Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Green Fingers


We apologize for the recent lack of updates but we hope all’s been well with each one of you (:
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Since it’s been awhile, we’ve decided to feature some pretty AR girls (; *yay!

Ever wonder what’s the first word that pops into someone’s mind when we tell them about Rangers? You’re thinking about CAMPING, OUTDOORS, DIRT, SWEAT, JUNGLE, BOYS, DIRTY BOYS, SWEATY BOYS, JUNGLE BOYS aren’t you
BUT there are a lot of other interesting things to learn in Rangers as well!
Such as some merits that may be of more interest to the girls (:

And so we present to you… The Gardening Merit!

The Gardening Merit is a Green-Bordered Merit that comprises both theoretical knowledge and practical application. In this merit, rangers get to learn the steps of selecting a garden plot site, ways to keep insects, small animals and disease from harming their gardens, the tools of gardening and even how to prepare a compost pile!

Since all that most of us ever planted was taugeh in primary school, it was really exciting to finally be able to plant real edible vegetables!

The first step was to fill the bottom of the pot with coconut husk. Next, the AR girls wait in turn to fill their pots with soil.

Then comes the fun part! The girls planted lady’s finger, bak choy, coriander to name a few.

 And tada! The AR girls with their lil pots of vege. Will it bear fruit? Will it grow? Will we have vegetables to use for Cookarama?! Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Till then, work on those green fingers girls!