Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Blues...

Hello rangers!

I just got back from an absolutely stuffin' lunch outing, and it feels good to just laze around. We're halfway thru the week, and so I hope you're all doing alright!

A big shoutout to our 'Little Terrorist' aka Matthew Lin who celebrates his 15th birthday TODAY! Wooohooo....Happy Birthday, bro! Have a mind-blasting day ahead. Spread the love, yo! Continue to stay on in a relationship with Jesus...:)

Word for the day - The measure of a man is not how great his faith is, but how great his love is.

Have a good day ahead, and do drop lil' Matt a bday wish yea? God bless!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Reunion of Champions!

Good day, rangers!

As promised, here's some additonal pics from the Man Utd training session, and also the much awaited Sel #6 and Sel #7 group picture during match day! Enjoy the pics, friends...and re-live the moments!

The team having a run-out during the training session...

Time for some local health food - teh tarik and nasi lemak! Here we go, boys...

The entire bunch that night! It was certainly awesome being together with these hardcore fanatics from Sel #7! Not easy searching for them among 90,000 ppl! Twas definitely a night to remember...

God bless and live like champions for the rest of the week! Have an awesome day ahead. Live strong!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Saw The Champs!

And so...another weekend that was for all the die-hard Man Utd fans! What an amazing experience celebrating together with almost 100,000 fans in Bukit Jalil...the atmosphere was absolutely electrifying!! Especially when the score was level at 2-2. Heh. And yes...many thanks to the ex-Liverpool hero for saving the day! Lots more to come from you, Mr Owen!

This is gonna' be a quick enjoy the pics below, courtesy of Mr. Yap Zhi Fung and the Boss. Its been a fantastic outing for the 16 of us from Sel #6!

Even at 3.00pm, the stadium was already buzzing with a tsunami tide of Red fans! I'm telling you, friends...the stadium was jam-packed!! Just look at this section....

Here's the first batch of supporters from Sel #6! Looking all nice and swanky...

And's the next batch of supporters! And yes...once again, Cheryl came in her fashion-statement glasses. But its ok. Its all about the looks! :) Indeed, it was a very 'panas' day...

Shots from inside the stadium at the stands...Here's the group getting all hyped up and excited before the kickoff! I think the heat had something to do with it too. Everyone was like sitting in an oven waiting for the cake to bake!!

And yes...thank God for Michael Owen who saved MY day. If it wasn't for him, I would have been tortured by the Everton and Hotspurs fan all night long. Here's a group pic after the match. Not too sure who's the dude on the right...he sorta just popped in the pic. Freeloader. But hey, United at heart!

Question of the day - Jayson Phuan, have you finally become a Manchester United fan???

And so...after a fantastic night out, it was time for us to say our goodbyes to the Champs. And oh...what a pleasant surprise when we bumped into a bunch of crazy Man Utd fans from Selangor #7! Great to see you boys again...looking all red and cool with your face paints and all! My toilet paper plan didn't work out cos there were at least 3 FRU officers in front of me. Sigh...maybe next time la.

Alright man. Will upload the group pic (Sel #6 & Sel #7) once I get my hands on it yea? Till then, have a good day ahead. God bless!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Will You Be There?

Hello to all my die-hard MU supporters and adoring fans!

Yes, the CHAMPS are in town (Owen, included). They're currently at KL, and having their practice session right now at Bukit Jalil Stadium, KL. There will be about 16 of us from Selangor #6 going for this match. If you're going, try to keep a lookout for us among the 70,000 fans! I know Selangor #7 will be there too...lets meet up boys, and spray some red paint all over town!

Wanna do something cool? Bring a toilet paper...soak it in red...hold one end, and throw it all the way from the top tier, letting it stream down all the way down. Imagine almost 50 rolls of toilet paper streaming down from the top tier. Amazing. Oh yea, dont forget to RUN after that, as security will be looking for you.

Learn the song, boys!

I Was Born To Be United
Daddy Told Me When I Was Just A Baby
When I Was Five, I Went Down The Warwick Road
Now Im Addicted To the Only Place I Go

Take Me Home United Road
To The Place I Belong
To Old Trafford
To See United
Take Me Home United Road

All My Memories Bobby Charlton
George Best And Cantona
They Came To Us From Heaven
Then In Nou Camp In 1999
On Sir Matt Busby's Birthday
It Was Party Time

Take Me Home United Road
To The Place I Belong
To Old Trafford
To See United
Take Me Home United Road

Oh well, if you're the kind that cant memorize for nuts, just chant "Glory glory Man United, and the Reds go marching ON ON ON!"

Stay alive, and I'll see ya guys at the match tomorrow. God bless!

RR meeting resumes this Sunday at 1.30pm. Do come in your Camporama t-shirts yea?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

5th Malaysia Camporama 2009 - Part 3

Good evening, Rangers of Planet Earth!

Sunday night...relaxing at home, listening to some Macho Man music on my laptop, sipping on some coffee...absolute bliss! And yes, the hottest song in town is none other than Macho Man (by Village People), and I have had people requesting the mp3 version of this song. Notably Bryan and Julian. Haha. Soon it will be Kenny, and Eric, and Vincent, and the rest of you guys. Told you right? This song is gonna rock your dance floor...and will motivate you especially when you work out in the gym or at home.

I've had an amazing weekend in church, and I hope you've been blessed too! RR meeting was really good, and the only sad part is that it had to end. Looking forward to see all of you once again next week in Sunday service and RR meeting yea? And yes...lets not forget our dear friend that has passed on recently....our brother MJ. For those of you that are still in cheer up. You've still got Elton John around wat. Heh.

This one's for the king of pop. Goodbye MJ.

And so, I'm finally back for the 3rd installment of the 5th Camporama series, and I hope its a good one. I've chosen some of the really good shots that caught my attention, and would like to share it with you and allow us to rekindle all those fond moments during camp. Just like the rest of the 700 campers...I do miss Camporama 2009! Enjoy the pics and stories, rangers. God bless! See ya at the end of the post...

Here's City Mayor Andy Gan-san leading the host of Japanese warriors into a time of 'high praise' seen reaching out to the heavens.

Nice shot from the Day 2 Intercity Challenge. Did anyone of you notice the Carlsberg tent at the background? Haha. Ok...I had nothing to do with that ok? But maybe one guy from Sel #6 might be able to answer this...:)

UN General Assembly representative. Uniting the world together, via his pink bicycle. Steady la bro! Oh btw ladies...his name is Wee Yen (which I'm sure you already know by now). Hah! :)

Yamato Warship leading the pack during the boat race! No matter which angle you look still looks more like a coffin. Haha! But definitely a good, floating, indestructable coffin-boat!

The multitudes of Japanese warriors and citizens frantically supporting their boatman and boatwoman, cheering them on to VICTORY!

Here's the Camp speaker, Pas Gideon praying for the rangers during the night rally. Its been awesome seeing how God touched and transformed lives during this camp. Our prayer is that each and everyone of you will be Positioned To Serve at all times!

Dont mess with the Singh! I absolutely love this shot...

Here's a shot of the Indian loveboat going down with style...can you see the poor dude still paddling even though the water is up to his neck??? Respect!

"I'm looking at the lady in the mirror!" Kecik kecik sudah jadi vainpot. Haha...following the footsteps of the father, I guess? :)

Our Para-para dance instructor, Mr Jason Ong! He definitely got everyone moving when they came to visit Japan city! Well done, bro.

The highlight of the city - SUMO WRESTLING! Have you ever seen Cmdr. Kenny looking this macho and frightening before?? Dont mess with the Kech. He will...err...flatten you!

Like we see Kenny doing the 'sandwich' on Cmdr. Andy (who I believe totally enjoyed the moment!). Man...somehow this pic looks so so wrong! Kevin Wong, say it for us, "This is so WRONGGG!" life, always cover up the essentials. Not everybody needs to know whats inside. Haha. And also, when life comes crashing on you, take it with a smile.

Here's Cmdr Wei Chuan briefing the Ultimate Frisbee team on tactics and the gameplan. His famous words, "If you are about to lose, just KAMIKAZE! Take the frisbee, and run straight for the lake and jump in! Once they cant find you in the lake, definitely game over."

I like this kind of coach.

Ranger Kelly Yap doing her very best to keep the Japanese flag flying high (sideways) and mighty!

Here's Casovia...who thinks the Japanese games outfit totally ROCKS! Just like the Awesome Foursome...haha.

Oh my...Tong Shin. Such a sweet smile!! You might want to go slow with that smile, girl. Haha!

Camp Commander was on site to ensure that war and rioting didn't break out among the participating nations during the Intercity Challenge!

Nice shot of Phaik Joo and Amy Tan! Both are like...5ft 4 inches tall. *wink*

Fuuuh...this one gets a 10 out of 10 for Best Camporama pose! Little Mi Shie with her 2-2 Yoda pose! Thumbs up...

As usual...the old and aging ones will take shelter...hiding from the sun...led by the oldest of the lot, Cmdr Eric! Haha. I guess age is catching up....

Awesome shot! Our camp mascots doing a chest bump!! Wooohooo!! Syiok gilerrr....You guys will definitely be one of the most memorable and talked-about 5th Camporama memory, that will be remembered for a very, very long time!

Once we see the hobbit, Matthew trying to look cool and supersized...standing in between the giants. I wonder if he got 'sandwiched'! Haha. That would have been so cool!

We also want to thank our Corporate Sponsor for Camporama 2009 - Hextar Corporation! Many thanks also to the various sponsors who believed in our cause and gave generously, so that you and me can enjoy the very best during Camporama 2009! God bless each and everyone of you...

The final photo of the night goes to...Cmdr Kenny Chin! He's got a personal message for each and everyone of you...

"Do YOU have the Swine Flu??? Cos I think I have it!"

Alright friends...enough said. If you have a friend who sneezes and little piglets come running out, or if you start talking and snorting, and yearn to waddle in the mud, and sleep all day long and do absolutely nothing...there's a very very high chance that you DO have the H1N1 virus. So yea...take safety precautions, stay away from pigs...and pig-friendly friends.

Have a blessed week ahead, and go spread the love of Jesus to someone who needs it this week. After all, we only have one life and lets make the best of it for Jesus! Go change YOUR world, one child at a time...

Dont of the week - Macho Man!


Friday, July 03, 2009

5th Malaysia Camporama 2009 - Part 2

Good evening rangers!

This is The Boss reporting to you live from Ipoh...the land of tauge chicken, limestone caves, and free wifi! Seems like every shop here has free wifi! How cool is that? McDee, KFC, Ali Mamak, Big Apple, etc etc etc...Anyway, thanks for your prayers...glad to inform you that the Boss is still alive and well. Had a lil' scare yesterday...came down with flu, fever, backache, etc. Feelin' better today, however...we'll see how things progress over the next couple of days. SS2 durian on Sunday night, anyone? :)

Oh well, so whats been happening? Apart from the fact that the world is still in mourning over the departure of MJ, Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema...Hmm. Tough week for some, I reckon. And just to clarify, I have turned down the offer to be the next King Of Pop, even though some have said that when MJ sang the song 'Black or White', he was singing about me. Brings me to tears everytime I do the moonwalk. Oh well...time to move on. I've lost 2 good friends already...first it was Elvis, and now MJ. Thanks for the memories, guys!

Even though Camporama ended like 3 weeks ago, the memory still lives on and on! I'm still on a journey to bring the memories into the present, and once again...many thanks to all our excellent photographers and wannabes who captured these images for our viewing pleasure. Tonight's collection comes from the man they call 'Just Kech'...Do take time to enjoy the pics. There's quite a lot in the collection, and so I'll try my best to cover the camp from all angles in my upcoming posts! Till then...stay true and God bless! Enjoy the story...

Here we see William and Jayson working hard and putting the final touches to the Archway...everything had to be right! And everything turned out superbly in the end...many thanks to all those involved in the advanced party! You guys surely did an excellent job!

Talk about a Japanese garden here in Raub? Welcome to Japan City @ Camporama 2009! Beautiful, serene, and I felt all Japanese inside just walking around the area...:)

To experience the full beauty of our city, you cannot afford to miss the view at night! Its simply gorgeous with all these extra lighting. Thumbs up! If ever there was a Beautiful City championship, I reckon we would have won it hands down!

Camporama Highlights - Here's Marcus Hood taking a shot at the Archery Range. Had loads of fun trying this out. Would have been more fun if we had some live targets running about!

Here's our Cmdr. Julian and his archery instructor aka 'adopted father', giving some pointers to the campers before they begin shooting. They make quite a good pair.

Ah huh! Here we have the Zhi brothers...Zhi Kang and Zhi Bin having a brotherly time at the lake kayaking together. Good stuff!

Check this out!! Cmdr Wei Chuan being the daddy of the seen taking his kid, Gerald Chan for a ride out in the lake. sweeet!

At first I couldnt recognize who's this dude....but then when I looked again closely, I noticed the way he smiled. And there's only one dude with that smile...Mr. Jojo!! Right?? points for guessing who's this dude. Mr. Yap Zhi Kai! Such a poser and a happy dude...:) Good shot, Mr Kech! Was he stuck on the ropes???

And yes...even the oldies had a fun time playing in the's Cmdr. Cheryl and Cmdr. Phaik Joo! I can still remember...during the last Camporama, they were only 13 yrs old! Wow...reaching Senior Citizen status ade (just like the old fella in Australia).

Here we have Mrs Lee and the kids! Great to have Serena, Elisa, Elena and Mr. Rambutan Joe Boy join us for Camporama 2009! might be wondering where's Cmdr Gid? Well, I'm pretty sure he was busy zzzzz....what say you?

More smiles at the Kayak station. Its great to see everyone having a mind-blasting time together at camp. Maybe its because ppl get extra happy when there's water nearby??

Awww...such a sweet couple. Benson and Bryan. So happy being together with each other. Whole time during the camp...they're seen together. Sleep also together. Go makan, also together. And now...go kayak, also together! What's with boys these days...haih.

And when there's boys'll definitely find girls together also. Here we have half of the Awesome Foursome founding members...Casovia 'the Ballerina' and Trisha the 'Sampah-kia'. How they got these names? I dont know. Seriously.

A scene from the Morning Parade. How cool is this?? Japan brought our very own legendary Sumo Twins!! These guys instantly became hits during Camporama and their presence will forever be remembered...together with the fainting Kangaroo. Haha. Here we have Jason Ong and Dan Seliong in the sumo outfits. Not an easy task, I tell you.

Hey hey...guess who came along! Yup...its the Indians!! Here we see Mr Singh ordering the Indians to riot and cause havoc during morning parade. Noisy bunch, I tell you! Haha. But thanks to the citizens of India, you guys really made Camporama 2009 all the more memorable!

"Oh oh!! I'm losing hair!" Denyse squeeks...Oh fyi, she was the co-sailor in our victorious cardboard boat race. Respect....

From this picture...I can tell that Hans has a lot of complains about his partner on the boat. Knowing Cmdr Kenny, I'm pretty sure he made/threathened/forced Hans to paddle by his own all around the lake. Haha...hats off to my Cmdr. Kenny! Thats the way, them who's boss!

More oldie goldies! Here we have Cmdr. Huei Lin and Cmdr Sherlyn having a splashing good time together in the lake. Great to have you join us for camp!

The scenes during the Camporama 2009 opening ceremony! Yup...indeed it was a colourful, noisy, gempak and absolutely rockin' morning during camp! Everyone was excited and looking forward to even more exciting days ahead! As someone said about MJ, "You could feel the electricity in the air...".

Good day, campers. Please meet my friends from Japan! Here we have the Geishas, the Sumo Twins, a lost Mexican, and little Ninja boy!

As expected, the Indians will fight with anything and everyone. Here we see Mr Terence Singh is King squaring off with Japan City Mayor, Mr. Andy San. All for show...and it was a good show, boys! ;)

Here we have the Sumo Twins doing a little dance performance for Mr. Singh. Taken from the song "Do the Boogey"...You put your backside in, you put your backside out. You put your backside in, and shake it all about!" Haha...

"You do the boogey boogey and you turn around. Thats what its all about! HEY!"

Ladies and gentlemen...presenting you, the GMA Achievers - class of 2006 - 2008! Congrats to everyone who made it this far. A special congratulations to Cmdr. William Ong and Cmdr. Kevin Chin who achieved this remarkable feat! Such a waste that Mr Pilot couldn't be here with us...guess the parachute plan or 'curi the plane' tactic didn't work out eh?

Here we have our honourable General Superintendant of the AOG Malaysia, Pas Ong Sek Liang presenting the special Camporama flag to Cmdr. Andy and the rest of the participating churches. It was truly an honour to speak to him, and hear him share his vision and admiration for the RR ministry. Together, lets continue to pray for him and stand together with his family in prayer.

More scenes from the Opening Ceremony...the campsite looks absolutely beautiful during the morning, with the morning dew and mist surrounding the area.

Once again, the last pic of the day goes to none other than ranger Kelly Yap! Thank you for the "Yes, I am happy and you know it!" smile of yours that causes others to smile too. God bless!

Ok friends. The time is now 1.30am. Its been a good time looking through the hundreds of Camporama pics and I'll be sure to share more during the next post. Till then, continue to stay connected and keep checking out this page for more updates!

And oh...RR Selangor #6 has gone hi-tech these days. We have TWITTER!! Yup...for those of you who are like wondering what in the world is he talking about, do click on the link on the right of this page to follow the latest updates, announcements and information concerning RR Selangor #6! Trust me...its the coolest thing to happen since 7-Eleven Slurpy and Facebook. :) Do sign up for a Twitter account if you dont already have one and stay connected to us, and to the world! :)

Cheers and God bless. I bid you goodnight. *bows*