Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coming soon...

This Christmas, its our turn to make a difference in our community...

Bringing hope and joy to those who need it the most...

Touching a life, changing a world...

An event brought to you by Royal Rangers Selangor #6...

Stay tuned for more info...God bless!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friends Forever!

What's happening, ppl? Hope you guys like the new additions to the blog template and our very own header (thanks to Kenny!). Anyway, just a lil' report on the latest happenings around town, and in our church.

Where do I begin? Oh yes, not too long ago, the youths of GT Klang staged a heart-warming, charming and entertaining musical entitled 'Friends Forever'! For those of you who missed it, such a pity...this was arguably the best musical we've staged by far in our church, and for those of you who were there to be a part of it, savour the memories...and for the rest, if you're a good boy/girl this time around, we'll be kind enough to perform 'Friends Forever' again during Christmas. This time with a lil' touch and taste of the festive season, givin' it the Christmas feelin...

The play basically had 3 elements to it: Acting, singing, and dancing. Yes, I know what you're thinking...its exactly like a Bollywood movie, just that its in English! And of course, no rolling down hills, playing with sari, and no coconut trees to bergayut with...The acting was simple and loud, the dance moves were fresh and vibrant, and the singing carried the whole message of the play.

The show was basically about a group of 16 classmates, who had been given an assignment by their class teacher on the subject "What Is A Friend?" They're supposed to pen down their thoughts and what they understand by the word 'Friend'. And as the story goes, along the way...there was fun and laughter, friction and tauntings, hugs and tears, and the show wrapped up with telling the audience about the best friend one could ever have...Jesus. One of the unique elements about this play was that each actor was given a role taylor-made to suit their own character. And this made it easier for the actors to bring the character to life, allowing people to feel the characters and identify with them, seeing themselves through the musical.

The show started off with a scene where the characters were introduced, as they entered the 'classroom' one by one, allowing the audience to quickly identify and get to know their characters. We had bookworms, Mr. Emo, sleepyhead, showoffs, sports freaks, best pals, kiasu fellas....basically your typical everyday kinda' friends! :) The night got off to a good start with the actors dancing to the catchy tune of 'Everything with you is better'. Once class started, everyone got seated down and Ms. Lau gave each student what they dreaded most...ASSIGNMENTS! Yup..they're to write about what they think a Friend is. Then everyone got the crowd moving with their dancing and singing of the song 'Everyone Knows'.

The next scene was probably one of the highlights of the night as Laura and Alison got the ball rolling when they fought over the rights to 'have' Christopher Tan! Pity the poor lad...:) Next, the boys squarred up with the girls...having their age old arguments...the guys being all MCP... the girls as feminist as ever, doing their girl-power thingie...telling each other to get real and be natural. The dance was refreshing...and the argument scene even better! This time, the boys lead 1-0 over the girls! Haha...and all the men say "Amen!" All is well in the end...

The next scene was basically about how distant youths and children can be from their parents. Its like...we can live under the same roof with our parents, and yet feel miles apart. We can talk to them using our thoughts and mind, but never with our hearts. This was the story for the scene...Julian and Shie Yee played it beautifully with their singing of the song 'I Cant Talk To My Dad'...

Up next was the part where Alison's secret got blown wide open to the whole guys should have seen her explode! Its like...volcanic explosion that hovers over the whole world! Its true...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hehe! After going through a sad and meloncholic scene before this, it was appropriate that we spiced up the night with a some rap and cool shades. The next song, entitled 'Is There Anybody Out There', spoke of a need deep within our hearts...our need for someone we can trust and share our hearts to without having them blabbing it to the whole world! Cool stuff wei..

Then we decided to tone down things once again...this time with the news of a student leaving the group, not by her own will...but following her father's instruction. The group emphatized with her (Donna), even as she shared her heart, the pain and sorrow she felt...there were many of us out there that could feel her pain, and understand exactly what she's going through. The crowd joined in the singing this time around, as we the group sang the unofficial theme song of the musical..'Friends are Friends Forever'. Touching...*sob*sob*

Next, we decided to spice things up a lil', with a exquisite touch of creativity...what an emotional roller-coaster ride eh? Haha...Wei Chuan captured the imaginations of the audience with his cool and innovative definition of what a friend is...putting all his friends to good use! Check out the'll understand why...:)

Soon after that, the group finally shared about Jesus being the best friend one could ever have. There's no greater love in this world than that of a friend that would lay down his own life for us. And that was exactly what Jesus did! After the preaching, the cast members came on stage for one last time, for the finale. They danced to the medley of all the songs that had sung for the night...a fitting way to end the show. And to cap the wonderful evening, there was even a special bloopers video prepared, showcasing the fun time and the mistakes and comical acts done by the actors during practice session. It was marvellous. Everthing was...awesome!

We truly want to thank God for bringing almost 800 people for both nights and out of that total, there were at least 150 newcomers/first timers to our church! Woooo hooo!!! Cmdr. Gideon shared the gospel on both nights, letting people know about this one special friend they have in Jesus. We thank God for this opportunity to share the Gospel through the musical and through the preaching, most of them first time hearing it. Now we gotta' keep on praying and believing that God's Word will accomplish the task its been set forth to do! Amen?

This play...its been a special journey for the 16 of us. All the nights and hardwork and sacrifices put into it...its been worth the while. We've gone through the good and the bad...but most importantly, we had each other to make this journey a lil' easier. Hats off to the committee, namely Mabel, Mark, Chow Peng, Theresa, and Maxim for sharing this vision with us, having the determination to see it through, and never losing focus of the goal along the way. You people are superb!

And lastly, this blog entry is specially dedicated to each and everyone of the cast member of 'Friends Forever' with this special message..."Thanks for being everything that a Friend should be."

God bless...*wink*

Enjoy the pics, friends...

Everyone rushing to get their 'stage' make-up on!

Hehe...cmdr. Alison and her mascara! and oh, cmdr. shie yee in polka dots dolling up too!

Li Li! Go slow with the pink blusher, wei! HAHA!

Everyone with their grand entrances :)

Alright then, 1st song : Everything Is Better With You! - David and Sher
"Everything with you, is better, we got it good as long as we're together!"

Woo Hoo Ah Sher!! :D

"Anything we do, whatever, everything is better with you!"

Miss Lau explaining the assignment to the class...and do you have any idea whooo Miss Lau is??

None other than our very own Cmdr. MAXIM!! :D

2nd Song : Everyone Knows! - Cmdr. Wei Chuan, Cmdr. Theresa, Donna!

Yeahhhhh, move those shoulders boys...move it! :))

"It's a well known fact, a secret to none, just what a friend should be!"

Come on...everyone knows what a friend is!
(Mark, Cmdr. Reubs, Cmdr. Wei Chuan, Melvin and Cmdr Alison getting emo...hehe)

Oooh, i love the paper effect! Nice eh :)

This is the part where the girls get taunted by the guys.
And the biggest bully? The one in the jacket and super long sideburns! >:)

3rd Song : Get Real! - Mark and Sher

"Here I am an open book, anyone can take a look...
if you doubt, all you gotta do is check me out!"

"Let me give you my advice, when you're cool, you're cold as ice!"

Boys: Get reallllllll, girls... (fuyohh, check out their expressions! :D)

Cmdr. Reubs (the big bully) disturbing Ah Sher (the nerd)

4th Song : Can You Reach My Friend? - Mabel and Melvin
(lovely lovely song...) *wipe tear*

5th Song : Thank You! - Andy and Laura
(don't worry, those white stockings will nv see daylight again... :D )

"Thank you, thank you for loving me. Thank you for all you have done...

...I could never be, all I was meant to be, if you hadn't given your love" :)

6th Song : I Can't Talk To My Dad/Mum - Julian and Cmdr. Shie Yee

"I can't talk to my mum, I don't know why.
Nothing in common, we've got nothing to say..."
(bet a lot of youth could relate to this song) :)

7th Song : Is There Anybody Out There?? (rap!!) - Cmdr. Reubs and Cmdr. Alison!
(didn't you know they could RAP??? well, they did it superbly!!)

"Is there anybody out there..."

Cmdr. Alison is a rapper chic, yo! :D

"Is there anybody out there, someone I can trust!!"
(is there? is there??)

When Donna announced that she was gonna leave to another state... :(

8th Song : Friends Forever - Yee Leng, Cmdr. Eric, Mabel, Cmdr. Reubs
(this is my favourite song of all... :) )

All the girly girls giving Donna a group hug... *aww*
(eh, maybe next time we can shout..."GROUP HUG!" before hugging...hehehe)

Cmdr. Wei Chuan's artwork. Well, the pic ain't very clear...
but the guys on stage were spelling out the word F.R.I.E.N.D :)

Discussing about our own meaning of a Friend

9th Song : I've Never Had A Friend Like You - Melvin
(we formed a cross!! See!! See!! aiks...not so clear, but WE FORMED A CROSS!!!!) :D

Cmdr. Jeff performing his solo :)

Cmdr. Gideon speaking to the crowd
(while we were backstage, getting ready for the finale)

"So...friends, let me tell you about my special friend, who is not only a friend,
but who sticks CLOSER than a brother..."

FINALE!!! All of us in our Friends Forever t-shirt! :D

We summarised alllll the previous songs to portray our meaning of Friends :)

(it was a wonderful musical...make sure you don't miss the next one, ya!)

Disclaimer : If you happen to realise that some of the casts' costumes aren't consistent, it's because these pics are from both days (a few wore different set of baju for both days). So, don't worry...your eyes aren't playing tricks on you (yet)! :D

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pow-Wow Flashback...(The Final Chapter)

Yeeeeeeha! Day 4...the finale! Yup, we finally made it, friends. For those of you who thought we'd never get this far, I proved you wrong again! Hahaa... Going down memory lane can be really sweet. Re-living the adventure, rekindling the makes me want to cry....*sob*

Day 4 began sleepily. What can I say? Most of the rangers are nocturnal creatures...they try their best to sleep during the daytime, but are wide awake at night...and hungry too! The breakfast for Day 4 was arguably the best so far. What's better than starting the day with a hot plate of sinful nasi lemak??? Yeaa..tell me about it! Superb man...after eating like horses, everyone headed to the parade ground for the final showdown...things are getting tense...

Everybody is too busy diggin' into their sinfully delicious nasi lemak to even pose for the cam! :|

Check out their plates, wei! Cleaned to the brim! Shows how tasty it was!

Everyone came dressed in their camp t-shirt. Looked pretty cool...even as they gathered according to their nations for one last time, they began practicing and rehearsing frantically. Time was running out for them..the kickoff was about to begin! After singing our National Anthem and reciting the Royal Rangers Pledge for one last time, it was time for each nation to have one last go at making themselves heard...points were up for grabs, pride was at stake, only one winner to be decided...and what a show it was!

The trophies... so sparkly all over, eh!

The CHAMPIONS pin! Only the winner gets to have these!
(they look reallyyy good on boloties!)

Campers in their chilli red camp t-shirt! Sea of Black and Red!

England, after much drinking...came out full force...being all hooliganistic and rowdy....they even had more props this time around, with their mugs and even some chairs...waving their shirts (yes, some even resorted to removing their shirts!) and singing proudly "We love you, England...we do...etc etc bla bla etc etc... ENGLAND WE LOVE YOU!" Well, the Three Lions nations certainly roared that morning, and probably came out with the most simple yet memorable camp song...Well done, lads! Last words from the camp committee...God Save The Queen! No more penalties, please...

"Glory, glory, glory Englandddd!"

HAHA! There you have it! England's very own hooligans!
(hmmm, now where are their ever famous WAGS??)

"ENGLAND WE LOVE YOU!" :)) (man, the song is stilll in my head!)

Up next was Orange County...HOLLAND! Home to some of the world's leading footballing icons...Ruud, van Persie, Robben, VDS...but could they survive without their team captain, who had to leave early? Well, they certainly did! And infact, they even imported in some cheerleaders! Wooo hooo! After some moments of warming up their voices, Holland-ers were ready for one last battle! They began with their trademark "When I say ..... , you say ...." thingie...and then proceeded to sing their national anthem. Wow! Holland certainly came up with probably the most 'in-tune' and 'musically-inclined' song with their singing in parts. Well done, boys and gals. You certainly made motherland proud! Pat yourselves on the back and have a break... have an orange...:)

"Say GO GO Holland, here we go!" (see their mouths! so ROUND! haha!)

"Go Holland!" "GO! GO!"
"Go Holland!" "GO! GO!"

Next up...5-times world champions...BRAZIL! They were probably the only team with not one flag, but 2!!! Talk about semangat...nevertheless, our friends from South America certainly dished up a colourful show worthy of attention. They had it all...passion, colour, and most of all, the determination to win! Led by the energetic and dynamic Dynamo Mr. Red Bull, Cmdr Zhi Fung, Brazil once again showed the world why their the 5 times World Champs! Well done, friends...but the only funny part was...none of them looked like Brazilians...except for On and on again they went...declaring themselves 'Champs Of The World'...and yes, before I forget...they're the ones who got the ball rolling when they insulted other nations...hahaha...finish was erupted....

"BRAZIL! Are you readyyyyy!!!!"

"We're gonna go backside shaking...*shake shake*"
"We're gonna go disco dancing...*dance dance*!"

And was time for the reigning world champs to take center stage...All cladded with their lucky blue armbands and headbands, blessed with good looks and cute Discovery Rangers, they used their charm and allure to gain those extra vital points...This time, the Italians didn't stop at pasta and spaghetti...they had it all!!! Pizza and maccaroni, salad and lasagnia...wowww... it was like a European food festival and culture show! Being Italians...cultured, proud of who they were, romantic, charming...they certainly had the last say of the day. But nevertheless, they knew what it takes to win...and to win big! Well done to Cmdr Laura for captaining and steadying the ship! When the nation needed a leader, she stepped up to the ocassion...


Hahaha...i look funny here, but since Phaik Joo looks soooo semangat, this pic will go up! :D


Before we proceeded with announcing the winner and prize presentation, we set aside some time for the rangers to their their camp testimonies and flashbacks. Friends, God is awesome! From the moment we opened it up for the rangers to come out and share, they came out one by one...non-stop...everyone with a story to share...God's faithfulness in their they received God's touch... blessed by the Word... blessed by the care and love shown by their commanders...everyone had something good to say! I'm tellin you friends...I almost shed tears in my eyes when I saw the younger rangers coming out to share about how glad they were to be here in this regrets, no turning back from God.

Testimonies time :)
(gosh, even the lil kids came up to testify how the camp truly blessed them...RESPECT!)

Cmdr. Reubs testifying (by public demand, wei!) :D

When it was finall time to announce the winner, everyone started to have cold sweat...knees shaking...finger biting...suspense wei!! And yes...what happened next was history...

3rd Runners Up goes to......


Group Leader, Cmdr. Zhi Fung receiving his trophy!

2nd Runners Up goes to...


Group Leader, Jonathan receiving his! (ini Hooligans punye BOSS) :D

And 1st Runners Up goes to... *jeng! jeng! jeng! jeng!*


And the winning group of the 2nd Central District Pow-Wow 2006 goes to........*drum rolls*


Oooooh Yeahhhh. We're not only Champions of the World ok!
We are also Champions of 2nd Central District Pow Wow '06!!! wooo hoooo!

Group Leader, Cmdr. Kah Meng from KL#1 receiving the TROPHY!!!

Jayson getting his Champions Pin! (onlyyyyy the champs get to wear them, k!) \:D/

That's it lar...the wild celebrations began instantly...!! Flags were waved, people were hugging, laughing and crying tears of joy...a nation united under one banner! Well done, Italy! You guys and girls were truly deserving champions! What about the rest? Trust me was a close fight to the end...well done to all for taking us through extra time drama! Not even penalties (England's favourite event....) could provide us with this much drama, joy and emotional rush! As the Italians came forward to receive their special camp souvenier badge, it was wonderful to see other nations cheering them on for a job well done. Friends or foes, in the end...all is well. Well done Rangers!

After one final meal together as one big Pow-Wow family, it was time for us to pack our bags, bid our farewells, and look forward to getting home...back to our daily routine lives. After speaking and coming across many rangers, there was one clear message that spoke clearly from their faces...None of them regretted being here at this camp! This camp has changed lives, built friendship, broken down barriers, forged a sense of brotherhood and unity, and most of our eyes to the reality and purpose of Christ's death on the cross...for you and me! As we stepped on the bus, we cant help but sense that we'll miss this place. The past 4 days has been adventure, one that will live long is our memories. Whenever we look at the camp patch sewn on our uniform, we can tell proudly say that "I was there!"


Oh btw, Sunny would like to thank the E-rangers in particular for celebrating his birthday over and over and over again...:) You guys are the BEST!

Enjoy the pics below from the camp...the many faces and memories of Central District Pow Wow 2006! A big thank you to Cmdr Laura, The Freakoz, Cmdr Ameer and Cmdr Kenny for the photos...God bless!

The people who made it possible...Our Beloved CAMP STAFF!

Cmdr. Jason Ponniah - Programme Coordinator (weren't the activities FUN???)

Cmdr. Eric - Rally Coordinator (weren't the rallies AWESOME???)

Cmdr. Reubs - Deputy Camp Cmdr! (hehe, don't you think he looks innocent here? :D)

And last but not least - CMDR. GIDEON!
(who apart from being the Camp Speaker, became a fisherman too! He caught 4 labi-labis wei!)

Cap boy, Cmdr. Ameer, Tzi Li, Cmdr. Sheila and Evon from(let's sing it together now...)
"We love you, England...we do!"

I think we have the best looking cmdrs around...right! right! right! :))
(Shaun, Cmdr. Reubs, Cmdr. Eric, Cmdr. Kyleen, Cmdr. Lih Woon, Cmdr. Kenny, Grace, Cmdr. Sheila, Cmdr Suresh and David Wong)

HAHA! SEE! What did i tell you about the unspoken massage rule! ;)
(cmdrs. darren, suresh and honchong enjoying it!)

:D Talk about looking cool...from young! Lil Kendrick and his super cool sunnies!

The memories we've shared, will never be forgotten!
(eh cheryl, what's with the 'look' la? tzi li, you owe her $$$ isit? hahaha)

Empty tents... a sign of going home :'(

Cmdr. Kenny being the gentleman that he is... (is he? hehehe)
aiyo girls...don't bully him so much la...see his face, so kesian! :D

"Jayson...i very scared!!!!"
(i just love this pic, don't you jays?) :D


The whole tribe of campers from Sel#6!
(oh what fun we had together!!)

Its been a blessing for me personally to be a part of making this camp happen...but its been a bigger blessing to have been here in this camp with each one of you...
Truly, the memories will live on forever. Thank you for the memories, friends. We'll be looking forward for another great adventure together in the future...God bless!