Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Full Speed Ahead....2008!

Good day, rangers!

Allow me to begin by apologizing for the delay in updating the RR blog. Its been a tough week for many...ever since Shaun left for NZ. No one to use as punching bag, no one to take us shopping, no one to take us go-karting, no one to do sound for us....:( Anyway, now that I've finally moved out from my state of depression, its about time to tell you the good stuff that's been happening! Amen to that! we all know, RR is BACK IN ACTION! *clap*clap* Yes, kinda' late and lame for me to shout about it, but hey...better late than never! Just like the tortoise in the fairytale...:) Anyway, RR Sel#6 started off the year 2008 with a BANG! Yup, asalkan ada gaya, that's how we roll! Man...I'm telling ya, there was a sense of excitement in the air! I dont know about you, friends...but I have this tickling feeling in me that says 2008 is gonna be one awesome year! And I'm praying that you'll find this true in each of your lives...there's like a renewed sense of passion for the Lord, and a greater sense of excitement that seems to blanket over us! Let's keep on persevering and see what the Lord has in store for us, yea?

And so...view the pics below, and have a great time looking ahead for an amazing adventure in 2008! I'm excited as about you?

The leaders spending some time in prayer before the show began...

And so...after all that has been said and done, it was finally time to open up the gates and let the rangers in! And how amazing...the first ranger in is none other than our very own mascot...Lucas Chee! You know its going to be a great year ahead....

Hey hey...check this out! Chinese New Year's early this time around...our very own lion dance team. All the way from Australia, presenting you...Cmdr Vincent Chin! Amazing that he can still fit in his uniform!

The Adventure girls looking a bit lost...maybe its because of the Chinese New Year feeling in Jan...

Ah hah...presenting your our Y.A.B Dato Seri Eric Teh Seng Giap (UPSR, PMR, SPM, NTC, LTC, LSA) and the newest member of the RR family, Ryan!

Sr. Cmdr Reuben kicking things off and welcoming back the rangers! Gosh...we missed each and every one of them!!!

Some rangers will ALWAYS look cute and give you that 'Hug-Me-Please' shown here by Bryan!

And so...with the dawn of a new year, its time for new age groups for some, new commanders to lead the group, and a whole new level of excitement! Here's Cmdr. Eric handing over some of this Ranger Kids that have graduated and will move on to the Discovery age group, received by Cmdr. Wei Chuan. Well done, boys and girls! Its always a sad moment as leaders, to finally say goodbye to some who have been under your care for many years...but nevertheless, to see them grow, and to watch them develop into young boys and girls that will continue to lift His name up high, its altogether amazing...

Here's the Discovery Boys commanders with their latest signings for 2008 during the Jan transfer window!

For many, moving up to another age group is an exciting moment. But for some, its never easy to say goodbye...I've seen many things in my time as a ranger, but I've never seen a moment like this for a long long time! This little girl really moved by heart that day...

I bet Cmdr. Wei Chuan, ZF, and Jayson will miss their club mascot, Lucas Chee! Finally leaving the nest and charting out his next adventure. Its finally time for the boy to be a young man...

Here's Cmdr. Ben and Cmdr. Jason, with their entire football team of Discovery boys that moved up to the Adventure group. They've got some pretty interesting characters in there...I can tell you that! Fun times ahead, for sure!

The newbies of Adventure girls 2008! Time for some in-house ragging after this...haha! Cmdr. Laura and Alison looking happy with their new bunch of fun-puffs!

The E-Rangers commanders waiting anxiously for their 'New Year Gifts'...

Taaa daaaa!! Wow...that's a pretty big bunch of Adventure Girls moving on to the Expedition group! Well done to them...they've done extremely well throughout the last year! With them around, there's never gonna be a dull moment! Farewell pic together with their Adventure commanders...

"Dont you think I'm cute? I know I am...the fact that you can't stop taking my pic confirm that!"

Discovery Boys 2008! These kids pack more punch that any WMD! Dont know what WMD stands for? Google it up...:) Chehhhwah!

Goodbye Adventure! Welcome Expedition...the new macho boys moving up to Expedition territory...

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting you...the new batch of Junior Commanders who have gone through the ranks and made it successfully to this stage! Well done, lads. These are certainly exciting times to be able to sere alongside them! Just look at Cheryl with her face thing....adui....

And so...after going through the handover of rangers, it was time to announce the new-line up for the commanders in 2008. When the names of the leaders have all been announced, everyone was excited with the new leaders in their age group...especially Simon (in the above pic). Once finding out who his commanders are, he fell to his knees, praising the Lord...well, that's not quite what he shouted. It was more like..."Ohhhh noooooooooooooooo!!!" Haha...

Now you know why....haha! Immediately, our in-house FRU squad swooped in to prevent a riot from breaking out...we do not tolerate street protests! :) No Hindraf, Dandruff or any sort of draft ok? Cheers...

Discovery Boys 2008...

~* Discovery Girls 2008 *~

~* Adventure Boys - 2008 *~

~* Expedition Rangers 2008 *~

~* Adventure Girls 2008 *~

Now that everything's in place and in order, it was time to finally roll...its amazing just thinking of how much we can do together in 2008! So many souls to reach out many lives to impact...God, we ask that you'll enlarge our territory, enlarge our tents, and most of all...enlarge our hearts and hands...

Oh...just in case your memory fails you, that's Shaun Lim (the latest sheep boy)....flanked by Cmdr. Andrew Yew! We miss you,, futsal at 5pm! Be that Guy!

The rangers praying for their commanders, that God will give them strength and perserverence to lead the group with honour, with courage and with His strength!

Adventure Boys Outpost Commander, Andy Gan!

The next generation of Sel #6 RR leaders...the future's looking bright!

E-Rangers getting things started in their meeting, this place is WAY too small for you big kids! We gotta' find you a different from next week...growing vertically and sideways too eh?

Kelly oh Kelly Yap....once a while, she does tend to give you that sweet-angelic look...

Michelle, Kimberley (attracted by the bright lights), Melissa and half of Tsien Lee...welcome on board, ladies!

Peter, Leonard, Kok Foong, Amos and Zhi Kai...

"Hah...take out all your handphones and place them in the donation tray now! Dont make me do a full-body search!" Cmdr. Kenny lays down the house rules...

Our in-house MPK officers with their goodies after the, what's with kids these days and handphones?? Some even carry 3!! I dont understand...3 handphones, but 2 ears??? How do you do that????

The commanders planning (scheming) how to equally divide the patrols...we are fair. Infact, we are VERY fair!

Check out Cmdr. Sheila's gaya when she points with her hand pointing, while the other supporting the backbone! Haha...a big welcome to her too! Our latest signing for the ER coaching staff!

To the the left (Girls)
To the the right (Boys)
Shoooooo cuteeee!

"Who's da wo-man? I'm da wo-man! I'm big, I'm tough, I'll whoop you with my biceps...I'm your new Senior Guide for 2008! Be very afraid! Semulaaaaaaaa" Su Vien rants! All the best, gal...we have faith in you!

Adventure Boys getting their parliament meeting in order. Exciting bunch of raw talent in its purest form!

Cmdr. Reuben handing out the guide bars to the new Patrol Guides and Asst. Patrol Guides for Expedition Rangers 2008. I'll try to post up some pics of the patrols as soon as I get 'em.

Our Power Ranger Task Force squad...Daniel Seliong and boyfriend, Nigel Lim.

Senior Citizen clubhouse...Cmdr. Vince and Cmdr. Wei Chuan. I'm telling you..these 2 fellas have crossed more bridges than you have walking on road. They've eaten more pork than you've eaten rice...

RR Selangor #6 Commanders 2008

Front row: Jason Ong, Andrew, Lisa, Phaik Joo
2nd Row: Amy Tan, Shie Yee, Eric, Stephen, Kenny, Shaun, Kevin, Laura, Alison, Grace, Andy
3rd Row: Reuben, Daniel Pua, Wei Chuan, Jason, Chiew How, Benjamin, Vincent, Sheila, Kyleen, Sherlyn
Back row (top): Daniel Seliong, Jayson, Zhi Fung, Lup Yan, Simon, William, Pei Jun, Cheryl

Remember friends...without fear, there cannot be courage. Without faith, there cannot be victory! One church, one people, one God, one vision...To Reach, To Teach & To Keep Boys and Girls for Christ!

As your Senior Commander, personally...there's only one main goal for me this year that I would like to see happen, for each ranger and leader that's a part of this ministry. My hope and desire is that each one of you will discover and fulfill the purpose and destiny that God has placed in your lives. Also, that each of you will grow, develop and become all that you can be for the glory of His kingdom and the power of His name...boys and girls, men and women, walking tall in His footsteps, our master Ranger....Jesus Christ!

That is my prayer for 2008 for each one of you...

God bless and see ya in the next RR meeting on Feb 3rd!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Legend of Apu...

Alright boys and girls...Apu Curry House has finally closed shop in Malaysia, packed his bags and moved over to New Zealand! Its been a sad day for all banana rice fans to see their favourite son and friend abandon the glorious food platter of Malaysia for a short stint with the millions of lambchops far far away...

The date is 16th Jan, 7.15pm - KLIA...

Slowly but surely, all of Shaun's adoring fans turned up at the airport to pay homage and to give him the send off he deserves. There's nothing really great about this guy in the news...nothing really spectacular about him in the newspapers...but the best part about that he's Shaun Lim! (whatever that means...but sounds cool rite?) Yeap, everyone will remember the silent and quiet boy who's always hanging around the sound room faithfully week in and week out, doing stuff, running about here and there with cables and jacks, always got this mysterious look on his face, and not forgetting the disappearing-eyes act when he smiles...haha!

Over the past decade, farewells has been a pretty common thing among us friends...seeing the many who have gone overseas for studies and for greener pastures. Sad moments? Definitely...but its also a time to reflect on our friendships and how blessed we are to have had the opportunity to share many fantastic moments together in life...and so my friends, this post specially goes out to my ranger boy and my friend, Shaun Lim...who's been an encourager, an amazing blessing to us, a faithful servant, and most of all...a friend that sticks closer than a brother!

Catch all the drama that happened in the airport, friends. Read on! :)

Shaun making his final contribution to Maxis, setltling all of his hutangs, wishing all the babes farewell before finally going off...Best part is, even after going off, he decided to send us some emo sms which says, "In the aerotrain now...Thanks guys for everything. I'm gonna miss all of you when I'm there...take care k. God bless." Awwww...aint that sweet? I'm telling you...this dude has definitely discovered his emo-ness!

Shaun together with the Band of Brothers! Things ain't gonna be the same without you around dude...who are we gonna kutuk and taruh when we need a punching bag??? Ohhhhh...thank God that Kevin Wong is BACK!!! Haha...

Reubs, Shaunie and Kitty...the trio of hot huchi-mamas!

Did you know that Shaun is still so shy to talk to the ladies??? Man..he's like 18 years old this year...but still have to drag him to take a pic with the ladies! But I think that's all just acting from his of late, he's been a very very noti boy...many projects and bridge-building going on...:)

Shaun together with Cheryl...btw, that's Cmdr. Laura in the backgound...just manages to sneak her head in the pic just in time! At this point, we had to console Cheryl and prevent her from crying...wouldn't want to start a chain reaction and flood the nation!

Shaun together with uncle Alex and aunty Marge and aunty Jenny...they've seen how this diapper-wearing kid has grown to be a MAN. I'm sure they're proud to see the man that he's grown to be...big and puffed. Steady laa...haha!

More family and friends's Shaun with his ah ma, aunty Kat and uncle Mark, together with his beaming parents!

We are family! Tessa, aunty Amy, Shaun (the big dude in front), and daddy...uncle Stewart! Tessa's first masterplan is to break down the walls in her room and convert both Shaun's room and her's into one big playland! Need help to break down the walls? Give us a call...:) When he comes back, make him sleep in the garden...after all, he's a seasoned missionary!

And so...when the time has almost come, we headed out of McDee...spent some time to pray for him as a group. Our prayer is that he'll be all the he was made to be over there in NZ, continue to be a blessing to those he comes across, do well in his studies...and most importantly, come back home in Nov 2008, still as a full-fledged Malaysian! A little sambal and banana rice will help remove whatever slang he's developed...:)

Here's Shaun saying his final farewells to all those who came to make sure he flies off! Enjoy the video, friends...always makes me sad when I see this video. How I wish everyone would be there to give me a farewell hug whenever I travel to Penang or go to work in Shah Alam...

And so...after hugging everyone and everything that can be hugged, it was time to finally take 'The Walk'. Man...the dreaded walk that everyone overseas student has to sad times like these, its always sad to see your good buddy leave. But he can walk tall with his head held assured that there will always be a place for Shaun Lim when he returns.

Man...this guy...even after he's gone past security, still he cant let us go...time to move forward bro. We'll be waiting for your return...and for you to come online the moment you touchdown! Haha...and that's exactly what he did the moment he arrived in Auckland! Online freek...:) Man..its like one big circus at the airport! All the friends and family cheering him on and embarassing him as he times people, for a good man!

And ohh..before I forget, allow me to share with you what happened over the weekend. So, after constant bugging, nagging and tormenting Shaun to have a farewell party for all his friends, he finally decided to take us out for seafood dinner. But even that, the plan was we had to pay for our own meals...and probably his too! :) Then again, you know us...secretly, without him knowing, a surprise farewell party was planned for him in his own home! Imagine this...his mum made him wash and clean up the entire house...for his own party! Haha...and all the while, he had no clue at all that this was coming...You should have seen his face when he thought what was supposed to be seafood dinner in Coconut Flower with the guys, turned out to be one big circus party in his own home! While he was on his way out to his 'imaginary seafood dinner', the rest of us gathered anxiously at his home, with the help of the parents, naturally...and once we got all the food and people in, it was finally time for surprise!!

You should have seen the look on his face when he opened his house door...the his horror, the entire house was filled with youths and ranger friends!! that's what I call a farewell party! There were loads of food, drinks, an emo session specially for him, a special toast for him from his fellow Kiwi brother, and loads of photo-taking session. But the best part is...he had no idea at all about this party! Thanks everyone for your support and for keeping things quiet for once...:) And as for you Shaun...all I can say is..."Bodoh la, you...." Hahahahahhahaah!

Enjoy the pics, courtesy of Ms. Sheila Yong! Click on the link below and have a fun time spotting your pics...providing you were at the party in the first place...duhhhh!

Alright pals...time for me to hit the sacks. Got my silky elephant-design pyjamas all ready...thank God its Friday!! Bring out that disco ball and get the party started! More food for Malaysians....more air for Malaysians...Shaun's gone to NZ!

Take care bro...and we'll see you soon enough! First hand news from Irvin: "Flip! My brother has finished my chocolates..." Well done, dude. Dont stop there! Move on to the cookie jar...

And oh, we'll dedicate a couple of goals in memory of you, too...when we futsal EVERY sunday...:)

Our mascot, our brother, our friend...and punching bag. God bless, Shaunie!