Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Ola peeps! Hope that everyone is having a good week! We are the Adventure Girls and we're going to tell y'all about our experience in JTC. JTC is the abbreviation for Junior Training Camp. It's a camp that trains young men and women to become future leaders and more than 80 rangers throughout Malaysia came and participated the past weekend.

  We went through tough training and gained invaluable experience during camp. We also used our free time to complete projects and did everything together as a patrol. We had to work with rangers from other outposts but through that we were able to make new friends!

  We learnt many outdoor skills and also the Word of God taught by the commanders. We also had the chance to learn about dutch oven cooking! As usual, there is council fire as well which is what we enjoyed the most!

  The most memorable thing about JTC though was the last day.... because it was the day of our graduation! When the commanders announced that we've passed the training camp, what a sigh of relief! Although we were beyond tired, we were really happy as well.

  JTC has changed us. Shaped us to be stronger and more skillful but above that, we were able to grow closer to God. JTC was a great experience. But looking forward, Camporama is happening next year! So see you there! After hearing how great camp is, make sure you don't miss the chance to experience it for yourself too! (:

Signing off,
The Adventure Girls <3

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hear, Hear! #12

Heya! Hope your week's been great so far (:

Another testimony for you from our very own Ranger Valesca. Enjoy!

I first started joining Royal Rangers when I was a kid. Through Rangers, I was able to learn a lot about God and not just God but other skills as well such as cooking, lashing, animals and many more. My first camp and outing can be traced back to when I was still a Discovery ranger. We went to the KL Bird Park and it was a really happy and joyful trip as I was able to get to know the other rangers as well as see various kind of birds which I've never seen in my life. On top of that, I got to see ostrich eggs and eagle eggs too! After a few years, I was promoted to Adventure Rangers where I currently am right now. In the Adventure Rangers age group, there are even more activities such as camping and outings. My first 3 days 2 nights camp was at Sungai Congkak and it was really fun! My family even sent me off to the campsite. After reaching, we unloaded and set up our tents. We also had lunch which we had to cook ourselves. I still remember not knowing how to cook even instant noodles and ended up needing my friends and commanders to help. This first camping trip is one that I will cherish for a long time to come.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hear, Hear! #11

Greetings! It's been awhile.. but we hope the weekend's treating you well!

Here's a read from Ranger Keerthana (:

Everyone has to favor something in life. We either favor an object, a person and etc. My favorite thing to do during my leisure is to attend Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers consists of awesome kids and teens which are dedicated to learn God's word and other cool stuff such as backpacking, building fire, communication and many more.Till this very day, I have had an amazing experience learning in Royal Rangers along with my beloved buddies.
          I can still picture my first day joining the Royal Rangers community. As always, I was simply nervous because I had to get used to a totally new environment and faces. It was even terrifying when I knew that every single eye was staring at me from head to toe and some people talking in a language that I was not familiar with. With God's help I easily slipped away from my fears and met some new people. I  also joined my first Royal Rangers camp.Camp was nowhere near my expectations because it was the worst camp I've attended. We worked our sweat off to finish our achievements. Even though it wasn't dreamworld I still won't regret going for that camp ,as I've learnt many skills for a 12 year old.
         Along the way, I feel ashamed to say that I had missed many classes of rangers because my laziness took control of me. My absence in class made it hard for me to cope up with my merits and it was even tougher to have close friends. Slowly I was losing myself and had completely no interest in coming anymore. Like every other person, I had my very own turning point in life. In 2014, I was excited when I got word that our outpost was organising the annual outpost camp for the year.I believe that we should live life to the fullest so I filled up the form right on the spot.
         I learned that we should always expect for the unexpected because I benefited alot throughout camp and had a whale of time. It wasn't so great on the first day of camp but it definitely was the most fantastic camp after that. I somehow got to know people even better and took the courage to be open with them. My courage helped me get a handful of friends which are my best buddies until this day. It's kind of funny because language doesn't seem to be a barrier among us. On the other hand, there were many challenging projects along with exciting games in camp.
        Since then, attending rangers has been a sense of relieving school stress. I thank God for providing me with the right knowledge and people thus I love my friends. They are very friendly and don't separate me away from them. I won't forget my supportive commanders which encouraged me and lent me a hand in times of trouble. In the end, I would love to conclude that things happen in our life for a reason. It may seem bitter at first but later we will come to know that it is a blessing from God. 

Have a great weekend everybody! And see you at rangers 1.30pm sharp tomorrow (;