Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Looking Ahead to March!

Welcome back, rangers and friends!

Its been a good week off for many of us, and now its time to hit the road running and get some work done eh? Back to school, back to college, back to work...its business as usual for all of us. Well, if you're wondering what's coming up for RR in the month of March '07, please scroll down for more info, according to the age group. God bless!

Age-group program features:

Ranger Kids will be completing the Elk Trail and the Wolverin Trail! Lots of interesting craftwork, bible stories and games in store for the kids, that's for sure!

For the Discovery Age group, the girls will be finishing up their Fire Craft Merit and will begin the Lashing Merit by the 2nd week of March. There will be lots of interesting knots to learn and gadgets to construct this coming month! Firecraft testing will also be conducted. More Orange Bible merits will also be covered this month.

Discovery Boys will continue with the God and Family program throughout the month of March. Its going to be an interesting month ahead with lots of assignments and fun activities as they go through this program.

For the Adventure Rangers, its non-stop fun and activities for these bunch of energy-packed rangers and leaders! Program feature for this coming month will be Brown Bible merits as well as the Compass Merit, where rangers will learn the history of compass navigation, identify parts of a compass, understand the principle behind compass navigation, learn to orientate and navigate a compass, and finally make their way across a trail using the compass. A treasure hunt activity will be done to conclude this merit! Awesome stuff coming your way, rangers!

For the E-Rangers, March promises to be a month of learning and excitement. We'll be wrapping up the Basketball Merit this coming Sunday, and we'll be starting a new Silver merits too. E-Rangers high-action sports day will be held on the 18th of March. Please take note! We'll also be covering 3 more Spirit Challenge lessons in March. And yes, something exciting is on its way! Keep a lookout for it...more info to follow.

See ya in March. God bless!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hello there my pink friends...

On behalf of the RR Blog team (chewahh...), we'd like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you rangers out there...


For those of your born in the year of the pig, extra blessings for you eh? More food, more sleep, more waddling in the mud, more snorting and grunting...yea, sounds like a good year ahead! :) As for the rest, let's look forward to a year of God's mighty move in our church and community, as well as a mighty outpouring of His Spirit and His blessings in our lives! This is OUR year...

So friends, even as we prepare ourselves for an indulgence of Malaysian-Chinese culture and cuisine, always remember to go slow with the food, stay away from anything that pops or explodes...and a big NO NO to berjudi ok? Remember...berjudi adalah haram di sisi agama...for Muslims AND ALSO Christians! :) For those of you suffering from impulsive gambling-hand habbit, may I recommend you to stick to the popular card game of Old Maid or Happy Family...or maybe even the classic Donkey card game. Definitely a lot more fun for the whole family!

For the kids out there, dont forget so save all you money...then next time can study in big university, buy big textbooks, buy big car, big house, big wife, big clothes, big dog...and big pig also...

Have an awesome weekend and may your coffers be filled with those lil' red packets! And oh, btw, who wants to go fishing??? Let me know, k? Real fishes la...not those walking on land...

God bless...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cause I'm Ready To Fly...

Well friends, looks like another bird has left the nest this spring. I dont know about you friends...February always brings a mixture of feelings for me. Its that time of the year for friends and loved ones to say goodbye, or rather 'we shall meet again'. Airport trips, Burger King outing, doing the 'walk', its like slowly becoming a Malaysian tradition/celebration. And so...this time the honour belonged to our beloved Cmdr. Kenny Chin!

To be honest, many times we come across people whom at times, we're glad to see them go! Haha...but for Kenny, I can honestly say that none of us wanted to see him go. The only thing harder than seeing him go is the thought of going thru all these following months without him...I know he'll be back, but well...its just not the same without him.

As a boy, we watched him grow through Sunday School, Children's Church, Royal Rangers, Power House, Youth Alive...and what a man he's grown to be! Not only is he every man's man...he's definitely every women's man! Wooo hooo!! Dependable, sacrificial, a man with a servant's heart, faithful, smooth...he's got it all, people! Only issue is the height factor...haha! But hey, if ever I needed someone I can depend on, he's my man for the task! A true ranger...Ready For Anything!

Even as we said our goodbyes and walked with him as far as we can go, our prayers will always be that he will change the lives of many over there...just as he has done for us all the years. For those who has served alongside him, grown together over the years, had our fair shares of ups and downs together...its been a blessing to share it with him. And these memories will keep us going till you come back, dude...:) And when you do, bring back that older brother of yours too! Haha...

Anyway, I dont want to get too emo over about we view some pics of the lil' farewell party we had at the airport? Sounds like a good idea...

Its not hard to miss him...just look for the ladies, and you'll find your man. In his words, "The more the merrier!" Sounds like a plan! Ali, Mich, Uncle Coke, Kech, Kyle, and Charlotte.

Finally he found some time to be with his homies at BK...Kech, Kev, Sammy, Reubs, Park Ji-Shaun, Collin and Dan.

The Chin clan from Kapar...Kenny, 'Mother' Theresa, big mama, and Kevin. The other OCBC fella is in Aus...:)

Together with the extended Chin family...the Chan's! Nice eh? Looking a lil' like the Simpsons?

Taking one last ride on the escalator as we edged closer to the dreaded 'walk'. Its like a scene from Armagedon...the point of no return!

The E-Rangers, youths and friends who turned up in full force to make sure he leaves for real!

Kenny sandwiched between his two favourite buddies...Laura and Alison!

Group prayer, led by Aunty Marge...

The time has come for me to leave you...its handshakes and hugs all around!

As his Sr. Cmdr, its always tough to see someone like Kenny leave...he's always been such a dependable and capable leader. I know for sure that great things are in store for you, my friend...

And one by one, the circle of brotherhood gets smaller and worries Zf! We're here for you, man. In a non-physical way, I mean! :)

As always, Phaik Joo and Lisa were looking to see who would shed tears first. And in this case, I think they both lost...

One final goodbye to the family, as they watched him leave...

"Goodbye my lover...goodbye my have been the one for me..."

You know, thought it looks like a short distance...thats really one long walk for him. To leave everything behind...everything that means so much to you, and to step into the unknown...

Hey hey...guess who turned up at the party!? Yuppp..its baby Anabelle! I hope I got the spelling right, eh...Soooooooooooooo cute! The baby, I mean..:)

Well Kenny, even as you're over there enjoying the hot summer of Australia, the E-rangers has got this lil' dedication segment that we'd like to share with you...sort of like advice/dedication/message for you! Pls note that some of the message had to be edited, some censored, and some added on to add that lil' extra bite and passion to the whole thingie...! Enjoy, mate...

"Please don't torture the people over there!" (by Simon Kong)

"Yoz brother!LOL all the best to you over there!!rmb bring back some chocs for me!!!LOL take care n God bles!!dun naughty naughty!!!! >_< " (by Cheryl Lim)

"Hey, all the best. May God bless you in everything you do. That's all. Hehe." (by Amy Joy)

"Hey dude all the best there man ,be married in malaysia ya haha and do well in ur studies All the best take care!!!!" (by Jason Ong)

"Dont....(still thinking of what to say!)..........." (by David Wong)

"Aiyoh, nobody yell at us already……
Miss you lah, ‘bang. Cepatlah balik……" (by Andrew, our natan)

•Yo..!! Dun come back!~ :) *salute*
(By the Dynamic Freako Trio ~ Amy Tan, Phaik Joo and Lisa)

"God bless u,take care." (by Susanna)

"May God bless u N ALL the best in ur studies" (by Lee Yee)

"God bless u at Aus. Don’t come back without a degree…haha" (by James Lee)
Amen to that, brother!

"^^God bless. Weird without u.^^" (by Mr Silent 'Thomas' Night)

"YO! CMDR kenny!! I miss you! Take care! :p" (by Dorothy...:p )

"I got nothing to say. Enough said . Take care" (by Shaun...such a kayu fella! ) Haha...

"All the best there…. Do your best..
See u back here soon… " (by Father Dandy 'Andy' the Candyman)

"Hello commander we missed you …..bye bye" (by William and Jarrod)

From your half brother, the other Chin.."All thy best thy humble friend
Ching ching ching ching" (by Collin Chin)

"KennyHaoMa!! Hahahahaha…"
(by Daniel Seliong...dunno where he came from anyway)

"Say something la…reuben force me to say..hahaha
So here is something..
Btw ur takamine is mine….jasmine is my newly wedded wife!!!!!! "
(by Jayson...btw, he's referring to guitars...)

"Fat.. Study hard yea… nothing much to say la.. So take care…" (by Cmdr. Kyleen...*awwww*)
And as always, I'll have the last say....

"One day I asked a friend of mine, if he could be a fish for a day, what kind of fish would he be? And he told me this, "If I could, I would want to be an Ikan Bilis." Why? "Cauz' its small, it tastes good, and goes well with everything! Sambal, deep fried, salted, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, mee goreng, ice cream, durian, ect etc etc...
I like that.

You'll always be our Ikan Bilis, bro. God bless and make Sel #6 proud wherever you go, dude. We'll be waiting patiently for your return..together with your degree, our chocolates and some koalas. Get your degree, get on that plane, and make your way home. See you in a year's time!

With lots of love,
Your E-Rangers and friends...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Howdy partner!

Yeap...just got back from the wild wild west...its been a good week so far. Let's hope it gets better! Just thought I'd share with you a lil' bit regarding our RR meeting that took place last weekend. It was a fresh look this time, to say the least. Spirits were high, patrol standards were up and running, and so were the song and yells! It was fun seeing the lil' Discovery boys and gals right up to the oldies (E-Rangers) belting out their best rendition of their very own patrol song and yell. Good job, patrol guides and Asst guides! Looking forward to more in the coming meetings...

Here we see the rangers gathering in line for the opening ceremony. Drill commander, as always...Kenny Chin!

Patrol guide William Ong from the E-Rangers Sharketeers patrol going through the role-call reporting duties...

On the left, you have the commanders in one line. And on the right, we have the E-rangers age group looking good and complete with their patrol flag. Noticed the huge bluey thingie at the back???

The Bizzare Bear patrol, led by Kevin Chin, in action during their song presentation...

And here we have the Discovery Boys 'Killer Bees' patrol, led by our mascot Lucas Chee.

And here we have the 'Flamester' patrol. I'm telling you...these kids really do pack a punch..and kicks too!

Talk about tongue twisters...presenting you the 'Sizzling Syok Shark' patrol from the Adventure Girls age group! All smiles...simply lovely.

This was probably the most interesting yell we've heard all day, and it comes from the 'Wow Cow' patrol. Yup, you read it right...WOW COW! Their yell basically goes something like this..."Wow...(everyone kept on saying wow)". And then suddenly they went "Cow!"
Cute stuff...:) Well done, ladies.

And here we have the 'Flaming Eagle' patrol from the Adventure boys...playing it smooth eh?

The Rated 'R' Ravens name, I must say. Interestingly, they had this 'male bonding' thingie going all day long whenever they sang their song or yell. Hmm...peculiar...

Here's Vanessa and the gang from the Wild Cats patrol. Interestingly, when you see them in reality, they're never this shy! :)

From the DiscoveryGirls, presenting you the 'Boxing Kangaroos' patrol! They're probably the only group who would have made it to the next round of American Idol, singing beautifully to the tune of 'I love to go a wandering...'

And here we have the 'Elephants Unleashed' patrol doing their elephant thingie...rock on!

And just in case you didn't know, this was Cmdr Kenny's last RR meeting with us for the year, as he'll be leaving for Aus this Sat to further his studies for a year. Looking forward to have him back asap.

"I just want to say...for all the years I've spent drilling all of you rangers and giving each one of you personally a hard time, I've never had a moment of regret. Like I said, no pain no gain..."

Just kidding.

Our former drill master, Cmdr Collin Chin praying for Cmdr Kenny on behalf of RR Sel#6. We pray that God's unfailling faithfulness and love will always be with him over there in Aus. And likewise, you'll always be in our heart and thoughts, Kenny...

Cmdr. Kenny, together with his beloved E-rangers and the blue Shark, posing one last time together before we dismissed. We'll definitely miss his presence, albeit for a year only.

The day would never be complete without a hug from our Huggy bear, David Wong!

While the E-rangers were mourning the 'loss' of Cmdr Kenny, there was a party elsewhere to celebrate another ranger leaving for Aus...but that story will have to wait. Coming soon! The Adventure Girls...always a happening bunch of people! They've got girls, food, drinks...check out Su Vien's and Tessa's pose...

Hey look, its cmdr Grace! and a chicken in her hand...:)

Well friends, its time for me to ride off into the sunset. Looking forward to hear more and see more this Sunday. Oooooo...I just can't wait for the next meeting! Its gonna be loads of fun and activites. As my pop used to say...We're gonna have a yell-of-a-time!

Ride on, partner...yeeeeeeeeeeeee ha! God bless.