Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, August 11, 2006

Listen up! Updates Updates...

Hey rangers,

Sorry for the long overdue updates...things have been busy, as always! Anyway, I've got some important updates for you all of you out there! Do take note of the following announcement and please...spread the news around! MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, email, snail-mail, shouting from your window, etc etc etc. Whatever you do, make sure the news gets around!

Basic Juniors Training Course (BJTC)

This sunday, 13th Aug at 1.30pm @ MPR2, we'll be conducting A BJCT for all Expedition Rangers and Adventure Rangers. Its basically a one-day course, and should be over within 2 hours. This will be an interesting lots of visuals and exciting demos for you guys to see. Please bear in mind that this course is a pre-requisite for you to attend JTC. So, I hope to see all of you there this sun! Once you successfully complete the course, you'll be presented with the BJTC patch, which you can wear on your uniform. Cool eh? How much does it cost? Only RM3 for the patch, my friends! So...this Sun, please come un FULL UNIFORM, bring along your stationary and of course, RM3!

Central District Pow-Wow

Dont forget to pay up for your camp fees by this Sunday, friends! The camp is less than 2 weeks away...let's get excited for this camp and spread the excitement to those around you! Its gonna be an awesome camp, fun-filled, powerful night rallies...and most of all, be prepared to have a life-changing encounter with God! So, what are you waiting for? Can you still sign up? OF COURSE!! But most importantly, PAY UP by this Sun, ok? Thannnnnnk you...