Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Last Samurai - Unveilled...

Greetings citizens of Japan! Japanese vocabulary has increased tremendously over the past week, thanks to the media and advertising. Wanna see? Some of the new words that I picked up: Kawasaki, Honda, Sushi, Teriyaki Bento, Tempura, Gambatee, Chawan mushi, Mitsubishi, Ajinomoto...impressive eh? Better start improving your Japanese before Camporama starts ok? Once we're there, there's no turning back. We're gonna be speaking Jap all the way! Kamikazeeeeee...

Ladies and gentlemen, sumo wrestlers and samurais....

Presenting you, the Last Samurai of Japan @ Klang Jaya - home of KJFC, our City Mayor - Andy Gan!

Talk about gaya...if you think I was gaya, wait till you check out his new outfit during Camporama! Hats off to our city mayor. You have our pledge and alligience....

Well friends, just to let you know...the Camporama Registration booth will be opened this Sunday, so what are you waiting for? Sign up fast to enjoy great benefits, and try not to aim to be the last camper to sign up yea? Please do sign up early so that you can save your commanders from going thru a nervous breakdown or fits. For more info on registration, please contact Cmdr. Andy or Cmdr. Phaik Joo for the camp forms.

A big shoutout also to one of my precious and faithful ranger, Ms. Denyse Chan who turned 14 yesterday. Hope you had a crazy, fun-filled day in school. God bless you even as you enter an ever challenging environment.

3 cheers for the Birthday girl Denyse Chan - Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hoooray!!!

Alright fans, time for me to go watch Barca give the Blues a footballing lesson. My money's firmly placed in Spain. All the best boys! May the best team (Barca) win.

God bless, friends! Remember....Red is the colour of the season! ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time Is Tickin' Away...

RR National Camporama 2009


Dont miss out on the event of the year! This event is open to all rangers and friends! Get your camp forms from any of the RR leaders this Sunday and live the adventure!

A big shoutout to our beloved aunty... Cmdr. Shie Yee who celebrated her birthday on 21st April! God bless you and we hope you had a lovely day!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Discovery Rangers Camp 2009 - Reporting in...

Hey rangers and citizen of Japan!!

How are you lads doing? I noticed that most of the Man Utd supporters have been a bit silent lately...together with the Arsenal fans. I wonder why....heh. Oh well, how's things going on your side? You guys excited about Camporama?? Man...I just cant wait for it to happen! Been waiting for it for the past 5 years! Dont miss out on it, friends. As a ranger, the Camporama has always been a highlight in my life! Sign up ASAP...

Well, not too long ago, the Discovery Rangers of Selangor #6 had their very own Discovery Camp in GT Klang, and was fun fun fun all the way! I had the priviledge to join two camps within a space of 3 days, and lived to tell the story! But hey...this time, the honour goes to the Camp Commander to tell you the story and share the adventure with you...its all yours, Cmdr. Chiew Hoeeeeeeeeee!

This main objective of this camp is to teach and strengthen the 6 core merits that the rangers are required to pass in order to get their Gold Eagle Medal. The 6 merits we have arranged for the rangers this camp includes cooking merit, fire craft merit, rope craft, lashing, tool craft, and also the compass merit.

Egg-smashing time!

The day started off with the rangers registering for the camp.. Lots of hype in the air. The camp kickstarted with a short time for patrol corner and then flows to the cooking merit class. Cmdr Grace lead the class and the rangers were required to fill up the food pyramid in their workbooks by cutting pictures of food from leaflets and pasting them in. Then we had lunch. After lunch, it was time for rope craft. Cmdr phaik joo lead this session. Now who knows how to tie a figure of eight? A clove hitch perhaps?


Then we had our fire craft session, the rangers were brought to a field and were instructed to build an A frame and start a fire together gether with their buddies. WE almost burn the field down i tell ya. You can see patches and patches of black grass around the field. =P

The commanders showing the rangers how real men eat...

Then we proceed to have our cooking merit practical. The rangers are required to cook their burgers in their mess tin over a fire. Care for a delicious burger anyone?

Chindian version of McCute...

After dinner, the rangers washed up and prepare themselves for the next agenda. The girls went on catching a movie while the boys go covert for special forces friendly match among themselves and finally against the cmdrs. Of course, the commanders pawned the rangers =P Wanna know more? Join our next discovery camp =)

Reminds you of a scene from Oliver Twist?

Next day, rise and shine at 8am.. then off for breakfast and some drilling by the cmdrs. These guys can’t do seat ups properly i tell ya. Then we started the day with tool craft which was lead by cmdr lisa lee. Now the boys won’t simple throw an axe at you when u ask them to pass u one. Hahaha =p

Commanders getting into the act during the lashing class...

Under the observant eyes of Councilman Jeff...

Then we had our lashing session and then off for lunch. After lunch, the rangers had their compass merit where they are given a compass and a sheet with coordinates. The rangers were walking arnd in circles till they reach their destination. All in all, the rangers learnt quite alot.

Excitement was oozing all over Simon!

Now now, after all this, of course we’re at the finale of our camp and like previous Discovery Camp, it is a must to have a round of limbo rock. It is kinda a tradition of Discovery Camp already as of recent years.

Masuk baris time...

Its nice to see the boys looking all orderly and disciplined...

Cmdr Shie Yee and Lydia sharing some lighter moments together...

Patrol spirit in action...

Lo and behold, last year, when we had our limbo rock, Ranger Hans could barely pass the first few... guess what? He went back and trained himself, and his hard work has been paid off... this year... i present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the Limbo King of Discovery Camp 09...

How low can you go!

Just check out the excitement bubbling in him...

Discovery Camp 2009 Family Photo!

That's all for now, have a good Tuesday and a fantastic week ahead. Let's all get excited for Camporama 2009 and see what God has in store for us and for this ministry! God bless and live strong for Jesus!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Land of the Rising Sun...

Citizens of Japan...

RR Selangor #6 welcomes you to Camporama 2009!

Yokoso! Japan...

Registration for Camporama 2009 has started! Do keep a lookout for the registration counters this Sunday after service. God bless! For more info, check out

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Adventure & Expedition Camp 2009!

G'day mate!

Yes...for the millions of fans who missed me...I'm glad to let you know that the Boss is back in town!! Thanks for your prayers and well-wishes throughout my little adventure Down Under. Its been an amazing getaway for me. The things I've seen and experienced...simply breath-taking! Will sharw with you guys more once I have the chance...I've got loads of stories to share and chocolates to spread the love! Haha....too bad. No kangaroos for you guys. Never trust a man who's initials are VC...:P

If you wanna claim your kangaroo soft toys, go find VC @ Melbourne or claim from the brother @ Kapar.

Not too long ago, in a far far away the silence of the pristine rainforest of the Woods, KKB...all heaven broke loose when the forest was swamped by over 40 outdoor-loving and socks-rocking Adventure & Expedition rangers from Selangor #6! Suddenly the peaceful forest sounded like a riot/fun fair. But hey, thats just the start! The main objective of this camp was to cover 6 merits to help the rangers earn their Bronze & Silver medals and also to also give the newer rangers a fast-track. The next objective of this camp was to provide the rangers with an unforgettable outdoor & camping experience, and not have FUN! And true enough...being rangers, we did have lots of fun in the outdoors.

There's nothing like sitting around a campfire at night, enjoying a campfire-cooked meal, having a multitude of stars over your head, listening to the sound of the river and leaves (and your tent-mate snoring)...its an experience to savour. Oh well, do enjoy the pics below courtesy of Cmdr. Sheila Yong. More pics will be available soon at the RR Photo Gallery. You know the drill...just click on the image on the right for more pictures of the camp! Have funnnnn!

The rangers lookin' good and tight in their RR uniforms during morning parade...

The scene during the morning parade...wanna know why Jarrod isn't in his uniform (last row, extreme right)? Cauz' this smart fella wore his pants and left the shirt at home! Classic la...

Here's Senior Cmdr. Reuben sharing devotion during the morning parade. Just as the disciples endured the storm with Jesus, rest assured that God will be with us through our darkest days and during our times of attending the Adventure Camp! Haha.

Here's Cmdr. Andy fascilitating the Fire Craft station. When it comes to playing with fire, everyone was pretty excited about the prospect of burning things (friends & commanders included!). Good job, bro!

Here's Mr. Ting Ting busily taking notes during the merit classes in the morning. Definitely one of my favourite lads...

Cmdr. Reuben and his new-found friend called Rama..."Sorry mate, no nuts for you today. Go find mama ET." After a thorough check, we found out that in fact a lady monkey. Definitely one of the super-friendly monkeys around town...

Hands clenched and held close to your heart during prayer - the RR style.

Cooking lunch for the patrol over campfire...together with Councilmen Jeff Yee.
From left - Debs, Mich, Brandon, Lee Yee, Benson, Peter and Matthias.

Cmdr. Reuben with his lovely assistant, Cmdr Daniel...during the Tool Craft session. Common Sense, Courtesy and Safety. Practice them always!

Too much...check out how manja this fella is! She ended up getting a free massage from all the rangers! After much checking, we found out that our hairy friend is closely related to Cmdr. Benjamin Yee. Hahahaha....and they had this love-hate relationship goin on throughout the camp. The monkey had all the love, while Cmdr. Ben had the BB gun. Enough said...

Surprise! Surprise! Another one of Rama's distant relation...Cmdr. Sheila!! Congrats....:P Oh btw, just to let you know...we did not force the monkey to attend our classes. She gladly joined in.

The faces of Adventure Camp 2009 - Denyse Chan! Cute cute...but chilli padi!

Marcus Choo and his Coco Crunch Bear plate...dont be fooled by his cute looks! :P

Debbie following the footsteps of a great chef....her mum! :) Rock the wok, Debs!

Jojo showing us how to keep the fire goin! This boy has lungs as big as an opera singer. He could prob blow up a balloon with one breath! We had to tell him to slow down cauz he almost started a forest fire...haha!

Oh..dont be fooled by Casovia. She was just posing with the ladle for the camera! Hahaha...not bad huh? She actually looks like she cooked the meal.

Patrol spirit in action. There's nothing like working together, living life and cooking as a patrol. I'm proud of each and everyone of you for the good work done and for the excellent patrol spirit and together-ness shown.

Didn't know that the Chippewa kitchen could end up being a shown here by Xin Jie! Haha...

Ting Ting & Vincent...sharing a brotherly moment together. Haha...

Here's our senior-citizen ranger Kelly Yap showing us how to do the 'toilet squat' cooking position while making the pasta sauce. Haha. Well done, Kelly! You're truly an excellent ranger to have in Sel #6.

The smoking-man...Matthew Lin! Have you guys watched the movie Australia? Doesn't he look a lil' but like King George? :)

Water games!!! My favourite...well, the commanders decided to let the rangers have their share of fun first, before taking them on in battle. Its a good tactic because most of the cmdrs are either 'old' and have 'battered & decaying bodies'. Haha....check out David Wong with his goggles. Dont know what he plans to see underwater.

Here's a 3-pointed by Matthew. Check out the gaya pose, Hand of God!

Bryan Lau. The Rambut of RR Sel #6. How in the world does he do it???

All the sexy men and cmdrs sitting patiently at the sideline...waiting for their share of the action! Handsome giler eh? Hahah...

Sejuk wei! The water was like freezing cold when we all got in...check out Trisha and Bryan's faces...but then again, all these water babies went wild once the water games started! Just like pigs waddling in mud...:P

Another gaya shot by Xin Jie....check out the old men sitting on the reserve bench on the sidelines.

Have you ever seen Jojo looking this happy??? Man and a ball. I just dont understand what makes them so happy about it...haha.

While some were thrashing it out in the water....some still found the time and energy to look good for the camera. Michelle's smile stole the lime-light....:)

Not enough of splashing it out in the water, some decided to continue on land. The fun never stops in RR camps! And thats a fact...

Fooooyoh! Check out the man of the hour (Zhi Kai) with his return shot. Just look at how afraid Bryan is of the ball. Hahahahah! Good stuff, lads. I had an absolutely fun time beating you kids in a game of Captain ball, and occasionally water wrestling. Haha...more to come ok!

That's all for today, folks. I know you've been waiting for this for some time...and yes, I hope you'll have fun reading this post and viewing the pics. Do stay tuned for more pics from the Adventure Camp and those oh-so famous quotes and memories that each ranger had to share...cant wait to share them with you!

DO SIGN UP FOR CAMPORAMA 2009! Its closer than you think! For more info, check out Trust dont wanna miss it!!!

God bless...I'm off to watch MU take on Porto in the UCL! Good night and God bless, my fellow koalas and kangaroos!

Good on ya, mate!