Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, December 17, 2010

RR Christmas Party & Sayonara 2010!

Greetings rangers and commanders!

Do join us this Sunday for the final RR meeting of the year. We've got something special in store for each and everyone of you. A time for us to celebrate Christmas together, and also a time for us to say farewell to 2010. Spread the word, and do join in this mini-celebration.

We look forward to have you join us this Sunday. God bless and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

RR Island Hopping Adventure

Hi rangers,

Pls take note that RR Sel #6 will be organizing an island hopping tour to Crab Island on 11th Dec 2010 (Saturday). RM15/pax. For more info and registration, please contact Councilman Benny Tan (016-6281281). God bless!

Do join us for a fun time exploring the island off Port Klang! God bless

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary Day Trip!

On the 5th of June, on a bright and clear Saturday morning, the Adventure Rangers of Selangor #6 organized a day trip to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, for a day of fun-filled adventure and outdoor activities. There were many excited faces that day and all of us did not know what kind of suprises were waiting for us. There was plenty of hiking, eating and lots of leech bites. The highlight of the day was the Elephant rides.

A total of 17 Adventure Rangers and 6 leaders attended this day trip and we're glad to say that everyone had a fantastic time bonding and going thru the day's activities together. All of us gathered in church at 7am and before leaving in 2 vans, were divided into 2 patrols (Gajah Biru patrol and Gajah Putih patrol). They were asked to make a report about the whole trip from the beginning till the end.

We left church at 7:30am and reached the elephant sanctuary at 10:30am. The 1st activity of the day was feeding the elephants . The rangers took the opportunity to feed the elephants sugar cane and touch the elephant's trunk . After feeding the elephants, the next activity was the elephant rides. For all the rangers, this is the 1st time riding an elephant. They were excited indeed.

Next on the agenda was jungle trekking. It was a hike trough rugged terrain, through mud, and finally had to cross a river to reach our destination which was the Deer Farm. As we were hiking, the group suddenly broke into 2. As the 1st group was fast, and got separated from the 2nd group. The 2nd group had to wait for them as the guide went to search for the 1st team.

We had hiked for almost 3 hours. We were so tired at the end of the jungle trekking. Many of us also had leech bites on our legs. After washing up and changing into fresh clothes, we finally had time to sit down and have our lunch and snacks. After a group photo, we left at 5:30pm and as we were coming home, we got caught in a terrible traffic jam for 2 hours. We stopped at McDonalds in Subang Jaya for dinner...a treat from the commanders. With our bellies full, we finally reached home at 10pm.

Gathered at church at 7am. 17 rangers and 6 leaders present!

The entrance of the Elephant Sanctuary

Gajah...masuk baris!

He's looking at you. Try coming nearer if you like..

Feeding time! Gimme' some sugarcane...

Ranger Matthias and Calvin on the elephant!

Let me teach you the elephant walk...

Rangers Scott and Kenneth feeling how's it like riding an elephant...
Off for our jungle trekking. 11.30am

The difficult terrain that was before us!

What's holding up the traffic? Mud is good for my feet. U don't say..

The rugged jungle...

Foot-long millipede!

A huge tree trunk that the rangers had to climb to reach the top.

Rangers climbing over a fallen tree trunk!

The river that the rangers had to cross to get to other side.

Extra large toilets! Be careful who/what you step on inside...:)

Final group picture before leaving for home. Look at all the happy faces. We truly enjoyed ourselves!!

We look forward to have you join us for the next exciting adventure that's coming up! God bless and have a great weekend...

Report submitted by,

Cmdr. Jason Ponniah
Group Commander
Adventure Boys Sel #6

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JTC 2010 - We Made It!

Well, what can I say...

18 rangers from Selangor #6 attended the recently concluded National Junior Training Camp. They went through tough times, experienced fatigue like never before, constantly rushing to complete their projects, stayed together as a patrol and lived as a unit, suffered together and triumphed as a group...and emerged from this camp as young men and women, the leaders of today and the future!

From all of us here in Selangor #6, we salute each and everyone of the 88 JTC trainees who successfully completed the JTC training program! Congratulations, and may you continue to mentor and lead many others in the footsteps of Christ! Keep the RR flag flying high...

RR Sel #6 JTC Graduates, together with trainers from Sel #6!!

Michelle Lee, Debbie, Carissa, Casovia, Trisha, Dorothy, Michelle Chan, Yuan Qi, Krystal, Cherine, Kim Woon, Peter, Leonard, Cmdr Jason, Kim Fat, Lucas, David, Joshua, Matt, Jojo, Kenneth, Cmdr Eric, Pas Gideon & Cmdr Reuben!

Super Seladang Patrol! Patrol Advisor - Cmdr Thomas Wong

Penyu-nique Patrol, with Patrol Advisor Cmdr Eric Teh!

Cool Orang Utan with Patrol Advisor - Pas. Gideon Lee

Peet! Peet! It's the Pero2 Kancil Patrol with Patrol Advisor Cmdr Reuben!

Royal Harimau Patrol! Patrol Advisor - Cmdr Terence Ooi

Mighty Gajah Patrol! Patrol Advisor - Cmdr. Jason!

OMG Enggang Patrol! Patrol Advisor - Cmdr. Theresa!

Beruang Madu Hebat Patrol, with Patrol Advisor - Cmdr. Kwang Yew!

Congratulations to all 88 JTC graduates, and well done to the team of 12 camp staff and trainers!

We look forward to the next National Training program with much excitement and enthusiasm! God bless, keep in touch and continue to be a blessing to the nation!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Ranger Kids Day Camp 2010!

Good morning Rangers and friends!!

For all those out there within the age of 5-8 yrs old (and if you have a little bro/sis who falls within this age group), this camp is especially for you! Listen up, kids!!

Theme: Ole Ole Football
Date: 3rd July 2010
Time: 8am - 4pm

Do come prepared for a great time of sports and learning activities and water games!! It's gonna' be a blast, so do come and join us for this! Time to soak up the sun ;)

See ya, kiddos!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Discovery Rangers Skytrex Adventure!

On the 29th of May 2010, the Discovery Rangers of Selangor #6 organized a day trip to Bukit Cahaya Recreational Park, Shah Alam for a day of fun-filled adventure and outdoor activities! To sum it up, it was basically a all-in-one package! There were plenty of hiking, cycling, eating and the highlight of the day was the Skytrex Adventure!! :)

A total of 16 Discovery Rangers and 8 leaders attended this day trip and we're glad to say that everyone had a fantastic time bonding and going thru the day's activities together! Enjoy the pictures, courtesy of Cmdr. Shie Yee!

Nothing beats having an ice-cream on a hot sunny morning!

First up, cycling! And for those who doesnt know how to get a free ride from the commanders!! :)

The Mat Rempit from Bayu Perdana - Cmdr. Jayson Phuan!

The mini Mat Rempit from Eng Ann - Cmdr. Wei Chuan! :)

Have you ever wondered what's up with the V pose when taking photos? Why not make an L? Or perhaps a W? Or even a 4? Haha!

The rangers had a fun time crossing the suspension bridge! Here we see Cmdr. Phaik Joo holding on to the smallest person in the group for balance and to calm herself down! Haha

Don't we all love bus rides? The rangers had a tour of the park (and also had to kill some time before heading to the Skytrex Adventure)!

Parrots! Dont be fooled by their innocent looks!

Here's Outpost Cmdr Shie Yee with her adorable angels!

Finally, it's time for the Little Adventure!!! Such a cute poster...doesnt it remind you of either one of them?

The rangers were excited and eagerly awaiting the chance to start the fun course! Here seen during the briefing session...

Like warriors all dressed up for battle...being led to the frontline by Cmdr. Alex!

Our newest RR Sel #6 mascot (replacing Lucas Chee!) - Jia Jun! Ain't he absolutely adorable? :)

All set and ready to go...Cmdr. Melissa hangs on for her dear life!

And we're off! Man...these kids have no sense of fear at all! Just watching her go thru the course was such an amazing sight! Haha

Here's Elisa Lee in action, on the rope bridge course!

More swings and thrills on the rope bridge section. It's all about balance...and these little ones have plenty of it! ;)

Hey hey! It's not only the little ones who are having a fantastic time out there! Here's Cmdr. Alex Tan in action! Easy peasy, eh? Think again.

Don't they look like a bunch of seasoned and experienced tree-top canopy adventurers?

At the end of the day, it's all smiles and high-fives all around! What an amazing day it's been for all of us!

Here's Cmdr. Julian having some outdoor action...eating pizza in the jungle! Now that's what you can an outdoor adventure. Haha! Keep it up, bro! I see you hitting the 75kg mark ;)

Here's Cmdr. Wei Chuan showing us the perfect spot to lie down after a busy and tiring day of climbing trees and swinging from canopy to canopy like monkeys...age catches up! ;)

Well...what can I say, it's been a fantastic day out for these kids and the commanders too! Apart from the outdoor adventures, it was also a great day of bonding between the leaders and the rangers, sharing many memorable moments together which we will remember for a long, long time to come!

Many thanks to all the commanders who made this trip possible and for ensuring the safety of the rangers throughout the entire duration of the trip. It's been a fantastic trip this time, and we look forward to the next outing with much anticipation.

That's all for now. Do join us for the next upcoming outdoor adventure that RR has to offer. Stay tuned and watch this page for event updates! God bless...