Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, July 31, 2008

RR National Training Camp 2008...Updated!

Greetings rangers and commanders!

It ain't Christmas yet, but hey...more good news for all of you, especially commanders... After years of waiting...its FINALLY HERE!

Royal Rangers National Training Camp 2008
Date: 1st - 4th October 2008
Venue: Sg. Congkak Resort Campsite
Camp Fee: RM120.00 pax
Registration closing date: Sept 14 2008

National Training Camp is designed to give leaders professional training in camping and leadership, plus the opportunity of outstanding fellowship and adventure in the outdoors. It also gives the leaders opportunity for: training in camp skills, leadership development, outstanding fellowship, and adventure in the out-of-doors, a new vision of the great potential of the Royal Rangers ministry, ideas for teaching and administration, more involvement in service, analyzing personal strengths and weakness—plus self-improvement tips, and seeing the program from a children’s viewpoint.

This camp is open to all leaders, starting from Junior Commanders, Lieutenants, Outpost, Senior commanders, and also Councilmen. Dont miss out on this opportunity to be trained, equipped and prepared to change this nation for Jesus!

The Updated NTC camp forms can be downloaded from the link below:

God bless and see you at NTC 2008!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Man of Monkey?

A little girl asked her mother, "How did the human race appear?" The mother answered, "God made Adam and Eve and they had children and so was all mankind made."

Two days later she asks her father the same question. The father answered, "Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race was developed."

The confused girl returns to her mother and says, "Mom, how is it possible that you told me that the human race was created by God and Papa says they were developed from monkeys?"

The mother answers, "Well dear, it is very simple. I told you about the origin of my side of the family while your father told you about his side.…"

Cheers ppl, and have a wonderful Wednesday ahead! Stay tuned for my very own Chelsea-Malaysia match review and some happening activities coming up in the month of August!

God bless!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos To Make You Smile...

Hey friends!

As wonderful as the night may be, I hope that as we go along the week, each day will bring you reasons to smile, and that you will have joy in abundance to share with those around you! Was just browsing through my mobile phone and I found a couple of pics that made me smile...have fun looking at them! :)

Here's James having the time of his life walking around church blindfolded, as part of our Disability Awareness merit activity. His mission was to walk up to MPR1 and come back down safely to MPH1. Guess he got lost along the way, eh? :)

Yeap, he's the blind mice marching bandwagon! Imagine the entire ER group walking around blindfolded, navigating using touch, sound and smell! :) Boy, we certainly had loads of fun! Ask Kelly Yap about her story eh...

ER in action during RR Cookarama! Su Vien was soooo hungry that she practically wanted to eat the nuggets RAW! Thank God for friends like Kelly and Lee Yee who stopped her just in time!

Iceberg Patrol in action! Here's Leonard, Peter, Daniel, Dorothy and James...

And of course...this was taken during YA! cycling trip to Bkt Cahaya last Saturday. Here's Franz showing some love to Matthew...awww, ain't he cute??

Good night friends! Long live the King...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Day To Burger-mbira!

Holaaa friends of burgerland! Greetings to all my beloved rangers, friends and faithful readers...

Oh yes! I'm back...I know...many of you have been eagerly waiting for an update for weeks! Sorry la kawan-kawan...been training hard for the coming Olympics...but hey, I'm glad to be back home and boy, do I have some juicy and meaty news for all of you! As you already know, our much anticipated Iron Chef ala' Cookarama just concluded over the weekend, and what an absolutely crazy day its been! Its been a fiery hot day, and also one filled with sizzling cool characters and out-of-this-world burgers, not forgetting some amazing chef moments! I was amazed...truly guys and girls really took me by surprise! A bit of shock too...:)

Theme of the day: BURGERS! Therefore, anything that looks like a burger, taste like a burger, or even remotely resembles a burger was on the menu! We had a pretty good mixture of awesome home-made patties, vegetarian burger, fruity burger (yes, believe it or not!), and also gummy burgers! :) But hey, check out the pics below and hopefully it'll give you an idea on the chaos and fun-filled time we had together as an outpost...all in the name of cooking up and serving the most delicious, killer-looking burger in town! Enjoy, pals...

Even before the event started, Cmdr. Zhi Fung was already doing some food-tasting of his own!

Awww...doesn't she look simply adorable in her mini apron? :)

On guard! Its Cheryl the Ripper! More like Mona Fendy...:)

And yes, a Cookarama wouldn't be complete without some kitchen-casualties, rite? :) This poor dude's finger got in the way when he was slicing the cucumber...good news is that he'll survive.

Heh...Simon with his favourite Cmdr. Jayson having some facial moments together!

Cmdr. Shie Yee showing us where she originated from...she sprouted up from the ground like her predecessors, the Smurfs.

"Ok girls, make sure to cook the patty before you serve 'em to the judges yea? Remember, we want them to survive ok?"

Here's the E-rangers in action, all busy preparing for their fantastic creation!

Jarrod showing the rest how to carefully handle the burger bun with love...

Lee Yee showing us what she's capable off when you put her in charge of the frying section!

And of course, Melissa gets to play with a knife in the slicing and dicing section! Happy-nya...memang burger-mbira la she!

Ah hah! Here's Leonard with his totally cool idea of removing the center of the sponge cake and filling it up with something really sweet and cold...more to come later!


Cmdr. Simon showing the boys how its done...according to him, its not about the size of the blade. Its about the man behind the blade...konon. :)

Always interesting to see what the AR girls would come up with. Cauz they're at this stage in life where they're not very sure whether they want to grow up or stay young. So the burger ended up looking a bit like them...confused, yet interesting!

And of course, how could we forget the AR boys...with so much energy and excitement in them, they were high on the list to probably start a fire, lose a finger, or even stab their friends...haha!

And yes, Cmdr. Phaik Joo is looking for Mr. Happy...any volunteers??? or victims??? haha!

Hey hey...its my zebra friend, Mr. David Yap! This boy served up the thickest, juiciest, and craziest combo of burger patty that I've seen so far wei! The entire patty was almost 2 inches thick! And the best part...its called Beechipork! Yup, you guess it right...its a combo of beef, chicken and pork all minced up together and formed into a patty! Awesome stuff, bro...

And so, after almost 1 hour and 30 mins of pure sweat and cooking, it was time for the judges to step forward and begin the food tasting process. Here we have the AR boys posing in front of their very own burger dish. Well done, lads! If I'm not mistaken, they named their dish the 'Toxic Waste Burger'...wanna know why? Check out their ingredients below...

I'd probably give them 10/10 for creativity...they certainly put in lots of effort to think of the ingredients list and the little speech they presented to us at the start!

Here's the ER patrol IceBerg, posing with their special-patty burger! I tried it, and I absolutely loved it! And also, their Iceberg dessert cake idea was original...but you know Malaysian weather la...the icebergs didn't stay frozen for too long and soon the earth was flooded! :)

Man...the kids were going excited and restless! Everyone was eagerly waiting for their turn to present their masterpiece to the judges! Here seen are Xing Yi, Ryan and Jonathan! Cute cute cute...

Presenting you, our Cookarama judges! They are: Cmdr. Gideon Lee, Councilman Jeff Yee, Cmdr Benny Tan, and our favourite Uncle Nelson Suresh!! Woo hoooo!! Criteria to be a judge for this sort of event - You must have a stomach of to eat, process and digest almost EVERYTHING. Ranging from charcoal, metal, plastic, uncooked food, raw meat, overcooked food, etc etc...and yet survive the next day unharmed! Definitely not for the weak-hearted...and in this case, weak-tummy!

Oooooo...that burger looks sooooooooooo awesome-ly delicious!!! was prepared by the Ranger Kids! Good stuff, ppl...

And hey, while the rest were busy preparing the meal, some of the kids were busy preparing souveneirs for other rangers and leaders! How thoughtful of them...:)

Su Vien and Kelly's gummy burger! RM3.50 for a pack of 10...

Do you know who this reminds me off? Remember Snowman??? The ones that come around every Christmas? Yup...looks kinda' similar eh? This burger isn't just gembira...ini dipanggil 'Bur-gila'...

Check it out wei...roti canai burger, together with exotic fruits and vege! Dont know where they got this idea from...but its definitely original!

And yes...something on the more 'exotic' side...everything looks ok...from afar! :) This one really got the judges squirming in their tummy....

Here's ranger Trisha showing off her supposedly football field, with the green stripes and burger combo...every burger has a different ingrediant, one had meat, one had fruits, and the other...chocolate??? :)

Hmm...this was probably the most environmental-friendly burger...especially with all the greenery and conservation elements put in to this! :)

And's the Martian and Venus burger created by the ER. The moment you see the gummy burger, think of Su Vien ok? :)

The adorable Discovery Girls patrol! They certainly had a really fun time decorating and beautifying their dish. Well done, girls!

This was one of the more eccentric ones...yeap, by the Adventure Girls...:) The judges thought that the jerseys were meant to be given away as souveneirs...Basically, their dish was supposed to represent a football field with players in the middle...and they even had a goal mouth made of fries! How cool!

The Football Burger Queens...

And yes, Mother Nature's in the house...:) Dunno where these kids plucked all those leaves from anyway!

Gummy Burger team with their little oven and display dish. Did you know that they actually pounded the nuggets using the pounding stone to make it softer and easier to chew??? :)

The Adventure Boys...awesome bunch of teens just waiting to blossom into good men! :)

Discovery Girls...all pooped out at the end of the day! Looks can be deceiving though...

The judges still going strong after rounds and rounds of eating and tasting...still going strong! Proud owners of a truly 'Klang Stomach' to kill any sort of food bacteria and even digest whatever comes their way!

Yellow's the colour of the day! Didn't know they had this costume planned out...

Our photographer, Daniel Seliong and Jayson Phuan posing always get excited when they get their hands of shinning and glittering objects eh? :)

Now seems like a good time to chill out, have a drink or two, and look good around the shown by Jarrod and Nicholas. I'm beginning to ask myself this...Why does Su Vien and Kelly always have this goldfish/pouted cheeks pose when taking pics???

The description says it all....:( What a name to call your dish, eh? Haha...

Senior Commander giving the thumbs up, for a job well done by every leader and ranger to make this year's Cookarama edition as interesting as ever!

Well, what else can I say? It was awesome to see teamwork, cooperation, creativity, originality of ideas, and most of all...seeing the rangers doing everything with a smile on their faces. Its been a long, tiring day...but one that was well worth it and altogether memorable. I'm sure everyone wants to know the results eh? Well, to be honest, I have not tabulated the marks as of yet. But rest assured, the results will be announced during our RR Anniversary this September! So just hang in there ok? :)

Many thanks to Cmdr. Daniel and Sheila for the lovely pics. To view the entire collection, do visit our RR Photo Gallery and go grab those pics that you want! Loads of goodies in there for your viewing'll be amazed, I promise you!

Have a pleasant weekend ahead and stay alive, be a blessing to those around you, and most of life with a smile on your face. Why not tell someone about Jesus today! :)

God bless, friends...