Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coconut Shell Cave!

Yahooooooo! Yup...thats where we're heading to! Gua Tempurung, here we come!!! E-rangers, please take note. This trip is especially for you guys and gals out there...We will be going for a caving expedition on the 1st of May (labour Day) to Gua Tempurung, Perak. Due to the fact that we will have to leave early in the morning...and I mean EARLY...the commanders have decided that we will all spend the night before the trip in church. Yup...on 30th April (this sun), those going for this trip will spend the night in church, before leaving for the cave early next morning.
Details of the trip are as following:

30th April - 1st May 2006
Gua Tempurung, Perak
Cost: RM30 per person (not inclusive of meals)
* Food/meals are strictly sdn. bhd. *

Be in church on the 30th of April (sun night) by 9.00pm. We'll spend the night eating, laughing, whacking up someone, mamaking, gaming, snoring, sleeping, doin all the crazy stuff...and then we'll leave next morning by 7.00am!!! So rangers, please be prepared! Its gonna be an adventure!

Some of you might be asking...what should I bring? Do I need to bring a tent? What about the equipment needed? Well, tentatively the guys will be sleeping in MPR2 while the girls get MPR1. No, you wont be sleeping in tents. Whats wrong with you ppl! You'll definitely need your sleeping bags cauz sleeping on the floor can be quite memorable.

Please bring along a good pair of shoes/sandals, change of clothes. Dont forget the undies...Bring along a cap too! Those who love eating rubbish, bring along sufficient junkfood to last you a year, water and extra cash for mamak sessions, bfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, Torchlight with extra batteries....VVIP! Make sure its water-proof too!
How to be sure that your torchlight is water proof? Take a shower with it. If it still works after bathing, its good. And please do not bring those super huge torchlights thats the size of your head. A simple, portable, bright one will do. For those of you who fail to bring your torchlight, let me assure you that its going to be a regrettable moment in your life...:)

Here's some of the pics of Gua Tempurung to get your imaginations going wild...

Patrol guides and assistant guides, you are to confirm with me the names of your patrol members who will be attending this trip by Saturday, 29th April. Remember, its a first come first serve basis. Only 25 places available!

Rangers, be prepared to get wet and dirty! Its gonna be great....Seeee ya!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Event Of The Month!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Youths and Friends out there...IT'S BACK AGAIN!!!

*please click on image for more information*

Make 'em fly!

Howdy boys and gals! Bet you all missed me eh? Anyway, just a quick reminder on what's happening this sun! E-rangers, please take promised, this sunday we'll be making our very own kites and hopefully we'll be able to fly it as well!!! Yup...its our official 'Layang-Layang Day'! So for those of you aspiring pilots and astronauts, here's your first task. The kites will take off for outer space as High school field, so looks like we gotta warn any planes passing by...including birds. Here's wat to bring:

1) Lidi some of you dont even know what's that!
2) Newspaper, plastic sheets, mahjong paper, wrapping paper, tracing paper...anyting to build your kite!
3) Cello tape, scissors and blade.
4) And most importantly....THREAD!

For those of you out there who's still blinking...and unsure how a kite actually's some pictures to help you out.

Here's basically how the kite structure is...

For those ambitious ones out there...bring along a horse if you decide to follow this...

Also for the brave in heart...

Shaun showing how its done when he was 3 years old and clothless...

Take note that this activity will count for your Green Hobby merit. And for those out there who think its gonna be prepared! Muaahahaha....

Dont forget to come in your casual wear! And see ya all this sunday! Shaun...wear clothes, bro...