Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ranger Basic Course 2010

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the 18 leaders from Selangor #6 who attended the RR Ranger Basic Course on the 10th of April 2010 @ GTAK. We pray that this course will help you and benefit you greatly in your service as a RR commander.

Once again, congratulations to the following individuals who successfully completed the course:

From back row to front (left to right):

Jeff Yee, Suresh Kumar, Nelson Suresh, Chan Chiew Hoe, Jayson Phuan, Michael Tan, Raymond Tay, Aaron Teh, Robert Chan, Alex Lee, Julian Koay, Aaron Lee, Sheila Yong, Jen Furn, Sherlyn Wong, Pas. Mike Kuna (trainer), Melissa Tan, Yap Pei Jun, Amy Joy Tan, Benny Tan (not in pic)

A special thanks to Pas. Mike Kuna from Sel #1 for conducting the Ranger Basic Course training. God bless!

"With God's help, I will do my best..."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

E-Rangers Survival Camp 2010!

On the 17-19th of March 2010, the Expedition Rangers of Selangor #6 GTAK held its annual ER Survival Camp (plus another night of low-impact camping). A total of 18 rangers and 6 commanders attended this year's edition of our much-awaited Survival Camp held in an undisclosed location in KKB. And what an awesome camp we had this time! 3 fantastic days of valuable camping and survival experience.

As part of the requirement to complete the Silver Wilderness Survival merit, the rangers were required to go for a overnight camp in the forest, build their own shelter from native materials, catch and cook their meals, start a fire without using matches, keep the fire going all night long, and most importantly...survive the night! Well, I'm glad to say that all 18 of them made it through the night extremely well and we're all really proud at how they performed out there! Well done, boys and girls...

Camp Commander William Ong leading the survivors into the forest. Each ranger was allowed to only bring in their survival kit pouch and the clothes that they were wearing into the forest.

The rangers being led deep into the forest...

Ranger Trisha getting down to business immediately with building her shelter.

The ladies working as a unit to get their shelter up and running before noon.

Ranger Michelle Lee starting fire without using matches...

Dinner time! Here's ranger Vanessa with her dinner - alive and kicking!

Ranger David and Benson having the time of their life slicing and dicing up their dinner!

Ranger Matt cooking his dinner - caveman style!

After a night of surviving the wild forest, what a relief to be back in base camp the day after! Here's Cmdr Reuben & Cmdr Julian conducting the de-briefing.

What would you do the morning after Survival Camp? Sleep and tie yourself up in the hammock, for safety.

Cmdr. Kenny - the effect of watching too much chinese kungfu shows.

Blowpipe competition at night - Kenneth & Cmdr Zhi Fung @ 'The Sniper' in action!

Have you ever seen a target board look this amusing? Neither have I :)

Survivors - 2010 Sel #6 ER Survival Camp

"Truly, we have overcome..."

Many thanks to Cmdr. Kenny for the photos. To view more pics, please do click on the 'RR Selangor #6 Photo Gallery' link on the right. Enjoy the pics, and re-live the memories!

God bless...