Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And the Medal goes to...

The Royal Rangers National Leader's Conference was held on the 25th of March in Grace Assembly Klang, with the purpose of forging cooperation and building relationship among the leaders and commanders of Royal Rangers throughout Malaysia. It was also a time to recognize the service and dedication rendered by commanders to their local outpost. This year, I am delighted to announce to you that 6 of our commanders from Selangor #6 achieved the Service Medal, a testament of their passion, dedication and love for the ministry of Royal Rangers.

The list of medal receipients are as following:

Outpost Leader's Service Medal

1) Cmdr Kenny Chin

2) Cmdr Stephen Ponniah

3) Cmdr Laura Yee

4) Cmdr Reuben Ponniah

5) Cmdr Jeffrey Hui

Outpost Commander's Medal : Cmdr. Jason Ponniah

Well done everyone! And to all commanders, keep up the good work. It truly has been a pleasure serving with all of you. God bless! Enjoy the pics...

Your stunning and dashingly charming E-Ranger commanders...

The proud leaders of Selangor #6 together with the medal receipients!

Check out the 'rose of the outpost'...:)

Look mama! We did it again...


Crunch Time!

Yup, its great to be back FINALLY! Eh, whats this man? Just because I stay low for a couple of weeks..that doesnt mean you guys and girls out there have to go missing too, ok? Make this place a bit more 'gempak', can or not? Hmm, so many things to update you...lots of pics to show you...where do I begin....Well, I'll start off with what's important. And man...I got lots of stuff to tell you! I'm simply excited about what's going to happen in the coming months and looking forward to having another great and exciting year in the Rangers ministry, together with all of you!

Here's the list of important activities that's happening in the coming months. Please do take note of the dates, plan your holiday well, plan your study schedule, and hopefully...we'll have a great time together!
Coming soon...

National Training Camp (NTC) will be held from April 28th to May 1st 2006 at Ayer Keroh Forest Reserve, Melaka. Cost of the camp : RM110.00 only. Who can attend? All commanders and rangers 18 and above. Believe me guys...if you want to experience a training camp that will TRULY change your lives forever, this is THE camp! This camp is also open to Youth Alive-ers who wish to experience a ranger's camp-style at its very best. If you wish to attend, please confirm your attendance with Cmdr Reuben by the 10th of April. A maximum of 64 trainees will be able to attend this exclusive camp every year. So sign up fast!

Next up...

Adventure Rangers and Expedition Rangers, TAKE NOTE! The Junior Training Camp (JTC) is for YOU!!! Cost is only RM100.00. The camp will be held from the 29th of April till the 1st of May. The camp will also be held in Ayer Keroh Forest Reserve, Melaka. Notice that the camp will be held at the same location as NTC, but it will begin one day after NTC starts. Dont be surprise if you do 'bump' into your commanders lost in the jungle...:) This camp is specially designed to train up the next generation of of dedicated and committed Royal Ranger leader and will be insrumental in shaping, equipping, and preparing you to be used effectively in God's kingdom. Those of you interested, please sign up before April 10th! The camp is exactly one month away! Forms can be obtained from your outpost commander.

Someone once asked it worth going for such camps? How different is NTC and JTC from other training camps? Believe me when I say it...this camp changed my life. It changed the life of many commanders who attended it in the past. And I believe it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! The friendship built, the skills learned, the hardship endured, the joy obtained, the victory achieved, the experience with God...priceless...

Keep a lookout...

This year, Royal Rangers Selangor #6 will be having its Council Of Achievement on the 7th of May at 1.30pm (sunday). The purpose of this event is to recognize the achievements and completion of merits by the rangers for the first half of 2006. Please note that the list of all merits completed for 2006 must be submitted to your Outpost Commander by the 10th of April in order for you to receive the merit during the Council of Achievement. A second council of Achievement will be held during our Royal Rangers 19th Anniversary in September 2006.

E-Rangers, please take note that you are to complete the following merits by April 10th :

1) Silver Merits - Wilderness Survival

2) Red Merits - Lashing, Safety,

3) Brown Merits - Proverbs, Psalms, Philippians

4) Gold Merit - Camp Safety

5) Green Merit - Academics

Please ensure that ALL requirements, assignments and essays are completed before you come for Rangers meeting this Sun on April 2nd.

Friday, March 10, 2006

RR Academics Merit! Uh uh...

Seeing that most of you have come out with all sorts of formats and method to obtain the necessary information required (some are creative, but most are downright crazy!), and some have no idea how to use Microsoft Word...I have come up with a standard form that will be used by ALL rangers in order to complete this merit. Please note that this form will be used to complete item no. 2, 3, and 4 of the Academics Merit. Please have it filled up honestly and truthfully! The forms will be distributed to all E-Rangers this coming sunday, on the 12th of March 2006. Patrol and assistant guides, pls take note.

Remember, a ranger is Honest. "He/she does not lie, cheat or steal." Royal Ranger Code no. 3...

As for the rest, have a good time maintaining your excellent grades in school...avoid letting your report card to become too colourful. Will be praying that all of you will excel in school.

As for the 300-word essay on 'The Importance Of Education'...good luck and all the best!

Hey guys, if any of you know of a way I can upload the file to a free web server, do let me know how to ok? You know me lar...blurr blurr wan! :)

Just when you thought I was gone...

Yup...just to let you guys and girls out there know...I'M BACK!! Woo hooo...! Man, I gotta admit...I actualy missed blogging! I missed telling you all the adventures in my life, the lame jokes to brighten your gloomy lives, the exciting plans that we have in store for all of us in rangers...gosh, I missed it so much...I missed ALL of you soooooooooo much! :(

During the past 2 weeks, God has brought me through a life-changing journey. Sometimes they say, one man's suffering can be a lesson for another. The past week has been a life's lesson for me, as I took the time to ponder on certain matters...especially regarding His love for me. Its funny how some things that we THOUGHT mattered most in life, all of a sudden seem so futile and insignificant. And its comforting to know that in our darkest hours, in our weakness, God shows Himself strong. Its amazing to know that... to truly realize who our God is, its requires us to come before Him in all humility, laying aside all our pride and human understanding, kneeling at His feet, and to come before Him like a child. His child.

We often equate God's presence with roaring winds, sound of thunder, and great signs...just as what the Israelites in the bible experienced all their life. Then I was reminded of the times God was with David out in the fields and meadows, by a gentle stream, in green pastures... speaking to him in a still, small voice. That night, God made Himself so real to me. In the stillness of the night, in the shadows of darkness...God was there with me...words could never explain...

I thank you all for your prayers. In times like these, I am blessed to have the support of friends like all of you. I will always remember the words of my fellow ranger and friend. This is what he said...

"Hey bro, its a long journey through life...some help from friends along the way will pull us through.."

How true. God bless...