Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, June 25, 2009

5th Malaysia Camporama 2009 - Part 1

Greetings citizen of Japan!

Ohaiyo! Ohaiyo! Ohaiyo Oooo! Still got that sound buzzing through some corner of your brain? Wake up each morning to the sound of the drums beating to the war cry of your nation? Well, what can I say. CAMPORAMA 2009 ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!!! After waiting for more than 5 years, the first words that I uttered on the morning of 10th June was "Hello Camporama 2009! Its about time!!!" Trust me...Benum Hill Resort ain't seen anything yet!!

The place was buzzing even before the camp began. Almost 70 campers arrived a day earlier (and some even 2 days earlier) to do all the necessary pre-camp setup, getting their cities in order, and just soaking themselves in the whole Camporama spirit! Hats off to the Advance Party team from each church. Funny thing is...some actually thought it was an 'advance party' in fun and games, dancing, bbq, etc etc. Boy, were they so wrong!! Plenty of charcoaled-burnt faces, and mexican boys and girls running around...:)

Thanks to the many DSLR owners, this has been the most well-documented and photographed camp EVER! Haha. Well, I'm sure you're all more interested to see the pics that to listen to this old man rant away and tell you some grandma stories. Haha. Well, if you're the type that likes my grandma stories, do let me know. I got plenty of that with me. For those of you who love to see pics, do enjoy this first part of our Camporama 2009 story. Pictures brought to you exclusively by Sel #7, Mr. Dan Seliong and Mr. Kenny Chin aka Boss Kecik. Thanks for bringing the memories back to life through these wonderful pictures!

Enjoy, citizens of Camporama...

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to CAMPORAMA 2009!! China, Australia, India and Japan welcomes you with arms wide open...and a couple of swords too!

Yes...just in case you forgot, Selangor #6 rangers were all citizens of the beautiful and serene city of Japan! This is a part of our lovely archway...

And yes, we even had a couple of real life Japanese-looking boys, who worked hard to keep the city spirit alive and kicking! Hats ON to Cmdr. William for watering the plants and keeping the cherry blossoms alive and pink!

The absolutely beautiful official Japan city flag...job well done to Cmdr. Sheila and gang!

The elegant cherry blossoms flowers that gave the entire city its distinct Japanese look and feel...many thanks to Cmdr. Amy Joy and team for pulling this off! We absolutely loved the 500++ cherry blossoms!

And the campers poured in, eagerly anticipating an awesome time in camp. Its been a good, long wait for some. And they were certainly glad that the wait is finally over! Souvenir distribution at the city area.

A total of close to 700 campers filled the conference hall during camp orientation! Man...what an awesome sight and just imagine the noise level once they got started!!!

Here's Camp Commander Reuben introducing the Camp Staff to the campers. Its been an absolute joy and honour to serve alongside this amazing group of people...

Lost in translation - Here's Cmdr Kenny doing the 'Wassab-bi' post...quite the East Side la bro! :)

Even without a camera in hand, he still finds the imagination and creativity to take photos using his invisible DSLR. And best part is...Cmdr. Jayson actually believes him! Haha...

The brownies having a 'man-pose' moment together...thats Cmdr Julian and Jojo, btw! Nice straw hat and toothpick in the mouth, bro...

Japan City Mayor - Andy San leading the entire city dwellers of Japan in a time of fun exercise and songs during the Japan City Night campfire! He's been a little on the 'Night Fever' side as of late...:)

Here's Cmdr Shie Yee doing something with the crowd. Not too sure exactlywhats happening in this moment...prob more songs! Perhaps someone can help shed some light?

The City Archway looks simple stunning and authentic! Many thanks to Cmdr Kenny for leading the design and construction team all the way. Guess your degree is real, after all! Haha. For those of you who want to see a real life pic of this, go to Google and search for 'Torii Gateway'...this is the EXACT replica! :)

Here's our little Ninjai, Cmdr. William Ong. He's got a superb self-made costume and armour vest. He was up to something funny, and so we told him to not play too near the fire after this shot. But he definitely has a superb outfit!

Have you seen a more beautiful city than this in all your Camporama years? I mean...Japan city was quite literally Japan itself! The entire city gave you a very peaceful and serene feeling...simply authentic!

Hey hey...guess who decided to share the limelight! Happy birthday to ranger Kelly Yap even as she celebrated her 16th birthday on the 1st day of Camporama 2009! God bless ya, Kelly!!

The 3 most suspicious-looking characters in the entire Japanese fleet...Cmdr Andy, Mr X (cos I have no idea who is this dude) and of course, Mr Para Para Jason Ong.

Even the boys went's some natural wildlife found at Japan city. We have Matt and Bryan (hugging the tree). 2 more lamp posts in the background. Haha.

Our ladies looking good and ready to make sushi! Here we have Cmdr. Shie Yee, Amy Joy Tan, Cheryl Lim and Cmdr. Sheila! Looking good, ladies...

Final pose for the night goes to...ten ten ten...Cmdr. Cheryl Lim!! I bet she's beaming from year to year looking at this pic. Haha.

Alright mates, thats all I have for Part 1 of Camporama 2009. Stay tuned over the next coming day and weeks, and you'll be receiving more updates, stories and photos that will keep you excited for Camporama 2009! Its been a joy viewing this pics and writing about the camp.

God bless and goodnight, pals!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Memories Live On...

Hey guys,

Feelin' the post-camporama blues? Got that feelin' where you feel like jumping to your feet and start dancing to Jai Ho and Ohaiyo?? Oh well, here's a little treat for all you die-hard camporama fans to help you get through this period...:)

Many thanks to Cmdr. Terence Singh for being free at work and sending me these links! rice and curry for you, bro! Make it two...I'm joining you!

Here's Japan doin' the OHAIYO! If you guys have more videos on this, do let me know k?

Our version of Fast & Furious - Camporama style!!

This next video is specially decdicated to the Indians who made this camp all the more memorable with their Jai Ho performance!! Hats off to you, guys and girl...absolutely loved it!

Check out the Kangaroo (the one that didn't faint) and also the Sumo dude moving to the beat...told you right, deep down all wanna be Indians!! Haha...

Alright friends, see ya all in RR this Sunday. We've got something special lined up for all of you...till then, keep the flag flying high and shout OHAIYOOO first thing every morning! God bless!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome Home, Campers!

After 4 gruelling, hot, and awesome days at Camporama 2009, we'd like to say...


Camporama 2009 International photo shoot!
Pls visit to view this pic in higher resolution...

Do stay tuned for Camporama stories and updates in the coming days. Its been a truly awesome experience for us all, and one that we intend to remember for a very very long time! God bless and do tune in again soon!

Monday, June 08, 2009

5th RR Camporama 2009!

The wait is finally over!


Acts 13:36 - “For David, after he had served God’s purpose in his own generation...

Not able to join us for the camp? Want to know what's happening in Camporama? Follow us live on Twitter! Stay tuned with daily updates on the latest happenings, news and images from Camporama 2009! Definitely worth checking out...

Click on the links below for Camporama 2009 updates!

God bless and see you all in Camporama 2009! We'll be back on Saturday with awesome updates and testimonies to bless each one of you! After waiting for 5 years, its finally time to make our way to Raub, Pahang. Adios and bon voyage...

Selangor #6 campers & citizens of Japan are to meet in church on Wednesday (10th June) at 7.30am. The bus will depart by 8am. Please take note.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Camporama Prayer Meeting Tonight!

Howdy Camporama-rians!

Just to inform you....there will be a National Camporama Prayer Meeting tonight (Tuesday - 2nd June 2009) in our church (GT Klang) at 8.00pm in MPR2. Commanders, leaders and children of all ages are welcomed to join in and be a part of this movement.

You want to see lives changed in this camp? You want to experience a truly amazing camp? You want to see God move in this camp? Then lets come together to pray and interceed for this camp. We have seen how God has constantly been providing for us and blessing us all the way...and tonight we want to come together as one church, uniting our hearts in prayer.

Do join us for a powerful time of prayer. Remember, MPR2 (2nd floor).
See ya there, pals.

7 days to go and counting!! GET EXCITED!!