Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, March 25, 2010

RR National Leaders Conference 2010

The RR National Leaders Conference 2010 took place in Glad Tidings Assembly Klang on 27th March 2010 and we thank God for a successful event, that left many of us excited at the prospect of what God has in store for us for the RR ministry here in Malaysia.

It was such a joy and blessing to see leaders from every outpost represented at the NLC - Sel #1, Sel #6, Sel #7, Sel #13, Melaka #1, KL#1, KL#3, and friends from Taiping and Cross Power Tabernacle, USJ. A total of 100 leaders were present and we had such a good time praising and worshipping God together, and praying for this ministry.

National Commander, Pas. Gideon Lee then took the stage to share with us the vision and plans that God has laid upon his heart for the RR ministry for the next two years. The message was one of hope and faith, and was themed 'God Has A Plan'. Challenging the leaders to unite and come together and to press on, we believe that we are at a vital junction to take this ministry forward and to continue to reach out to kids and youths thru the RR ministry.

Royal Rangers Malaysia
National Leader's Conference 2010
GOD HAS A PLAN - Jeremiah 29:11

If you wish to purchase the NLC 2010 patch (design as above), please do place your orders with Cmdr. Reuben or email to Patches are priced at RM5 per piece.

God bless and have a great week ahead!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Testimony - Kevin Chin

Please do take some time to read this testimony from Cmdr. Kevin Chin. All glory to God!

Hey guys, as the title has spoken my intention in this post....I crashed a plane last friday around 5pm in Kuala Terengganu. As you can see that I am typing this email shows that I'm alive, fine, well, and unharmed, all glory to God for His grace, mercy and protection. For your info, I will be based in Kuala Terengganu detachment which is still under my flying school for maybe around 2 months.

Here is how the incident happened. It was my normal solo flight and I was doing circuit and landings which is just take off, fly around the airport and land, then take off again for another round. The flying pattern is the same as the horse race circuit so that's why they call it circuit and landings. The purpose of this flight is to practice different type and style of landings.

Ok, back to my flying now... after I took off, I made my first landing which is the normal landing ( with landing flaps )and manage to land the aircraft nicely and properly. Then I put full power again for another take off for a flapless landing ( this is to practice for emergency situation where the flaps is not working). After I touched down, I bounced up quite high and decided to cancel my landing and put full power as all the instructor would advise to put full power and make another try instead of trying to save a screwed up landing.

The nose attitude climb for flapless is higher than the normal take off. So I misjudge the nose attitude where I put it too high and stall the aircraft where the aircraft lost its lift force. Then the aircraft swirl to the right and landed heavily on the grass and stopped by the fence. The plane just had a nose wheel and propeller damaged, and slight crack at the tail. The wings and the rest of the plane's body are fine.

When this thing happened, I felt that God was with me all the time. He gave me the peace in my heart and assures me that I'm able to make it unharmed. Even after this accident, I still felt His peace. By the way, I'm not the first accident, there has been accident in the beginning of this year and a few last year as well. A lot of people says that I'm very lucky to escape unharmed and asked me whether I prayed a lot. They also said that God must have loved me so much and all these questions came out from malay lips. So I wanna ask u guys a favour to pray for me as I continue my training. Pray for His protection and wisdom to be upon me and also able to graduate without any delay. Hopefully by July or August.


His beloved child,
Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin (left) with plenty to smile about...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Learn To Fly...

Greetings, friends!

Today, RR Selangor #6 (once again) is deeply saddened by the fact that we have lost yet another one of our dear commander to Melbourne, Australia. This time, its Cmdr. Huei Lin's turn to say 'Goodbye Malaysia, Howdy Melbourne'! We thank God for giving her this fantastic opportunity to further her studies and we pray that God's strength will always be upon her and her family. We look forward to your return in 4 months time! Till then, God bless and continue to live strong for Jesus.

p/s: Looks like someone's gonna' be a very lonely man in the coming months...;)

Not forgetting another one of the Freakoz members who has left the nest and found her way all the way to the Big Apple, New York City! Please do keep our dearest Cmdr. Amy Tan in your prayers, even as she furthers her studies in the USA. I heard she's studying Actural Science...which is actually really hard! Pray for brains and wisdom. Thanks friends!

Its amazing how she can pull off such weird poses in many of her photos...

And finally, its time to remember the Flying Iban...Cmdr. Daniel Seliong! He got lost and somehow managed to find his way all the way to Melbourne, Australia. We wish him all the best even as he pursuits his dream to be the finest architect in Klang, giving Cmdr. Kenny Chin a run for his money. Heh ;) God bless you, bro. We'll definitely miss all the BNO moments, and in memory of you...we'll score a couple of good goals this sunday. Cheers!

As usual, he's always up to something no good...

Do continue to keep all our overseas members in prayers. We'll be waiting eagerly for their much-anticipated return...straight into action! God bless and have a fantastic week ahead. See you guys in RR this coming weekend in full uniform.

"Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe." - Rabbi Albert Lewis