Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Monday, July 29, 2013

Adventure Rangers STRIKES!

Did you know that the origin of bowling can be traced back 5,000 years to Rome and Greece? and that three strikes in a row is called a Turkey? How interesting is that! But if only it was a Turkey on the table.. Om nom nom..

Anyway, the Adventure Rangers went bowling! Time to train up a few more Shalin Zulkiflis and some Raja Longkangs of the future.

All 21 rangers and commanders gathered in church at 9.30am last Friday and off to Setia City Mall they went. It was so early that they had the whole bowling centre to themselves. This is what we call the early bird gets the worm!

Here's Cmdr Zhi Kai teaching Ranger Valesca the right way to bowl

Ranger Wei Jie patiently waiting for his orange coloured 6 pound ball. 
"I'm gonna beat you the next round cmdr!"

And *drum rolls.... Cmdr Phaik Joo! showing us how it's done

2 hours of bowling and extra arm muscle gained. Just in line with what the Adventure Rangers are learning at the moment - Healthy Body! 
Having a healthy body doesn't just mean being physically fit. It includes a wider range of factors that incorporate the true meaning of being healthy, which includes our social, mental and spiritual well-being, in which we teach our rangers to grow.

So here's to a wonderful day out and to helping our rangers grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially, as represented by the 4 Gold Points of the Royal Rangers Emblem.

Next up, Survival Camp! 
Will you be able to make it out ALIVE???

Stay Tuned....

Monday, July 15, 2013


Every young boy has harboured ambitions to see the Earth from space, dream to float among the vast sea of stars. For most of them it stops there but not for our rangers. On 19.5.2013, they were taken a step closer to fulfilling their dreams, to have a hands on experience in building the primary object that bridges human to the outer space - Rockets!

Rocketry is a red merit under the Discovery Ranger age group where the rangers will be able to learn about the history and design of rockets, the procedure for rocketry countdown, the National Association of Rocketry Safety Code, identify parts of a rocket and even build an Altitude Finder!

With the help of our age group commanders, the Discovery Rangers set out on a month of fun-filled rocketing! And after gaining a deeper insight into rocket building, the day finally came for them to build their own air-powered water rocket! Imagine the burst of excitement when the whole 20+ load of them were taken to the open field to launch their rockets! 

Here's a short video of two ranger boys launching their hand made water rocket with the help of Outpost Cmdr Jayson and Lieutenant Cmdr Zhi Kai. Great job guys! :)

Here's one small step for the rangers, one giant leap for our future!
DR in 3,2,1... Blast Off!

See you again!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Outpost Campout 2013

Greetings! A thousand apologies for the lack of update and though it's 4 months late, here's a lil recap of our very own Outpost Campout that happened on the 22nd-25th March 2013 at Jungle Lodge, Gombak.

Day #1
The rangers having their welcoming and briefing session by Senior Cmdr Eric Teh.. Under the stars!

And then it's GAMES TIME!

Best of the Best - Who can spit the furthest?

Cmdr Zhi Fung judging the teams on their "Egg Protection Device"
Then we had the patrols present their song and yell before bed time (or in this case sleeping bag time)

Day #2
Rise and Shine! Filling their stomachs for an interesting day ahead!

Cmdr Reuben teaching the rangers how to cook instant noodles with a mess kit
Now that everyone's charged up again, time to learn some camping skills!
We had Rotation Classes teaching Rope Craft, Compass, Tool Craft and Dutch Oven Cooking.
After that, it was time to get WET!
Presenting you our very own Michael Phelps
Sports themed Council Fire for the night!
Cmdr Matthew Lin making his dramatic torch bearer entrance
and then we continued on to have a fun night filled with games, songs, cheers and laughter :)
Here are the cmdrs rocking their sports attire \m/

Day #3
Staying at the great outdoors away from our usual nasi lemak, bah kut teh and what not, nothing beats waking up to the smell of Roti Prata wafting through the air!
Morning parade is a must! Flag bearers Ranger Jia Jun and Ranger Xing Yi preparing for the raising of flags
Chaplain, Ps. Peter sharing the word of the Lord with us.

The rangers setting out on their hike. Finally, the day of total fun has arrived!

Wonder what Cmdr Huei Lin's pointing at..

After an hour plus of mountain climbing, tree crossing, river wading, BEHOLD... kita sudah sampai at the water fountain fall!
And now the fun really begins cause it's.... ABSEILING TIME!
Ranger Calvin showing us how it's done!
 Ranger Celeste being one of the first girls to try it out!
 Ranger Travis looking like a pro but ended up with cuts and bruises.. Ouch!

 Ranger Shannon looking all hyped up while Ranger Erwin seems abit... worried? hahaha
The other rangers and commanders who were waiting for their turn at abseiling, who also turned out to be the bunch of people not being able to experience abseiling cause it rained :(
So we all hiked back to our campsite for another round of fun!
On dry land, we have Cmdr Reuben scaring young girls away *screams!
 While in the water, we have Cmdr Melissa experiencing the infamous "a dip in the pool"

After a day of fun, here's Cmdr Kenny preparing for the night's council fire.
Amidst the fun and laughter, it's important that we do not lose sight of what's important.
The cmdrs brought the rangers back to a heart of worship during the night's council fire and many hearts were rededicated back to the Lord. A new soul was also won for God that very night and we all rejoiced even as heaven rejoiced!

Day #4
The day we pack our bags and head on home. Yes Cmdr Reuben, we feel your sadness too :(   
Even lil durian was shocked at how fast time flies! :O

One for the road! Twas a good 4 days 3 nights spent learning about God, brushing up on our skills and simply bonding with each other. It was a camp that was timely in bringing the commanders and rangers to a time of great fun and fellowship. The experiences and time spent together will be the foundation that this outpost will build upon in the spirit of mentorship - to reach, to teach and to keep the boys and girls in the ministry and most importantly with God.

Till next time!