Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, December 23, 2005


Heeeeeeya santas!

Just to let you all know...the RR T-Shirts are ready for purchasing! Spread the word around...for those of you who want the shirts asap or maybe distribute them as gifts, pls let me know the sizes and quantity. Just to let you know, the sizes available are Baby-T, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Guess wat? We've even lowered the prices of the shirts for this festive season! Now you can get the black and white shirt for RM10 a piece!!! Ain't that amazing?

So dont wait for santa to give you one....come and get it!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

E-Rangers Christmas Lunch 2005

Hey hey! Sorry for the long winter blog-break...been busy with christmas caroling, work, youth camp preparations, music practices, life, the kids, the family....haih...anyway, as promised, the photos of the lunch gathering is available for viewing. Hopefully you'll be able to catch what happened that afternoon, based on the story for each pic. Indeed, a picture speaks a thousand words...

But before's everyone doin? How's the christmas season so far? Loaded up your christmas socks with lots of toys and gifts? For those of you out there with lots of cash and no one to spend it on...I would be glad to volunteer myself to be lavished by you. I would gladly except all the gifts you'd shower me. And the best part, I'll take them all. If you're not sure what to buy for me this Christmas, just get the whole list. I wont complain...:)

Remember rangers, dont let Christmas pass us by without us even knowing about it. Take some time off to share the joy of Christmas with someone in need. You'll never know how your actions will bless that special person today...Till then, God bless!

Our usual suspects...all geared up and hungry! Trust wouldn't want to be around them when they're hungry and noisy...

The van that contained the cute, cuddly males...being trailed by the female circus vehicle!

Yup, the E-rangers and the fellowship of the long table...Julian as usual...showing off his pits...Julian's Christmas wishlist : Deodorant, shaver, and shaving cream!

A glimpse of the stuff that ran down our throats and into our bellies...

Check out Lup Yan's million dollar, award winning smile...

Shaun together with Mr. Ketiak and our American Red-Indian friend, Silas 'Little Bull' Khor!

Jays, Nigel and know they're up to something no good when they're sitting side by side together...

Ben 'The Monk' Hien...

Eric and Flyguy Kenny...together with...yea...Shaun Lim...he's like a mushroom! Popping around here and there...

The males getting it on after a hearty meal...Care for some tea/coffee with salt? Pepper? How about chilli sauce?

Pics from the other side...the crazier side of the world...

The ladies who FORCED the cameraman to take their pics...

Girls doing their thing...near the front of a full-body mirror...believe me, these ppl can take photos ANYWHERE!

Presenting you the champion! The 'Vain-Pot of The Year 2005' winner...

Amy showing us where her brain was supposed to be...Phaik Joo looking all nerdy and studious...Lisa...well, monkey see monkey do! :)

All in all, it was a great day of fun, good food, beautiful atmosphere, lots of joy and laughter, and plenty of smiles, enjoying and irritating one another...the big happy family of E-rangers! Exactly the way Christmas is supposed to be!

Merry Christmas, rangers! And have a blast of a New Year!

With love,

Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Wish List

Hey rangers! the song goes, its the most wonderrrrrrful time of the year! Christmas coming up....youth camp....woooo hoooo!!! Seeing that Christmas is just around the corner (to be more precise, its exactly one week away), after carefully observing and studying the behaviours of the E-rangers, The Boss has come up with a Christmas wish list for these rangers. After giving it much thought, it was found that the gift allocated to each ranger was just right for them...

1) Phaik Joo - An Indian boyfriend...:) Kau-kau India-mari wan...
2) Hui Lin - Friends who HAVE an indian boyfriend...hehe!
3) Amy Tan - An Indian boyfriend too! (a very very dark-looking one too...) Ok, before she merajuk, we better give her a basketball too...and some whitening cream for her bf...:)
4) Amy Joy - more chindians in the world....
5) Cheryl - something to help her with her laugh...cauz it sounds like a car engine starting! hehe...
6) Kevin Chin - Nokia N-gage phone...he's always playing with one!
7) Simon - Water with chilly sauce...the evil side in him appears! muaahahaa...
8) Shaun - A football...or basically anything that's round and can be kicked about...
9) Jayson - the best gift of all...Lup Yan! (They seem so happy together...)
10) Benjamin - guessed it right...Jayson phuan!
11) William - a big Lup Yan soft-toy for him to beat up!
12) Andrew - A loud hailer...cause he talks kinda' soft! (Yea right!)
13) Thomas - some silence in the world...Oh holy night...
14) Joshua - A football...enough to make him happy throughout eternity!
15) Lup Yan - seaweed, barbie dolls, salt n pepper, a turkey, king kong, and of course...Big bird from Sesame Street!

Keep a lookout for photos from the E-rangers Christmas Lunch gathering last sat on the 17th of Dec! Awesome pics...

Till then, God bless!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Looking ahead - Week 50!

Hey rangers, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen!

Yup, its finally here. Week 50 of 2005! That means...there's exactly 18 more days to go before we kiss goodbye to year 2005 and embrace the wonders of 2006! Has 2005 been good to you? A memorable year? A year to forget? All this will be discovered soon enough...

Just a quick reminder to all Expedition Rangers...for this saturday's Christmas lunch, please meet in church at 12.00pm sharp!!! What do you have to bring? RM10 and an empty stomach...
What we're gonna do? Eat, have fun, be merry, play with Santa Claus, make friends with his elves, pretend to be Christmas trees, sit on reindeer....the usual stuff lar. Its gonna be a blast!

Just a quick update also...for those of you out there who has not signed up for Youth Camp 2005...what's wrong with you??? Its less than 2 weeks away and what are you doin here staring at the computer screen??? Get your bottoms moving and sign up with the Youth Camp committee when you see them! You could also go directly to higher Cmdr. Gideon or Cmdr. Kenny 'The Fly' Chin...

Of late..something very very disturbing has been bothering me...gone are the days where rangers used to name their patrols after distinguished animals...such as ox, buffalo, horse, bear, cow, monkey, ape, king kong, rooster, turkey....nowadays, rangers prefer to name themselves after irritating pests...such as kutu...and kutu...and kutu....and some even resort to calling themselves....shieldtox....and ridsect....haih....what's happening to the world....the world i knew...

Oh by the way...our missionaries from Sarawak are coming home tonight...welcome home, honey!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

RR T-shirts! Its closer than you think...

Hey yaaaa!

I know I know...some of you must have been thinking that I forgot all about the new rangers t-shirts....well, good news is...the tees will be out very very soon! I just received a sample of it last night...comes in both black and white. Let me tell looks good...its really good....or maybe its me who makes it look good! haha...

Well, the t-shirt comes in both black and white. The sizes available are baby tees (size 34), S, M, L, XL and for Collin...XXL! The price for the gorgeous white ones are RM12 a piece while the awesome black ones go for RM13 a piece. If I were you, dont bother cracking your head using up all those precious and rare brain cells of yours thinking about which colour to buy...If I were you, I'd buy both!!! Take my word for it..

For those of you who forgot how it looks's the exact design of how its gonna be...

Do keep a lookout for the next annoucement regarding our very own Selangor #6 Royal Rangers T-shirt! Hmm..come to think about it, I guess it'll make a very good Christmas gift...

Keep 'em in prayer, rangers!

Hi rangers! How has the week been for you guys and girls? I'm sure the SPM students miss those lovely days of studying and burning midnight oil...hehe. Anyway, now that its over, why not take these times to do something meaningful and significant for God...even as Christmas is approaching, lets all do our part and put a smile on the faces of those who are less priviledged than us. Share the joy, spread the love, people!

This week, do keep our youths and rangers in prayer as they are away for mission trip. There's actually 2 mission trips going on at the same time. One group, led by Cmdr. Gideon, is in Sarawak...while another group, led by Cmdr. Jeffrey Lim, is up north in Thailand. There's almost 30 rangers and youths away for mission at this moment in time and pleaseeeeee do keep them in prayer! Remember, even if we can't be there for one reason or another, always remember to pray for God's protection upon them as they share His good news and also pray that through them, God will move mightily. As most of them are first-timers in missions, pray that their lives will be touch in a very special way...and that God will birth the burden for missions in their hearts!

For those of you SPM dudes who's got nothing to do right now...may I suggest a few things to do...

1) Help out in Meru Corner...for free! :)
2) Help out in church office...for free! :)
3) Help out in orphanages...of course lar for free! :)
4) Go visit an old folk's home and just make the seniors there feel loved...and to let them know that they're not forgotten...
5) Do something today to bless someone whom you've taken for granted...
6) Organize a futsal match!!!
7) Take a whole bunch of Youth Camp brochures, go to the morning market/supermarket/hypermarket/night market...and promote youth camp!

Now here's a list of what NOT to do...

1) Join Lup Yan in a cybecafe and start shooting at people...
2) Start a CS tournament with Lup Yan...
3) Try to drive your dad's car without his permission...
4) Sit in front of your computer for as long as you can till your eyeballs pop out from its sockets!
5) Be a couch potato and put on weight!

Alright guys and girls, you all have a great holiday ok? And always remember...think before you do anything! With that said, all the best in finding stuff to do to fill up your days and till we meet again...God bless!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

RR Meeting - 4th Dec 2005

Howdy' Rangers!

Just to let you all know...there will be Royal Rangers this sunday at 1.30pm! Please bring along your cousins, your kids, your nephews and nieces, your uncles and aunties who feel young...

Just an update - Expedition Rangers, this sunday we'll be completing the Wilderness Survival merit. So please bring along your Advancements books!

Adventure Rangers (boys), have fun during your hiking trip and overnight camp tmw! Always remember to watch out for yourselves and your buddies, and dont do anything your commanders wouldn't do...have a great trip!

Ranger kids, come prepared for a time of great fun and craftworks prepared specially by your 'huggy bear' commanders!

Discovery rangers, we've got a surprise in store for you...

See ya this Sunday! God bless...

Survivor Series 2005 - Part 3

Alright...we've finally come to te final 7 hours of the survival camp...and I'll be taking you through a series of events that happened in those final closing moments...

2.00 am (final day) : Everyone seems tired out after a very very trying they all decided to call it a night...all of them stayed together under the leader's shelter. This was done not because their shelter was poor. In fact, they all had pretty good shelters erected. This was done with the safety of the campers in mind. Some decided to keep the fire going and continued to cook their dinner...Always keep the fire going. A very important rule in Survival Camp...and also in life!

12.30 am : In the silence of the night...all of a sudden, Cheryl wakes up and asks loudly, "What time is it, ha?" And as expected, we all shouted..."Sleeeeeeep lar!!!"

12.45 am : So far so good...everyone seems asleep...the silence of the night was broken by an eerie noise which sounded like wild boars. Those who heard it...kept silent...waiting to see if something would appear before our surprise, it was Cmdr. Jeff's snore. And then another snore came from little man, Daniel. And then another...and then was orchestra! We have the high-pitched well as the low-bass ones...amazing. Gave each of them a whack and the kept silent...

2.00 am : I was awaken by voices nearby to where we were sleeping. Apparently, some of the ranger girls were awake..and they were trying to keep the fire going. Phaik Joo, Lisa, Cheryl, Amy Joy...they were all expected. I guess they couldn't really sleep with all those noises and not forgetting...the smell of wet socks all around the camp.

2.15 am : Tried to sleep but was awaken by a comotion. Lup Yan was looking for a buddy to follow him go do his..erhmm..'small business'. Many were invited...but neither wanted to follow him as the rest didn't feel the need to. Not too sure what happened after that. But I guess he managed to force someone to follow him....threatening to pee all over the campsite.

4.00 am : Practically everyone was up...Cmdr Kenny was clearly disturbed by the noise. Heard Phaik Joo clearly saying how sad she was that it hadn't rain during the camp. She even said a prayer...asking God to let it rain...cant really blame her. After all, she hasn't taken her bath yet, played with a chicken all day long, and started to smell funny too. Let me tell you...God certainly has a funny side in Him...and those of you who thought our prayers weren't powerful....think again.

6.00 am : Thanks to Phaik Joo's prayer, it rained. And it started to rain elephant and cows! Everyone started scrambling and headed back to their shelter...desperately looking for their ponchos. The night was cold...and when it started to rain, it began to freeze. Most of them were shiverring...I was...all we could do was to wait and pray that the rain would stop, hopefully.

6.20 am : Went to check on the other see how they were doin. The girls seemed fine. The guys...not too sure. Found Lup Yan stranded in one corner of the jungle. He had no idea where his torchlight is...and thus, couldn't go very far. And so he decided to just stand in the rain, under the trees. There were supposed to be 7 guys across the river in their shelters...from a distance, I could only see 5 of them. Began to get worried. But then I realized...Daniel and Joshua were doing their 'natural camouflage' thingie...looked for them carefully, and I finally saw their eyes.

6.45 am : The campers began to start packing up and dismantling their shelters. The rain had finally stopped. Things got a bit brighter as the sun began to rise. What a comforting sight. After going through a night of darkness...finally there's light at the end. The campers slowly made their way out of the forest...all wet, but glad and satisfied that the testing is finally over.

7.00 am : Everyone's now gathered at the car park...the girls made a make shift 'changing room' using towels and ponchos. The usual...there's a tarzan in each one of them....had no problem changing in public...Now that we've changed and freshen up, we're ready to go home! Everyone loaded up into the van and car...and as we left that place, we cant help but feel that this camp has taught us many things and showed us many things about ourselves.

7.15 am : There was an eerie silence in the van...everyone was finally asleep and finally charlie's angels we're QUIET! Not bad...another golden moment in life. The drive back was uneventful. Had the usual suspects Shaun and Daniel Raj keeping me awake and entertained. Thank God for William as my co-pilot...he seems to know his way around this area quite well...

8.45 am : Reached Klang safe and sound. After much prayer and consideration...looking at our adverse condition..we decided to give ourselves a treat by going for Bak Kut Teh for our breakfast. Klang BKT...simply lovely! And after what we've been through, even the tea tasted soooooo good! Everyone ate till they could not contain any more. Oh btw, our dear Cmdr Jeffrey decided to bring home a little surprise back from the his amazament, a huge fat leech pooped out from his shoes and decided to go for a walk after such a heavy meal. Full of blood, this leech could hardly move around freely. What a sight...

9.45 am : Reached church compound. Unloaded all the stuff back into the cabin, cleaned the van...and we were on our way back home.

The past 24 hours has been life-changing...looking at the Expedition Rangers...when they entered the jungle, they were merely boys and girls. But as they left that forest, they came out as young men and women...The obstacles they faced during the camp..hunger, stress, tiredness, giving up, stretching ourselves, going the extra mile, frustrations....these are some of the things that will continue to hinder us in our lives. But as I looked at their response, they countered all these challenges with determination, team work, dedication, a spirit of togetherness, never giving up, always keeping their spirits high, and most of all...showing the will to succeed.

I personally believe in this type of training methods. There's always something for me to learn after every survival camp I helped me become a simpler person, less complicated and most of all, it made me cherish the things we take for granted. And we constantly need to be reminded of these basic things in life. It has also reminded me time and time again, that I need God. We need to learn to put our trust in God...trusting Him in ALL things. God...He's in church on sundays, he's in rooms when we pray, and I knew for sure that He was watching over us that night in the camp. I pray that this camp will change the lives of the rangers that went through it...just as it has changed mine. Keep a lookout for the 7th edition of Survival Camp...God bless!

"Do you have what it takes to be a Survivor?"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Survival Camp pics!

The rangers posing beside Batu Dam...notice something weird about the picture?

The entrance to the survival campsite

Cmdr. Reuben handing out final emergency supplies for the survivors-to-be...

The Alpha Male survivor group...

Lup Yan and co. pretending to look busy... looking for shelter material
The girls together with 'Big Foot' under their shelter...

Aww...such happy girls...with their knife and their headless pet...

Charlie's Angels together with their headless bird...notice PJ with the knife? Believe me guys, she's dangerous...

The guys' turn to get into action...violent, eh? Joshua, Daniel and a pirate...

Family dinner...cavemen style! The food turned out great, surprisingly!

Stay posted, guys and gals. More pics to come!

More Survival Camp pics!

People can talk the talk...but these rangers walked the walk...

That's Rambo standing under the leader's shelter...the pride of the camp!

Shaun busy at work trying to get the foundation of his shelter seen here posing for the camera!
All smiles after a hard day's work...of talking...

The girls looking for a place to do

Survivor Series 2005 - Part 2 that I have some time to spare, let's see if I can finish up this amazing tale known as 'Survivor Series' seen through the eyes of The Boss. Ok, here's the continuation of the amazing journey of 14 trainees on the journey of self-discovery...

12.00 pm : The 3 groups have been assigned their respective camping spots. Even the commanders have chosen their place. The girls we're pretty happy with the spot assigned to it was on a relatively high ground, nearby a stream, safe distance from the smelly boys. They marked their territory by throwing their stuff all over the place...The guys we're even more creative. They marked their area by peeing all over the place. Typical guys' tactic. Well done, boys.

By this time, 80 percent of the girls said that they wanted to go home. They couldnt stand the leeches, the mud, and the jungle. However, all this was about to change...

12.30 pm : The girls have begun collecting firewood and materials needed to make their wood, bamboo and vines. Things are progressing nicely for them. 6 of them make quite a team, I must say. Working hard and most importantly, working as a team.

As for the guys, no progress as of yet. Most of them are still wondering when will they be given the keys to their hotel rooms...trying to figure out what camp they actually signed up for...most of them looking lost and in need of counselling.

The leaders also got their construction project underway. Cutting and chopping up bamboo and wood to make a shelter big enough and worthy of admiration.

3.00 pm : The girls' shelter is complete. It looks good...a fantastic effort considering the fact that
all of them are first timers in Survival Camp. The shelter structure was made of bamboo and roofed with fern leafs. Good job, girls. Have a look at the photos. It looks good...just like 'em, girls!

As for the guys, not bad...things are going well. By now they have an IDEA of what they're supposed to do...and have begun collecting wood for fire and shelter. I noticed they kept looking over at the girls...trying to get some idea of what they're supposed to make.

The leader's shelter is up and ready for occupying. Looks expected. Able to fit in all the campers and high enough for people to walk in and out without much hassle. To celebrate the successful construction, the leaders decided to have a house cooking chicken curry with rice for lunch. Mind you that this was a party for 3... just to add to the stress factor for the campers.

4.00 pm : The time has come to get down to business...its chicken-slaughtering time!!! For all the foul smell and suffering the chicken put us through...its time to get even. All the campers were armed with their survival knives...looking menacingly at the poor innocent birds. The campers took their chickens to the slaughter area, beside a stream. This is the time where men and women are separated from the boys and girls. Believe me, what happened next isn't child's play. Life was at stake. Dinner was at stake. There was no room for error...
Somehow I had this feeling that the chicken knew it was going to be slaughtered. After all, one of the 5 decided to commit suicide even before we had the chance to slaughter it. Most of them said it died due to suffocation. But I believe it died because it saw someone's face...

4.20 pm : The walk to the slaughter house was interesting...the campers were coming out with all sorts of methods of making the chicken's death less painful. Some suggested drowning the chicken. Some even said why not hit the chicken on the head till it faints, then cut off its head. One camper even suggested twisting its neck. Another suggested that we use the chicken to eat up the leeches, then cut its head off the next morning.

4.30 pm : First up...the boys. Most of them have never done this before in their lives. The idea was simple. One guy would hold the wings down firm, another would hold the head and pull, and the third would cut it off. Simple eh? haha...that's what we thought. When the first group tried to do it, they ended up sawing off the poor bird's head. All this thanks to their blunt survival knife. The chicken probably had to endure almost 30 seconds of head-sawing. And when it finally came off, what a relief. For the chicken, I mean...God rest it's soul. The term 'headless chicken' really made sense now...thumbs up for the guys that made it happen.

For the guys, it wasn't really a hassle. Most of them we're brave enough to do it. The fun part was when the girls tried to do it. When it came to Phaik Joo, Lisa and Cheryl's turn, it was them who ended up screaming all the way...instead of the chicken. As Phaik Joo was sawing off the chicken's head, her own head was turned away...screaming and sawing!!! What a sight...

Laura, Alison and Amy Joy too had a fun time. But maybe not as 'drama-queen-ish' as the previous girl's group. However, their chicken seems to be the most active and energetic off the 5. While having its head taken apart, the chicken was flapping furiously and causing all sorts of problems to the girls. A job well done by Alison for safely securing and making sure that the headless chic didn't go flying about.

All in all, great fun...moments in life to remember.

5.00 pm : Time to clean up the chicken...if you thought cutting off its head was bad, this is where it gets worse. The only good part about it was that the campers had a nice time trying to identify which organ is which. The liver, the heart, the kidneys, the lungs, the stomach, the intestines...biology class at its best! Cleaning up the chicken was a mess. Started off with the feathers...after some time of plucking the feathers, the campers got impatient and decided to skin the chicken! Healthier lifestyle, so they said. Girls and guys do things very differently...the girls decided to cut the chicken up into smaller pieces and wrapping it up with aluminium foil, while the boys resorted to roasting the whole bird. Oh by the way, after cleaning up the chicken, this is the part where Lup Yan began to feel nauseous and fainty....

6.30 pm : Campers tried to get their fire started...but all ended in vain. With a little help from above (intervention of the commanders), the campers managed to get their fire going and begun cooking their headless chicken. Oh, did I mention that we had some visitors during the camp? Yup...Collin, Daniel the Pua, Zhi Fung and Daniel the Iban decided to drop by to see how we were coping. Thanks for dropping by guys...and finishing up our food.

7.30 pm : Things were getting a bit dark by now. The campers were still working hard to keep their fire going. Remember, no dinner. Their dinner depended on it. Some resorted to burning cardboard boxes, burning their hair, and even burning wood from their shelter. But after cooking the chicken for more than an hour...all the hard work finally paid off. It's always nice to see rangers sitting around a campfire...sharing their dinner together...telling stories of the day...laughing and smiling after a long day's work.

As for the leaders, we too deserved our share of pampering after a hard day's work of helping out the trainees and motivating them mentally! Tonight was going to be a feast for us leaders. Spaghetti with mushrooms and pasta sauce cooked over a campfire? Impossible you think? We made it possible....a lovely dinner to top off a perfect day. The weather so far has been superb. I honestly believe that God held back the rain for almost 2 days just for us to have a awesome camp....

9.00 pm : After freshening up and cleaning ourselves, the leaders decided to do something special for the night. For the first time ever in a survival camp, there was a council fire for the campers. The purpose of this special councilfire was get the campers together, sit around the fire and fellowship with one another as a family of rangers. We had a time of sharing, talking about what went wrong and what went right throughout the day...helping out one another and giving each other moral support. I dont know about the rest...but in the dark of the night, in the chill of the lonely forest, sitting in front of a campfire gave me a sense of hope...a sense of assurance that everything's gonna be alright. There was something special about it...a comforting presence...

From this point, Cmdr. Reuben felt that it was a perfect time for the Expedition Rangers to get together to pray for the needs that were in our hearts. The rangers prayed for one another, imparting blessings into the life of their fellow rangers, and then we prayed also for 2 specific individuals that had a very special need for God's touch in their life. That night, God came and visited us. Its not as though His presence wasn't with us throughout the beginning of the camp...but that night when we began worshipping God, I just felt his presence so strong in that place...the place where we were standing. I knew God was there. Its a feeling that cant be put into words...but something that needed to be experienced. The prayer session ended with a prayer by the outpost commander, who prayed over each ranger. Truly, something happened in that place that night...

10.30 pm : The rangers continued to hang about the leader's shelter. To them, this is as close as they'll be to a 5-star resort in the jungle. They continued to cook their chicken and potatoes using the councilfire...talking and laughing the whole night through. It was just a great time of fellowship. At this point, 2 rangers (Daniel and Shaun) decided to act macho by wandering off to a nearby shelter, leaving the rest behind. They attempted to re-act the legendary 'bird throwing stone' scene of past survival camps...but failed miserably as no one fell for their lame attempts. Better luck next time, dudes. The only thing that kept us on our guard was the stories of wild boars being around that area...just to note, the camp management had told us that wild boars are quite common around this area and that they would sometimes attack humans.

12.30 am : Things are beginning to quiten down a bit. Even the non-stop-talking Phaik Joo went silent for about 5 mins. A sign that she was human after all. Everyone decided to call it a night and after much deliberation by the commanders, they allowed the campers to stay together in a common area...purely for safety purposes.

And what was about to happen next, I'll save it for the final episode of Survivor Series 2005 - Part 3! Do catch the ending of this amazing journey, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. Till then, God bless!

Survivor Series 2005 - Part 1

Nov 25th - 26th 2005, Survival Camp 2005! What a truly amazing survival camp this turned out to be! For those of you who missed it...pity...what a pity...for those of you who made it to the camp, well done lads....Anyway, just for the sake of those who missed it, for the next few days, this blog is gonna be filled with survival camp stories and photos, just to give the rest a feel of what's it like being out there. Nevertheless, always remember that no story or picture could ever compare to actually being there for the camp! Here's a detail log of the journey of 14 survivors, 3 survival camp veterans, and 5 feathered friends which we call DINNER!

The list of Survivors :

1) Amy Joy Tan @ Mary's Lamb
2) Lisa Lee Hui Lin @ The Terminator
3) Saw Phaik Joo @ The Mouth, The Noise, The Loud-speaker, Power-Amp
4) Alison Seow @ Meanie Mee
5) Laura Yee @ Jungle Queen
6) Cheryl Lim @ Engine Starter, starter-rosak
7) Kevin Chin @ The Second-Chance Man
8) Daniel Raj @ The Darkness, Invisible Man
9) Simon @ The Scout
10) Joshua Das @ Silent Killer, Invisible Man 2
11) Chee Lup Yan @ The Seaweed Nut, Mr Vitamin C
12) Andrew Yew @ Mr. Hailer, Alarm Clock
13) William Ong @ Karate Kid
14) Shaun Lim @ 2 timer, Mr Sepet

The Survivor Camp Veterans...

1) Cmdr Reuben @ The Brain
2) Cmdr Kenny @ Bob The Builder
3) Cmdr Jeffrey @ Rambo, The Terrorist, The Bomber, One-Man Army

The 5 feathered friends...

5 whitish-brownish chickens who smell as bad as they look. that you know who's who...and I'm sure by now you've probably heard many stories of what happened in the below to find out what REALLY seen through the eyes of The Boss.

7.50am : The Boss arrives in church with the Darkness and Silent Killer. Goes over to uncle Cephas' house to ask for the van key. A very scary the keys without much hassle. Mission accomplished.

8.00am : Cmdr. Kenny arrives with a load of campers. He unloads something from his car that really smells. The smell travelled as far as Bayu Perdana and Kapar. Malaysian Meteorological Dept reports that the API (air Pollution Index) rose from 80 to 450 (hazardous) in a matter of minutes. The cause? 5 chickens...which look like they really needed a bath.

8.15am : 15 out of the 17 campers are already in church. Waiting for the other 2 Charlie's angels who were caught in jam. After much prayer, they (Cheryl and Hui Lin) finally arrived.

8.30am : Loaded all the campers into the van and the oldies into the car. A moment to remember...Cmdr. Reuben's first time driving a van and cmdr. Kenny's first time driving Cmdr. Reuben's car. The van...not bad. Its the closest thing to actually driving a bus. Those in the van had a good time getting to know the chicken better and they eventually smell the same as the chickens. Lovely...

8.45 am : Went for breakfast at Restoran I Love You mamak in BBK. What a cheesy name. Had their last 'civilized' meal before facing the challenge ahead of them. Everyone's spirit was high and there was a sense of excitement in the air. The restaurant's toilet was crowded that morn. Everyone was rushing to use it...something they might miss over the next couple of days. Some even left farewell messages in the loo...

9.30 am : The journey began. After saying a prayer for safe journey, we were on our way to KKB. Along the way, the usual stuff happened. Campers disturbing the toll ladies...disturbing other road users...lup yan talking nonsense...lup yan talking to the chicken...chickens trying to commit suicide after seeing Lup Yan's face...Daniel Raj needing to go to toilet every 5 mins...

10.30 am : Reached Batu Dam. What a beautiful sight! Keep a lookout for picture of the dam. Took lots of photos. Girls as usual trying to be vain.

10.45 am : Reached Laman Bistari, KKB. Campers unloaded the stuff from the van. After a short briefing from the commanders, a survival kit check was conducted. At this point, any unauthorized item was confiscated. For example, Lup Yan brought along soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, seaweed, vitamins, cooking stove, a small tent, umbrella, junk food, chicken food...which were ALL illegal. What he was SUPPOSED to bring, he didn't bring. Like aluminium foil, matchbox. And oh...he did bring along raincoat which came together with colour pencils... :) As for the girls, many of them were honest and brought only what they wre allowed to bring. But a few of them resorted to hiding stuff in certain places...

11.00 am : Made our way into the camp grounds. Cmdr Kenny gave a briefing on how to handle the in how to sweet talk the chicken before cutting off its head, how to pluck feathers, how to clean it's inside, and how to prepare it for cooking. Hearing about it is one thing...doing it is another, as you'll find out later on.

11.15 am : Started the walk into the jungle to find a spot to camp. We didn't know that the campsite management actually prepared a welcome party for the 17 of us. They got the whole army of leeches, starving and hungry for human blood, to greet us as we entered the jungle. Most of the campers had no idea what a leech is...but as usual, most of them resorted to screaming at the top of their lungs when a leech got onto their feet...instead of removing it. Fat ones, skinny ones, long ones, short ones...they were there waiting for us. The campers had a great time getting to know them.

11.40 am : Found the spot the camp on. The campers were placed at locations nearby each other. As this place is known for its notorious wild boars, staying nearby one another seems a good idea. Even the leaders decided not to use the tents they brought along...but instead decided to build their own shelter, to show the campers why they're called Commanders. Campers were split into 3 groups. The bonus prize of Lup Yan was awarded to Daniel Raj and Andrew Yew. Clap clap! From this point onwards, the real fun begins.

For the next part of Survivor Series 2005, pls check this site later in the evening. Right now I'm supposed to be working. Gtg now. Boss around the corner! God bless...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

2 days to go!

Hey ya guys! My apologies for not updating the site for the past few days...been busy with work...taking care of the kids...entertaining Lup Yan....the usual stuff. Anyway, E-rangers...listen up! SURVIVAL CAMP is less than 2 days away!!! I'm sure these are exciting time, eh?

This is a friendly reminder....pls take note of the details below :

1) You MUST bring everything stated in the list. Your life depends on those items! :) If you dont have the list...make sure to call your commanders!
2) Be in church this friday (25th Nov) at 8.00am sharp. Please make sure you guys have enough sleep the night before. Dont let me catch you guys chatting online at 4.00am in da morning! Sleep is VERY important. Why? You'll find out soon enough.
3) Dont let anyone tell you tales of the hotel that we're staying in for the survival camp. Just to add...Lup Yan kept asking me about the toilet facilities for the survival camp...and I told him, "Its all around you..." Go figure.
4) One important msg...Do not at any given moment try to play 'hide and seek' in the jungle at night. Not only is it dangerous and that you might get lost..but its unfair as some of our fellow rangers have a natural camouflage and cant be seen at night...:)
5) Be prepared to go the limits, do things you never thought you'd do in this lifetime, eat stuff you never thought could be eaten...and most of all...enjoy nature and live your life totally dependant on God and what the jungle has to offer you! :)

Its gonna be great...!!! So gear yourselves up, and prepare yourself for an adventure! Believe me...its gonna be amazing! God bless...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Monthly Highlights - Dec 2005

Hey ya ppl! How's the week been so far? Great to see that you guys are actually taking time to read the articles and leaving messages in the chat box. But I need to stress something here...please please do keep our dear brother 'Edmund' the Chee Lup Yan in prayer. Whenever a guy starts talking about being friends with Bigfoot...and inviting Bigfoot to our Rangers know we need to pray! I'm actually kinda' worried about having him with us for Survival camp...I dont know why....maybe its because of the cow story he mentioned. Very very disturbing...

Well, looking ahead to the month of December, believe me guys...its gonna be a month to remember! Here's basically what's gonna happen ...

Dec 6th - 13th : RR & YA! Mission Trip To Sarawak
Dec 17th - 21st : Christmas caroling (any volunteers for Santa Claus and his raindeers?)
Dec 18th : RR Christmas Party!
Dec ?? - YA! Christmas Dinner (keep a lookout for more info)
Dec 25th - Christmas Day
Dec 26th - 29th : YA! Annual Youth Camp...Woo hoo!!! check out for more info
Dec 31st - YA! High Tea and Watchnight Service!

I guess that's pretty much what's gonna happen in Dec. Any upcoming birthdays? Do let me know ok.

Just a reminder...if you guys wish to post anything in this site...e.g funny pictures or photos, articles or stories about your life, your phone humber....anything...just let me know!

God bless!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Speak And Do!

The wisdom that is from above is . . . without hypocrisy. �James 3:17
In ancient Greek dramas, a person behind a curtain spoke the lines while the performer on stage acted out the role. We might refer to the speaker behind the scenes as one who didn't "practice what he preached."

This person behind the curtain reminds me of a problem we as Christians experience today. Many of us are skilled at sounding religious, but we don't put our words into action. This is hypocrisy. When there is a discrepancy between what we say and what we do, we create confusion in the minds of our "audience." That's why many nonbelievers do not take the gospel message seriously.

A Christian who makes the greatest impact on a watching world, and who furthers the cause of Christ, is one whose actions harmonize with his words. When James spoke of the "wisdom that is from above," he described it as "pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy" (James 3:17).

Our role as Christians is vastly different from the ancient Greek actors. They had speakers who didn't do, and doers who didn't speak. We are to be people who speak and do the truth.
Have a great day ahead, my fellow rangers and friends. God bless!

Announcement - SURVIVAL CAMP!

Yup! Its back again...the 6th edition of Royal Rangers Survival Camp!!! For those of you who have absolutely no idea about what I'm talking about...I guess you need to be there! Before I carry on further elaborating about this's wat you need to know.

Date : 25th-26th Nov 2005
Venue : Laman Bistari, KKB
Cost : RM20.00 only!!!
What to bring : Nothing!!! (even better!)

Here's the Q&A section that might be useful for those still blinking...*blink*blink*

Q: What is a survival camp?
A: Its a camp where we teach you how to survive a night in the jungle, without all the luxuries that life has to offer, train you to be a less complicated person, and teach you to be more resourceful and thankful for all that you've been blessed with in this life.

Q: What do I have to bring for this camp?
A: Firstly, yourself. Secondly, the will to survive. Third, patience...and lots of it. Fourth, a survival kit...Fifth, a never-say-die attitude.

Q: What will we do there during the camp?
A: Survive. You think its that easy? Haha...ask those who has been to a survival camp before this. You will have to make your own shelter using whatever nature has to offer. next, you will have to gather sufficient firewood to ensure that your fire will last through the night...this is vital as your dinner depends on it. :) You will also have to learn how to prepare your own dinner...this wont be as easy as you think...because your 'dinner' involves something that is alive, something that will run, and something that can fly...

Q: What can I NOT bring?
A: This is not bring your mattress, pillow, junkfood, playstation, TV, fridge, CD player, I-Pod, SPM books, football, snooker table, mum, dad, grandmas, grandpas, pets, uncles and aunties, your pet fish, computer, guitar, piano, keyboard, drums, saxaphone, burger get the picture.

Q: What do I have to do if I want to go?
A: First, get the permission form from either Cmdr. Reuben or Cmdr. Kenny, fill it up and get your parent's permission, and pass the form back to them by the 25th of Nov, together with RM20.

Q: It sounds like a really tough and difficult camp. Will I even enjoy it?
A: Trust me...NO ONE has ever regretted going for a survival camp. And NO ONE has ever said the camp was boring. The experience gained and survival camp stories will last a lifetime!

Q: Is it safe to go for it? Are there like lions and tigers roaming the forest? Sharks in the river?
A: There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of...except for the person you're staying with....who might irritate the life out of you! :) There is also a high chance that your shelter will collapse on you during the night, if not done properly. Apart from the usual visitors like anacondas, scorpions, polar bears, godzillas, birds that can throw stones, bigfoot, and crocodiles...there is nothing to be worried about. There will be sufficient leaders in the camp to keep an eye on you...

Here's what some of the rangers in our church had to say regarding their survival camp experience...

Cmdr. Reuben : Survival camp has made me the MAN I am today!

Cmdr. Kenny : I learned how to kill my dinner and cook it, learn how to build a house (my shelter) and learn to how to make traps to catch little creatures....although the traps didn't actually catch worked pretty well on Shaun and Daniel....

Mark Law : Did you all know that a chicken can still fly without its head??? I swear I saw a chicken fly without its head!!!

Collin Chin : Those *$#!@#$ jungle birds....did you know that they can actually THROW stones???

Cmdr. Jeffrey Hui : Sap sap sui lar...this is nothing compared to the time when I was in the war...during my days in Vietnam and Iraq, things were so much harder to handle....etc...etc...

Now that you've heard what the leaders had to say...let's see what some of the rangers who have yet to go for a survival camp have to say:

Daniel Raj : This time around will be my second survival camp...just like my UPSR, I have to sit for this twice. The first time I went, those guys had to baby-sit me. They cooked dinner for me...they fed me...its was like...heaven. But worst of all, at night...when it was dark...I couldnt even see myself. And neither could they see me! Whenever I spoke to my friend...they kept on shouting hysterically "ORANG MINYAK, ORANG MINYAK"......why they call me Oil Man wan?

Andrew Yew : I cant wait to go! I was born for times like this. Bring it on!

Alison : Survival camp? Whats that?

Amy Tan : I will go if Phaik Joo goes...

Phaik Joo : I will go if Hui Lin goes...

Hui Lin : I will go if Amy goes...

Joshua Das : Hmmm....the trick to survival....always wear bright clothes! And smile a lot..showing lots of teeth and open your eyes big big!

Shaun : No worries wan. Very simple...the trick to surviving is to pretend to cry and behave like a little boy. And yuo must also act as though you're very scared. Then the commanders will pity you and will give you bun and milo packet to survive the night. Last time I did that...and it worked. But only problem is...I failed the camp. That's why I have to go for it again...just like Daniel...just like my UPSR also....haih....

Daniel Pua : I tell you arr....dont try to be funny ok?

So guys and girls...what are you waiting for! Sign up today for Survival Camp and get ready for a one night experience that will change your life forever!

RR Sel#6 Leader's Retreat

Date: 1st-3rd Nov 05
Venue: Benum Hill Eco Resort, Raub Pahang
Cost: *undisclosed*
On the 1st to the 3rd of November 05, the RR leaders of Sel#6 organized its long-overdue leaders retreat. This time around, it was held in the beautiful hilly Benum eco-resort...and what a beautiful place it turned out to be! Lush, green, hills, rocky mountains, ponds filled with fishes and aquatic life (I was sure I saw a mermaid), breathtaking morning mist...everything you could ask for as a ranger!
After a healthy bak kut teh breakfast at Eng Ann, the 5 cars and 22 campers headed straight to Raub. Right from the start, the mood and atmosphere was fantastic, and this was a perfect start for what was to be a very relaxing and refreshing retreat. The drive took us almost two and a half hours to reach there. After literally driving through an oil palm estate for the last 15 mins, we finally reached the campsite. The resort basically popped out of nowhere! But what a beauty the place is...
From the pictures posted, one can tell that it was a superb trip! First group activity for the day was kayaking. The rules for kayaking were simple :
1) Do not try to to overturn your friend's kayak.
2) Do not use the oars as a weapon.
3) Always wear a life-jacket PROPERLY.
4) Do not try to fill up the other person's kayak with water.
5) Always remember that yours kayak is NOT a motorboat. It wasnt designed for racing!
So, with the rules all layed out before us...we're sad to say that we failed to follow every single rule! least we were consistent! Man...i tell you...when all the leaders got into their boats, its was total chaos! There was splashing...some were trying to overturn each other's boats...some even brought a scoop to fill up other people's kayaks with water. Some even resorted to using the oars as a weapon...using it to splash water and to redirect other kayaks! At the end, everyone got wet and it all ended with a smile.
Next up, fishing! Man, I tell all should have seen cmdr Gideon in action! According to the legend, he's been deprived of fishing for almost 4 years. So he came for this retreat with a drain the pond of fishes and to fill his booth with talapias. You guys should see him in action. Some of his methods include talking to the fishes, and talking to himself. And not forgetting...checking out his hair in the reflection of the water most of the time! From the 2 days of's the fishing results:
1) Cmdr. Gideon - 14 fishes, another 2 that got away, plus 1 labi labi!
2) Cmdr. Reuben - 4 fishes, and 1 that got away.
3) Alison - 1 fish...and sadly, that fish went missing. We suspect it was the fault of the local iguana that patrols the area.
This camp had it all...good food, a fantastic bbq, a nice cafeteria with astro that we were able to watch Champions League at 4am in the morning, nice comfy beds, and most of all...we had each other! just a word of advice...for all those who watch Animal Planet, please do practise caution when watching shows such as Crocodile Hunter which features a crazy Aussie who jumps onto crocs and chases after snakes. This kind of shows have a strange way of influencing youths to think that they too can become crocodile hunters! Ask cmdr Kenny about it...esp since he was the 'crocodile' underneath a pile of 'hunters', namely Zhi Fung, Daniel Pua, Julian, Wei Chuan, and Eric!
On the last morn, we has a short time of prayer and each leader was given a chance to share whats in his heart regarding the Rangers ministry. It was ecouraging to see every leader re-affirm their commitment to the ministry and dedicate their lives once again to God to be used to touch the lives of others around them, especially their rangers. After a time of prayer, we finally made our way back to Klang. We knew something special had happened in that camp. It was something that can't be explained, but was felt in our hearts.

Basically, we caught the vision... now its time to spread the flame

The part where we happily broke every rule of kayaking...:)
*They forced me to put their pictures online*
A truly amazing display of nature's beauty...
Eric and Kenny...trying to be funny. Apparently, their caveman style of fishing using a line and a hook failed miserably. The only thing they caught was a sunburn! :)
Those that didn't get away from Cmdr. Gideon...
Julian trying out his luck at fishing...maybe he should just stick to football!
Crocodile hunters in action....ooooh, looks like they got a big one!
Truly Malaysia...India, Cina, Melayu!
The whole family came along and had a good time. Elisa, Elena and mummy!

Cmdr. Gideon doing what he does & posing! Trust me guys...its a gift!
'Crocodile hunters' at rest...
Cmdr. Reuben posing in front of the pond that would soon be conquered by Cmdr. Gideon!
The leaders of Selangor #6 together with Alison and family!