Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feels Like Home...

Good morning, rangers and friends!

Yup...the time now is 5am! Oh well, today's a Saturday and its also Merdeka weekend (which means its gonna be a long weekend for all of us!). Hoooray! For those of you rangers in Aussie and NZ-ie...too bad for you. Go celebrate your National Sheep/Kangaroo day ok? Haha. I guess its time I broke my silence and gave you guys some valuable and latest updates on whats been happening around town, and all across the nation!

Well, for starters...this one paragraph is specially dedicated to my buddy Samson, who's finally out of the hospital and getting some good rest and alone-time, recovering from the recent flu bug. Many thanks to all those who prayed around the clock for healing and a speedy recovery. We hope to see him around soon enough and let him share his story of personal victory and faith...amen! You're in our prayers, bro!

Samson Yap! The first in GT Klang to be a part of the 'global movement'...:)

Well, its been more than 2 months since we had a blast of a time in Camporama 2009! I thought I'd take a few moments to post up some memorable shots and share with you some inspiring moments we've had together in the camp. Most of these pics tell of amazing times together, and moments that will be remembered for a long long time. And yes, this will be the last post for Camporama 2009, and we look forward the the next national gathering with much anticipation.

For all those who made it for Camporama 2009....Jaiho and Ohaiyo! :) Long live the memories!

Everytime I look at this pic, it just puts a smile on my face. A city beautifully transformed overnight, by people who were dedicated and committed to giving the very best for Camporama 2009! To all the advanced party team, this one's for you!

Who could forget this moment...when President Roosevelt (Hans) gave his inspiring speech to the Americans, signalling their intent to put an end to the war, being surrounded by photographers and reporters. Soo so cute!

China City Archway! Its been great fun having the Chinese people in Camporama 2009! Great sportsmanship and friendship displayed throughout the camp. God bless all of you, KL#1! Intercity guys deserve it! :)

Here's Cmdr. Kenny going back to his roots and trying his luck with the chinese top! Not too bad, I reckon. Looking at this pic, seems like he's on a good start!

Everyone loves the water sports! Just look at Kelly's expression and you'll definitely agree with me! Haha....Su Vien was pretending to paddle hard for the cameras. :)

And yes, everyone remembers our beloved Sumo twins! Throughout the camp, the Sumo boys/girls have been a mascot for Japan City, and a real crowd-puller. Just getting yourself into the suit and having a fight with your mates, or watching your friend bump around in it puts a smile to your day! Thumbs up, Japan! 'favourite' station...the Sushi Palace. Beautiful, elegant, and serene...everything seems so perfect until they forced me to pop down a sushi filled with wasabi! Haha. Naturally, not a very manly sight for me after that...:)

The night rallies were awesome! Its simply amazing to see how God moves in the heart of His people. It was a very special moment seeing the leaders praying for their rangers, and the rangers in return praying for their commanders. Our prayer is that this ministry will continue to raise up leaders for the next generation!

India City...bright and colourful as ever! Here's Su Vien keeping in touch with her Indian side and having fun with the hanna drawings. Looking at this pic suddenly made me hungry for some banana leaf rice. Anyone wanna join me?

Another mascot for Camporama 2009...the infamous Australian Kangaroo (which looks like a dog)! Who could forget the moment when the poor creature had to be retired during the morning parade due to lack of oxygen...:)

Australia City in all its splendour! Champions - Best Archway Competition. Awesome stuff, guys...definitely one of the most photographed scenes in camp!

Awww...isn't that a lovely sight? The cheetah-boy sleeping next to the tiger. Haha! For me, this was personally one of the most memorable moments during camp.

The entire Sel #6 family got together in a circle to pray for one another and for the group! There is power in prayer...and power in unity. Remember to always stick as ONE.
Cmdr Ben Yee leading out his evil pack of friends during the play titled 'The Champion'.

The redeemed standing victorious and free! This is like a scene from World Cup. :)

When we worshipped, we gave our best for the Lord. With hands lifted up and hearts pouring out praises and worship to Jesus, giving all glory to God for the victory He won. God moved powerfully, and I hope you were blessed.

Daniel the Guitarman...all smiles and its always a good sight to see God's people beaming with joy! Cekap la bro...:)

The ever-famous character in camp...Singh is King! Everytime I say those words...I get images of his face looking at me menacingly when I sleep! Haha...and do check out his moustache. Classic stuff, wei...makes me wanna get my own set!

Jai Ho! India City 2009...they definitely got us movin' and pumping to the music!

Folding of the Camporama flag and handing it over to Camp Commander. One thing's for sure...You can look forward to Camporama 2013 with much anticipation and excitement! :)

Take a bow, bro. Here's Japan City Mayor - Andy San. The man that held the ship together for Sel #6! Well done, chief...

National Commander, Pastor Gideon Lee handing out the City Synergy Champions trophy to Japan Mayor at the closing ceremony of the camp! This one's specially for all of you citizens of Japan for making it possible...thank you for your support and unending screaming and shouting! Haha...

And finally...Japan City group pic! For the hi-res version of this pic, just click on it and save the image that appears. Many thanks to Cmdr. Kenny for this lovely group shot!

Alright...I'm almost done here. Its been a hectic 3 weeks for me. Took a short vacation to give myself a breather from the busy-ness of life. A week later, we were all at church camp 2009 in Awana, and it was absolutely fun and refreshing being with God and His people. And yes, here we are...Merdeka weekend! Main item on the list - Rest & Relax!

All the best to the 12 brave rangers who will be undergoing their Sel #6 Best Ranger testing in less than 4 hours time! You'll be sure to receive updates and news concerning this stressful and fun activity! Let's hope they all come out of it unscathed and alive! Haha...all the best, rangers! And yes...try not to drive the leaders mad. :)

God bless and do get some much needed rest over the weekend k? See ya all in RR meeting this Sunday. Adios...

Carpe Noctum.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiration Wednesday!

Today is Inspiration Wednesday. Its time to be INSPIRED!

Keep me away from the wisdom
Which does not cry,
The philosophy which does not laugh
And the greatness
That does not bow before children...

Every great person started small...

God bless and stay tuned for more comin' your way ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lights Will Guide You Home...

Buona Serra rangers and friends!

Yes...its a beautiful night indeed! Bright lights, glittering skies, shooting stars...The time is now 2.09am, and here I am...chillin' and it definitely is an auspicious day to blog about the latest happenings around the world of Klang. For those of you that are gungho enough to stay up and catch the Perseid meteor shower happening in the early hours of Thurs morn, all the best to you! Its funny how the word 'Meteor' sounds so cool...but when you translate it to BM, its actually 'Tahi Bintang'...

And so...being the astronomy enthusiast and the astronaut-wannabe that I am, I decided to go out of my home to see if I could catch a glimpse of the star cr@p falling out of the sky...and yes, I did feel something fall gently on my face...yup, it was the rain. :) The sky seems to glow with a bright orange shade, and clouds fill the I guess its a no-show for the meteorites tonight. No worries friends...when one star fails to show up, another 'star' appears - Elvis Presley. Absolute delight! Who wants the CD? :)

Oh well...tonight its all about STARS! And yes...over the past couple of days, we've had a bunch of friends who celebrated their special day! Yesss...a big shoutout of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all 3 of 'em who grew yet another year older and wiser. From all of us here in RR Sel #6, the Blog Team and Elvis Presley....we'd like to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday! And oh...a point to note - there was actually some sort of fireworks display tonight that started while we were in Prayer Meeting. Not sure if these 3 ladies had something to do with it....hmmm...

First up, we have the smallest of the 3 stars, typically known as a 'red dwarf star' - Michelle Lee! Young, small...but highly resourceful and determined! I smell a GMA coming, friends...:) Happy birthday, yea!

As Beyonce would say, "To the the Left!" And to our next bright star, we have Cmdr. Phaik Joo (and her sidekick, Cmdr Amy Tan!) Yes, its been a fantastic ride for you so far, and we're glad you made it to being 19 years old! God bless...quickly go wish upon a shooting star, and hopefully you'll be able to catch some tahi bintang...!

And finally...we have the red giant star, who's luminosity is between 10 and 1,000 times that of the Sun, Happy birthday to Ms. Tan Su Ann!! Interesting fact...her initials are S.A.Tan...haha! How cool :)

Alright friends...enough of stars for one night. I'm already beginning to see stars and my vision is blurring. Its time for me to hit the sacks. The Elvis factor is really kickin' in..."Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again...tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight."

Reminder - RR Meeting this Sunday at 1.30pm at your various meeting rooms! For those of you who'd like to know more what RR is all about, do come and join us k? This ministry is open to ALL! God bless and see ya all soon enough!

The King is alive. Goodnight friends..."Elvis has left the building!"

p/s: Shaun, did the sheep and the cow find its way here? :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

And He sent the rain...

Dear Rangers and friends...

Its a beautiful Wednesday night at home. I just got back from home after spending the night in our Wednesday Prayer Meeting, together with our fellow church members and RR commanders. Its amazing to see what God is doing in our lives and in our church. If you dont already know it in your heart, God is definitely doin' something amazing in our midst. Just wait for it, friends...a fresh new wave of God's anointing and power is near! Believe it, and keep on praying!

Just thought I'd share with you something that really tugged at my heart. Somebody asked us tonight, "Young people, do you REALLY know God in your hearts? You THINK you do... but do you really KNOW who God is or experienced Him in your lives?" This got me thinking. And I had to think and dig deep inside to find the answer. All my life, I've known this person called Jesus. I know He's God. I know He's good. I know He loves me. I've seen Him do amazing things in the life of my parents and my grandmother...but what about me? I began to search deeper, I looked back at my life in a glance, I thought of those moments and incidences...and I know and glad to say that God is indeed real in my life...

But it doesn't stop there! Realization is one thing. Longing and yearning for more is a whole separate issue. Do you long to be in His presence? Because it is said in God's word...that in His presence, there is fulness of joy. Do you seek and long for His presence? Because it is said in His word that those who seek Him, shall find Him.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question, "Do you really know who Jesus is? Do you really know Him to be true in YOUR life?" I pray that even as you search for answers, that you will find Jesus to be so real in your life.

Even as I was thinking of what to type tonight, a friend gave me a youtube link to click on. And so, I did. When I saw the title, I told my friend that I have seen this video many times before. But interestingly, when I watched the video again...somehow God just began to speak to me. For all the times I've watched this before, I took away nothing from it. But tonight I believe God showed me something...and if you have the time, take some time to be alone by yourself, and when its quiet and peaceful at night, do watch this video and allow God to speak to you. Thanks to Julian for sharing this with me tonight. God bless!

My name is Eliot, and this is my story...

Dear are already a miracle to us.
Dear Eliot...its great to have you home.
Dear Eliot...we've loved how to best take care of you. We love it!
Dear you turned 1 month old. I didn't know if I'd ever get to say that.
Dear continue to find new ways to steal our hearts.
Dear Eliot...I've never seen your mum more happy. The joy she felt getting to show off her son couldn't be described with words.
Dear Eliot...the logic of medicine says you shouldn't be alive. But you are.
Dear Eliot...have I told you lately that we're so proud of you.
Dear you went to be with Jesus...
God found great pleasure to take a lowly thing in the eyes of the world, and show truth...