Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wild Wild West Christmas Party 2008!

Howdy, partner!

Yup...what a weekend its been! And I'm not even talking about Liverpool & Arsenal's draw or the fact that MU has just been crowned the World's Best Football Club (once again). What can I say...for all those in the so called 'Big Four', the only way to prove your club's worth and bragging are the number of trophies here's to Man Utd: Merry Christmas, Champs! :)

And we all know, some of us dream of a white Christmas, some dream of Santa...and some dream of his reindeer. But hey, ever wondered what it'll be like celebrating Christmas in the wild wild West? Imagine cowboys, cowgirls, Red Indians, campfire, star-lit just brings you that good ol' blue-grass country feeling, doesn't it? Well, RR Sel #6 decided to bring the Wild Wild West to our very own backyard this Christmas...and what a fun time we had together!!

Its been a while since we all dressed up silly and had loads of fun together as an outpost around the campfire, and so this Christmas...we just wanted to chill and relax. Preparations for the big party began early in the afternoon, with the constant threat of rain looming over our was definitely going to be a tricky day. Eventually the rain decided to fall, and gave us some moments of concern....but hey, God is good. What else can I say? He stopped the rain at exactly 6pm, and that made things all the more interesting for us. Imagine setting up the whole place AGAIN in 30 mins. :)

Anyway, I guess all of your faithful readers are looking forward to see the pics eh? Well, from a selection of more than 500 pics, here's the selected pics for your viewing pleasure and the do take time to read the story too! Many thanks to our in-house photographer, Monsiur Nigel Lim...for capturing every moment and ensuring nothing is lost or forgotten. One thing for sure...these memories will last a long long time. Enjoy and God bless!

A party is never complete...without food, glorious food! Awesome selection this we even had 2 huge turkeys to fill these hungry rangers!

WANTED - Gideon 'The Preacher' Lee. Reward price equivalent to a McDonald's Value Meal....

Mr. Hot Dog Yee....wanted for garbage-eatin'! Man...what's up with you bro? Prize money of 50 cents???

And the highest prize money of the night goes to our Jelly Bean Lucas Chee!

Saddle up, boys and girls...the cowboys are in town! Cmdr. 'Mad Rat' Zhi Fung and Ms. Cheryl Lim...
Here's Cowboy Eric Teh getting the Campfire Night started...these rangers were eagerly anticipating a night of cool, cowboy-style horses though. Could have probably rented a couple of them from MPK.

The boys and girls getting all pumped up and Red-indian-like for the lighting of the fire ceremony. And yes...once again, always have plan A, plan B, and plan C when it comes to lighting the fire...adui.

Here's the star of the night, Cmdr. Andy 'Chief Boo' Gan, together with his 2 lovely assistants, Cmdr. Lisa and Phaik Joo @ Bamby.

Well, what can I say...for a Chinese guy, he looks really Indian for once. Haha!

It was really good to see all these kids and youths having a good time throughout the night. RR parties are always unique and special for all of us...

Here's Councilmen Jeff Yee winding up the crowd with a time of Cowboy games...Poker and Whisky Drinking!

The Awesome Foursome...male edition. Here's Cmdr. Simon together with some lost Indians. But its great to see them fully clothed this time around.

Here's Cmdr. Cheryl, Cmdr. Amy Tan and Cmdr. Amy Joy, with the help of the original Awesome Foursome and friends, leading the crowd in a time of action songs...

Take a good look at their faces...and remember it. They'll be invading this town soon enough...

Ahh...there's nothing quite as nice as the feeling you get when sitting around a campfire at night. We had a good, steady fire that kept on burning all night long, right to the very end. Job well done by Cmdr. Jason and team.

Here's Cmdr. Eric leading the group during the Poker game...

And here we have the Jumping Diamond group doing their thing...

The Laughing Spades, I reckon....I see Serena giving us a hearty smile!

The Dancing Hearts, led by Cmdr. Phaik Joo taking it easy...

Here we 3 Cowboys trying to make some money out of the lone Indian Chief.

Rachel Low downing a bottle of Rattlesnake Whisky...with her eager groupmates waiting for their turn at this drink! :)

A mixture of cowboy and Mo-town's Lee Yee and Cmdr. Pei Jun!

These ladies are dressed to kill...Cowgirl Samantha Chun, Sheila @ 'Pocahontas', and Grace Loh! Lovely lovely outfit...

Our soundcrew, all the way from Texas, Klang...Cmdrs Alwyn 'Smoking Barrel' Chan, Jayson 'Smiling Bullet' Phuan and Shaun 'Wild Sheep' Lim.

The Red Indian Chief being hounded by a pack of young cowboys....

Games time! Here's Cmdr Jayson getting things started off with the Bucket of our tried-and-trusted 100% pure entertainment game. First victim...Travis Ching.
Haha...priceless moment! Just look at the expression on Trisha's face when she discovered Matthew's head under the bucket!
Here's what you do to your friend who tries to hide his head under a bucket...smack him really good with a nice chocolate brownie! Bryan Lau sharing the love this Christmas with Matthew!

I asked him if he liked the cake...Matthew replied that it never got into his mouth. It was all over his eyes, actually!

Cmdr. Pei Jun with the unknown cowboy...
Taaa daaa! Its Mr Ryan...*smiles*

Here's what cowboys and Indians do best...bottoms up!
Hey hey...its Jon Lee and Alison looking cool and hip!
Our preacher man, Chaplain Gideon Lee sharing the story for the night! The mystery of the Rattlesnake has been uncovered...

The Awesome Foursome with Cmdr. Alison!

Here's Sheriff Reuben with the Sim boys. They will be moving to Australia on Boxing Day, and one thing's for sure...we will miss them dearly. Here's a tribute to Kendrick, Gareth, Denzel and Cayden. Its not often that you have 4 siblings in RR, but hey...these boys are an amazing bunch! Have an amazing adventure over there in Australia and dont forget us back home, guys...

The Commanders praying for the 4 of them...hats off.

Kenneth, Papito David, Rachel and more from the ladies...'s our wild wild west cat...Kitty. I guess Josiah has found himself a new toy for the night!

Our photographer for the night, Mr. Nigel Lim (funky glasses) with Melissa, Tessa and Zhi Fung!

"Hey Mama, look what I got for Christmas!" Zhi Kai exclaims with joy.

It was a night of fun and pics for all...

Gift exchange time! Every kid was waiting eagerly for this moment...

And every other grown up couldn't wait to take more's more cowboys, one rep from Chinatown and our Red Indian superstar.

When it comes to being in photos, trust me...we're good at it! Here's a pic of the leaders from Sel #6. The awesome, crazy, you-rock-my-socks- bunch!

The Red Indian couple of the night...Cmdr. Sheila and Andy! Hmm...I wonder why Cmdr. Andy is so happy...

Thank God its only a toy gun...cauz if it was real, I reckon Cmdr. William would still have taken the shot at Cmdr. Jayson.

More pics from the Adventure Boys and their commanders...

Cowboy Eric, Chief Boo and Sheriff Reuben...

The ladies looking all front of our RR Teepee!

Cmdr. Andy and Simon 'The King' Kong...

Everybody just wants to have their photo taken with this's Cmdr. Grace.

More from the leaders...sorry guys. My ability to come up with catchy captions is slowly decreasing. Its almost 5am now. This is what I go through to keep you guys entertained. :)

Our videographer for the night...we call him 'The Skull'.

Finally...the man is revealed. Thumbs up to Cmdr. Ben Yee!

Gosh...these ladies must have been watching too many chic-flicks...the Freakoz!

A fantastic effort from the leaders and rangers...really dressing up for the ocassion!

Yup...its definitely Wild and West, right from the archway entrance!

Finally...from all of us here in RR Selangor #6, we'd like to wish all of you rangers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Its been an amazing year together, and we look forward to greater things ahead in the coming year!

Well, what else can I say...its been a tremendous effort from all, getting things ready for the party. Everyone did their part and dressed up for the ocassion, and that made it altogether more fun and colourful for everyone present. We pray that during this Christmas season, that your homes will be filled with joy and love, that will last throughout the year and the coming season. May all your Chrismas wishes come true...

To view more pics of the Wild Wild West Party, please visit our RR Sel #6 photo gallery by clicking on the link at the right. There's lots more pics for you to view and enjoy. Once again, many thanks to Nigel Lim for the pics. Truly, a friend of RR....and God. :)

God bless...and I'm off to catch the 2nd half of the Everton-Chelsea match. And the best part is...I've still got to go to work later. Haha!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...

With love,
The Boss