Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


That's how fast the year went!

Welcome back to our RR Selangor #6 blog!

The former boss, current ex-boss, needed to take a break from his duty as he is now happily married to his beautiful lawyer wife who doesn't allow him to blog in fear that he might leak out some important "evidence" to the social media *gasp*
so from now on, The Lady Boss, will take over the Ex-Boss's blogging duty 
because as we all know ladies are more analytic and are better at elaborating stories *Can I hear an amen!*
plus they will make the blog sexier ;)

but before we look forward to an even abundant and exciting (sexy) year ahead, let's look back on the few major events of the past year and be fueled with the passion to achieve even greater things for God through the Royal Rangers ministry...

ER BBQ Partaayyy!
22nd December 2012

With the year at an end and having survived 21.12.2012,  the Expedition Rangers of Selangor #6 came together to celebrate by throwing a Barbecue Party! and you know what that meanssss?!?!
FOOODDD!!! Speak of all the chicken wings, ramly burgers and burnt fishballs we had!

It was a feast fit for a king!

But of course a feast or a party doesn't just happen or pop out of nowhere! Here's what our party planner, Kenneth Tan has to say:

Kenneth Tan as a Kuda Kepang Warrior in #camporama2012
I learned and gained a lot of experience planning this ER bbq party. For me, this is the 1st time planning something this big! As an inexperienced planner, I was worried whether I could cope with such a big responsibility so i asked help from Cmdr Kenny and he guided us through it. I felt happy that everyone enjoyed the bbq party. The laughter and smile on everyone's faces made me feel that it was worth going through the planning although it was tough. The biggest problem though, was the uncertainty of the number of people attending the bbq party. A group of us (Scott, Zico, Jonathan, Cmdr Kenny, Cmdr Zhi Kai and me) went to mamak at ight to plan. And on a separate night, we went to Tesco to buy food and ingredients. We had a great time together. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves, and I hope I will have another chance to plan events like this again. Thank you!

Food aside, we also had a fun time of gift exchange - with a twist! Everyone was asked to bring a present of RM10 and after a long-confusing-gift-exchange-rules-explanation-that-you-most-probably-wouldn't-understand-even-if-i-explained-it-here the Dirty Santa game begun! Okay, well the gist of the game is that the gift you get at first may not necessarily be yours because the people that are lined up after you have the liberty to exchange their gift with yours. SOOOO, if you chose a super nice gift like a RM20 angpau (which we really had!) or a Reebok Water Tumbler, BEWAREEE as your gift will most probably be taken away from you! anddd we also had a bag of tangerines! (where did that come from?). And so we had a fun time seeing people choose very nice gifts and have it taken away from them. You should see the look on their faces! Priceless
But even though our initial gift may end up as someone else's, at the end of the day it was the fun, laughter and company that truly mattered. Plus, we ended up sharing the bag of tangerines!

So a big shout out! to Kenneth, his team and everyone who came and made the party happen. Truly, it wouldn't be as fun without you and even as we end the year on a high note, let's look forward to greater things ahead in the year 2013 as we continue to grow in the Lord as a ministry.


Sel #6 25th Annivesary
10th November 2012

Royal Rangers Outpost Selangor #6 was started by Pastor Roy Tan and Cmdr. Alvin Tan, then under the leadership of Senior Pastor Rev. Dominic Chan, on 9th September 1987. 25 years down the road, we have seen this ministry grow in numbers and strength. Through God's blessings, Selangor #6 is now one of the main Royal Rangers outpost in the Central District with some of its leaders serving In the Royal Rangers Malaysia National Committee, taking up leadership positions at various National or District Royal Rangers events.

In remembering God's unending faithfulness towards the rangers ministry, we celebrated our 25th anniversary on the 10th of November 2012, gathering rangers young and old alike and even from various outposts across the Central District.

The evening started off with the serving of dinner with everyone then proceeding to the sanctuary where the night really begun! Holding the Rangers Flag, the 4 GMA recipients of Sel#6 for the year 2012 marched in to the drum beat. After reciting the rangers pledge we were then led into a time of praise followed by the recognition of our 4 newest GMA holders, Carissa Lim, Debbie Lam, Michelle Lee and Trisha Ching. Trisha also earned the Gold Buffalo award. Then, there was  preaching of the word by our Senior Pastor, Ps. Lau Moong Som. Then it was the time all the rangers were waiting for *drumrolls*.... The Council of Achievement!