Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Day Where 2 met the 6!

Every single day...we are faced with series of events that changes our lives forever. People that we come across in life, the moments shared together, memories created and cherished...some leave their fingerprints in our lives, but some leave their footprints for a lifetime...

Today, 22nd Sept 2008...we want to celebrate a life, and not just any life...but someone we all cherish dearly. Yup, if you didn't already know...its Cmdr. Eric Teh's 26th birthday! *clap*clap* Known by many names, namely Diamond, Jedediah, Beer Keg, PSK (Pang Sai King), Man on the Throne, Mr. PMS, Heir to the Throne, etc etc etc...whatever your preference may be, he'll always be remembered fondly best friend. My BFF! :) Wat? You think only you girls out there got BFF club ar??? We boys also got ok...but we just cover up and call them macho names like groupies, homies, bud, or kaki...

Anyway, since he's 26 this year and reaching the age where he's ripe for marriage (yup, imagine him like a papaya fruit on a tree ready to be plucked!), we decided to trek the globe, speak to people and celebrities, to find out what they had to say to Eric on his Big Day this year! And so ladies and gentlemen, here's the special dedication to Eric, and it comes from all his fans and friends all over the world...God bless!

Kapitan Yap Ah Loy: "Eric boy, never forget your roots. You are firstly a Chinese. Make sure to always display your Chinese-ness. Eat with chopstick, do some taichi, keep your hair long-long and grow a pony tail. And most importantly, always aspire to be the next Drunken Master!"

Queen Elizabeth: "Oh hello there lad, good day to you! Will always remember the good times we spent together during your stint in England. If I could, I would make you the heir to the throne...but since you've got a 'throne' of your own for now, it'll just have to wait. Remember, England needs you! The Hooligans need you! God save the Queen...and Eric too!"

President Saddam Hussein: "@#$%^&*! $%^&#!!!" English version: "You come rescue me, I give you oil, guns...and camel together with desert sand!"

Johnnie Walker: " this life, there's nothing more blissful than taking a walk with Eric...and he's pretty good at walking! Trust me, I've walked with him so many times that I feel like running!"

Adolf Hitler: "You are the MAN! Whatever you want in life...put your right hand in...put your right hand out...put your right hand in, and shake it all about. Do the boogey boogey boogey and you turn around, thats what its all about! Do you like my moustache??"

Sir Elton John: "Goodbye England's rose...there's something about the way you look tonight...takes my breath away....dont let the sun go down on me...for you my friend, I'll organize a special charity concert featuring George Michael and myself! Yippeeee!"

There you have it...Eric's baby photos. Doesn't he look like an absolutely gorgeous diamond child??? Debeers certainly could have used him in their ads! This is Cmdr. Eric when he was about 5 years old!

And after 26 years of total neglect, its a wonder how he still manages to do such things! Flexing, stretching, bending over, doing the boogey-boogey!

Well bro, we hope you certainly had a awesome time of celebration, together with great company to keep you feeling loved and wanted. :) We hope that even as you grow another year older and wiser, that God's will and purpose will be seen so strongly in your life. Continue to walk in His ways and mind His businesses, and God will certainly bless you for your faithfulness!

Thanks for being our friend, and for making our lives a whole lot richer and colourful...truly, this world would be a lesser place without you! Stay strong...and continue to walk on! :

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Celebrating The Big 21...

Greetings rangers, commanders and friends!

After a good long wait, its time for us to celebrate our RR's 21st birthday! Everyone's busy as a bee, getting everything prepared in time for the BIG 21 party this Sunday! And for Pete's sake...dont miss it for the world ok??? Details of the event as below:

Royal Rangers Selangor #6
21st Anniversary
21st Sept 2008 @ 1.30pm

Come join us for a time of appreciation, recognition and celebrating our rich heritage together as Royal Rangers! We will be giving out your hard-earned merits, leader's awards, Cookarama prizes, Best Ranger Awards, and also the coveted Gold Medal of Achievement medal presentation. We've got something special for each one of you too...

Do come fully dressed in your RR uniform, make sure you've got all your medals and merits properly pinned up yea? Just make sure to look good, as always. :) Bring your parents, brothers, sisters, and yes...even your grandparents! Its going to be a celebration for the whole family! Refreshments will be served at the for all those free-loaders out there, please take note! :)

God bless us all...

I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. Psalms 143:5

37, going on to 38!

Yesss...its time to bring out the party hats and birthday candles...and not forgetting the fire extinguishers! And for those of you who dont know what I'm talking about...ITS PAS. GIDEON'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Yup, time for you to get yourself a Facebook account...:) With all their reminders, you just can't miss anything these days...

Haha...this one was totally hilarious birthday surprise, I'm telling you. Let me recap for you the sequence of events (roughly):

16th Sept
10.00am: SMS was sent out to the youths, informing them of the surprise birthday party for Cmdr. Gideon. The party animals were told to park their cars at the backlane, and use the backdoor to get into the house.

8.40pm: Youths began gathering at the backlane, and entered into the empty house of Pas. Gideon (whole family was out for dinner). Never ever has a backlane seen so many cars and happening youths. If the police was around, surely all kena rounded up under ISA. Many thanks to Serena for passing us a set of the housekeys...we made sure to make duplicates in case next time we wanna do more surprises for the whole family. :)

9.10pm: All the balloons, banners, and mini blowhorns were ready. The surprise crew was waiting anxiously for the return of Pas. Gideon and family. Hehehe...

9.20pm: After many blue moons, finally...Pas. Gideon's car pulled up to the driveway. The youths were all hiding at the staircase...waiting to pounce on him and test his heart's durability to shock. And true enough...the moment he came close enough......SURPRISEEEEE!!! The entire troop of monkeys and party animals sprang out, blowing our little serunai horns, balloons flying was just kecoh!!! :)

Many thanks to the organizers for the superb planning...indeed, Pas. G was surprised (and terribly frightened...althought he wont admit it). I'm sure he'll be keeping his eyes and ears opened for next year's bday party! Haha....

Enjoy the pics, yea ppl...

As usual, Su Vien thinks she's cute with all her weird facial that's what I call a lovely cake!

Our photographer for the night, Kenny Chin...somehow, he always seems to have his camera wherever he goes. In the toilet, shower, sports, church, work, sleep....hmm...

The PA (party animals) waiting anxiously...some lost weight while and stuffy ma...

Hehe...dont you love the bday banner? He's actually 38 this I guess Pas. G can recycle the banner for his 40th bday bash!

Here's the bday boy complaining how come got so many candles...we had to call the Bomba to be on standby...:)

Check out the 50-cent face, seen making a birthday wish.

And yes...the customary game of removing the candle using your mouth. Thank God Eric didn't ruin the cake by pushing Cmdr's head into the cake! :) Cauz if he did...boy oh boy...we really wanted to eat the cake!

Poor baby Josiah was in shock...firstly, because he was going like, "Where in the world did all these creatures appear from???" And secondly, "What in the world are they doin in MY house???" And thirdly..."How in the world did they get in here???" Such a cutie la this fella...

See la...this is how Lee Chong Wei is gonna' look like 10 years down the road...

Just like any happening birthdays...there were free flow of drinks and food...too bad only soft drinks. The closest thing to alcoholic drinks was Root Beer.'s Cmdr. Gideon and Elisa, who lost her two front teeth in the space of one week! I know what song she'll be singing this Christmas...

Some interesting facts for you...

The name Gideon is a baby boy name.
The name Gideon comes from the Hebrew origin.
In Hebrew The meaning of the name Gideon is: Great Warrior.
Historical origin: Gideon was a judge of Israel who won many battles with his faith.
Recounted in the Book of Judges.

Once again, a very Happy & Blessed 38th Birthday to our beloved Pastor & Commander Gideon, from all of us here in YA! and RR! We look forward to many, many more exciting years ahead under your guidance and leadership. Thanks for everything...May the Lord continue to keep you and bless your family, even as you continue to make a difference in our lives!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Of Mooncakes, Lovers & Simba...

I hope I get this right...Happy 'Ger-niu' Cake Day! :)

Haha...hope that translated into Happy Mooncake Day! If it stated something else, please do let me know ok? As it is, I'm a on the verge of becoming a full-fledged banana also!

Allow me to take you on a trip back in find out the origins of the sacred Mooncake!

Mooncakes earned their popularity during the Yuan Dynasty (1200 A.D.- 1368 A.D) when, as legends say, the Mongols who had established the Yuan Dynasty were too oppressive, and were overthrown by the Chinese with the help of this simple dessert.

Since Mongols did not eat mooncakes, the Chinese took advantage of this cultural difference and planned a revolt against them. Leaders of the revolts distributed mooncakes, under the pretense of celebrating the emperor's longevity, to other Chinese people.

The mooncakes held secret messages baked within the skin, informing people to revolt on the 15th of the 8th moon, also the Autumn Moon festival. The rebellion was successful and mooncakes were forever kept a national tradition of China.

Dont you just love the golden-brownish delicacy calling out to you, "Eat me, eat me!"

Well, just to share with you some happenings over the weekend...RR Selangor #6 had our own little Mooncake festival party! Yup...only weird part is, we didnt have it at night (therefore, no chance for us to play with lanterns and attempt to accidently burn our friends). But hey, when there's food around, that's certainly a reason to party on, eh? :)

Since everyone's getting all crazy and hyper for the upcoming RR Sel #6 21st Anniversary happening this coming Sunday, the commanders thought it would be a good idea to just chill and relax, and have a good time mingling with one another and sharing a laugh over a slice (or two) of good ol' mooncakes! But hey...the story is never completely told until you've seen the photos, courtesy of Monsieur Kenny Chin Lebouf...

The new logo and mascot for Sel #6...Bryan Tay. This kid will drive you to the moon and back...and do it all over again. This supercharged kid comes with a cute face that will melt your heart...:) Here seen practicing his saluting, but as you know...left hand and right hand doesn't ring a bell yet at this age!

Cmdr. Kenny and Cmdr. Reuben giving the rangers a demo of how they should receive their awards and how to shake hands. :) You think easy ar to shake hands? There's a science to it in how hard to squeeze the other fella's hand, when to release, how many times to shake it...

Here's Cmdr. Kenny with his brutal and killer look...scary ar? Please comment.
Kids these days are so natural in front of the cameras...wat to do? They've got so many good mentors in Su Vien, Lisa, Grace, Sheila, etc etc etc...mostly all girls la. :)

Here's the RK choo-choo train...alpha male group! Where's Cmdr Eric ar? He's supposed to be leading the pack...

Cmdr. Grace posing with her brand new set of RR uniform...finally, after almost 30 years waiting and praying, she's finally going to wear a RR uniform! Haha...

This photo is exactly like a scene when the accused is brought of of high court...have fun guessing who. If you're hardworking enough, and have 20-20 vision, you can see from the name tag.

Girls will be girls...loves to sit in circles, and play those games where you need to sing a song and beat/clap your neighbour's hands...Adventure girls in action!
While the Adventure Girls indulged in some sisterhood-bonding karaoke session, the Boys had their own male-bonding and macho-display session. Here's Matthew showing us that he can pump at least 5 times before he KO.

Jarrod showing us what he's capable off...being a part-time lizard.

And as for Su Vien...she's a part-time goldfish poser...

Cmdr. Jayson and Denzel spending some macho male time together before the start of the mooncake feast...

The Discovery rangers showing us whom they think deserves to be arrested under the ISA...naturally, the choice went to Cmdr. Zhi Fung! :)
To the left, to the left (Thanks to Beyonce for the line...), we have Ewe Jia Wei, and to the left, we have sister Ewe Yuan Qi!

Interestingly, not many grown-ups stand a winning chance again kids in the battle of 'One-Two-Jus'! Naturally, Cmdr. Andy lost...he he he!

Just look at the amount of grown-ups in the loser section! Basically, everyone had to partner up with a younger ranger and start the one-two-jus game. Winners and losers will be separated...and here we have, the Losers.

And on the other side of the hall, we have the Winners. Average age...10 years old. Told you so! Kids somehow have a better chance of winning this game!

Well, now that the teams were separated, it was time for some good ol' fun, playing the "Samson, Delilah & the Lion" game! Man, its been years since we had this much fun playing this crazy game!

Here's Kelly trying her best to hide from the world...

Bryan leading the losers...posing as Delilah! Lai laaaa....:)


Man...the place was just gempak wei!

And of course...the loser of the game had to go through a time of spelling the word 'Mooncake' using their posterior ends...:) Here's Gareth looking all happy and proud to be able to portray his writing skills...

And so...after a hard day's work of playing games and saluting, it was time to makan!!! Up first were the Discovery and Ranger Kids, who wasted no time in getting their hands on the delicious mooncakes! Just look at the assortments of mooncakes on dude even brought a sambal mooncake, wei! No wonder he brought it for RR...:)

Same same...

But different!

Awww...cute fella eh? Mooncake (and food) certainly gives you a reason to smile!

Here's Jonathan...looking as happy and prosperous as ever!'s the Adventure Boys trying out the Sambal mooncake...crazy weird stuff, wei! Some more it was passed to them by their loving outpost commander...Andy Gan!

"Mmmm....syiok gilerrrr!!"

Franz, Cmdr. Reuben and Daniel sharing lighter moments together during the the end of the day, there was more than enough mooncake to feed the entire Meru community!

Check out Cmdr. Jayson's face...just like a squirrel. Storing up his food for later...all the best in your exams, bro! Remember, die with style! :) Hahaha...

Look at this fella...nicely he told everyone to eat one SLICE, but he ended up taking one WHOLE cake for himself! Some more can do the 'peace' sign...

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, and now...Smell no evil! :)

Now that he (william) got GMA, he feels he's very exclusive and want to sit alone...:)

At the end of the day, as long as everyone's happy and smiling...its a job well done!

Now that everyone's stuffed...its a good time to find a good spot to rest and cool off...just like Denzel! Here seen with Cmdr. Sheila and Grace...

Yeap...if Cheryl's says its me. Its' GOOD!
And so pals...there you have it. Another fun weekend comes to an end! Another crazy week to come, as always. Keep a lookout for more happening and entirely crazy posts coming up in the next few days. Will try to keep you all entertained on a daily basis...:)

Till then, to all my friends working in KL...haih. Have fun drowning your sorrows with work...:P

To all my Selangor-based friends....futsat is on at 4pm! Hahahahahahahaa......

God bless, and au' revoir!