Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Sunday, February 24, 2008

From Milan, with love...and pizzas!

Hey friends...

Wow...what an amazing week its been! Plenty of ups and downs for me personally, but hey, what else can I say except...God has been good. Gosh...I missed you guys back home so so much! Being away from you guys and girls is like having cereals without milk! Things just ain't the same without you ppl...

Well, I can see that the chatbox is alive and well, eh? People having a crush on Tessa (now that she's left Malaysia, finally want to admit...), suddenly Nandei and Yinadei brought India to RR blog, questions about Micah...well, if you want to know who he is, perhaps one day I'll share with you his amazing story of love, courage and sacrifice.

Anyway, I'm still not back yet, but its great to be able to connect with you guys over the blog and share with you something that God has placed in my heart this day. Sometimes He speaks through us through His Word, many times through people we meet, ocassionally during the silence and stillness of the night, and for some, He speaks to us through songs of worship.

Even as I was travelling in a train today, there were so many things going through my heart and in my mind. Some things which I will never know the answer to...For many days, things seemed so silent and distant. Far, far away from everything that meant to me. And even as I spent my time just listening to songs of worship, it was then that God finally broke His silence...and even as this song played over and over again, God just began to speak to me so clearly. At this point, I realized that my questions didn't really matter anymore. I finally found the answer that I've been looking for all these while...

My prayer is that in your times of struggle, you too will find peace and comfort in Him and be encouraged, knowing that our God is never more than a prayer away, and will always be with us...never forsaking us!

God bless and have a awesome and amazing week ahead! Looking forward to my return...the return of The Boss! Haha...

Hillsong United - None But Jesus

In the quiet, in the stillness
I know that You are God
In the secret of Your presence
I know there I am restored

When You call I won’t refuse
Each new day again I’ll choose

There is no one else for me
None but Jesus
Crucified to set me free
Now I live to bring Him praise

In the chaos, in confusion
I know You’re Sovereign still
In the moment of my weakness
You give me grace to do Your will

When You call I won’t delay
This my song through all my days

All my delight is in You Lord
All of my hope, all of my strength
All my delight is in You Lord

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beyond The Sunset...

~* In loving memory *~

Micah Chan Ka Yan
Born: 11th Feb 1982
Died: 17th April 1999
Age: 17

"Greater love hath no man than this...
That a man lay down his life for his friends..."
John 15:13

*~ With Hope ~*
This is not at all how
We thought it was supposed to be
We had so many plans for you
We had so many dreams
And now you've gone away
And left us with the memories of your smile
And nothing we can say
And nothing we can do
Can take away the pain
The pain of losing you, but ...

We can cry with hope
We can say goodbye with hope
'Cause we know our goodbye is not the end
And we can grieve with hope
'Cause we believe with hope
There's a place where we'll see your face again
We'll see your face again

And never have I known
Anything so hard to understand
And never have I questioned more
The wisdom of God's plan
But through the cloud of tears
I see the Father's smile and say well done
And I imagine you
Where you wanted most to be
Seeing all your dreams come true
'Cause now you're home
And now you're free...

Friday, February 08, 2008

2008 Chinese New Year - RATS!!!

Having a lonely Chinese New Year so far? Feeling left out? No friends to play illegal fireworks with? Thinking that you're all alone out there in the universe? Fear not...with more than 1 billion Chinese people in this world, together with one voice. we'd like to wish each of you out there a very Happy Chinese New Year!!! Trust me...with a population of that much, there's not much places in this world where you can hide without bumping into a Chinese dude...hehe!

And so, on exactly 12am, midnight of 7th Feb 2008, the 1/6th of the world celebrated the Lunar new year...and interestingly, the most celebrated animal award for the year 2008 goes to none other than our household RATS!! Yeap...we're the only race in the world that celebrates the year of the rat! How amazing...:)

Interestingly enough, as I was doing some light research on Rats...I found out some cheesy facts about rats, that I feel I must share with each of do enjoy the article below for your light reading entertainment. Please take note that the RR blog team does not necessarily share the views or agree entirely with the points stated in the article...:) Read on and have a good laugh! You just might go "Hey, that's sooooooooo me...."


- Being the first sign of the Chinese zodiacs, rats are leaders, pioneers and conquerors.
- They are charming, passionate, charismatic, practical and hardworking.
- Rat people are endowed with great leadership skills and are the most highly organized, meticulous, and systematic of the twelve signs.
- Intelligent and cunning at the same time, rats are highly ambitious and strong-willed people who are keen and unapologetic promoters of their own agendas, which often include money and power.
- They are energetic and versatile and can usually find their way around obstacles, and adapt to various environments easily.
- A rat's natural charm and sharp demeanor make it an appealing friend for almost anyone, but rats are usually highly exclusive and selective when choosing friends and so often have only a few very close friends whom they trust.
And so, if you're born in the year 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008...yeap, this is YOUR year! And hey, while doin some research on Cartoon Network, I also found out that Rats have the most number of celebrity animals, that has made it to the big screens and also to the comfort of our living rooms...strange but true! Do let me know if I've missed out on any...

Who could forget this two cheesy characters? The stuff that every child's Disneyland fantasy are made of! Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!! They definitely made it big time this CNY...appearing in almost every TV show, music videos, mms, sms, etc etc etc...they've even got a couple of songs written based on Mickey...

Up next, we have every 80's baby's childhood hero...Jerry!!! Voted as one of the most violent cartoons of the 20th century (losing out to Popeye!), in my opinion...this is one of the most entertaining and fairly-contested cartoon series ever! Basically, Tom & Jerry have got this love-hate relationship goin on for years...and both sides will usually get their fair share of the beatings week in and out. Jerry will always be one of the most loved characters in the long line of Warner Bros cartoon productions...

Taking you a lil' further back in time...remember him?? It's MIGHTY MOUSE!! The only mouse that is able to fly and wears an underwear...that's amazing enough! He's the animal kingdom's reply to human being's Superman...the yellow outfit is definitely a winner!

Who could forget these 3 characters?? The 3 blind mice...yes, still blind even to this day. After a long period of absence and when the very memory of them is fading away into oblivion, they made a strong comeback to the big screens, thanks to Wayne Rooney's Shrek! As cuddly as ever (not forgetting plain dumb), their famous chorus will remain a children's favourite for a long long time...

Up next, we have the latest celebrity chef rat to make it into Hollywood...presenting you, Monsiur Rattatoui! To be honest, I didn't watch the movie...therefore, I have no idea what's it all about. But based on some pics over the net, I can assume that he's a rat that likes to cook. A french rat, I'm let me know if any of you have the DVD. Perhaps we could screen this one day to hype you guys up for the next Cookarama! :)

Ladies and gentlemen...the next mouse that you're about to see is legendary. Forget all the predecessors....this is the REAL thing. The only mouse to REALLY make it big in the 20th and 21st Century! In my opinion, the year of the Rat/Mouse should be dedicated to this very very special mouse...a mouse that has lit our imaginations, taken us to places where we can only dream of seeing, given us the flexibility and ease to find our way around, played a special part in helping us finish our computer games, and most of all...has become our best friend, a necessity, in the modern world we live in...

Presenting you...the mouse of the year!

Hooray! Clap clap...3 cheers for the computer mouse! Hip Hip..Hooray! Hip hip..Hooray! Hip hip...hooray! Bet you're goin.."What in the world is wrong with the Boss???" Too much oranges, cookies, tarts, and coke...that's why.

And so friends, may all your wishes and dreams come true this year even as we look forward to another fantastic year ahead! And may the rat inside each one of you come alive and grow well in this festive season...collect loads of angpau$, eat lots of food, and grow well and fat this year, yea? We're counting on you....

And may you also have better luck than this...

And oh...before I leave, I must share this with you. While visiting some relatives, I was watching a program on our local tv...some CNY production. There were these 2 chinese guys from M'sia who went to China for the filming of the show, and during their trip, they came across this shopping mall in China. While visiting the BOSS outlet, the camera caught my attention when they focused on a certain BOSS product...check it out! Did you guys see it too??? :)

Now isn't that fashion statement or wat??? BOSS BABI...hahahahahaha. I bet that would make a lovely gift for your superiors...

Have a blessed Chinese New Year, friends and rangers! God bless

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Special Tribute To The Birthday Babies - Jan 2008!

Well friends...its been such an amazing month for me, that I almost forgot about you guys over here in the blog! So hey, I'm guessing its about time for a new blog post and to get things going...Looking ahead into Feb, CNY's coming pretty soon eh? time for the year to stock up the $$$ and to dress-up looking like a prosperity angpau or perhaps even try looking like a lion/dragon, or the dude that wears this pot on his head and plays with the fan, dancing around with the lion dance troop...

Looking back at the month of January...hmm, its been one real emotional roller-coaster for some of us. Friends coming home...friends leaving us...but hey, I'm trusting God for another fantastic month ahead for all of us! Like I mentioned before, its been a refreshing start of the year for all of us, and let's keep the momentum goin and continue to arise and shine for Him in 2008!

Today's post is specially dedicated to our special bunch of whammy-bammy, guitar-rocking, head-bangin', whacko-jacko January babies! From all of us in Selangor #6, we'd like to take this opportunity to officially wish each of you a very Happy Belated Birthday! Better late than never, I reckon...:) And so, enjoy watching your faces appear in this post...and we hope that each of you had a good birthday back then in Jan 2008....haha!

Cmdr. Simon Kong - 7th Jan!
A natural jungleboy, outdoor-loving ranger boy who has risen to the occassion and has now taken the next step to be a commander, always wanting to serve in His kingdom and be a blessing to the rangers under his care. Many will look up to you in the coming years, bro. Continue to lead them in His footsteps...God bless, S-Kong!

Cmdr. Cheryl Lim - 9th Jan!
Another one of my favourite and interesting friend that I have...Hmm, this lady never fails to make you smile, especially with her contagious and downright crazy way of laughing...and not forgetting her occassional good jokes (most of the time she tends to tell you lame jokes, but we still laugh anyway to encourage her). Want some free stuff from Seed? Now's the time...:)

Cmdr. Benjamin Yee - 18th Jan!
Here's another dude, born and custom-made for the outdoors! Given the choice, he'd rather sleep in a tent outside his own house and shower in the rain! Not your typical everyday Joe...but rather a man craving for the outdoor adventures and always looking for the next chicken to slaughter, next mountain to conquer, next rock to climb...stay close people, we've got our own Spielberg in the making! Keep up the good work, bro! Looking out for your very own full-length movie....

Cmdr. Collin Chin - 22nd Jan!
Woohooo! The biggest 1982 baby in my generation ever!! He's been eating ever since birth, and has never stopped since. He's been my close buddy, a faithful friend, and truly someone you can count on in times of need. The most natural comedian and drama-king in Klang, its been an amazing load of fun ever since he made his way over from Labuan to the glorious shores of Klang! Never fails to impress and has a natural talent in bringing out the rainbow in your on a gloomy day. Truly, a friend that sticks closer than a brother...stay gorgeously-puffed, bro! :)

Cmdr. Andrew Yew - 28th Jan!
Ah hah! Another one that came through the ranks...from a ranger to being a full-fledged commander in the making! Faithfulness is his main attribute worthy of mention and much sought after these days. Always willing to serve and looking forward to greater challenges ahead...God bless in all you do, bro!

Cmdr. Vincent Chin - 29th Jan!
My Aussie mate! From Kapar to Melbourne...the legend lives on! Our very own GMA holder, faithful and close buddy since our time back then in Children's Church...its been almost 6 years now ever since the day he left for Australia. Has no direct relationship to Collin Chin or Botak Chin...he's a man ready to write his own legend and walk the path prepared for him. A true ranger-man, has always loved this ministry and will always be a part of RR no matter which part of the world he's at. We're still waiting for your return, bro...:) Good to see you in a uniform after many many donkey years!

Cmdr. Kevin Chin - 1st Feb!
Hey hey...since we're in the birthday celebration mode, I thought I'd throw in a special bonus for you all...yeap, we're moving in to February! And to kickstart things, here's Cmdr. Kevin Chin...the 1st baby in Feb! Our Best Ranger for the year 2006, he's carried himself well throughout the years and is looking good for many, many more years to come. Aims to do well and excel in everything he does, just like his brothers...*pressure wei* Had a little not-so-surprise party for him last night, and we hope you had a great time celebrating your 18th bday! God bless...

Tribute to my weird sheepman from Kiwi land...Keith Tan! Nope...its not his bday, nothing really special about the day either...just thought I'd post this pic of him, since he's got that 'I'm weird' look about him! Thanks for the chocs, bro. Anytime you need a ride, you give me a call. I'll tell you which bus to get on...:)

Ok la kawan-kawan sekalian...its time for me to zzzz. Gotta be in church pretty soon, another day of coming together and worshipping in His house! Once again, Happy Birthday to all our Jan-baby commanders, and we look forward to see how big you'll continue to grow throughout the year! I'm outta' here.....weeeha! Zzzzz....