Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Japanese for Dummies 101...

Teriyaki Kawasaki Suzuki Mitsubishi!! Sashimi Unagi Sony Pokemon Ultraman Ramen....

Well, as you can see...with all the buzz and fear about the H1 virus aka Pig Flu spreading around the globe, there's been another strain of virus thats hitting the land of Klang...its called the J Virus!!! Yeap...if you dont already know, its called the Japanese virus!! One clear symptom is when you start slurring and your language suddenly sounds all foreign, and you start muttering words such as Sanyo, Sumo, sushi, tuna mayo, kanimayo, Honda city, E-honda, Nakata, Sakae....

Imagine this: You wake up in the morning at 6am...and the first thing you do is to scream with all your heart "KAMIKAZEEEEEE!!!" Then you know for sure you've been hit by the Japanese Camporama flu!!! Haha...dont go lookin' for your kitchen knife after that ok? Take it easy, pals. In less than 15 days, the wait is finally over!! After months and months of waiting, we're finally down to the last 14 days before Camporama 2009!!

Please take note of the following important announcement from our City Mayor, Andy Gan san.

Attendance: COMPULSORY
Time: 1.30pm @ MPH2, GTAK

Please take note that this camp briefing is compulsory for all the 130 campers from Selangor #6! Yes..its going to be an exciting day as we have many things lined up for you all the way till 3.30pm. Come prepared to find out more on what to expect at Camporama 2009, and lets get the Japanese team spirit going!!

And oh...I noticed that this week and the previous week seems to be a good time for babies to be born! Oh well, we've got plenty of May babies this time around (more like every year). And so, here's a little tribute from all of us here in Selangor #6, to our beloved rangers and commanders who celebrated their birthday recently! God bless and hope you had a smashing week!

Up first we have our veteran, former Senior Commander, and much loved and respected friend...Commander Jeffrey Lim!! A biggie up to him for turning 56...or was it 65...on May 18th! Way to go, cmdr! Keep those years comin' in. God bless!

Just in case you're wondering, here's the one in the middle (seated).

In runners-up spot, we have the delightful Cmdr. Lisa Lee, who turned sweet-sour 19 on the 24th of May! God bless and all the best in your exams...

Not wanting to be left 3rd place, we have Mr. Yap Zhi Kai!!! The indestructable, self-proclaimed 'John Terry' of Malaysia, the most lengchai man in Bukit Kuda area...yeap, thats what he claimed himself to be. God bless and blessed birthday! This sun we'll let you score for free ok? ok? :) He turned 16 on 25th May (which was like yesterday)...

And last but not the least, we have the Ms. Sherlyn Wong, who just completed her MUET (we hope she scores a Band 6), and who's officially 19 today!!! Woooohooo!! Happy birthday, Sherlyn!! God bless....

And so, there you have it friends. All the birthday boys, girls and babi(es). Its been a fruitful week (quite literally). I bet everyone's geared up for the match of the year, Catalans vs Red Devils. Choose your side well...but at the end of the day, dont forget that the trophy is coming home to Old Trafford. :)

*You'll Never Walk Alone*

God bless and have a splendid week ahead! Remember...colour of the week: Red.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Forthnight and 6 To Go!

You do the math. Add up the following:

i. Total fingers on your left hand
ii. Total fingers on your right hand
iii. Total toes on your left feet
iv. Total toes on your right feet

Did you get it right?

Thats how many days we have left till the biggest RR event of the year!!

Video produced by Kester Low @

Friday, May 15, 2009

Quarter back...

Greetings rangers, commanders, and sad-hearted Blues and Reds fans! :)

The number for today: 25! Yes, a quarter of a hundred. 25 days to go till Camporama 2009! Its getting oh-so-close that my toes are practically wiggling in excitement! If you still have not signed up, whats up with you??? Why miss the opportunity to have a truly fun, outdoor camp surrounded by nature, together with over 500 rangers and strange looking friends from all over the nation!

This Sunday is officially the LAST Sunday to sign up for Camporama 2009! Make the right decision, and sign up ASAP! Till date, we have over 450 rangers who have signed up. Come and be a part of this history-making event! If you havent gotten this superb Camporama business card (pic as below), pls do get it this Sunday at the registration counter. Collector's edition!

Designed by Kester Low @

More pics from the beautiful Benum Hill Resort for your viewing pleasure. Pics courtesy of Jon Lee & Alison Seow! Enjoy and start imagining how things would be with over 500 crazy running wild all over the place...:)

Little yellow flowers fills the fields and sets the tone for a beautiful campsite...

Walkways and driveways that gives you the peace of mind...

The view of the lake for the Camporama Championship! Its gonna be wild and wet...:)

Anyone fancy a kayak race? Bring it ON!

Scene from the parade ground and the footie field in the background. An absolutely breath-taking view, together with the scenic limestone hills! This will be the location for our Camporama Parade.

For all footie fanatics, time to run like a wild and headless chicken.

For those who crave for some aerial and high-adrenaline sports, this is for you!

The view of the campsite from high above! Thumbs up, for sure...

So friends and family, please dont waste any more time, thinking if you should/should not go for Camporama 2009. 10-13th June 2009. 4 days that could potentially change your lives forever. What are you waiting for? See ya in Camporama 2009 this summer!

God bless! Au' revoir...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Can You Feel The Heat??

Greetings rangers, commanders and friends of Selangor #6!

Yes yes...once again, my thousand apologies for keeping you guys and girls waiting in suspence and testing your patience and long-suffering abilities. I've been...around. Yes, been all around the country, travelling a lot and getting stranded at times, taking some time off to do some soul searching. And yes...I found myself once again. Its good to be back where I belong. Dont you agree?

As you (and the rest of the ranger world) already know, we're about 32 days away from Camporama 2009! Yes...I get that same jaw-dropping expression everytime I see the countdown...but hey, its getting closer and closer. Have you signed up??? If not, please do so by this coming Sunday! Remember, this camp is open to ALL rangers and non-rangers. Basically, anyone and everyone that has legs, hands and (half) a brain are eligble to sign up for this camp! Oh well, you get the drift...sign up ASAP!

Just to give you a preview of what you can expect once you get to Benum Hill mentioned, this is a beautiful campsite. Dont believe me? Take a look at the pics below and judge for yourselves. :)

Walkways that calms the storm raging in your soul...

The beauty lies in its simplicity...

A scene from the top of the Flying Fox, overlooking the entire campsite...

Walking never felt this good and peaceful...oh btw, thats Jon Lee in the pic! :)

A scene from the beatiful lake, that will host our water championship me, you dont want to miss out on this!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us for 4 days of pure exhiliration and awesome fun and challenge that will be remembered for a very, very long time to come! It changed my life. What about you?

Yosokoooo! JAPAN...