10th August - ER Merit Day
17th August - ER Go-Kart Challenge (don't miss this!)
31st August - ER Movie Day

23rd August - RR Sel#6 Best Ranger Testing!

So, for those of you rangers that have been selected for this year's Best Ranger Testing...dont freak out just yet ok? Do get ready, start studying, go through the notes that will be handed out this week, and let's have a ball of a time going through all those emotions, stress, tension and fun that every station has to offer! :)

E-Rangers & friends...keep a lookout for more info regarding the Go-Kart Challenge activity! It promises to be fast and furious...'whacky races' style!

Not forgetting, this Sunday in YA! Concurrent Service, we'll be having our very own YA! Appreciation Day 2008 celebration....woohoo!! Its going to be hip, happening, emo and crazy all in one day! So ladies and gentlemen, do come dressed for the ocassion! Ladies, look 'hot'...while the guys, stay 'cool'...Need more info? Check out this awesome promo video produced by Cmdr. Ben Yee a.k.a. Bluejay...not bad wei, he's now into putting his life on the line during video productions....i.e. setting himself on fire for our viewing entertainment. Check that out at the end of the vid! I wonder what's he got up his sleeve next...tie himself up and sink underwater, and try to escape??? Good stuff bro...

YA! Appreciation Day 2008
Theme: Fire & Ice (that's your dresscode...go figure!)
Date/Time: 10th August 2008 @ 10.30am
GT Klang, MPH2

Come join us and have an awesome time burning and chillin' out...even as we appreciate one another in our own unique ways!

Have a wonderful Thursday, and may your day be filled with joy that comes from above! In the words of 'Ookui'..."Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery. That is why today is called the present. It is a gift."

Be well, friends! Fight the good fight...and live strong!