Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Friday, February 20, 2009

We we born to be Heroes...

Holaaaa friends!!

Take note...Ranger Kids Camp 2009 is BACK!!! And this time, it promises to be BIGGER, BETTER and definitely more colourful and CRAZY! You think I'm bluffing you ar?? Check out the theme wei...


Yup, you got that right!! So, do join us this Saturday, 21st February at 9am - 8.30pm in MPH2 GTAK for a time of ultimate fun and games with the kids (5-8 yrs old!) and come meet all your favourite superheroes in real life!! Have a blast speaking to them, taking loads of photos with them, and learn what it takes to be a superhero in God's kingdom!

For more info, please do contact Cmdr. Eric at 017-3000855! Looking forward to see you guys at the Superheroes Camp this Saturday! If you havent registered your lil' brother or sister, do bring them along this Saturday yea? We've already got almost 80 kids who have registered!! Its gonna be crazy and definitely AWESOME!!


On a separate note, how has your week been, friends? I hope God has been speaking to you and using you to be a blessing to someone of late. God has been speaking...we just need to learn how to tune to the right frequency and we'll hear His voice. Amen?

Just to add on to Kevin's farewell party blog post...I sorta ter-left out a couple of really nice and crazy shots. Ever had this scene where you look at certain people...and you realize why they could never ever be a pilot?'s some good reasons why some people will never quite cut it to be a pilot! Haha...just kidding...

"Speak to me, oh crystal ball...I see your future, Botak Chin!" Daniel exclaims. Kevin allowed him wear the hat for now...prob his closest chance ever to feel like a pilot! Haha.

And what about Franz??? Told you he's a funny-looking Filipino dude...haha. Nice smile bro. Very...original!

Kevin flanked by his two nuts. On the left, we have the 'saluting-confused-architect' and on the right, we have Bozzo's relative. Definitely no hope for them to be a pilot. Circus ring master, animal trainer, stand up comedian all can. But pilot? Big NO NO.

And for once, Kevin looks cool with his Eminem look... :)

Aight friends. See ya all in church this Saturday at 9am for the Ranger Kids camp, and dont forget that there's RR meeting this Sunday at 1.30pm. Its going to be a weekend to remember, that's for sure!

Live high, live mighty, live righteous...God bless!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Believe I Can Fly...

And so...another bird decides to leave the nest!

Good afternoon rangers and friends from all over the world. How do you do? I hope you're having a breezy afternoon, takin' it easy and enjoying life along the way. Today's post is specially dedicated to someone special, who has gone on to the next chapter in his life. Someone who dared to pursue his dreams with determination and patience, and now he's on his way to become the first pilot in our outpost. This post goes out specially to ranger Kevin Chin! *clap clap*

For your info, Cmdr. Kevin Chin is now currently pursuing his studies to be a (fighter/terrorist/MAS) pilot in Langkawi MAS aviation academy. Awesome-ness!!

We had everything ready for his farewell party (which also happened to be Valentine's Day). Was kinda tired out having ANOTHER surprise we just decided to tell him about his surprise party. Well, we sorta' told him that the boys are taking him out for dinner, but when we all showed up in his house, he had absolutely no reaction or questions. How typical of him...haih. Well, basically all the single and available ones showed up on that was like a Singles Awareness Day thingie...haha.

Anyway, everyone showed up on time and there was loads of food and drinks to feed the whole of Kapar...all thanks to Mr. Vincent Chin and his Aussie $$$!!! Woo hoooooo!!! What do to? Its a small sacrifice to make for a brother rite? Haha...and also, thanks to very very persuasive friends like Eric and Reuben. So anyway, if you guys wanna have a party and are running short of $$$, just give him a call k? I'm sure he's got some loose change to spare us...

Enjoy some of the photos from the night yea? All thanks to Mr Daniel Seliong aka DanSel aka Ichiban...

The pilot-to-be was ready to party!! He even had his birthday hat on...

Love at first sight...Willie and Su Vie...some more on Valentine's Day!

What a freak shot wei...Kevin and Jason Lim enjoying the Aussie-sponsored meals...:)

After much waiting, he finally pulled out the toys...lookin' good in his pilot hat! Man...I want one too!!

All hail Kenneth the Fuhrer! Here seen showing off the photo of his ancestor.

Alright...after much eating, it was Dedication Time!! And yes, we all got dressed in our costumes...including Kevin who changed into his Pilot costume! Haha...

Cheryl was just so filled with emotions...she just couldn't control it anymore. She just couldn't stop laughing at herself in the mirror...:)

Some of the single people that showed up for the farewell party...haha!!!

"You see...I want to confess something...I did not hatch from an egg ok? I come from another planet..." William clarifies with the world.

Here's Shaun sharing some of his experiences together with Kevin to everyone. Once again its proven. When Shaun smiles, he cant see very far. So please dont make him smile while he's driving ok?

Wahh..not bad eh? Farewell also got cake. Birthday got cake, pass UPSR also got cake, get driving license got cake, find a gf also got cake....I guess we basically just like cakes!

Here's Pas. Gideon praying for Kevin, togethet with the group. Our prayer is that he will graduate top in his around the world, come home to Klang...and bring us all onboard his flight the next round! AMEN!

Just like an eagle...once it grows up, it will leave the nest. Fly high, eat stuff from all over the place, and eventually find its way back home one day...:)

This is the boys section. All also celebrated Single Awareness Day, including Pas. Gideon. Haha!

"You see...of all my 3 boys, Kevin got the most spanking and canning. Cause he was the most stubborn. Like a donkey. Kenny and Vincent didn't get much canning. But I'm very proud of Kevin. Sometimes you just dont know what he wants, cause he doesnt say much or talk much."

Aunty, looking at your should have spanked Kenny and Vincent more. Haha. Its still not too late. You can start with Kenny first, since he's staying at home. Just wait for him to come home from work every night, and wait for him with the cane. And when he least expects it, just WHACK him! for Vincent, we'll have to wait for Christmas for the canning. Or alternatively, we the friends can help you out by spanking him too.

Mad-hatters time!! William and Kevin...

You think only Kevin has a hat?? Here's Samson and Shaun making a fool of themselves...haha. No wonder they're not pilots!

Aisay...Kevin flanked by 2 very hot, successful men. Haha! Dont worry Vincent, we took good care of him, just as you requested us to do almost 8 years ago! Kevin, all I can say is...we both make you look GOOD! Haha...

The 1990's babies and babi-s! The rest of them had Valentine's Day plans...haha!

Kev and Daniel Seliong...private shots near the toilet! Haha...

Mr Ben, Pilot, and Stephen...

Ah hah! Today, Grace's dream came true...haha! Be careful Kevin...she's got her eyes ON you from now on!

The Entertainer, The Pilot, and the Mama...what in the world is wrong with Kenny???

Sheila-lalalalalalalalalalalalalaala-halelu-jah together with Kevin...

From all of us here in RR Sel #6, Youth Alive GTAK, and all your supporters from Kapar...we wish you ALL THE BEST and God bless! Make us proud, bro. We're counting on you for the free flights! Haha...

You aimed high, did what you had to do, and now you're on your way to be what you dreamed to be. There's nothing more amazing than a man living out his dreams. You're one step closer to it. Reach out and take it, man! With all that you've learned in church and ministry, go on and bless a soul out there and never ever forget the God called you out of darkness into His marvelous light, and who brought you thus far. Hold on to Jesus!

So friends...remember...the next time you get on a flight, and hear the captain say, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on-board Malaysia Airlines flight MH****, fgkjhjlsduhaklsmd uashdjk sdsjdlzkjdklasfa sjlkasjdljawiqowisk euqiwslkdqweqkdsd awieo qweuoqsdd qwesdj" ....and if you didn't understand a single word that he said, you can be sure that its Kevin Chin! Hahahahhahaahahahhahaahah!

Quoting Kevin Chin..."Once I'm flying high, the girls will come".

Oh, How do you wait for heaven?
And who has that much time?
And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you know, that you were born to fly...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

If ever I loved Thee, tis' now...


On this very special day, February 14th, Valentine's Day 2009...this special dedication goes out to a very special friend who has been with me through thickness and frailty, through my darkest nights and even my brightest of days, in my days of triumph and in my days of defeat and being trampled to the ground, the days where He picked me up and dusted the dirt of my knees, surrounded me with His arms of assurance, and told me that "I am His" forever more...

His name is....Jesus.

My Jesus, I love Thee
I know thou art mine
For thee all the follies of sin I resign
My gracious Redeemer, my Savior art thou
If ever I loved thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.

I love Thee because Thou hast first loved me
And purchased my pardon on Calvary's tree
I love Thee for wearing the thorns on thy brow
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.

In mansions of glory and endless delight
I'll ever adore thee in heaven so bright
I'll sing with the glittering crown on my brow
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now...

My prayer for you this day is that all of us will learn to fall in love with Jesus all over again and re-discover the love that gave up eternity to die on the cross for the redemption of mankind. For you and me...

God bless.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Chinese New Year to Remember...

Good evening rangers! (more like midnight, actually!)

Hope you're all fast asleep by had better be! Dont let me catch you here online at this hour ok? If not somebody's going to get hurt pretty bad...:) Just kidding. Anyway, always remember...Early to bed, early to rise, makes a ranger strong, wealthy and wise! Ok...I know a few of you are going, "That's so cheesy...", but its soooo true! If you want to be as strong, wealthy and wise as your commanders....time for you to start sleeping early! And I dont mean early in the morning like 2am or 3am...:)

Well, now that CNY is over and done with, and all the angpow packets are opened or either thrown away, I feel its a good time to just recap on what happened over past couple of weeks. On January 18th 2009, the Expedition Rangers of Sel #6 had our very own mini-CNY celebrations! And yes, not only was it a day fill with fun and laughter, it was also a very educational day for all of us...The theme of the day was RED, and the aim was to explain and enlighten the rangers about everything special and unique about the Chinese New Year celebration! Truly a day not to forget....and thanks to Cmdr Kenny's pics, you can be sure that the memories will last for a long time!

Here's the ER commanders getting things started with a time of opening parade.

Here's our beloved ER age group...interestingly, one patrol came in red, while the other came in white. Well done lads...points earned for unity and patrol spirit!

"What do I do?" Trisha looks always.

To get things started, we gave everyone a groudnut treat! The objective of the opening game was to peel all the kacang tanah and to collect the most number of groundnuts.

It was just kecoh, I'm telling you...never have you seen ppl so enthusiastic about groundnuts!

While some peeled, some counted...and some ate. :)

And so, after finding ourselves a winner, it was time to visit the zoo and feed the monkeys! Here we go, lads...its time to throw the peanuts into your patrol members mouth! Here we have James and Bryan in action!

Ever noticed how big Bryan's mouth is? And on the other hand, James is wondering what happened to the grounut...where did it go?

Love at first sight...and a lamp post in between them. Matthew, Jojo and Cmdr. Daniel!

See laa...this is what happens when you dont have your lunch before RR. You actually start looking for food to eat from the dustbin. Kesian...

Have you ever seen Casovia look this serious before in her life??? Killer wei...

Okok...enough of monkey-food stuff. Time to bring out the big guns. And so, up next...we had our very own Chinese tea sifu and he comes all the way from mainland China, Kapar. Presenting you...the more Chinese version of Cmdr. Kenny and his chinese tea ceremony story! Looks so elegant with his 'to-chang'...that pig-tail thingie...

Its either they were really concentrating hard or posing for the camera...Yi Jia and Michelle!

Bryan and Lee Yee seemed pretty happy all day long...

As usual...Su vien was hungry, Casovia and Debbie were playing it cool all day...

Leonard doing what he does best...the ability to sleep at any given time of the day! :)

Here's Lee Yee, Jojo, Carissa and Su Vien...all bunch of posers!

Here's our sifu preparing a round of chinese tea for some of the rangers to savour...everything looks so elegant and simply awesome! Cmdr Kenny explained to the rangers the purpose and reason why the Chinese tea ceremony is such an important part of the Chinese culture. He also showed the rangers how to properly prepare a nice warm pot of tea...:)

Our tea master...Cmdr. Kenny Chin.
His favourite tea: Long Island Tea :)

I wonder what Cmdr. William and Cmdr. Kevin is so happy about...haha! Nice candid shot.

Next up...we explained one of the greatest mysteries in the Chinese culture...the LION DANCE and the ANGPOW! According to history, at an appointed time a great beast would appear and consume a human as part of a peace offering by the villagers. Here we see Cmdr Kenny face to face with the ugly beast we know as the Lion. And the cool part is, our lion can dance too! :)

Our lion was causing havoc and frightening the marbles out of our rangers! Especially with that hideous blue 'shark-attack' face! Haha...

And so, to defeat the beast...the villagers found out that the lion has a weakness. It was afraid of the red packet that we commonly know as Ang Pow! And so...the villagers came up with a game plan on how to kill the dragon once and for all!

Here's Senior Cmdr Reuben taking some time to share about our value in the eyes of Jesus, using a RM5 note for illustration. Happy New Year, Kelly! :)

And was also Simon Yap's birthday! And how cool...he gets to be served tea by his favourite Cmdr. Zhi Fung!! Haha...blessings throughout the year, man!

Posers Inc.

Here's Benson with that 'Duhhhh" look...havent's heard that term for some time.

Oh well, everyone was out to have a good time...and I'm pretty sure they all did! Most importantly, they learnt about some of the important traditions and cultures of Chinese people...which of course, some of the rangers were totally blinking!'s Trisha playing with Cmdr. William's property on her head...'s Tessa Lim. Bringing us greetings and peace all the way from NZ...haha! Also, we bid farewell to our dear friend, ranger Tessa who left for NZ about a week ago to continue her schooling. We'll definitely miss you for sure!

Birthday boy Simon Yap wanted to get into the pigtail hat act! Such a delightful little fella...

"Ahh...finally my brain cap is back to where it belongs!" Cmdr. William proudly informs us.

So now that brain cap is back to its rightful owner and position, its all smiles at the end of the day. :)

Not bad...RR gives you Ang Pow some more!! Woohoo...if you all want more of it, let me know ok? I can still print some for you. And if you're nice to cmdr Daniel, he'll probably do one design for you...imagine your cash notes with our faces on it. How cool!!!

Anyway buddies, its time for me to hit the potato sacks. I hope you had a fun time viewing the pics, and you can always view more pics from that day by clicking on the picture gallery link on the right. Have a blessed Friday the 13th and a great weekend ahead yea? God bless!

A special shoutout to my good buddy Connie Tan who's celebrating her birthday today! Its always a good day to be alive....many many more years ahead for you, that's my prayer! God bless, yea...