Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

CNY #2013

As we all know, there's this particular time of year when the smell of bah kua intoxicates and all we do is fill our tummies up to the brim with food, food, food and more food! And best part? being "paid" (with ang paus) to fill our tummies with food. Isn't life great?

Anyway, since it was the festive Chinese New Year season, we decided to throw a lil celebration for our rangers!

Here's Cmdr Pei Jun surrounded by ranger kids admiring her decoration on the wall.
The word 春 means Spring (time) so evidently, Chinese New Year is also celebrated as the Spring Festival

There are many legends about this festival in the Chinese culture. And Senior Cmdr Eric Teh told the rangers about the grandest and oldest one in the book!
In folk culture, the Spring Festival is also called 过年 "guo nian" (which means "passing a year"). It is said that the 年 "nian" (year) was a strong monster that was fierce and cruel and ate any animals including human beings. The people were terrified and had to hide on the evening when the "nian" would come to the village. Later on, people found out that the "nian" was very scared of the colour red and loud noises. Since then, people used red colours and fireworks or firecrackers to drive the "nian" away every year. As a result, the custom of using red colours and setting fireworks remained till this very day.

Next we have Cmdr Kenny and Cmdr Jayson explaining the game rules, with Cmdr Kenny holding a tangerine and most probably mouthing the word Loooonnngggg... Any guesses what game we played? :)

Ranger Coven with his group and their train long tangerine skins.

The Cmdrs handling it in a slightly different (vertical) way.
Tangerine scented air refreshener

So here's to a great day of celebration filled with peeled tangerine skins, seeds, laughter and sour faces (sour tangerines). We ended the day with a prayer for Selangor #6 as we expect greater things installed for us this new year.

and to the beloved bah kua and pineapple tarts, we shall see you next year! :)