Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, December 11, 2009

RR Christmas Party 2009!

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! All ye citizens of heaven and below...

RR Selangor #6 joyfully invites you for our year end Christmas celebration...

13th December 2009 (Sunday)
6.30pm @ GTAK Front Car Park

All are welcomed to join us for this festive celebration. Please take note of the following announcements:

i. Each family is to bring a dish enough for 3-4 pax (pot-bless style dinner)
ii. Each person is to bring a bag of sweets worth a minimum of RM2.00 (which will be used for Christmas sweets/gift exchange)

So please do spread the word and I'll see ya all in church this Sunday for the party. Lets come together and have a fantastic time fellowshipping with one another, while ushering in the festive season. Invite the in-laws, out-laws and the entire family! Plenty of satay for us all to savour and feast on! God bless...

Keep the faith...and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RR Sel #6 22nd Anniversary!

Good evening, rangers and friends!

Yes...I'm finally back from my pilgrimage, and ready to blog once again! Topic of the night - RR Selangor #6 22nd Anniversary! Wooo hooo! It was a blast...wouldn't you agree? :)

And so, we finally turned 22. Its been a long wait, its been a long year...but the day was definitely worth the wait! 1st November 2009...definitely a good day to celebrate our outpost's birthday. Enjoy the pics...brought to you exclusively by our fantastic cameraman, Mr. Nigel Lim. These are some of his featured shots of the day, and they're really good!

Do enjoy the 1st part of this anniversary blog report, and more pics will be posted up in the coming days! Have fun viewing, and dont forget to click on the photo link to view more pics from the anniversary day itself! God bless...

Amazing-looking rangers were there to greet us at the registration table! No sign-in, no food for you! :)

The stage is set, and the rangers were eagerly awaiting for the day to arrive. A day of recognition and accolades...

The Adventure Boys kicked things off with the Opening Ceremony...good stuff, boys!

This shot was taken during the Ranger Kids skit presentation. Here's Charmayne and Elisa Lee doing their pose for the lenses and the audience, accompanied by some 'fengtau' music!

Ranger Kelly Yap giving us her best innocent-looking smile! She was part of the ER crew that served lunch during the anniversary. Well done, boys and girls!

The Adventure Rangers came out with an interesting and creative 3-part skit, depicting their outdoor skills, imaginations and being in touch with their sense of humour. Really loved the ideas...keep up the good work!

Some traditions will remain forever! I reckon even if he's 50 years old, ranger David Wong will continue to give a hug to the person giving out the merits! Well done, lad. I'm sure Pas. Gideon enjoyed the hug! :)

E-Ranger Casovia Khoo receiving her merits and awards from Outpost Chaplain and RR National Commander, Pas. Gideon Lee.

Ranger Carissa and Debbie Lam looking all casual in the Expedition Ranger's 'Stomp - The Mamak' skit! Amazing stuff, I'm telling you...

A scene from Stomp The Mamak, where the beggar comes around and joins in the beat box fun! If you missed this skit presentation, I feel sorry for you. It was THAT good! Haha...

Up next...GMA Ceremony! Have you ever seen a ranger looking this focused and menacing? Ranger Daniel Ng leading the way...

Aunty Nancy here seen pinning the GMA Medal on her daughter's uniform - Kelly Yap!

Here's Cmdr. Sheila Yong being mama for the day for ranger Low Lee Yee! Congratulations for earning this prestigious award!

Prayer of blessing and guidance for the 3 new GMA holders...

A big CONGRATULATIONS to ranger Kelly Yap, Low Lee Yee and Daniel Ng for earning the Royal Rangers Gold Medal of Achievement! Welcome to the elite club...;)

Cake cutting time! Or rather...muffins-and-candles blowing time! :)

Cmdr. Laura, Cmdr. Cheryl and Cmdr Amy Joy! Didnt I tell you that we have the best looking lady commanders in town?? :) A very big happy birthday to Cmdr. Laura for celebrating her 20++ birthday on the 14th of Nov! Hope you had a mind-blasting time celebrating throughout the weekend...:)

Oh no...the crazies are back! :) I always suspected that this guy was out of this world...

Do you see what I see? 666??? Nice one, guys...haha! The Bible prophesied about your coming!

We are family! I got all my sisters (and brothers) with me!
Yea man...Selangor #6 commanders ROCKS!

p/s: Dont ask me whats that patch of water doing there. I have no idea what it is...haha!

And so, friends...I hope you've had a nice time going "wow" and "weeee" and "oooooooo" looking through these pics. Once again, many thanks to friend of RR like Nigel Lim for sharing his delightful set of photos from the celebration day. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures. We all know that you're dying to see your own faces here in this blog....right? haha

God bless and have a good rest. Time for the old man to call it a always.
Goodnight and God be with you...

"Ready To Serve"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Guess who's back in town...

Perhaps he might wanna go collect his name tag this time around...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday Blessings...

Hello rangers!

Welcome back (to me) and so sorry for the long delay in getting some updates done here. Dont worry, updates are on its way k? Got so much to write about regarding last week's awesome and mind-blasting RR Anniversary! I'm sure we all had a fantastic time together yea?

Just want to bless you with a powerful song that really touched our hearts during last night's Wednesday Prayer Meeting. Do listen to it and have a blessed Thursday ahead. Rock on, champs!

See you guys in RR meeting this Sunday yea? God bless! Do come in your full uniform. Look sharp and dashing, friends.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Story Of The Day!

Greetings rangers and friends!

RR Selangor #6 is glad to inform you that we will be turning 22 yrs old in exactly 11 days time! Woohoo!! We're excited, the rangers are do come and join us in a time of celebration and recognizing the rangers for their fantastic achievements throughout the year 2009! All are welcome to join us.

Lunch will be served, so please do RSVP with Cmdr. Jeffrey Lim or Cmdr. Reuben Ponniah by the 28th of October! Remember to keep this date free: 1st November 2009!

Story of the day - by Senior Commander Reuben

Today has been an interesting day. During lunch hour, I made my way into Lian Pang Stationary Shop right in the heart of Klang town, hoping to finalize the souvenir orders for our upcoming RR anniversary. Even as I was waiting for my turn to speak to the lady boss, I was just looking around at name tags and pin samples...and low and behold, guess what I saw?'ll never believe me. I saw an interesting name tag which read, "Shaun Lim - Lieutenant Commander". How cool!

And immediately I took out my phone and took a picture of this unforgettable moment. Haha. Twitter-ed and Facebook-ed it immediately! Many thanks to the iTechnology...:) And yes, the lady asked me, "Is this your friend?" And I said "Yes." She laughed. "Apasal dia suruh buat name tag, tapi tak datang collect?" Haha...more fun and laughter. And so I told the lady that Shaun Lim has left the country cos' he's wanted by the police for some petty crimes.

Don't believe me? Just step in to Lian Pang, you should still see his name tag used as a sample on the display board.

For all those rangers and commanders in Klang valley seeking to make a name tag for yourself, and if you're looking for a sample of how the RR leader's name tag should be, do visit Lian Pang shop ok? His name is there together with a few other blacklisted friends...Helmeey, Tham Choy Yee, Wan Aishah, Pustakawan...

God bless and do have a fantastic week ahead. PMR is over, SPM and STPM is just about to start for some of you. Fight the good fight, and finish the race! Stay focused, and God will see you through. Goodnight, rangers!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Selangor #6 GMA Receipients

Good morning rangers!

Rangers, masuk baris!! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9....10!
Rangers, senang diri!
Rehatkan diri!

How's the day been for all of you? So I heard the good seems that there's a huge bunch of 15 year-olds, form 3 kids running wild all across the nation! PMR finally over eh? Oh well...time for all of you to celebrate your well-deserved break! And condolences to ranger Trisha, cos I heard the battle ain't exactly over for her! We're praying for you, kiddo! :) As for the rest, go wild and enjoy yourselves before the results are released...cos for some of you, this might be the last time you ever celebrate in a long long time to come! Haha....

From all of us here in Selangor #6, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate 3 of our excellent rangers who have successfully completed the requirements to earn the Gold Medal of Achievement! The GMA is the highest award that a ranger can earn, and we want to extend our congratulations to the 3 of them. They are Daniel Ng, Kelly Yap and Low Lee Yee! Hoooray!! Once again, well done for sticking on the very end, and for putting your heart and head into this. God bless and I do believe He has great plans for all of you!

Our very own 2009 GMA receipients - Kelly Yap, Daniel Ng and Low Lee Yee! This shot was taken after succesfully completing their GMA interview.

I'm looking forward to see all of you in RR this Sunday. Dont forget that we have to practice our skits and performances for the upcoming RR Anniversary on the 1st of November 2009! Its gonna be a good one, for sure...

Till then, stay safe and securely grounded in Jesus...the author and perfector of our faith!

Goodnight, everyone! Rangers....Keluar Baris!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

RR Sel #6 Communication Channels!

Hello hello rangers!

Yes, I'm back once again from isolation...solitude is good for the soul! Well, then man is an island. Its good to be back and be able to keep this space alive with the latest news and hapennings in town and in outpost Sel #6. So tell has your week been? Seems like everyone is busy getting ready for war with the test papers and PMR especially. All the best to each one of you ok?

A big shoutout to Cmdr. Jason Ong and Cmdr. Amy Tan who celebrated their 19th birthday last week! Another year older, another year wiser (hopefully). Haha. Well, God bless the both of you even as you continue to serve Him faithfully through the RR ministry. Amen!

To all our friends and rangers out there, please take note that we have officially upgraded the communication channels for Selangor #6! Not to be left out in the age of the ever-advancing cyber technology and mobile social networking mechanism, we now have our very own RR Selangor #6 Twitter and FACEBOOK! Hooray!! Yup, I know its been a long time coming...but hey, its finally here. And we're determined to keep you updated and posted on latest happenings, pictures, events and most importantly....keeping in touch and staying connected to each and everyone of you out there!

So here's what you have to do...from the RR Selangor #6 Blog, look at the right hand column at the section under 'RR Selangor #6 Communication Channels', and click on any of the icons there. This should direct you to the following 3 items:

i. RR Selangor #6 Email (
ii. RR Selangor #6 Twitter (RR_Selangor6)
iii. RR Selangor #6 Facebook (Royal Rangers Selangor Six)

Here's the screenshot of the icons:

Just go ahead and click on it, yea?

Here's our brand new Sel #6 Facebook account! Seems like almost every human being has a Facebook account...and we believe its a great tool to keep in touch and stay connected to the world and to your lives! :) Do add us as your friend ok?

And here's the screenshot of our Sel #6 Twitter homepage. At this point, some of you might be asking, "What's a Twitter?" Well, its not the sound that some birds make. According to Wikipedia, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.

Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. For those of you who are always on the go and love to go mobile, Twitter is perfect for you! Accessing it via your mobile has never been easier.

Alright folks...thats all from me now. Please set aside this date: 1st NOVEMBER 2009! RR Selangor #6 22nd Anniversary!! Wooohooo!! More news and info coming up...

God bless, and live strong for Jesus.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For They're ALL Jolly Good Fellows! :)

Good morning rangers!

Yes, its early in the morning right now (more like 1.30am)! And if you're still up and awake from all that rendang and lemang, its about time you got yourself back into shape. Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. We hope you've had a good long break so far. And of course...we appreciate the long holidays too. Oh well, its back to work for me tomorrow! Sad school kids are still off for the week eh? Tsk guys have like...20 weeks of holidays in a year???

Some info for you...September is usually the most celebrated month in the calender year. All you gotta do is take a look at the amount of birthday celebrations and Sept babies that popped out many many years ago! guys are like mushrooms and hamsters! Oh well... nevertheless, its still a worthy cause for celebrations, right? And I'm all for celebrations! Time to get the ball rolling...

1st candidate on the list....*drum roll & spring rolls*

Ms. Casovia Khoo! Yup, happy birthday to the lil' miss mischief who celebrated her 15th birthday on the 19th of Sept. Continue to shine and rock on for our Lord Jesus in all that you do k? God bless!

Here she is....doing what she does best!

And next up, we have my favourite man....this buddy of mine grew up together with me, soared high and crawled low together with me through thick and thin, and we're glad to see that he turned out alright in the end, eh? :) He's one-third of the Amazingly-Good-Looking-Men-Club (the other 2 members names shall not be mentioned for safety reason), and he turned 27 yrs old on the 22nd of Sept! Lets give a biggie up to our beloved Cmdr. Eric Teh!

Happy birthday to you....:) Keep on walkin'!

Up next, we have the indestructible, Mr. Energizer Bunny of Sel #6....Mr. Yap Zhi Fung! He turns ??? old is this bunny anyway? Official DOB is on the 25th of Sept! Opps...its a surprise. So please keep this to yourselves ok? Hehe!

GT Klang Sportsman Of The Century - he plays futsal, football, basketball, badminton, squash, marbles, Big 2, golf (coming soon), UNO, 4D....etc etc.

The dude on the left....Benson Lee! For once...he looks like a man, dont you agree? He finally ditched his high-school boy look. Haha....well, he turns a manly 15 yrs old on the 26th of Sept! Do wish the MAN 'Happy birthday' ok? :) Have a great PMR battle, bro. God speed.

And top off the Sept celebrations, we have the youngest baby of the lot, Mr. Chan Chiew Hoe! As you can see, his favourite pastime is having another man clinging on to his back all the time. I seriously wonder whats going on there...haha! Have a blessed birthday on the 27th of Sept! Opps...that was meant to be a surprise too! Hahaha...

Alright, I'm finally done with the birthday wishes for Sept. Pheww! Haha. Keep a lookout for more info concerning our Sel #6 RR Anniversary happening this coming November! It promises to be a good one, for sure. Till then, have a great week ahead, and stay safe. For those driving back from outstation, be safe ok?

God bless and rest well.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow...

Hey hey friends!

Well, isn't this one of the best working weeks of the year? Its like....celebration mood all over! And I heard you school kids got an extra day off tomorrow, eh? Good stuff, guys. :) Well, September is truly a month of it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, exam-freedom, school holidays....dont you just love Malaysia? Haha. For those who are on a puasa period, hang in there friends...just a few more days to go before you can eat till the cows come home! (but please no walking around town with a cow's head ok?) Remember...think 1Malaysia. Tolerance, understanding, meeting each other halfway.

A quick shoutout to a couple of very very important people in our lives who will be celebrating their birthdays this month of September 2009! Firstly, a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Jojo Yong @ Brownie...! He's one-quarter of the Brownie Quartet in GT Klang, so he'll definitely get a mention here in the RR Blog. Haha. If you see him, he looks like a quiet guy...but deep down in his mysterious mind, I'm sure he's got a plan to take over the world brewing in there! Jojo celebrated his big day on the 14th of Sept. God bless bro...and may you grow up strong to be the best chocolate-looking man in town. Cheers!

Ok...I'm not kidding, but this is how he looks on any given any given time. Haha! Classic pose, bro...

Up next...we have a half-centurian! Errm...somewhere around there, I think. Or was it 45th? 35th birthday this year? Haha. Oh well, I guess we all lost count halfway along the way. A big big shoutout to our Youth Pastor, RR Chaplain, RR National Commander, tongue-speaking, devil-chasing man of God....PASTOR GIDEON LEE! Today is the official day of birth some 50 yrs ago...a man who lived thru many wars, namely WWII, Cold War, Gulf War, Iraq War....

From all of us here in RR and GT Klang, we'd like to wish you Happy Birthday, and we wish you many more years of service unto the Lord, and a head-full of hair for all the days of your life! May your offsprings be as numerous as the stars in the sky and as vast as the ocean. Fuuh...Abrahamic blessing! God bless, cmdr!

Can you believe how fit he looks here? Haha. Oh well, stomach in, chest out...keep a straight face. There you go....recipe for looking good in pics! For those wanting to buy 4D today, number of the day is - 1709.

Well friends...thats all for this round. A big FAREWELL to Cmdr Vincent Chin even as he makes his way back to Australia this afternoon. Its been a good week for him here...catching up with all his loyal fans and increasing his popularity by using the chocolates tactic. Good move! :) Always good to have you back, bro. Have a safe flight and we'll see you again in December! Our prayers are with you.

So friends...have a good weekend, and have a fantastic Raya holidays ahead. As for me, I'll be trying out my songkok, filling up my belly with ketupat and rendang, and trying my luck at collecting duit raya. God bless and we'll see you all again for RR on the 27th of Sept!

Adios...and Selamat Hari Raya!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Colour Your World!

Good morning, rangers!

What a way to usher in the (low key) Merdeka Day celebration! Yes...on the 31st of August 2009, a bunch of totally crazy and fired up Expedition Rangers, commanders and friends decided to have a shootout at each other, all in the name of fun and glory! Yup...we certainly had a blast of a time shooting and killin' each other in a game of Paintball! Imagine this...waking up at 7.30am on a public holiday! Sigh...I dont even wake up this early for work...

And so...after the 32 faithfully gathered in church by 8.15am, we finally made our way to TT Sports Park at Subang Jaya for a morning of absolute thrill. This place is located at a very strategic spot, mind you. Should you decide to jump and roll around like Rambo (and tear your knee ligament in the process), or decide to shoot yourself in between the eyes for fun, there's always SJMC nearby for that! Haha. Remember - Safety first! :)

Needless to say, once the game was every (wo)man for themselves. Rule of the game - Last Man Standing. We divided ourselves into 4 groups, did a lil' cam-whoring and then things got underway. Chaotic, tactical, brutal, and adrenaline-pumping! Perfect way to start off the day, wouldn't you agree? :)

Enjoy the pictures below, courtesy of Nigel Lim and Grace Loh...our dear friends of RR! God bless!

Here's the leaders and rangers signing their life away..."If you lose your head in the process, we will not be held responsible....etc etc"

Some just partied the night away...and woke up wondering, "What happened? Where am I?"

Team 4 - The Good (looking) Ones...except for Trisha! :)

Team Leopard Pants - You'll know what I mean later on...hehe

Team Underage - cos majority of them are below 21 and lack the fully-developed brain of an adult human bean...being, I mean. Haha! Esp that 'Fresher' dude...

Here's the team to watch - All killers and campers! Haha. But they had a good tactic.
Cmdr. Reuben starting the day off with a word of prayer...asking God to preserve our lives and let us live to see the next sunrise. Thankfully, none suffered any bad injuries or wounds. Thank God for that! Its been good, great fun...

This fella was so semangat...he decided to start practicing holding his air gun. Not bad la...he's got the pose and the steady look. Who's this dude, anyway??

Mat Rempits and Minah Rempits of Sel #6!

All geared up and ready for battle! This time...all the guys decided to be macho and come in shorts! For some, this proved to be quite a painful lesson. Haha!
Ah hahh! Leopard on the lose! Check out the pants, wei...classic retro gilerr! Oh well, everyone was out on the hunt for the prized kill - Cmdr. Kenny in his funky leopard pants! Haha...

Shot of the day - The One-Eye-Jack, Amy Tan! Good la...thank God she had her mask on. If not, then end up like Captain Barbossa! Remember that dude from Pirates of the Carribean?

The ladies were fired up for this event. Dunno why...but they wanted to take this opportunity to vent their frustration at some of their favourite commanders and rangers! Haha...

The teams gather in an 'anak ayam formation', waiting for the marshall to shout the countdown before all hell breaks loose! Haha...some even died right at the start...barely 10 seconds into the game! Tsk tsk...

If my memory serves me right...that looks like Amy Tan, who was brave and tiny enough to make a run for the middle bunkers un-noticed!

Tag team in action! To win this game...going solo just wont do it. You need to communicate and cover your teammate's back at all time, supporting and backing up each other esp when it gets hot out there!

I love this pose...our top killers for the day!

Plenty of happy faces after the shootout! Here's Grace and ranger Denyse...and half of Cmdr. Kenny! Sorry gotta lose weight on your face if you wanna fit in! Heh.

This is the part where the macho men gloat about their war injuries. Presenting you....the War Heroes and their Battle Scars! Haha...take a bow, boys. And well done for taking it like a real man!

This legs and the 2 bulletshot wounds belong to Cmdr. Daniel Seliong! Hurray...and congrats for collecting two shots! :)

Poor Cmdr. Kenny...he took one right at the back of his ear. Ouchh! That must have hurt...but nvm. He said its ok...cos he's a man. If the ear fall off, then only cry.
This comments. He was quite proud to collect a souvenir after the game....check out the right leg, just above the kneecap. Hahaha! Nice, round tattoo he's got there! Steady la, Cmdr. Zhi Fung!
Cmdr. Jason Ong with his arm-shot wound. His circular wound didn't turn out as nice as the others! Haha...
Already he's got a forehead that even Sven Goran Eriksson cant challenge...and he had to go and collect a headshot, and make the leftside of his head swell up and grow bigger! Haha...well done, Mr. Bryan!

Our Fresher man showing off to us his home-grown armpit hair....opps, the focus was supposed to be the wound near his ketiak! Haha...I bet this one really hurts...esp when you shower! Should be fun, I reckon! :)

After a hard day's work of saving the universe and making it a better place to live in...its definitely a good time to go and chill out in McDee and have a beef burger! Here's Trisha with her funny looking head shape. Never knew it was this out of shape! Hahahahhaa...just kidding.

Thanks to the magic of camera lenses, Bryan's forehead just got bigger by another 6 inches! Hahaha...

In will encounter some people who are crazy, some who are absolutely mad, and some who are beginning to lose it. Here's a good example of someone who's almost losing it completely. Hahaa...presenting you, the Awesome Foursome (minus one) and Cmdr Daniel....doing something silly with food (as usual)! Haha...

Some of the macho men who showed up for War Day. Good to have Cmdr. Kevin back home (our very own Terrorist Pilot in the MAS Academy).

Our big Paintball 2009 family photo! Dont let these innocent faces fool you into thinking that we had a docile and friendly time of Paintball! was wild and crazy. Remember, keep your friends close. And keep your enemy closer!

Also, a big shoutout to our dear friend ranger Irvin Lim who celebrated his birthday last Friday! God bless bro...looking forward to your return, for good! But I heard your younger sheep brother is swimming back to Msia earleir? :)

Alright folks, thats a rap. Its almost 3am now...and I think....I think....I need to sleep la. Take care, rest well and you'll be hearing from me soon enough. By the time you read this, our dear China man friend from Aussie would have arrived back in Msia! You'll be hearing more on this developing story soon!

More photos from the Paintball outing can be viewed by clicking on our RR Sel #6 Photo Gallery button on the right. Have a fantastic day ahead and God bless!