Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RR Sel #6 22nd Anniversary!

Good evening, rangers and friends!

Yes...I'm finally back from my pilgrimage, and ready to blog once again! Topic of the night - RR Selangor #6 22nd Anniversary! Wooo hooo! It was a blast...wouldn't you agree? :)

And so, we finally turned 22. Its been a long wait, its been a long year...but the day was definitely worth the wait! 1st November 2009...definitely a good day to celebrate our outpost's birthday. Enjoy the pics...brought to you exclusively by our fantastic cameraman, Mr. Nigel Lim. These are some of his featured shots of the day, and they're really good!

Do enjoy the 1st part of this anniversary blog report, and more pics will be posted up in the coming days! Have fun viewing, and dont forget to click on the photo link to view more pics from the anniversary day itself! God bless...

Amazing-looking rangers were there to greet us at the registration table! No sign-in, no food for you! :)

The stage is set, and the rangers were eagerly awaiting for the day to arrive. A day of recognition and accolades...

The Adventure Boys kicked things off with the Opening Ceremony...good stuff, boys!

This shot was taken during the Ranger Kids skit presentation. Here's Charmayne and Elisa Lee doing their pose for the lenses and the audience, accompanied by some 'fengtau' music!

Ranger Kelly Yap giving us her best innocent-looking smile! She was part of the ER crew that served lunch during the anniversary. Well done, boys and girls!

The Adventure Rangers came out with an interesting and creative 3-part skit, depicting their outdoor skills, imaginations and being in touch with their sense of humour. Really loved the ideas...keep up the good work!

Some traditions will remain forever! I reckon even if he's 50 years old, ranger David Wong will continue to give a hug to the person giving out the merits! Well done, lad. I'm sure Pas. Gideon enjoyed the hug! :)

E-Ranger Casovia Khoo receiving her merits and awards from Outpost Chaplain and RR National Commander, Pas. Gideon Lee.

Ranger Carissa and Debbie Lam looking all casual in the Expedition Ranger's 'Stomp - The Mamak' skit! Amazing stuff, I'm telling you...

A scene from Stomp The Mamak, where the beggar comes around and joins in the beat box fun! If you missed this skit presentation, I feel sorry for you. It was THAT good! Haha...

Up next...GMA Ceremony! Have you ever seen a ranger looking this focused and menacing? Ranger Daniel Ng leading the way...

Aunty Nancy here seen pinning the GMA Medal on her daughter's uniform - Kelly Yap!

Here's Cmdr. Sheila Yong being mama for the day for ranger Low Lee Yee! Congratulations for earning this prestigious award!

Prayer of blessing and guidance for the 3 new GMA holders...

A big CONGRATULATIONS to ranger Kelly Yap, Low Lee Yee and Daniel Ng for earning the Royal Rangers Gold Medal of Achievement! Welcome to the elite club...;)

Cake cutting time! Or rather...muffins-and-candles blowing time! :)

Cmdr. Laura, Cmdr. Cheryl and Cmdr Amy Joy! Didnt I tell you that we have the best looking lady commanders in town?? :) A very big happy birthday to Cmdr. Laura for celebrating her 20++ birthday on the 14th of Nov! Hope you had a mind-blasting time celebrating throughout the weekend...:)

Oh no...the crazies are back! :) I always suspected that this guy was out of this world...

Do you see what I see? 666??? Nice one, guys...haha! The Bible prophesied about your coming!

We are family! I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me!
Yea man...Selangor #6 commanders ROCKS!

p/s: Dont ask me whats that patch of water doing there. I have no idea what it is...haha!

And so, friends...I hope you've had a nice time going "wow" and "weeee" and "oooooooo" looking through these pics. Once again, many thanks to friend of RR like Nigel Lim for sharing his delightful set of photos from the celebration day. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures. We all know that you're dying to see your own faces here in this blog....right? haha

God bless and have a good rest. Time for the old man to call it a always.
Goodnight and God be with you...

"Ready To Serve"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Guess who's back in town...

Perhaps he might wanna go collect his name tag this time around...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday Blessings...

Hello rangers!

Welcome back (to me) and so sorry for the long delay in getting some updates done here. Dont worry, updates are on its way k? Got so much to write about regarding last week's awesome and mind-blasting RR Anniversary! I'm sure we all had a fantastic time together yea?

Just want to bless you with a powerful song that really touched our hearts during last night's Wednesday Prayer Meeting. Do listen to it and have a blessed Thursday ahead. Rock on, champs!

See you guys in RR meeting this Sunday yea? God bless! Do come in your full uniform. Look sharp and dashing, friends.

God bless.