Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cheers to the Old man!

Hello my fellow Mandarin O-rangers and Ox pals...

Feeling $$$ rich? Drowned yourself with angpow packets, tarts and soya bean packet drinks? Hope you're having a blast with your family and friends this CNY! Well, just to give you an update of what's happening in and around the world...well, actually only one significant event happened thats worth mentioning about!

Fyi, our dearest Cmdr. Vincent Chin celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday on the 29th of Jan!! Yes, this old turkey is finally 27 and ready for marriage! He's single, very much available, and comes fully loaded with Aussie dollars! For those interested, please send in your resume to Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. :) Important criteria for potential suitors: Must be able to eat and talk about BKT for 365 days and not get bored. Must be able to understand when he speaks fast. :)

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cmdr. Vincent Chin! He's our honorary RR overseas PR Coordinator, based in Melbourne. He's the oldest of the Chin boys, and his new hobby is eating forbidden fruits. *hint*

The face of a WANTED man...:)

Have a wonderful friday ahead! I'm off to a time of fishing and male-bonding with the guys...Looking forward to see each one of you in RR this Sunday at 1.30pm! Full uniform yea?

Patrol Guides, please ensure your patrol song, yell and standard is ready for inspection by this Sunday. If not...........:)

God bless!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Greetings friends, rangers, commanders and Ox-wannabes!

From all of us here in Royal Rangers Selangor #6, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Chinese New Year! Even as we usher in the year of the Ox, let's all strive harder to work hard like a buffalo, to make less excuses and not give our bull-talk, and let's not laze around and graze on grass all day long like a bunch of well-fed cows. :) strong as an Ox!

Since everyone's in the mood of giving out $$$ & Angpows this CNY, the E-Rangers commanders of Sel #6 recently released their limited edition new RM notes! Definitely a collectors item! With all the ecomonic turmoils and uncertainties happening all around the globe, we've decided to do something really special this new year to help you relieve your burden and worries. And the best part is...if you want it, just go ahead and print it! How much $$$ you plan to collect this CNY, depends on your printer and ink. You can even print millions if you're hardworking! Haha...

If only he was holding a gun in this pic, that would be so so cool! Here's Cmdr William Ong on the new RM5 legal tender...imagine if he was holding a gun! How cool is that???

For those of you who like red carpets and anything scarlett, perhaps Cmdr Sheila's new RM10 note will be more suited for you.

And for the high rollers, here's the new RM50 legal tender, nice portrayed by Cmdr. can use this note for the upcoming youth camps. :)

And finally, a second version of the RM50...starring Cmdr. Kenny! Gaya, mutu & Keunggulan...

Well friends...I hope each of you had a fantastic day of collection so far. Go slow on the bak kua, tarts, oranges and cookies ok? Many thanks to Cmdr. Daniel for designing the new Malaysian Ringgit Collector's Edition set. If you're thick skinned and want to see your face on it, do let him know personally. Remember, please do not use this notes in your school canteen food or to pay for RR camps ok? Later they come and arrest the person in the bank note...then susah. :)

God bless and have a blessed Chinese New Year ahead! Gong Xi Fatt Chai...Got this sms from Cmdr. Gideon...hope it'll put a smile on your face!

Tikus lari, Lembu mari
Sui pergi, Ong mari
Tahun lepas sudah pergi, Tahun ini mesti Happy!

Kena Magnum, Kena Loteri
Mari-mari! Banyak money
Happy 'Niu' Year...

You have exalted my horn like that of a wild Ox; fine oils have been poured on me. Psalms 92:10

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mission Project Medal Achievers...

Hello rangers!

*Yawn* Such a long and tiring weekend...and of all things, today had to be a Monday la! Man...I've felt many things in my life, but today was definitely a Garfield day...really felt like sleepin' in today. I'm sure you understand what I mean rite? This only applies to those who have work, school or college. For those of you who sleep and only wake up after lunch, better enjoy your life while it lasts! :)

Just to give you some updates on what's been happening over the past 2 Sundays...Oh well, now that everything's settling down fine, and everyone's been separated to their patrols accordingly, we're ready to get down to business! Its gonna be a good long year, I reckon. Remember, 2009 is officially 'Love Your Commander' year...haha. So make sure to show us your love, ok rangers? I like chocolates *hint*

On the 11th of Jan 2009, a total of 17 rangers and commanders were awarded the 'Mission Medal' last Sunday during the Opening Ceremony of our RR meeting. Throughout the years, these rangers and leaders have shown an examplary desire to attend local and overseas mission trip and truly have a heart for missions. Their faithfulness over the years to serve and bless the people of Sabah and Sarawak has truly paved the way for many other trips and inspired many to follow in their footstep. And we pray that even as the years go by and as age catches up, that we will still be as fervent as ever to serve God in the mission field, and be a blessing to His people.

List of Recipients:

1) Reuben Ponniah
2) Pas. Gideon Lee
3) Jason Ong
4) Kenny Chin
5) Yap Zhi Fung
6) Lisa Lee Huei Lin
7) Sheila Yong
8) Grace Loh
9) Daniel Seliong
10) Amy Tan
11) Andy Gan
12) Simon Kong
13) Kevin Chin
14) Alison Seow
15) Shaun Lim
16) Laura Yee
17) Jason Ponniah

Once again, congratulations to each one of them and we wish them many many more years of service in God's kingdom over there in Sabah and Sarawak. There's lots of things yet to be done, places to travel to, hearts to touch, souls to turn back to you, and God's word to be preached! Amen??!

And oh...just to let you know, RR Sel #6 is in the hunt for a new mascot (as our current mascot Lucas Chee is slowly but surely growing out of his 'cute' stage...). And so, after searching high and (mostly) low, we have narrowed down the list to these 2 cuties. They've got a smile that will melt your heart, and looks that could get them anything! Haha...anyway, do enjoy their lovely pics, courtesy of Cmdr. Daniel Seliong.

First up, we have ranger Ryan Kwan! Awww...such a natural in front of the camera, eh? He's also the nephew of our 'Mr Incredible' Cmdr. Eric Teh!

And finally...let me introduce you to the boy that symbolizes and stands for everything cute in this world. Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for ranger Bryan Tay! Haha...dont be deceievd by his innocent looks. This kid certainly packs a punch and runs on Shell V-Power! Haha...

And oh, before I forget...a very Happy Birthday to Cmdr. Ben Yee who celebrated his birthday on the 18th of January! We pray that God will continue to use him to bless others through his amazing talents. Work that magic of yours on the videos, bro! Hope you had a good weekend...I'm sure you did. :)

He's always WANTED for some criminal activity...:)

That's all for now folks. Do come to this blog and spice things up over at the right in the chat box when you're free. Will be posting up some pics from yesterday's E-Rangers CNY Celebration and also some pics of the Mt Kinabalu climb. I'm sure everyone's eager to see the pics and all eh?

Till then, rest well and have a fantastic week ahead. Remember, do tell someone this week that 'Jesus Loves You'. Greater things ahead...keep looking forward! God bless...

Many thanks to Liverpool for cementing Man Utd's position at the top of the BPL table! You guys are the best la! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Saints came marching in...

Greetings friends and rangers...and night owls! :)

"You sure you can see ar, with your right eye?" "Wahlao...So heavy wan ar you???" "Forever eating long beans ar you? Why you so tall wan?" Forever BKT la...see la. Now blood pressure so high..." "Eh, you got no heart beat ar?" Sounds familiar??? RR HOMECOMING & REGISTRATION DAY!!

Yup...the time now is 1.35am, and it certainly feels like a good time to blog eh? Sorry for the silence. Its been a hectic first week of 2009 for me...well, I hope you kids had a 'fun' time going back to school after all those months of rotting at home and putting on weight...doing absolutely nothing eh! Haha...must have been a real drag, I reckon. Oh well, always remember the SALT and LIGHT wherever God has placed you in this time of your life. Be it in school, in college, in Uni, at your workplaces, in your community, in your the ONE that makes the DIFFERENCE! Like a city on a hill...that's what we gotta be!

Now I'm sure we all remembered the absolute fun and laughter we all had last sun, rite? RR Homecoming and Registration Day 2009...what a crazy day its been! Gosh, I missed each and every one of you! With over a hundred rangers and leaders swarming in MPH2...the place was simply buzzing with excitement! And I'm sure we all had fun going through the medical stations and all eh? Having our eye-sight tested, blood pressure measured, pulse rate counted, hand-eye coordination test, etc etc etc. Some even tried to cover up their weight by telling the commanders that there was a prob with the weighing scale! ppl! Every year, there's always some new excuses being born. Amuse us, please!

Person with the highest blood pressure - Cmdr. Zhi Fung (153 / 80). Pls keep him in prayers! :)
Cmdr William came close to breaking ZF's measurement...due to external 'high voltage' factors.

Oh...and not forgetting the absolutely, professionally, meticulously, superbly photo station ran by Cmdr. Kenny, Daniel and Vincent Chin! guys should really hit it big time as freelance photographers! Hats off to each of you.

Well, even as we started off the new year with a plate of Indo mee telur mata kerbau and teh ais (and some goals), it also marks another year where we kickstart the birthday celebrations all over again! And to get the ball rolling, we had 2 of our upcoming commanders who celebrated their 19th birthday in the same week! How cool...all we need to do is to buy them 1 present, and get them to share it. :) Save money la...times are bad.

Do take some time to savour the pics...if you wanna know if your photo is available, please do contact Cmdr. Daniel Seliong directly. Absolutely amazing pics of each of you rangers! Oh btw, he might charge you for it. What to do? Times are bad. He needs to makan (and he does makan alot). Nothing is free in life (anymore)! Cheers!

Happy birthday to Cmdr. Simon Kong who celebrated his 19th BIG DAY on the 7th of Jan 2009. Among the leaders, he's the first to celebrate his big day! God bless, bro. Have a break, have a fortune cookie, and most importantly...share the cake with us!

And to my lovely Cmdr. Cheryl Lim...who so happens to be the only one to actually send us her birthday reminder without fail every year. She celebrated her 19th birthday on the 9th of Jan (yesterday). She's so paranoid that all her friends and commanders will forget about her big day. But hey...continue to shine for him and train up the rangers in the way of the Lord.

You guys and girls love the above pics? Well, here's a little tribute to all those highly-talented and committed individuals who run and crawl around the clock, just to bring you high quality pics that will make you go "WOW, I didn't know I looked this good!" Thanks for being a friend to RR and also making our lives a better place, by taking awesome pics of us! :)
Here's our first culprit...Nigel Lim. A proud product of Klang South, who has spent countless of hours perfecting his craft...A man always on the go, and who's reliability in delivering quality pics speaks volume for him. God bless bro! Thanks for being the 'Aide De Camp' for RR! :)

Next up, we have the Cmdr. Kenny Chin...who has taken photoshooting to a whole new level when he joined the scene. Known for his eye-ability to capture a Kodak moment and history in the making. Keep it up bro...every pic you take tells a story, memories to be cherished. May God bless you....with a bigger lense! :)

And finally, we have our Horse Hill celebrity photographer. His photo editing skills and lighting techniques are highly sought after...all you need to do is to view his photo collection, and I bet you'll be going "Wow...that's amazing!" You also want bigger lense ar, Daniel? Let me know...I'll put in a request to heaven.

Ok la friends...I think its time for me to sleep. Already slowly seeing stars and the moon...and I think I better split the scene before the big old sun rises again. Its been an amazing day for me! God is good...all the time. Truly. Continue to walk on in faith and in His righteousness.

God bless and continue to live strong for our Master Ranger, Jesus!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goodbye 2008...Hello 2009!

Good evening rangers and friends!

Well, firstly...allow me to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Year!!! Yea, I know...I'm probably a couple of days late, but the wise tortoise said, "better late than never!" So sorry for the delay in posting up the 1st post for year 2009! Man...been bombarded by the faithful readers and fans of this blog for the delay...and just to clarify, I wasn't involved in a certain 'party' in KL on New Year's eve...:)

Even as we look back to 2008, there's just so many things that we can be thankful for. Indeed, God has been good to us. He's the same yesterday, today and forevermore! And His mercies are new each day...the same goes with His blessings! Through this ministry, we have seen lives transformed, people challenged to do more for Jesus, and most importantly...we have seen people taking a stand for Jesus. Till Jesus comes again, RR will continue to build leaders that will make a difference in this generation for Jesus...

You the turn of every new year, many wise men and women love to share their words of wisdom and advice for the coming year. Many things has been said, many words shared...but hey, how about some advice from The Boss??? :) Yes, I've compiled my own set of advice and words of wisdom for each one of you, and I pray that each one of you will take heed of what's about to be said. You know me...I like pictures. And I've got many friends who take great pictures. So here's my advice to you for 2009, accompanied with a great set of photo shoots, courtesy of the lense master, Mr. Nigel Lim. Enjoy!

For 2009, the wise man aka The Boss says....

When you are must sleep. Remember, early to bed, early to rise, makes a ranger strong, wealthy and wise! If you're supposed to be a soldier on duty (like Cmdr. William), make sure you dont get caught sleeping.

When you worship God, worship Him with all your heart. My friend Chris Tomlin said this, "Sing and make music with the heavens..." He is a smart man too. Listen to him!

When attempting to do a silly thing, make sure to do it in a group. For example jumping into a pool topless, exposing your flabs and fats. If you do it solo, its called LOA. If you do it in a group, its called UNITY and Brotherhood.

Always cover the vitals. Enough said...

Sometimes in life, we all come to a point where we gotta' learn to hold on to each other dearly. Remember to hold on to your friends dearly...and learn to let go when you must.

Lift up your eyes to the heaven...cauz' Jesus is coming back soon!

Whenever you can, write a love song to Jesus. And when given the chance, sing and declare it to the whole world. Like a city on a hill, who's light cannot be hidden...

Once a while, try acting being a Mexican. Try looking weird too! You'll never might be good at it.

Always begin your day with a smile...cauz when you smile...the world smiles with you!

There comes a time when we'll be on the ground...beaten, thrashed and hopeless. But dont stay there!

Get on your knees and call unto Him to strengthen and empower you once again...

Many 'friends' will come along your way, to humiliate you and beat you up when you're down. They'll even put on your sunlight and keep your head in a bucket.

Many will laugh at you, and want to keep your on the ground. But hey....

Get rid of the bucket, lift up your head high, smile...and tell the world that "It is well with my soul...cauz Jesus said so!"

Learn to praise Jesus with all you've got! Lift up your hands in surrender to the One who made a way for us to triumph in His name!

When everything around us seems so chaotic and unrelentless, and unforgiving...
When the enemy grabs you by the neck...learn to smile at him, and tell him straight to his face....
With hands lifted up to Jesus, remind the enemy of this - "The battle belongs to the Lord! If my God is for me, then WHO can be against me..." Then start singing the song "The enemy has been defeated, death couldn't hold you down..."
Sometimes when it gets really tough, learn to force yourself to laugh. If you have to, get a LAUGH signboard and practice it daily. Start laughing the first thing in the morning when you wake up. That's gonna' make life interesting...

In 2009, spend time with the people that matter the most...your family! Do crazy things go bungee-jumping, climbing trees, chase buffaloes, or run across the highway together as a family. :)

Get a group name for your buddies...and always stick close to the camera man! Cauz that's the only way you're gonna have loads of your photos being taken.

Do strange things once in a while in public to get people my two pals in the above picture. If your happy (gay) and you know it, grab a friend! Ocassionally, go for counselling and therapy sessions to straighten out your lives.

Sing like nobody's listening...there's definitely a Diva in each one of us!

And lastly...always look gorgeous for the camera! I think we're blessed to have so many gorgeous-looking people in GT Klang. Wouldn't you agree?? :)

There you have it, friends. My very own set of personal advice for each one of you for the year 2009. Remember, feel free to add on your own set of advice in the 'comments' section, or drop us a line in the chatbox. We'll be more than happy to hear from you!

Once again, thank you all so much for all your comments and one-liners that has continued to keep this blog alive and well, and for giving me the inspiration to share our life story through words and loads of amazing pictures from all our camera friends. 2008 was special. Let's make 2009 simply EXTRAORDINARY!

God bless and I'll see you in RR meeting tomorrow at 1.30pm! Remember...its the 1st RR meeting for the year 2009 and trust me, you dont want to miss it!!!

God bless...