Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Monday, June 30, 2008

All Hail The Champs!!

Well, finally...the madness of Euro 2008 comes to an end! Man, imagine Champion 's League match every night! Haha...well, good to know that life and sleeping patterns will resume to normal after this. And yes...ladies, you can have your men back after this. Their souls no longer belong to the evil masters known as Football (for now, at least...). Wait till the EPL resumes...haha!

Well, here's some cool pics of the only goal of the match, scored by El Nino, Fernando Torres...gotta' admit, this boy has got lightning quick feet and outpaced Tony Lam's bro, Phillip Lahm to score an absolutely brilliant goal! Enjoy, friends...

Specially dedicated to my Spanish brothers...

Here's Torres as he burst forward and ran past the defense, and with Lehmann charing out like a bull, Torres had that extra yard of pace to delightfully chip the ball over Lehmann...a goal that was superbly taken!

And there is goes...the ball gracefully rolls to the bottom corner of the goal post. Couldn't have been executed any better! Being amongst the crowd in Vienna, I can literally hear them saying 'Ronaldo...who???' I say...send R7 to the Madrid Circus! Torres is the gem...

Torres races off with his traditional goal celebration...although I certainly feel that he needs to come up with a more gaya goal-scoring act...

All hail the shorty Casillas! Of all the players, how in the world did he end up being Captain?? Anyway, its been a superb tournament for him personally...

Dont ever do this a 69 year old coach...unless of course you dont intend on making him the next national team coach again! Poor it is, he looked as if he's about to collapse or have a cardiac arrest during the game...and this is what they do to him in the end! Haha...

Ok kids...time for me to get back to work. Woke up late this morning thanks to the Finals. But it was a match worth watching! Tribute to Germany for putting up a fight and providing us with many memorable moments during the tourney. Quoting the words of the English commentator..."The Germans dont like losing, and they are not used to losing!" But quite the opposite can be said about the English team! Haha...they're USED to losing, and DON'T MIND losing, I reckon...:)>br>

Cheers! Time to catch the red bull...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RR First Aid - CPR Course!

Hey rangers,

Please take note of the upcoming RR event happening this Saturday and sign up fast! Limited places me, you dont want to miss out on this golden opportunity to learn about what needs to be done during an emergency. Your quick thinking and actions could save a life...

RR Selangor #6 First Aid - CPR Course
Date: 28 June 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm
Venue: MPH2 @ Glad Tidings Assembly Klang
Fee: RM5 per person
Instructor: Pas. Mike Kunaseelan (from Selangor #1)

This course is open to all commanders, E-rangers and church members who are interested. Please take note that this course will cover both the theory and the practical demonstration of CPR. There will also be a testing at the end of the course in order for you to be certified.

E-Rangers, please take note that if you pass this testing, you will qualify to earn the First Aid - CPR Gold Merit, that is required to earn the GMA. Dont miss out on this chance! Let's all earn this award beramai-ramai!

For more information/to sign up, please contact Cmdr. Reuben at 016-2150186...pls try to call before 12 midnight, ok?

God bless! life!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RR Sel #6 Photo Album!

Hey rangers...hey friends!!

I'm pretty sure you guys are having a fun week so far eh? Let's continue to make it even better yea? Have you done your part? Have you blessed someone lately? Well, if you haven' looks like a good day to start doin it! And oh...just for the record, today is the first time that I took the train to work...starting to feel the pinch of the fuel hike. Always very depressing to go to the petrol station to fill up the tank...haih. Anyway, taking the train seems like a very logical solution, dont you agree Kenny/Alison?? Haha...yellow caterpillar!

Just to let you know...the RR Sel #6 blog team has come up with an initiative to provide you with all the photos of our RR events over the past 3-4 years. Loads of memories, loads of good times shared together...If I were you, just go check it out and grab as much as you can! Here's the list of the photo albums that we have uploaded so far:

- E-Rangers Bowling Outing - Sunway Pyramid 2008
- Sarawak Mission Trip 2007
- RR Selangor #6 - Down Memory Lane... (this collection is priceless!)
- E-Rangers Christmas Lunch 2005
- E-Rangers Gua Tempurung Expedition 2005
- Church Camp 2008, Taiping
- RR Selangor #6 20th Anniversary Celebration 2007
- Sawarak Mission Trip 2006
- Selangor #6 Leaders Retreat - Raub 2005
- Adventure Boys Campout - 2005
- E-Rangers Paintball Shootout 2007
- E-Rangers Rock Climbing 2007
- RR National Leader's Conference 2006
- Sel #6 Ranger Kids Day Camp 2008
- RR Selangor #6 18th Anniversary - 2005
- RR Selangor #6 2006 - Homecoming
- RR Selangor #6 2008 - Homecoming
- Selangor #6 Campfire Night 2006 - Sarong Party
- Sel #6 Cookarama 2007
- RR Sel #6 Council of Achievement 2007
- RR Sel #6 Council of Achievement 2008
- E-Rangers Cycling Trip - Bukit Cahaya 2006
- RR Sel #6 vs Sel #7 - Futsal friendly 2007
- E-Rangers Hoop Play-Off Tournament 2007
- RR International Fellowship - 2008
- Sel #6 Best Ranger Testing 2007
- Sel #6 Outing - FRIM 2005
- GTAK Prayer Month - RR March-in 2007
- Camporama 2004
- RR Central District Pow-Wow 2006
- E-Rangers Adventure Camp 2007
- E-Rangers Bukit Cahaya Outing - 2008
- E-Rangers Outing - Melaka 2007
- E-Rangers Survival Camp 2005
- E-Rangers Survival Camp 2008

Many many thanks to all our contributing photographers, friend of Royal Rangers, and commanders who have worked hard to give you the best shots and make the memories last...And so, to view the collection, all you gotta do is to click on the link on the right hand side of this webpage. Click on the image below the words 'RR Selangor #6 Photo Gallery'. It'll lead you straight to the photo albums....have fun exploring, friends!

Should you have any enquiries, you can email us directly at!

Have a blessed day....stay alive!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day 2008!

Dear Dad,

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a 'Dad'...
'Dad' is not just someone you are...Its something you do from your heart.
And in this adventure of a lifetime, we call being a family
I couldn't feel prouder or luckier...that you're mine!

Through all the changes life and love has brought us, one thing remains the same...

You mean the world to me!

Happy Father's Day!

Enjoy this special dedication video, friends...courtesy of RR Sel #6 and Bluejay production...

With love,
RR Selangor #6

A night of pins and balls...

Hello friends...

This is me, The Boss reporting to you live from the Sick Bay...been feelin' under the weather lately. Caught the summer bug...bad flu and all...anyway, its still my joy and delight to bring you the next post...specially dedicated to all the E-rangers and friends who joined us for a wonderful of BOWLING at Pyramid Bowl last Saturday! Totally fun time just being together, cheering on each other, jeering and insulting at the same time, its like Anfield and Old Trafford all in one!

Anyway, rule of the day: HAVE FUN! What were we playing for? Pride! Basically, there were 4 teams on that day and we had 2 mini competitions going on simultaneously...

E-Rangers Commanders vs Non-E-Rangers Cmdrs & Friends

Iceberg Patrol vs Hairy Ang Mo Tan Patrol


So ladies and gentlemen...Aim, Bowl, STRIKEEEE!!!

Here's Simon saying his prayers before gobbling up his dinner...oh, and I must say...the beef burgers at Wendy's are to DIE FOR!! Its really good...thumbs up!

Su Vien on a cost-cutting diet these seen eating chilli sauce for dinner and talking to her lover....

Cmdr. Reuben and Ben 'Shalin Zulkifli' Yee during dinner...this fella can really bowl wei...

Ahhh...our ladies for the night: Lee Yee, Sheila, SV and Grace...

Cmdr. William in agony...poor dude had a sprained ankle and suffered all night long trying to bowl!

Ingky pingky pongky...father bought a donkey...donkey die, father cry...ingky pingky pongky!

See laa...this is what happens when you trust your friends to do something like key in your name into the system...where is the love la, ppl!?

Here's Cmdr. Zhi Fung getting himself ready for the shot-put competition...just look at Cmdr. Kenny in the background playing around!

Men and balls...dont know why, but they always get so fascinated with round objects!

Here's Cmdr. Reuben membuka tirai with the first bowl of the far so good. He's got the moves and look of a bowler...

And off he goes...ball is released...and guess what happens?

And its a 5!! How pathetic??? That's what I call a bad start to the night...should just stick to futsal la...

Here's Cmdr. Kenny bowling in light speed...absolutely love this shot! Looks like he's travelling at 100 mph...but its more like 2 mph! If not mistaken, Cmdr. Kenny has a very strong affection for the longkang...:)

Cmdr. Zhi Fung in of the better players around, I reckon. Tried all night to get the spin ball, but still couldn't hit it right. No worries day we shall succeed!

Sherlyn, Mel and Mich...had a very entertaining time seeing the way they 'threw' the ball...:)

Cmdr. Zhi Fung with Dan Raj, looking on from the stands...oh btw, today is Daniel Raj's birthday...and he's currently into pictionary. He actually abandoned the guys to go play Pictionary...*sad*

Here's Su Vien looking weird with that face of hers...thank God for least she made this pic look much nicer! Hahahaaa....

Hi! My name is Lee Yee...form 5 this year, and ready to rumble! Bring it ON!

"Jack, I'll never let go...come fly away with me..."

How appropriate...have you asked yourself this question lately..."Got CHRIST?" If your answer is NO, you come see me...I've got the solution for you!

Half-group pic of the bowlers for the night...we had an absolutely fun time together as one big age group!

Ah hah! Finally we get to see the rest of them! Here's some of the members of Iceberg patrol looking steady and cool...

If only we had one big nice bowling ball to knock down all these pins...haha! Thanks for a wonderful time together, boys and girls! Looking forward to the next outing together....keep a lookout for the paintball shootout and kayaking trip! Fun fun fun!!

All in all, it was a night for many longkang shots, many almost-kena shots, strikeouts, goal posts shots, OLE shots, reverse shots too...wanna know whats a reverse shot? Ask Lup Yan...just as he was about to release the ball, when he swung his hand backwards, the ball accidently slipped from his hands and rolled back to those sitting behind...:) Btw, I wont reveal the actual score...some things are better left forgotten...haha! But needless to say, the Non-ER cmdrs & friends won quite comfortably this time around. That's're not invited anymore! hahaa...make us look bad only! :) Just to let you know, we'll be posting up the entire photos soon. Keep a lookout for a special photo treat for all of you!

Ok mates...that's all for now! Its now 12.37am...Happy Father's Day to all our beloved dads and fathers-to-be! Remember friends...all we have is this one life and one earthly father. Make the best of the time we have, cherish the moments, and never forget to show our appreciation for all that our dad has done. God bless!

Will post up the special Father's Day video in the upcoming Father's Day post...

That's a wrap, friends. Good night and God bless...heal the world, make it a better place!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ISCF Rally 2008 - Legacy...

Hey guys and girls...

Its closer than ever before...keep a lookout for it! And of course...pls help spread the word around! Let's come together and make a difference in this town of Klang! Its time to shine His light and to show people that Jesus IS THE ANSWER!

ISCF Rally 2008 10th Anniversary
*~ LEGACY ~*
12 July 2008
Pamdamaran Sports Complex, Klang

Many thanks to Cmdr. Ben Yee for this awesome promo video....God bless, friends!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Baby Day!

It is indeed a happy day today! A truly auspicious one, I would say...

We've got a double celebration happening today!!! Yeap, we've got not one, but TWO BABIES that share the same birthday, 10th June!! If you're planning on buying 4D, the number to buy is 1006...And as a family of E-rangers, we'd like to take this opportunity to give them a reason to be happy this day....

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of all ages, and creature of Narnia...please join me as we sing along the birthday song together for Mr. Jarrod Phuan and Ms. Kelly Yap!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Kelly and Jarrod

Here's a special post for the two of you...

Here's Jarrod...form 5 this year.
Aspiring to be the next white 'Michael Jordan'...

The name Jarrod is a baby boy name. The name Jarrod comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Jarrod is: Spear strong.

And here's Ms. Kelly Yap! Her ambition: to be a photographer, pilot, missionary and many many more...but we all know what she really wants to be...a SINGER! :). Here's some interesting facts about her name...

Gender: Masculine & Feminine
Usage: Irish, English
Pronounced: KEL-ee
It could be related to the first name CEALLACH or the surname derived from it Ó Ceallaigh.
Meaning: War, Lively, Aggresive...

Kelly, you're da BOMB! :)
Jarrod, you're da BALL!

Have a fantastic day ahead...dont forget to make a wish before blowing out your candles, and may all your dreams come true! God bless!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Church Camp 2008! The Glorious Ending...

Hello friends and rangers!

Its definitely good to be back in RR after a good long break eh? Thoroughly enjoyed my hols (yes, working ppl do have holidays too ok?) in church camp, bowling with my E-rangers and just having a blast of a time doing absolutely nothing and everything! Today is Monday...and I'm feeling like Garfield. Feeling kinda' lazy and my body seems to be aching all over...signs that I enjoyed the weekend eh? :) Hope you school kids had fun going back to SCHOOOOOOOL! I said, I'm glad that you guys are going back to school, cauz that gives you another day and another opportunity to live for Jesus, be an influence to those around you, and tell your friends about Him!

Anyway, I was thinking of giving you guys 2-3 more posts specially about Church Camp...but tonight I feel charitable. I'm gonna give it all to you in ONE post! How's that??? I'm actually staying back late in office to give you guys a good story...hopefully you'll enjoy it! I had a tough time picking the right pics for this piece...but I'm sure you'll love it and it really speaks of how much fun we had together as a church! Thanks to Dan and Sheila for the pics...good work, guys!

Here's Camp Commander OCP getting things started with an ice-breaker...where teams had to literally break a block of ice (gently). Tough one, for sure...

Awwww...isn't this angel simply adorable??? Joleen! Apparently, Jayson's photos at home has been replaced by hers...of course laaa! She's obviously the cuter one....:)

Cmdr. Gideon sharing during the morning devotion on he was walking along the greens, praying and meditating, and even as he crossed a little he looked down into the stream below, he saw 2 (male) tortoises biting each other, as if there were in a mini-quarrel. And so, being nature's guardian and keeper, Cmdr Gid decided to sort things out by 'rescuing' them from each other and taking them back to his room. How nice of him...:)

There you have it...the one that didn't get away! Apparently, they were too busy biting each other that they didn't even bother to notice him coming and eventually catching them. Lesson of the day: Dont get too caught up with all the minor fuss and issues in life that you completely ignore what's ahead of you, what's good for you and what's coming your way! God certainly speaks through mysterious ways...

Blessed Henry in action! Man...he certainly looks like he packs a punch! He's like a box-load of energy waiting to explodeeee!

Here's the kids in the children's class...together with some bigger Jarrod on the right!

The group leading praise and worship during the 2nd night session. Thank God for all the breakthroughs and healing upon those who responded and came to the altar.

Taa daa! Pas. Ian seen promoting one of his teaching CDs. Line of the day: I strongly encourage you to buy these cds...take them all please! I dont want to bring them back. And if you're not sure if you should get one, (he reaches out to his bible and takes out a picture of his lovely grand daughter) I'm sure you wouldn't want to see her go hungry, would you? Haha...class act, I'm telling you!

The masses of people who came forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

PJoo, Shie Yee and Sheilaaaaa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la....always a good reason to smile when you're far far away from college and WORK! :)

Pas. Peters praying for the youth leaders and Pas. Gid during the last morning service...

Here's Elena looking as cute as eva!

For many of us city-dwellers, many have not seen wild animals close up or even been to a zoo! Well, thank God for Church Camp in Taiping, cauz you not only get to experience God's touch, but you also get to see wild animals (that tend to look and behave like us at times!). Here are some characters that were overly excited on going to the zoo for family reunion and bonding session...Sheila, Amy, PJ and Zoe!

Hey's an animal that I have so much in common with! Its a zebra!

For those who dont know, this is an elephant. Write that down...

No, this is not an elephant that is missing its pipe in front...even though they have the same colour. This is a rhinocerous!

Oooo...this is one cool cat! The Black Panther!! Definitely one of my favourite...

And this funny looking animal is called a giraffe! Just look at that lovely skin-colour and pattern...dont you wish you had a coat of skin like that???

Now this dude is definitely lost...the poor camel is probably suffering due to the over-supply of water...

Hey hey...its Bambi! Looks like Disney's in town...

Kids simply will love the's Cmdr. Jeff and Anabel!

While most kids were out for a day at the zoo, the rest of the big boys and girls were in the pool for a time of water polo, and occassionally they played the game 'Monkey' with Lup Yan!! Most of the time, I guess...

And hey...after 3 solid days of meeting and worshipping God, it was time for everyone to have a well-deserved night of pure fun, laughter and hillarious moments! Last night of the camp...FUN TIME! We got the night started by doing some simple action songs to get the body movin'...every group were prepared to present a short skit during the fun time as part of the group competition. But to the surprise of many, what happened next completely caught them off guard...:)

Presenting you...Defense Council Tao Sar Pao, with his 2 bodyguards...XX and XY!

Defense Council Char Siew Pao, together with court guards YY and YX!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting you....JUSTICE PAO!!! He even has a cross on his forehead...even since he became was saved, gone were the days of the moon. And his face too...from black to white! Thanks to God's saving grace...haha!

Here you have it...the PAO COURT! Specially designed to punish those who intentionally/unintentionally broke the camp rules, thinking that no one would notice! Haha...too bad. Justice must be served!

The night started off with Tao Sar Pao presenting Justice Pao with the world's ugliest animal that was caught in Taiping. Many didn't believe and wanted to have a look at the animal, not fearing the fact that they might faint/black out when they look at the's the 1st victim, Uncle Larry! Man..they way he wiggled and fainted is classic! Haha...

But then, the best moment of the night came when Uncle Alex decided to have a try and look at the animal...and to our horror, the animal DIED when it saw Uncle Alex! Haha...I think we have a winner! And the best part of all is...the person underneath the blanket is his own son, Daniel Raj! :) Trust me, it couldn't have gone any better!

Here's group 10 presenting us with a dance and a song...pretty cool stuff coming from the aunties and uncles!, I'm telling you...everyone put on a good show and made us laugh till it hurts!

Introducing the judges for the night...Aunty Sally (Paula Abdul), Pas Ian (Randy Jackson) and Pas Lau (Simon Cowell)! Kinda looks like an AI audition eh?

Now tell me...aint this man cool or wat??? Hahaha....Pas. Ian laying down the groundrules...:)

I like this group...cauz they best portrayed the meaning of the theme 'Arise! Shine!' we have Yii Ming showing us how to ARISE (look at the hair)...

And here's uncle Jeremy showing us how to SHINE (check out the forehead)!! They even brought a torchlight to shine on his head to give that extra shine! Man...what a killer! These uncles and aunties were soooo sporting that it made us look bad at times! :)

Ah hah! Here's the 1st case of the night...the Lee brothers were brought forward to face Justice Pao for an offence...well, it wasn't exactly their fault. You see, Cmdr. Gideon was charged and found guilty of illegally taking 2 male tortoises from their natural habitat. He was charged for letting them walk freely in his bathroom too...and so, since Pas. G wasn't around that night, it was only FAIR that we punished his brothers and cousin Ivan (who just couldn't stop talking...and that got him in trouble!). Haha....well, everyone had a good laugh about it! Blood is thicker than water, eh?

Here's the next group presenting their skit...Uncle Kelvin, together with Amos, Kok Foong and Peter! I believe they were immitating Pas Ian and his friend when he was about 13 years old...:)

Oh man...these boys were in hot soup, that's for sure. 2 charges during this camp...No.1, for illegal property trading at ungodly hours (playing monopoly till about 4am)! No. 2, disrupting public peace and depriving Justice Pao and Tao Sar Pao of a good night's sleep (because they were playing next door to our room)! Bad bad mistake...guilty ones: David Yap, Benson Lee, Bryan Lau, Daniel Raj, Darren Kok, and Jarrod Phuan!

We tied them up as one nice big bundle of wood, and firstly, we asked their parents if they wanted to post bail to free their child. Interestingly, all their parents played along and 'disowned' them publicly...leaving their fate to the court to decide the suitable punishment. And so, we auctioned them off to the crowd as slaves...For a total of 6 young healthy boys, they managed to fetch RM36 during the sale. Now that's what I call a really cheap SALE! Haha...

Jackie was kind enough to post 'bail' for them...thank God for kind hearted souls like her. They got their freedom, for now...

The characters of Moody town...during their skit presentation...check out Uncle Cephas' facial expression! :)

I'm sure we all remember the Lingam video clip and judge-brokering case, right? Well, this time we had a surprise for one of our judges, Aunty Sally. And the charge was that she had 'fixed the judges for the night'...we even had the 'Sounds like me, looks like me, but I dont think its 100% me' home-made video clip to spice things up...haha

Here's Char Siew Pao running the case and bringing charges againts Aunty Sally...but then again, how could we punish our church board member, rite? the end, we framed one of our bodyguards, poor Jayson...we managed to turn the case around and gave him a good spanking for attempting to frame Aunty Sally and the judiciary panel...

Here's Jayson together with his 'friends', who were ever so willing to give him a good spanking with a plastic bottle...bro, time to find yourself new friends!

We even gave aunty Sally the honour to smack Jayson once...just like the good ol' days of spanking Tony at home! Haha...

Here's Kendrick being punished for not standing up in respect of Judge Justice Pao, and also for attacking us with his water gun in the evening...

Wei Chuan during his group's skit presentation...showing the people the way to God! :)

In the end of the night, the winners were presented with their prizes for a wonderful effort put in....2nd runners-up went to Uncle Adam's group! And hey...they got a huge comb of bananas for their effort! :)

Uncle Jeremy's team came in 1st runners-up and got themselves each a small pack of junkfood! Wei, dont complain about the prizes pay peanuts for the camp, you get monkey food! :) No budget for prizes...

The champions! Uncle KC and team...and they celebrated the night away with their 100% alcohol free bottles of sparkling juice and the plastic cups!

Well, just when they thought that PAO COURT was over....Pas. Ian decided to call upon the services of Justice Pao and the prosecuting team once again during the final day morning service. Haha...he wanted to bring those who acted out like him the night before and punish them for 'tarnishing' his good name...:)

And so, here are the culprits...Uncle Kelvin, Collin Tan, Mabel and Charlotte! Their punishment...all had to kowtow to Pas. Ian, ask for forgiveness and offer him a 'tea' as a sign of repentence. Mabs and Charlotte were punished further by being forced to sell his CDs and tapes after the service...haha!

And just before I leave you...allow me to share with you this beautiful shot taken in Taiping, near the lake. Have you even seen rain trees looking this beautiful and unique? Simply awesome....

Here's a special tribute to my 4 bodyguards and friends...who had to endure a stuffy night being dressed in their sampah bag costume. but I'm sure we all had fun, rite guys? Thanks a lot made the difference and set the tone for the night! God bless XX, XY, YY and YX!

GT Klang Family Camp 2008!

Its been an awesome camp for me, personally. Though physically drained and tired out, God never failed to remind me of His goodness, His mercies and His faithfulness. And to know that He'll calm the storms in our life and walk with us through fire...He will never let me go. God bless, friends...We had an awesome time as one big family in church camp this year. Even as we left this old town of Taiping, I'm sure we'll look back at this camp with fondness and with a smile...Refreshed, re-charged, and ready to take on the world once again! :)

Looking forward to many more times like these...and now its time for me to have my dinner!