Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Genesis 1:1...

Oh boy...what a relief! Now that my IE is back to normal, its time for me to give all of you a lil' treat! :)

Was just browsing through all my old RR photo collection...and I came across one particularly amusing picture, which really really made my day! I mean, seeing all these small little kids back in those days of innocence really made me smile...and when I look at them 10-15 years down the road today...I started to cry! Haha...

Ladies and gentlemen...presenting you the Historical Photo Of The Week!

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..."

Have fun guessing who's who...especially the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th character in the photo! This stuff will come in handy one day...perhaps during their wedding! Haha...

God blessss!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Soaring Into The Horizon...

Happy Diwali to all my faithful readers and beloved rangers out there!

Yes...I know you're complaining...where's The Boss and his updates, rite? Well, now that I managed to get the virus out of my PC (I think), the best part is...something's not right with my IE, cauz I'm not able to upload any pics into the blog posts!! disappointing! So please bear with me, while I entertain you with words...cauz words are all I have to take your heart away...:)

Well, good news...RR IS RESUMING SOON! How cool is that??? Imagine guys get to torment your commanders (and vice-versa) all over again starting this Sunday, 2nd November 2008! Yup...its been a while since we got together for an amazing time during RR Outpost meetings! Do spread the word around and make sure EVERYONE knows about RR this Sunday ok?

A big shoutout to Cmdr. Daniel Seliong who celebrates his 20th birthday today! Wohoo!! You're almost a man now, bro...almost. :) Just give it another year and you can fully celebrate your man-ity. Haha! Have a good one...and see you at the party later! May God continue to use you to kick the devil back where he belongs...!

Got another testimony from one of our leaders who survived NTC...and this time it comes from Cmdr. Jayson Phuan of the Explosive Eagles patrol! Sometimes when I think back, they look more like the Terrorist Eagle Bombers...with TNT and dynamite on their patrol standards! Anyway, read on and be blessed!

"...and as I wait, I'll rise up like the Eagle..."


I’ve been in the Royal Rangers Ministry from Buckaroo’s until now and I got to say that this NTc camp is the toughest training camp I’ve ever experienced throughout my years in Royal Rangers. As I look back on the camp, it made me realize how important our role as the commanders of our respective age group can affect the lives of the younger rangers under our care. We can be the ones that either make them or break them. If we don’t disciple them in God’s way, they will be stagnant in their spiritual walk with God. On the other hand, if we raise them up properly, they will become leaders that will continue to lead others to Christ. It shows me how much we as a commander plays a role in affecting the spiritual walk of the younger ones.

As I started of the camp, I have already the high expectation of the camp from the past comments given by those that have gone for NTC. I was prepared for the worst but turns out that it wasn’t that bad after all. I expected it to be scolding, yelling,and drilling under the rain kind of situation but it wasn’t to my surprise. Instead it was a ‘relaxed’ camp where mental, physical and spiritual challenge takes place where we are needed to build gadgets with the given time frame and also with such short notice. I really thank God that I went for this camp also because I learned that the patrol system is something that is really challenging yet bears fruit at the end.

My patrol consists of 6 commanders which are William Ong, Benjamin Yee, Andrew Ong, Kah Yun and Wei Sern. When we got together as a patrol, we are like strangers but as the camp goes by, we learn to tolerate each other putting our differences aside and work together as a team and it did show good fruit at the end as we did our gadgets and just by looking at it, we are so proud of our teamwork and the commitment of each of the commanders.

This camp really challenged me to go the extra mile in the Royal Rangers ministry as well as my spiritual walk with God. Without a doubt, this camp has shown me what I am capable to do in Rangers as well as sow into this ministry where lives can be touch and talents of the younger boys can be molded.



Friday, October 24, 2008

Memoir of A Bruised Eagle, Who Soared Once Again...

Hey everyone.

I guess its also about time I actually pen(type) something down for my testimony. NTC, ….. I guess NTC is so unique in a way that though all of us went thru the same things for 4 days, but each of us came out learning different things. Things that only we ourselves understand and benefit.

4 days in a training camp! : not exactly the idea I have in my mind on how to spend my public holidays, since holidays are kinda rare now. ( just like all the other working peeps) . The only motivation for me to go for this camp is to actually complete the requirement for my LMA. Honestly, that was the reason why I was there. But you never can know just what NTC can do to you!

The most significant thing that I learnt during this camp is not the camping/ranger skills or anything related to the outdoors, but I learnt and felt the importance of having a support group.(in this case, its my patrol members and fellow Sel 6-ers) and also learning to get comfortably uncomfortable. Many instances during the camp, I wanted to call it quits. Though after going thru JLTC, I roughly know what to expect for NTC and was mentally prepared for it. So I walked into NTC with my eyes wide open and yet I almost yielded.

Each time I wanted to call it quits, this thought will come into my mind. ‘”What about your patrol members?” … “why are you giving up on them when they did not give up on you ?” rather depressing and the weather did not help at all..hehe.…

I looked at my patrol members, they are all busy about getting things done and being so co-operative, some (1) was even so nice just to hold a torchlight for me when I was washing the utensils at the river in the dark Haha. I was really encouraged . And because of my patrol members, I pushed on and thru. Just like everyone else have said, the patrol system works, its true. But another thing that also work, is having friends around you to support you.

Each time when we have rotation classes or parade, we manage to catch bits and pieces of what is happening in the other patrol, familiar faces and people of same frequency, knowing that I’m not the only one going thru this ordeal and I’m not going thru alone indeed was an extra dose of strength for me.

I was encouraged to see Jays, Ben and even William laughing at the fact that their uniform was wet! ( I had mine wet too) hehe. William even stood under the sun after the morning parade alone , just to dry his uniform. Haha. That really made my day in camp. That little ‘act’ woke me up and told me to look at the bright side of everything!. So what if my uniform is wet? .. just dry them.. So what if my sleeping bag is wet ? DRY them!.. So what if the kitchen is not done ?just get it done!. So what if bakau is tough to chop/saw ? JUST CHOP IT!. Or ask someone stronger to do it!... Its all NO BIG DEAL! Haha .... the idea is not to let circumstance arnd you affect you negatively.

Also..Many times, without us realizing, We as cmdrs, we tend to frustrate our rangers by getting them to do things OUR way. Well, I had go thru this myself in the camp for me to realize that. Only by putting yourself in your rangers shoes that you will see things the way they saw.

I started by saying I was in NTC because I wanted to complete my LMA, but now I think … God wanted me to be there to teach/remind me of many many things. He just used LMA to make sure I was there.

I just thank God for all that has happened in the camp. Every single bit of it .. I thank God. Also, personally wanna thank ‘Councilmen Eric’ for constantly checking on me making sure that I dun give up. Hehe...( ei...he says if I walk out of camp… he will follow behind! Haha …so I got no choice but to stay!.. if not ...everyone got no food dey! Hahaha )

After having gone thru everything, my moments of inspiration came when after we graduated, and we were all gathered by the side by Reuben as Selangor 6. I looked at us, we are all from different background, different walks.. different profession… but we all had one thing in common.. NTC.

Having said that , this one month break is probably my time to re-orientate, re-charge, re-fresh, re-focus for another year ahead starting from Nov 2008!

Cmdr. Kenny Chin (the middleman in the Chin Muskateers!)

*** The End ***

On a separate note, a very happy birthday to our dear friends who celebrated their birthday this week. Here's the birthday babies!

i. Daniel the 'Long-Walking' Pua (21st Oct)
ii. Jayson 'The Indestructable' Phuan (22nd Oct)
iii. 'The Bottled-Ginnie' Wong Tzi Li

Hope you all had a good week and an absolutely fantastic day! God bless...

Happy Deepavali to each one of you...I have extra oil and coconuts if you need em'...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Goldilocks and the 7 dodgy Bears...

Happy Friday, friends!

Yup...that's the latest celebration in town. Its called 'Happy Friday'...only celebrated by the working-class community, school kids and college kids. For those still bumming around and being a grape fruit (penganggur), they basically celebrate every day of the week! :) Aren't you glad that today's Friday? Woohooo....the weekends are back, bay-beh!!

Everytime I go wandering about in facebook, I'm constantly hounded by traumatizing memories and thought...with the latest one being the Huggy Bear's patrol song during the recent NTC! Haha...these Beary-y (and not quite hairy) patrol members came out with a patrol song...that kinda' sticks to your head, if even you dont really fancy the song! Well, they basically took the tune from one of my all-time favourite song, Country Roads...and turned it inside out and added in some whacky and nasty lyrics...:)

Anyway, have fun listening to them perform the song and yell...hopefully it'll put a smile on your face this Friday afternoon...Cheers, mate!

Hugggyy bearr
so much hair
you don't haveee!!
if you want hair
we can give youuuu
our armpit haiiirrrr
we can shareeee!

Have fun singing along with these crazy bears...oh btw, just for your info...guess what was my patrol name during my NTC experience almost 7 years ago? Yup, you guessed it rite. HUGGY BEAR!!! Great minds DO think alike...

Also, a very Happy Birthday to Cmdr. Jason Ponniah and Cmdr. Stephen Ponniah who celebrated their birthday on Oct 15 and Oct 16 respectively. God bless them both as they continue to serve the Lord faithfully in the RR ministry! Also, congratulations to all our Form 3 students who managed to survived the week-long stressed-filled PMR exam week! Now all that awaits you guys is the results!! Haha...well, like I mentioned in a blog post previously...better faster enjoy, throw parties and celebrate the night away before the results are out! Never know what might happen once its'd probably be kicked OUT of the house too...haha!

God bless...and Seize The Day, rangers...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Tribute To Our Gold Medal Achievers...

Well well friends...

How you guys and girls doing on a Wednesday night? Enjoyed the rain? Got yourself all drenched while trying to run for cover? Haha...definitely brings back memories of NTC days eh? Hope you've enjoyed all the blog posts so far. This blog was created for the very purpose of spreading the news and latest happening in Selangor #6, and also to bless you through our testimonies and camp stories! So far so good...managed to give you readers daily updates, and we're also committed not to give you 'copy-and-paste' stuff! :) Just like you and me, I believe this blog must have a personal, individual touch to it...

Let's get down to business...RR Selangor #6 is proud to announce to you that for this year, we had 2 rangers who earned the highest award in Royal Rangers, that is the Gold Medal of Achivement, or GMA for short! No prizes for guessing who...yup, please give it up for ranger Kevin Chin and William Ong! *clap*clap*

Hats off to these two lads for the hardwork, labour, hours of research and data compiling, perseverence and never-say-die attitude that brought them this far, taking them to the next level in the RR ministry...a place where only a few have blazed before. And so tonight, this post is specially dedicated to these boys, and we hope that each of you ranger out there will be inspired to do likewise, and claim your spot in the RR Hall of Fame!

Here's Pas. Gideon taking charge of the mic for the GMA Medal ceremony...

Ranger William and Kevin eagerly awaiting the moment for them to be up on stage to receive the coveted medal! Gold Medal, wei...even Malaysia didn't go that far!

Up on stage, finally! Its your time to shine, boys...and I bet they enjoyed every moment of it!

Pas. Lau Moong Som explaining to the audience the significance of the ribbon colours on the GMA Medal...

Kevin and William getting their chance to practice saying their 'I Do', when given the charge by Pas. Lau concerning their responsibilities and commitment as a GMA holder...

We were glad to have both their mothers on stage, to join and stand next to their boys. It was definitely a proud moment for both parents to be up there with their little heroes...

And so, we gave both their mothers the honour of pinning the medal onto their son's uniform. Here's aunty Penny Chin in action...she's got sufficient practice prior to this event. This is the 3rd child in the Chin family to receive the GMA! :) Almost a full house...almost!

And on the other end, we see William's mum doing likewise! What an amazing feat by William, considering the fact that he joined the RR only during secondary school!

Not that easy, considering the fact that almost a hundred people are eagerly staring at you! But she's one cool character...

Yup...told you she's had enough practice before this! Easy peasy stuff for her la...

Both Kevin and William received a Swiss Army Knife, a Compass and a Bible each, for earning the GMA.

Let the compass be a reminder to you of the guidance you have received throughout the years of your involvement in Royal Rangers. Do not forget the things you have learned, as they will serve to give you direction to your life even as a man.

They each also received a Bible.
With the study of the Word you have laid the foundation for your Christian walk into manhood. Let God’s Word be your guide in the days ahead, as it was for David when he wrote in Psalms 119:11, “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” That is our desire for you as well.

The final gift was a pocketknife.
The knife has a sharp edge and has been carefully crafted to perform many uses. In the same way, God has carefully crafted your life, and He has a great plan and purpose for you. Let the pocketknife be a reminder to you of the talents and abilities God has placed inside you, and to use your talents for God

Ranger William Ong and Kevin Chin, together with Sr. Cmdr Reuben Ponniah. Welcome to the GMA Fraternity!

Its been a blessing to see these two boys grow into fine young men, who's committed to God, willing to be a part of His plan, and most importantly...they both love Jesus! And I pray that this GMA will not a the end of your achievements in RR, but will instead spurr you on to greater heights and inspire others to walk this road you've taken. Congratulations to the two of you, and God bless!

I hope you'll all have a good rest tonight. The weather is simply lova-ly to just fall into a dead sleep, and that's exactly what I have in mind once this post is done.

Ok, I'm done. Goodnight, planet earth and all its citizens! May the good Lord bless you and keep you always...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NTC Tales...A Cougar's Story!

Hi all,

As for me, NTC reminded me of the fun I had when I was in Rangers as a ranger boy. It was a long long time ago, when I last worked as a patrol to do up our patrol standard,our song and yell, delegates job to set up our campside, cook and etc. Just to be the best patrol, we put aside differences and worked as a team, contribute our best towardsour patrol. To be a good patrol, I believe only can happen when all the members start to think of what he or she can contribute to the patrol not what the other person should contribute.

Cmdr. Andy (3rd from left) together with the rest of the Cool Cougar Patrol!
From left: Jeffrey Lam, Jeff Yee, Andy Gan, Stephen Ponniah, Hansel Wong, Peter Chin and Simon.

Through-out the camp God spoke to me asking me to just imagine the church in the form of a good Royal Rangers patrol. It will be so cool if all of us as christians have a patrol standard, a song, a yell and work together to build God's house according to our ability. Everywhere we go we will be proud being part of this patrol and we constantly improve our house, our standard,our song and yell. I believe this is the experience we need in the church.

As a commander I now see the need to instill these qualities in my boys. I hope to see that through Royal Rangers they will learn to take the ownership of being a christian. They will learn to first be a follower, then a leader and also a team player. Thats all from me. Thanks!

Cmdr. Andy Gan
Cool Cougar Patrol


Dear Cmdrs,

What do you get when you put a 50-year old through NTC? Save for backaches from sleeping on the hard ground and having to "butt-walk" at the special Council of Fire, not too bad really. I had my apprehensions about going for the camp because I would probably feel out of place. Anyway, Cmdr Reuben and Bro. Michael Tan convinced me to go. I am glad that I did and earned my first RR badge - the NTC. Yup and with the beret it make me one real "cool cougar".

Andy Gan and Stephen P. joined me in the Cool Cougar Patrol. Other members were Peter Chin, Simon Khaw, Hansel Wong and Jeffrey Lam. Although, we were the "older" patrol but that turned out to be one of our strengths. After clearing our first day disorientation, we began to get adjusted as members of a patrol. Some tensions are very normal amongst new patrol members but as we began to focus on the purposes of NTC we began to utilize our strengths and skills. By the second day, we already have our chippowa kitchen and table with most of the other gadgets. Before the last camp check, we added hat stand, cup stand, food and drink rack, clothes line, not to mention forks and spoon racks and salt and sugar tray to go with it. We were the most vocal "Cool Cougar. Ice Cold" patrol and were the most punctual for all meetings. Not bad for this "older" patrol.

Cool Cougar patrol getting into their groove during the song & yell presentation at the morning parade!

What impressed upon my heart during NTC was to see the huge amount of talents that God had placed on all the young people. When I looked up at the hills, I see layers of tree lines pushing upward like talents growing towards God. I felt that what God wanted was the talents that He has placed within the young people to be nurtured and developed.

We will lose all these God given talents if the young rangers were not properly "disciple". This responsibility rest on the shoulders of every commander to bring up every ranger as God placed them in our care. I believed that I have gained a deeper insight into the RR ministry.

Well. I already looking forward to the next ANTC, NTT....Post-NTC, sleep and more sleep.

God bless,

Councilmen Jeff Yee
Cool Cougar Patrol

RR Sel #6 Best Rangers 2008...

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening...wherever you are, and whatever you do!

The time has come for me to announce and reveal the names of the RR Sel #6 Best Rangers for the year 2008 to the cyberworld, and also for the benefit of our friends who's currently in Aussie, Newzie and Amedica! :)

And so, after weeks of intense preparation and a whole day of trials and testing, we've finally managed to find the cream of the crop, the jewel on the crown, the best of the best...and for sure, they're a worthy bunch of winners! Hats off to these bunch for enduring the testing with grit, for never failing to put a smile on our faces, and for coming up with all sorts of answers and speeches that would have made any preacher proud off! :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you...the Best Rangers from Selangor #6! Hurrah....hurrah!

Ranger Kid Of The Year 2008 - Denzel Sim

Ranger Kid Of The Year 2008 - Na Xing Yi

Discovery Ranger Of The Year - Gareth Sim

Ohh..this is a good one. Adventure Ranger Of The Year - Bryan Lau! Medal and prizes presented by our very own Senior Pastor, Pas Lau Moong Som aka Daddy!

Here comes the hugggg!! Such an inspiring and proud moment for all of us to witness...and everyone just went, "Awwwwww!"

Expedition Ranger Of The Year - Daniel Ng

Ever felt what's it like to have an RR 'Olympic' medal drapped over your head? Well, he has! Well done bro! And hope you get well soon...hope to see you back in action in futsal in the near future...maybe 2010? :)

So there you have it! Once again, a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the worthy winners, and also well done to all those who were selected for the Best Ranger testing this year. It was a closely-fought competition this time around, and we're really proud of all of you! Keep your chin up, and continue to strive to be the best and together, let's make our Master Ranger Jesus Christ one very happy man up there! :)

God bless and have a good rest tonight. As always...the lion sleeps tonight. Together with everything else in this world.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cookarama 2008 Champions...

Happy Friday, friends and rangers!

Yup...its the last day of the working week, and let's make it one worth remembering! Why not do something really cool this week in office? Like scare your boss, celebrate your own birthday in office even though its not, scream out loud all of a sudden, or come dressed in shorts, or even send flowers to your male colleagues from another make colleague? :) Sounds like fun eh? Try it...and put a smile on someone's face today!

As promised, I'm back with part 2 of the RR Anniversary follow-up post...and this time I have the results of this year's 'Burger-mbira' Cookarama 2008 Challenge! Yup, I know its been a while since the event...and I can still remember the look on the faces of the judges who had to endure their own Fear Factor moment...but nevertheless, do enjoy the video compilation below showcasing scenes from the Cookarama Day, brought to you exclusively by the 'Wonderkid' Cmdr. Ben Yee @ Bluejay...

Well...we hope you enjoyed that bit. Loved the soundtrack! And without much's the results. *Drum roll*

2nd Runners-Up goes to....

ADVENTURE GIRLS PATROL! Congratulations to Patrol Guide Michelle Lee, receiving her patrol's prize from Commander Benny Tan.

1st Runners-Up goes to: DISCOVERY GIRLS PATROL!!!
Steady la..even the prize looks bigger than Patrol Guide Krystal Lee! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen...the Champion of Cookarama 2008 goes to:

Congratulations to the patrol, led by Patrol Guide Daniel Ng!
Well done're officially the camp cook for all upcoming events! :)

And so, there you have it friends. Another year gone by, another set of cooking champions crowned. Keep a lookout for the next post regarding the Best Ranger of The Year Award. Its going to be exciting!

Till then, have a great weekend and God bless! Btw, do keep Cmdr. Gideon, Pas. Peter, Aunty Marge, Cmdr. Jason, Rebecca Lim and the rest of the Cambodian mission team. Pray for their safety, and that God will use them in mighty ways to be a blessing to the nation! They'll be back on Sunday.

Live Strong...For Jesus!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

RR Selangor #6 21st Anniversary 2008!

Greetings friends of Ranger-land, Boleh-land and Cyber-land!

Now that the Raya hols and holiday mood is slowly fading away...I reckon its about time I posted up the 21st Anniversary story before the 22nd Anniversary comes along! Haha...hope that each one of you had a good, long relaxing holiday...just like the 24 of us who had a completely relaxing time in NTC! YEA RITEEE! :)

Just to rewind the clock and take you back in time...on the 21st of September, RR Selangor #6 celebrated yet another milestone in its long and colourful history, by celebrating our 21st RR Anniversary! Even though we scaled down this year's celebration due to the current economic and political situation in Malaysia, it was still a memorable and fantastic anniversary celebration! Truly...RR style!

To not make this post tooooo long, I've decided to break it up into 4 parts, namely:

i. RR Anniversary report
ii. Cookarama Winner's post
iii. Best Ranger of the Year's post
iv. GMA ceremony post
v. Keluarga Gila-gila post...

So hopefully I'll be able to keep you entertained with all these blog stories over the next week, with daily updates I hope! Have a good day ahead, and do enjoy the pics and commentary from my side!

Here's our emcee for the day, Cmdr. Andy getting the show started...

Everyone, from the tiny ranger kids up to the ER, Cmdrs and parents were excited and anticipating a good time! You could feel the 'electricity' in the air...:)

Here's Cmdr. William Ong leading the congregation in the RR Pledge...

And here's his 'half brother' Cmdr. Kevin Chin leading the group in the Christian Pledge...

Yes...I wonder what's he up to...perhaps it was during the Negaraku singing...:)

And after that things moved on to a time of song-singing, led by Cmdr. Eric Teh. He certainly got the crowd moving about and greeting one another!'s the man leading the group in some back-breaking action song! Even though Cmdr. Eric looks like an old man most of the time, he's still got the zest and energy like a Ranger Kid!

And Cmdr. Kenny does what he does best with the guitar...

Check this out man...the entire Outpost Council getting jiggy with it! Thank God there was no medical complications once the song was over...definitely a good workout for them eh?

Outpost Councilman Tan Kang Hoe delivering the opening speech...

Here's Cmdr. Jeff together with Cmdr. Laura and Cmdr. Alison...

Dont we all love to see Kelly smile...???

And look what Brandon Yee is up to, doing his goldfish-pouted-lips pose? Did he get that from Su Vien, I wonder...

And then it was finally time for the moment that all the rangers were waiting for...the Council of Achievement! We got things started off with the Ranger Kids and invited Councilmen Jeff Yee to present the awards to these little cuties...

My apologies as I'm not able to post the pic of every ranger receiving their merits. However, you can still check out our RR photo gallery for all the pics yea?

And for the Discovery Ranger girls, we had the honour of inviting Cmdr. Theresa Chin to present the merits. Here's ranger Celeste Tan up on stage.

And here's our firecracker ranger Pei Yan receiving her merits...

Up next, it was the Discovery Boy's turn...and up on stage to present the awards, we have Councilmen Tan Kang Hoe! And here we see ranger Hans Willard receiving his award...cute little ang moh fella! :)

Another of the crowd favourite....ranger Simon Yap!

After a short break for the Cookarama winner's prize presentation (which will be posted up separately yea), we then proceeded with Part 2 of the COA, starting off with the Adventure Girls! Here's ranger Denyse Chan receiving her awards from Councilmen Robert Chan.

Ranger Trisha Ch'ng on stage....a true fan of long beans! :) She could be the next Yao Ming, I reckon if she keeps this up...

Here's Ranger Lucas Chee from the Adventure Boys, receiving his merits from Sr. Cmdr Reuben Ponniah. Another one of our outpost all-time-favourite ranger!

And yes...another interesting character from the group...ranger Matthias Tan, giving us his rendition of a full-hearted salute. Well done, bro! He's also probably the youngest in the group to earn the First Aid - CPR award.

Moving on to the oldest bunch of rangers...the ERs! We had Cmdr. Jeffrey to present us with the awards this round...and here we see ranger David Wong! I'm sure we all know what to expect once he's up on stage rite? HUGGGGGG!!! :)

Ranger James Lee...potential GMA achiever one day, for sure (hopefully/God-willing)! :)

The superstar singer-to-be, ranger Kelly Yap!

Ranger Low Lee Yee on stage to receive her BMA and merits! Well done, Lee Yee! SPM year, but she still managed to juggle her time well and get things done!

As for the Commander's awards, we had our Outpost Chaplain Cmdr. Pastor Dato Dr. Gideon Lee to hand out the's Cmdr. Ben Yee up first!

Say it together with me, friends....Chan Chiew HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thank you.

Our National Supplies man...Cmdr. Eric Teh! Receiving his Outpost Commander's Award! Well done lad. Queen E and Great Britain salutes you this day! God save the queen!

Once the COA was finally over, it was time for some spiritual input, shared by Councilmen Jeff Yee.

And then it was time for the Best Ranger of The Year award presentation, and here we have Sr Cmdr Reuben to announce the winners...but I guess you'll have to wait for a separate blog post for this also k? :)
I think the medallion looks lovely, dont you think? This is the first time we're giving out this sort of gifts to the winners! Imported all the way from the US! :) Really good stuff for the winners...including a trophy, nametag and a Swiss Army Knife!

Dont you think that's an awesome looking anniversary cake?? The design in the center is also the design for our new RR bolo tie pin. Hope each of you received one as a souveneir yea?

Haha...looks like Cmdr. Gideon is celebrating his 21st bday! :) Here's the scene during the cake cutting ceremony. Happy times, for sure!

Family photo of the leaders, Commanders and Outpost Council of RR Selangor #6! Well done to each one of you for the hard work put in throughout the year...we pray that even as you continue to serve His people, that God's continuous hand of guidance and blessing will be upon your lives.

Well friends...there you have it. Another year gone by, another year of His faithfulness in the RR ministry, and another year of impacting lives for His kingdom. Its been a joy and an honour to be a part of this ministry, serving alongside dedicated and committed leaders who have a desire to see lives being transformed and who are willing to walk the extra mile. Not for personal gain or glory, but all for His glory and His name. Because that's the only thing worth living for in this life...the name of Jesus.

In all that you do, continue to live a life that will make the name of Jesus known to all mankind. There's lots to be done, the task ahead of us is great. But together, we'll move forward and make the difference.

Keep a lookout for the upcoming blog updates and more Anniversary stories. Lots of good stuff in store...once again, my apologies for not being able to post every pic of the rangers. However, you can view all the pics if you follow the link below. Many thanks to Cmdr. Kenny, Daniel and Sheila for the RR anniversary pics. Good job, friends!

Also, many thanks to all the commanders, Councilmen and friends who have chipped in and done their part to make this RR Anniversary a resounding success and one worth remembering for a long long time. God bless!

RR Selangor #6 - Changing The World, One Child At A Time...