Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Monday, April 28, 2008

RR International Fellowship, KL 2008...

And so....another weekend to remember and to forget. Looks like Chelsea's gonna push MU all the way...and interestingly enough, those Arsenal fans are even talking about a possibility of winning the Premiership IF both Chelsea and Man Utd slip up in the coming two games. Haha...I had a good laugh. Anyway, its time to stand firm behind your team. Nail-bitting stuff, for sure! I have this feeling that its going to go down right to the last game of the season...

Anyway, just to let you know that over the weekend, 7 leaders from Selangor #6 had the priviledge to meet up with RR leaders from all over the world who came for the RR International Asia Pacific Conference right here in KL. And so, a tea-time fellowship session was organized in Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur (home of Kuala Lumpur #1) from 3-5pm...a time for commanders from Malaysian outpost to meet up with these important global RR representatives.

We had a good time fellowshipping, listening to them speak, and just sharing our experiences and listening to their life story on how God has used them and brought them to places, pioneering RR works in different continents of this world...working together as ONE. Many if us were inspired just listening to their experiences and we pray that we will constantly be challenged to do more for Him...One more for Jesus!

Here's some photos taken over the weekend...enjoy!

Presenting you, the newly promoted Senior Commander of KL #1, Cmdr. Eddy Law!

RR International Asia Pacific Coord, Cmdr. Jim Guneratnam of KL #1.

Cmdr. Doug Marsh...US National Commander. For all RR leaders, its truly an honour and a blessing to be able to meet someone like him! An experience we'll never forget....

Doug was instrumental in growing Royal Rangers in Latin America and the Caribbean to over 45,000 members. Today, he is prepared to equip leaders around the world to raise up the next generation of leaders. These young people will become the hope of their neighborhoods and their nations. Doug founded Royal Rangers International in 2002. Currently, he serves jointly as the national director of Royal Rangers USA and as the director of Royal Rangers International.

Pas. Bob Crabtree...simply an amazing chap. A veteran in the RR ministry!

Bob joined RRI in 2005 and serves on the RRI Council as a field advisor. Bob and his wife, Roberta, pastored from 1959-1966 and served as missionaries in Europe until 1977. From 1983-2004, Bob served as the district superintendent for Ohio. He is currently on the board 40 of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Central Bible College, Emerge Ministries, and the Assemblies of God General Presbytery. Bob was a strong supporter of Royal Rangers while serving as the Ohio district superintendent and in an unusual move for a busy superintendent, completed several Royal Ranger leadership training courses. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the RRI Council.

Here's Cmdr. Chew Eng Kiat, the National Commander of Singapore! Singapore's RR Camporama is coming up soon...anyone interested to join?

Here's the National Commander of RR apologies as I didn't manage to catch his name. Such a blessing that know that Japan is slowly picking up this ministry within their churched.

G'day mate! Its Cmdr. Mike from Australia....National Commander of RR Australia! Go Aussies!!!

Matt Kling – Director of Operations (he absolutely hates durians!)

Matt joined RRI in 2006, serving as the director of operations for Royal Rangers International. As such, he oversees the day-to-day operations for the ministry and coordinates the continued development of the global curriculum and training resources. He also oversees the implementation of SCORE, a sportsevangelism ministry of RRI being used to help nations grow their Royal Ranger ministries through outreach to the unsaved. Matt, his wife, Kristi, and their two boys are missionaries with AGWM and reside in Springfield, Missouri.

Jukka Piirainen – Assistant Director/ Europe Coordinator

Jukka is the regional coordinator for Royal Rangers in Europe. In addition, he serves as the national Royal Rangers director of Finland and as the national youth director. Jukka’s passion is “to see the Royal Rangers ministry grow in Europe so that no country is without the ministry, and so that boys and girls across the region are reached and kept for Jesus Christ.” Jukka and his wife, Maarit, are the proud parents of a son, Juuso.

Here's our local story-teller Cmdr. Hon Chong sharing with us some secrets to having a successful and long life...:)

Everyone had a good time enjoying a variety of local dishes, kuihs, and fruits! Yeap, we even got a few of those heavenly durians for these kwai lo's to try...:) The very smell of it was enough to keep them at a distance! Haha...

RR Selangor #6 leaders together with Cmdr. Doug Marsh (US National Commander).

Our leaders here seen with Pas. Bob, Cmdr. Hon Chong and Cmdr. Eddy...

Posing together with our good friend, Matt Kling...he's only 30 this year, and he's the Director of operations for RR International! He's been travelling quite a bit...his previous stint was in Jamaica! Coolio, mann!
Managed to get a shot here with Cmdr. Mike and Cmdr. Jukka just before they left for a tour around KL...

And so, truly its been a weekend to remember. What a blessing its been for us to meet up with these amazing RR leaders from all over the world. Our prayer is that God will continue to raise up leaders from all corners of this world, that will continue to lead His people back home to Him.

God bless and have a fantastic week ahead!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Much a' do about nothing...

Argument of the week...

Which is grammatically correct?

a) "Presenting you..."

b) "Presenting to you..."

Share with us your thoughts, comments and chat talks. I was informed that this topic has been receiving much attention and generating lots of heat among my friends and rangers! :) This could help save (cyber)world from World War III...Your response is vital in preserving order and peace in cyberspace. If you'd like this to feel like a real online poll, you can SMS us your thoughts. Type 'A' or 'B', and send to 016-2150186. Each sms cost...err...depends which network you're hooked up with la! :)

TGIF! Time for the rats to come out and play....:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

GT Klang Church Camp 2008!

Hello my long-suffering and ever-patient readers and rangers! I trust that you're in the pink of health...:) Hope the week has been good for each one of you. Plenty of smiles and laughters to keep you awake all night long, eh?

Anyway, its been a good week for me. Wanna know why??? I FINALLY GOT MY MAC!!! Yup...its been a while since I got my hands on one. And when the time was right, I got myself not ONE, but 2 MAC-Chicken burgers!! Buy One, Free One! I bet you cheapskate fellas had a fun time in McDees this week eh, especially with the free burgers, ice creams and etc vouchers that came in the papers lately! Anyone up for another round of Mac this week?? Give me a holla ok?? :) Haha...Mac...konon...

Well well...its about time I wrote something about the latest happenings in our church. After an awesome weekend soaking ourselves in pure worship and praising His name, and after sessions after sessions of teachings with Pas Ray Chee, it was something that we all needed. A fresh touch from God. Nothing quite fills us and satisfies us like the way God does it, and we're thankful that He came and blessed His people! Keep on praisin' the name of the One who delivered us out of darkness into His marvellous light, and never ever let the devil steal your song! Sing Out, ppl..
Coming up.........

31st May - 3rd June 2008
Taiping Golf and Country Resort, Perak


Man, its been a while since I last went for a church camp with alllllllllllllll my buddies and rangers and friends. And so, I urge you brothers (and sisters), take up the challenge, burn the flame, and let's all go together-gather to Taiping and have a holy-joly good time as one big FaMiLy! Sing it our, boys and girls..."We are family...I got all my sisters with me..."

While the price of the almost everything in the world has gone UP, this year's church camp fees has actually gone DOWN! Can you believe that?? I'm quite sure that church camps will probably never be this cheap ever again! Makkal Sakti! So let's take this opportunity to come together, and grow together as a church. I know in my heart that this is The Appointed time for us. I just know it, friends...

How much, you might ask...well, the rates are as below:

Quad-sharing (that means 4-in-a-room): RM150.00 ONLY!!! (for students)
Triple-sharing (3-in-a-room): RM180.00
Twin-sharing (2 fellas laaaa...): RM220.00
Lone Ranger (solo mission): RM350.00 (we'll ask God to send you some friends!)

Camp fees are inclusive of the following:

i. Meals (Breakfast & Dinner). Lunch is Sdn. Bhd.
ii. Toilets in the room (and everything else that comes with it)
iii. Swimming pool usage
iv. Tennis court (which by now, you would know that the boys are going to use it for FUTSAL!!!)
v. Air to breathe...(taiping air, very special...)
vi. Free admittance to all day and night services. No need to pay extra to sing worship songs, get prayed for, get anointed with oil, etc. All covered under camp fee. :)

Well, basically...come prepared to have an awesome time! I'm serious..I mean it...

We're bringing in a special speaker all the way from USA, Rev Ian Peters. Not in any way associated to Russel Peters. Truly a man of God, moves powerfully in the gift of prophecy and word of knowledge, and we strongly believe that he will bring a timely message from God for the people of GT Klang. I'm expecting great things to happen. What about you?

If you dont believe me so far, here's some pics to convince you ok? :)

The breath-taking view of the hotel grounds and surroundings....simply simply wowww!

Here's how the room looks like. The hotel is still relatively new, about 3 years in operation. So you can expect things to be in good working condition!

Ahh..with a room like this, I'm sure you guys dont mind staying 20 fellas in one room! Stinkos...

My favourite rides...imagine hopping on one of those babies and running amok all over the golf course! Imagine when someone is just about to tee-off, and all of a sudden, from the bushes nearby, out comes the uncontrollable BUGGY roaring its way all over the golfcourse! Haha..I'm sure that'll be fun...alternatively, we could start a Liverpool - Man Utd classic derby there itself. Whichever's your cup of tea...:)

Dinner by the golfcourse...simply L-O-V-E-L-Y...

Ah ha! For all you waterbabies, here's something for you...nice big pool for you to splash splash!

And for those aspiring to be the next Tiger Woods or Kingsmen, fancy a round of golf??? For every church camp, a golf course is a definite must-must for some ppl. If not, they'll start rioting!

And specially for all you city-dwellers who have NEVER been to a zoo, or havent seen what a cow or goat or an elephant looks like...we're even organizing a trip to the famous Taiping Zoo! Only RM5 per person. Definitely something not to be missed! Take some time out...visit the relatives....monkey around with them too la!

So, what are you waiting for??? Registration closes in 2 weeks time! Sign up FAST to get the special 20% discounted price. Youths and students, this camp was made for you! I know you gotta be there!

Dont miss the bus, ppl...some never come back!

God bless!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekend Ministry with Pas. Ray Chee!

Calling all GTA & YA! musicians, worship leaders, singers, rangers and friends...listen up, ppl!

This weekend, our church has lined up a series of teachings and workshops by Pas. Ray Chee, specially designed to cater for all those involved in worship ministry and also for those interested to learn about worship being a lifestyle. Come and listen from the man who has inspired many during his previous meeting with us. He will also be speaking specifically on 'Being A Living Sacrifice'.

Special Friday Night meeting: 18th April, GTAK Sanctuary @ 8pm! All are welcomed...

Come hear from the man himself, Pas. Ray Chee!

There will also be music and sound workshops this coming saturday, focusing in the areas of harmonizing musically and key elements of playing as a worship team. Those interested in sound mixing and stage set-up, do come and join us too as he'll be sharing with us his experience on how to achieve optimum sound levels and quality mixing techniques. Workshop sessions are open to everyone.

Workshop Session 1: Saturday 10am - 12pm (19th April)
*Compulsory for all Sunday service music team members*

Workshop Session 2: Saturday 2pm - 4pm (19th April)
*Compulsory for all YA! music team members*

Pas. Ray Chee will also be speaking in our Sunday morning Service at 10.30am. Come and be blessed even as he share on worship as a lifestyle, worshipping as a church and the roles of the leader and the led.

God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday night ahead!

Ranger Kids Day Camp 2008!

5th of April 2008 marked a day filled with tired-ness, hyper-fied children and of course LOTS & LOTS of FUN! It is the day we had our annual Selangor #6 Ranger Kids Day Camp 2008! The theme for the camp was FRUITS and indeed we were all very “fruity” with the patrol names (Ciku, Papaya & Pineapple), to the origami, nature study, craft and puppet making classes all revolving around the theme.

Personally, I really want to thank the parents for allowing their children to attend the camp. Secondly, of course all the commanders and rangers who helped out during the camp. I truly thank you guys and gals for the undivided support given on that day. Indeed it was a tiring day but I’m sure it was worthwhile seeing all the kids had the time of their life during the camp! I’m sure the shouting and screaming and the part where we have to bathe them give some of us either a “daunting” time or a life time experience! We might be too tired and stressed on that day but at the end of the day when the little voice of a ranger calls you “Commander…” I’m sure every heart will melt… Nevertheless, once again, I want to thank all of you! Not bad what… at least got appreciation dinner after that at our even popular Eng Ann Mamak! (for those who left early, errr… too bad la … wait for the next appreciation dinner which is Ranger Kids Day Camp 2009!)

Just to share my testimony, my personal target at first for this camp was 30 kids. But as the week began closer, I received more and more calls from the parents who showed interest! So, I raised the bar to 40 kids (although I prepared the food for the kids for only 35 pax - budget mar…) In the end, I really thank God that indeed in total 35 kids came for the camp! (Phew… just enough food) and out of the 35, 20 of them are first timers and at least 10 – 15 of them are non-christians!

I thank God for giving us the opportunity to play a part in the lives of these children and also the parents. I’m sure they were also amazed at how we handled their children during the council fire! I received report from the parents stating that our leaders are rather young in general but we handled the children superbly well. Cheerios to all of you! J Nevertheless, the momentum did not drop after the camp… last Sunday, we hit 21 ranger kids and out of that, 10 of them are first-timers who came for the RK camp. So, Boss, don’t worry about the “supply” of the “food chain” for Selangor #6 rangers as of now...

Once again, I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you! Keep up the great work and I pray that God will continue to enlarge your leadership skills and potentials for a wider horizon! God bless…

In His Service,

Cmdr. Eric Teh
Outpost Commander
Ranger Kids Sel#6

And now friends...its time for pictorial story-telling!! Exclusively brought to you by muahh...:) Many thanks to Cmdr. Sheila and Nigel Lim for the excellent and heart-warming photos...

What an excellent way to start things off...yes, my name is Elena Lee. And I'm cute!

Benedict running at the speed of light...

Yeeeha! Its finally time for the camp to start...and gosh, these kids were excitedddd!

Camp Commander a.k.a Guru Besar Cmdr. Eric Teh laying down the house rules to the kids...serious stuff, man. I dont think we adults have this much rules also! Haha...

Group leader Cmdr. Jason Ong getting into the groove by practising their patrol song...

The livewire in our camp...Bryan! Man...this kid packs a punch! He's like 2 Energizer bunnies all in one!

Cmdr. Zhi Fung doin the seal pose for his group members...These kids simply adore him!

And as you already know, the theme for this camp is fruits...thus the name 'Tutti Fruity Camp'!

Here's Jia Jun showing off this Fruity worksheet paper...his task is to correctly identify and label each fruit accordingly, based on the fruits on display.

Everyone's favourite...the durian, I mean.

A variety of local and imported fruits on display. A good time for the rangers to see a vast collection of fruits at one go!

Each of them took turns to have a feel of what the fruits feel like and to feel its skin texture...interesting!

Here's Sugar nicely having a good time playing with the durian skin. Oh btw, we call him Sugar simply because he's high on it. This kid drove us up the wall, chased him all around the world, and when we finally find the strength to catch up with him, he goes missing again! Nice little fella...

There you have it...told you the Durian is a really hot-cake stuff!

And so, once the Fruits class was over, it was time for the rangers to consume and try every fruit that was on display!

"We are family...I got one sista' here with me..."

Cmdr. Reuben and Cmdr. Will-I-Am gladly feeding the multitudes of kids surrounding us, each waiting patiently for a slice of choice fruit!

Awww...aint this cute? Helping one another with their shoelaces...

"Mmm...sedap!" Her expression says it all...:)

Our VIP customer, Mr. Christopher Tan . He practically single-handedly cleared the plate for us...steady kid! Eat on...

Cmdr. Will showing us how to get this party started!

I have no idea what's happening here...must be a club/BFF thing.

Cmdr. Andy's paternal instincts kickin in pretty well...

And so is Cmdr Lisa's maternal instincts...or was she trying to get the kids to pass her the meatball or nugget? Haha...

Manja gileerr...just like the uncle...haha...*hint*

Mr. Tan posing cutely together with Ms. Lim...sweet couple eh?

The Na duo, together with Kelly 'Simple Plan' Yap Frasier...

I'm Cmdr. William...the papaya-slayer! To all papayas out there..."Beware!!"
Here's Melissa togethet with the cuties and Cmdr. Pei Jun...

Hehe...its time to shee-shee! Definitely a reason to smile...

Mr. Christopher Tan having a heart-to-heart talk with some of the oldies and aunty Cheryl...

And so, now that lunch break is over, it was time for some fruits origami! Here's Cmdr. Alison working her craft and charm on the kids...they attempted to make a paper strawberry, and everything turned out prefect in the end!

Every kid tried their very best, with the help of the leaders, to complete their own paper origami. And friends, they all did extremely well!

Here's that paper strawberry I was talking about...looks beautiful eh?

Then it was Cmdr. Laura's turn to teach the kids on how to make your own puppets! All you need is socks, a pair of eyes, some paper to form the tongue and mouth, and a bottle of glue!

Every kids was so fascinated with the idea of making their own puppets! At the end of the day, some had a one-eyed pirate, some had a cross-eyed creature, while some just had a good time playing with the glue! :)
Time for some skit practice then! Cmdr. Pei Jun getting the engine warmed up...

Here's Cmdr Pei Jun showing the kids how to make your very own cluster of grape using balloons!

The finished product...the kids had a good time forming this and playing with the balloons!

I gotta' give credit to Denzel. His puppet turned out pretty good, and besides...doesn't he remind you of the 'Alien Workshop' clothes brand logo??? Haha...

The oldies goldies...Mel, Lee Yee, Kelly, Su Vien, Shie Yee and Michelle!

More from the goldies...Pei Jun, Mel, Kelly and Lee Yee! All the ladies lookin' as lovely as eva!

Game time, boys and girls! Here's Jonathan in action the pingpong ball & spoon challenge.

Isn't this kid simply adorable??? Let me check with the parents if he's on sale...:)

Ah's Cmdr. Andy showing us how much he's (out)grown his undies. do you even fit into little skimpy outfit???

Then we played the longest line challenge...and would you believe this...all the cards on display came from Cmdr. Andy's pocket! What a plastic card junkie man...:)

RK Day Camp family photo! We all had an awesome time during the camp...and it shows in the smiles and laughters of the rangers!

Haha...the kids just couldn't wait for watergames...unfortunately, it started to rain and a mini-lightning storm developed, forcing us to cancel the watergames. Man...these kids almost had a friendly riot/protest. But its ok...gladly, they took the water war into the bathroom during shower time!

The young Clayderman in action, showing us a thing or two...

Here's Melissa together with our dedicated photographer, Nigel Lim...

Cmdr. William did a good job fixing and setting up our indoor council fire! The effects at night was brilliant....

Here's Cmdr. Eric getting the show started for the Council Fire Night....

For the opening ceremony, Cmdr. Lisa, Jayson and Zhi Fung got the kids to do all sorts of funny antics and movements, just to get the fire going....

And so, after much trial...the fire finally to life! Not too long then, a few kids discovered the switch that turns on the light kid!

Here we go boys and girls..."I love you Jesus, deep down in my heart..." Grab your parents to dance along and enjoy double the fun!

Here's our Rubber-Man Chan Chiew Hoe showing us how to play the limbo rock. As for me, if I were to go that low, I'd probably end up back in Selangor Medical Center...

And so, the kids were then given the chance to have a go at the limbo stick and everyone had a fantastic time trying to kill our backs! Haha...

Here's our Cmdr. Gideon, teaching the kids about the importance of sharing, through a story about a tree that bears multiple types of fruits...Good job, cmdr!

Before we came to the end, we played a special video showing photos of all the fun we had during the day. The kids were thrilled to see their faces on the big screen...haha!

And here's the Ciku patrol presenting their patrol song and yell for the parents to see and listen to!

And here's the next patrol (led by Cmdr. Pei Jun), presenting their own song and yell too!

And finally, here's Nenas patrol singing their multi-language patrol song...

Check out Cmdr. Kenny's hippie pants! Funky fella wei, you...

And so, after announcing the winners for the camp, it was total mayhem as the commanders tried their best to split up the team's winning lot!

In the end, its all smiles...I bet he had a fun time in the camp!

Anyone who got away with this much of junkfood definitely has got a reason to smile!

Kelly Frasier at the RR t-shirt sales counter...anyone want one??? Still got loads of it...

Ahh...Phaik Joo. Now she's a butterfly...

Woo hoo!! Here's Amy with her party pack of balloons!

Guys, remember the underwear that Andy was playing with earlier??? got it right...its on his head now and across his nose...that's Jayson btw...:)

And yes, more undies shot. This time we decided to be creative and gave it some extra, that underwear has been the mini-highlight of the camp. Imagine the kid who lost that undie...who now has one less undies to go to school...that's bad!

And finally, here's Camp Commander Eric Teh and his 2-4 gang members. Its been a good camp for everyone, both leaders and rangers! And in the words of Cmdr. Eric..."Its a wrap, boys and girls! Dinner's on me..."

Once again, many thanks to all the leaders, organizing committee, and friends who made this day possible by helping out in one way or another, big and small. Truly, its been a camp with plenty of good memories and treasures to cherish! God bless...

You know what? Its almost 3.30am now...just look at what I go thru to give you guys and girls a story! I need to sleep now...I'm beginning to see lots of little sheeps running around my computer screen...and then I see Shaun guiding the sheeps like a shepard...when this happens, you know you REALLY must get some sleep!

Goodnight well, buddies!