Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gearing up!


Guess what, it's been 10 days since the end of rangers for the year 2014! *awww ):
And we bet all of you lil chipmunks are missing us, your super awesome commanders already, right? (;
Anyways, the commanders of Selangor #6 will be going for a leaders' planning retreat this coming Friday. We'll be coming together to pray and plan for the upcoming year ahead! So rangers, do keep all of your commanders in prayers even as we charter for the year 2015 (:

Why must we pray?
Prayer is a vital part of our Christian life and it's important for ministries to be fervent in prayer too. In every truly successful ministry, prayer is an evident and controlling force. No ministry can be a spiritual ministry, securing holiness in its people without prayer. And as your commanders, we want to be the best that we can be for all of you and not rob you guys of the experience that you're entitled to receive.

Here are some prayer points:

  • Pray for God to move, to stir, to ignite a greater passion in the hearts of the leaders
  • Pray for unity and understanding, for the leaders to work together as one body
  • Pray for wisdom and strength, for the Lord's direction in all our plannings
  • Pray for save journey mercy even as we travel to and fro
  • Pray for a good fellowship and fun even in the midst of it all
  • Pray for anything at all that God puts in your heart that will bless Selangor #6 and even the Royal Rangers ministry as a whole

Remember that NO prayer is too small! For if the Holy Spirit is helping us in prayer, surely our imperfect prayers were perfected by the time they arrived at the throne of God the Father. 

Do also take the time to pray and meditate on God's word even as we prepare our hearts for what is to come. We've seen God's faithfulness throughout this 27 years. Surely, the God who has blessed us so much in the past will have even greater things installed for us in the future. Let's be ready for what God is about to entitle us with and give our best towards the ministry.

See you all 11am sharp in church this Friday! T- 2 days!

Cheers (:

Friday, October 17, 2014

27th Anniversary cum COA

It's the time of the year again where we celebrate God's faithfulness in the Selangor #6 Ranger Ministry. This time for the 27th year in a row! Indeed God's been amazing, we've had a rise in overall attendance, more camps, more trainings, more activities and God has also blessed us with many great testimonies along the way. So even as we end the year and showcase the achievement of the rangers and commanders, we would like to share this joy with you this coming Sunday, 19th October 2014. We'll be celebrating our 27th Birthday along with the Council of Achievement (COA) for the year 2014. So do join us! Lunch will be served at 12.30pm, followed by a great line up of agendas.

Let's come together for the last time this year and end it with a bang! even as we look forward to greater things ahead (:

See you there!

P.S: Do RSVP with Cmdr Eric or Cmdr Reuben as we will be serving lunch for all. Thank you!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hear, Hear! #4

Hi, I am Tan Chun Han. You can call me Han. In Royal Rangers Sel#6, I have learnt a lot of things from all the commanders. They have been helping me since I joined Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers has helped me grow closer to God. In Rangers, I learnt a lot such as cooking, hiking, communication and a lot more. It is fun joining Rangers. There are a lot of camps and events in Royal Rangers such as Pow Wow, Outpost Camp and Cookarama just to name a few. I totally experienced God during those camps because I could really feel Him. I have already joined two camps, namely Outpost Camp and Pow Wow. I got to know a lot of commanders and rangers. Even though the commanders are from other outposts, they still helped me. Royal Rangers has helped me gain friendships that are not easily broken. I also would like to thank the commanders that always ask if I have any prayer request. They have been taking care of us and always helped us when we need it . The commanders around me make me feel safe. Royal Rangers has helped me to be more sociable and able to make friends wherever I go.

In Royal Rangers we train future leaders through outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and so much more! Ranger Han here has clearly benefited from joining the various camps that we organise year in and year out and he's definitely growing not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well (: So if you're reading this and you're not a part of our Selangor #6 family YET, do come and join us this Sunday (19.10.2014) at 12.30pm, Glad Tidings Assembly Klang! It'll be our last meeting for the year! So do come, join us and be blessed (:

That's all for now, Toodles!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AR Campout 2014

Hello beautiful people (:

The Adventure Camp blog post is finally up and you're reading it right now!
For the first time in forever, Selangor #6 had their very own Adventure Rangers Camp! wooohhooo!
The camp was held from the 13th to the 15th of September in Sungai Congkak and it was three days of pure fun, lepaking and learning together!

p.s. Some of the rangers said it was the most fun and relaxing camp ever! so ya you did miss out on alot if you weren't there! :P

But fret not! More camps will be coming your way next year (; so make sure you're there with us!

Anyways.. Adventure Camp! Here's a sneak peak of what we did..
Throughout the three days, the Adventure Rangers completed their Camping Merit and the Bible Lesson of 1st Timothy. After that, it was just alot of games, rolling on green grass, cooking, river wading and even lantern wishing!

But most importantly, we saw alot of the Adventure Rangers step up during camp, proactively helping out and being more mature altogether. It really warms the hearts of the commanders to see the rangers grow and our prayers for all of you is that you will continue to follow after Christ, to grow in wisdom and stature, to be the salt and the light and the one who stands up for what is right. While we may have fun week in and week out, we pray that most of all, every one of you will grow up to be young men and women that follow after God's heart. (:

So that's a wrap for 2014's Adventure Camp! 
For more pictures, do head on to our Facebook page and share the joy while you're at it!

Also a big shout out to Ranger Jia Jun who celebrated his birthday in camp!
A video of him and his "birthday cake" (;

More posts coming up this week as we're heading to a close for the year 2014.
Stay tuned for more!


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Hear, Hear! #3

Have you ever thought of being part of Royal Rangers? A church based ministry that trains future leaders through outdoor activities. Many of us might not be interested at first but you'll slowly find it intriguing to know that there is such a thing going on in church. We should try attending it for at least once to have the experience by participating in camps or any competition such as Cookarama organised by Royal Rangers. As the elders say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we should give it a chance and who knows! You might just want to continue on your journey in the Royal Rangers ministry.

Want to know how a person that has been impacted by Royal Rangers is living his or her life now? Let’s just say I will share mine.

Being an Expedition Ranger in Selangor#6, meetings will be held every Sunday after service after an hour of lunch break. It was kinda hard to follow up as an Expedition Ranger initially while others had gone through Ranger Kids, Discovery Ranger and the Adventure Ranger path, but I have no regrets starting out as an Expedition Ranger because there are commanders and friends accompanying me along the way. Moreover, I had my first camp which is our Outpost Camp for the year 2014. It was an awesome and knowledgeable camp learning different knots and how to use them to build benches and even a kitchen! There were two patrols which were given a project to accomplish as soon as possible. The patrol that I am in was asked to build a kitchen. It was hard at first to actually use strength to tighten the knots and was hurtful as well although we had gloves on! (jut rope). Although it was unsuccessful the first day, we managed to get it done on day two through teamwork and strong determination. Putting the project time aside, leisure time was also given for us to enjoy games and the swimming pool. It was fun to have games such as tug-a-war and water polo! At the end of the camp, I felt really heavy hearted to leave the fun and get back to 'reality'. Thereafter, we were told to write a short testimony to be shared during the next meeting. Trust me, it was hard to keep it short since it was a long camp filled with fun and great experiences. A point to note, I learnt that being caution is a key to avoid sunburn after building projects under the sun for the whole day and bruises from the wood used for the project! Nevertheless, it was an amazing first camp as an Expedition Ranger :)

Besides Outpost Camp, there are many more camps happening every year and it’s open to every Royal Rangers outpost all over Malaysia and even to you who may not be in Royal Rangers yet. So far I've participated in the 1st Central District Ranger Kids Camp and 4th Central District Pow Wow Malaysia. Want to know more about Royal Rangers? You are most welcome to attend with us every Sunday at 1.30pm!

The objective of the Royal Rangers ministry is to REACH, TEACH and KEEP boys and girls for Christ. Ranger Brocky here is one of the many testimonies of that exact objective that we aim to achieve week in and week out. Selangor #6 is so blessed to have you in our big family Brocky! And it's been our privilege to see you grow. Our prayer for you is that you will continue to  keep that faith and be that living testimony of God's faithfulness! Here's to many more years ahead in the Royal Rangers ministry (: