Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, May 08, 2015

Hear, Hear! #10

TGIF! A testimony to welcome the weekend.

I am Tan Jia Wen. 13 years old this year. I joined Royal Rangers since 2013. I started attending Rangers because my brothers invited me. In Rangers, there are a lot of activities such as Cookarama, Outpost Camp, Pow Wow and more. I've joined Pow Wow, Outpost Camp, AR Camp and Cookarama. I learn about God from the bible lessons that are taught. I've also learnt about fire safety, camping, nature study, communication and more from the commanders. There are 4 age groups which are Rangers Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers and Expedition Rangers. Each age group has 2 or more patrols. In our own patrol, we cooperate together and create song and yell for the patrol. In my patrol, I learned how to cooperate with other Rangers. When I was 12, I joined Adventure Rangers. After a few weeks, I had a lot of friends. They are kind, funny and helpful. We always work together as a team. Every time I talk to them, I feel very happy. About a month ago, the Adventure Rangers went to Bukit Cahaya to collect wood and leave samples for our Nature Study merit. Some of us cycled while some of us walked. Halfway through, I felt very tired that I almost fainted. Two of the AR commanders, Cmdr. Phaik Joo and Cmdr. Trisha helped me. They fanned me, asked me to drink more water and bought a bottle of 100Plus for me. I felt so much better at the end and I am very thankful to my commanders that helped me when I needed help and I learnt that my commanders will be there for me every time. So, during Outpost Camp, we went hiking and I proved to my commanders that helped me that I can do it without help and not feel tired anymore. At the end of the hike, I felt very happy that I made it. I did feel tired but I did not faint. I am proud of myself. The commanders and the Rangers helped me a lot. I am very thankful for my brothers who invited me to Rangers and helped me in Rangers. I am also very thankful to my commanders and also my friends. Royal Rangers taught me the best lessons, is the best place for me to be and the best place to learn about life. This is Home.

We're truly glad that you came to join our big family Jia Wen (: Here's to doing life together for many more years to come! 


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Hear, Hear! #9

Hey guys! My name’s Xing Yi and I’m going to talk about my experiences in Royal Rangers!

So technically I have been in Rangers for approximately 10 years now. started when i was 5, and now I’m 15 years old! To start this off, i would like to explain to you what Royal Rangers is. Royal Rangers is a mentoring program that provides Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for ages as young as 5 to 17 in a highly relational and fun environment.

In Rangers, everything is done in a really friendly environment ; around amazing and friendly people. The things done in Rangers go from bible studies trto getting your merits done! There are several groups a ranger will be in. Starting with Ranger Kids (from ages 5-9) to Discovery Rangers (ages 9-11) then Adventure Rangers (ages 12-14) and after that to Expedition Rangers (ages 15-17).

Now back to my experiences in rangers. As i started at the age of 5, i was in Ranger Kids. I didn’t like it at first to be honest because i didn’t know anybody there and i was a really shy kid (still am by the way). I stopped Rangers for a week or two but came back in after that. Made some friends and that was where all the fun began. There was the running, chasing, colouring, memorising bible verses. That was seriously all the fun.

When I came up to Discovery, some harder work was given. This doesn't mean the fun stopped though. The new level of fun came in which was something that might be familiar to you. CAMPS. My first ever camp was to Camporama 2009. Going to that camp was an amazing experience for anyone who likes the outdoors and like well the jungle. There was tons of really interesting and very enjoyable games ; some individual, others in groups.

I really enjoy going to camps, especially Outpost Camps. It brings tons of joy to everyone who goes for them. You get to learn how to cook or lash and a bunch of other skills. Lets not forget about the games and competitions though.

Now stop wait a minute, i also have learned tons of amazing bible lessons from rangers! Like when Noah built the ark or when Abraham led the israelites out of Egypt. It’s not that i don't know but i actually get to understand them a lot better.

As a conclusion, rangers really can shape people up. Not really in a physical way (that can work too, either way) but more in a way on how we think. How we look at things around us.

Indeed Royal Rangers provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for boys and girls in a highly relational and fun environment.  Our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and women and lifelong servant leaders. Here's to building many more generations for His kingdom!