Royal Rangers Selangor #6

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hear, Hear! #2

My name is Nicholas Ng. In rangers, I have learnt so much from all the commanders around me. They have always been of great help. The merits in rangers have made me more knowledgeable and now I am able to understand interesting topics. Besides, my communication skill has increased so much more through the different activities that I participated in. 

Royal Rangers as a Christian organisation has helped me grow closer to God. Moreover, some life-long friendships have been made. Through Royal Rangers’ camps such as Pow Wow and Camporama, I have been exposed to different people from different places and it has definitely given me the chance to experience God again. 

I am always encouraged seeing how prayers in Rangers have helped me in my life. The commanders are always with us and understand us and that makes me feel more secure. Rangers has also brought me closer to my school friends and made it easier for me to make new friends anywhere and everywhere.

Prayer is a vital part of our Christian walk with God. In fact, it is so important that it's mentioned more than 250 times in the bible! As commanders, we cover the rangers in our prayers because prayer is such a powerful force. The power of prayer comes not from the special words we say or special ways we pray but from the omnipotent Father who hears and answers our prayers. All we have to do is pray in faith. Know that the Holy Spirit is helping us in prayer, and that Jesus is interceding along as well (Romans 8:26). We're so glad that our prayers touched your life Nicholas. We pray for even more of God's glory to be revealed in your life for the days to come!

Continue to shine for Jesus! 


Friday, September 26, 2014

Cookarama 2014


What's Cookarama you ask? Cookarama's an outpost tradition that we celebrate every year where all the young aspiring chefs that is our rangers cook up a storm to showcase their culinary expertise (or some culinary tragedies). In this year's edition, the commanders decided to pick the rangers' creativity in cooking.... MUSHROOMS! And as all you rangers should remember, Cookarama was just five days ago! Just in case some of you start to forget what you guys came up with, (cause our brains are getting tinnier relying on smartphones all the time) here are pictures of the day to evoke those almost faded memories...

But before we get to the food! Beginning last year, Selangor #6 decided to instill a BIT more fun into this annual cook out of ours, and yes as you can see below, it's the infamous BLIND TASTE TEST! Fully equipped with blind folds and headphones so you can't cheat *sly and evil laugh*

What happens is that every patrol from the Adventure and Expedition Rangers will send one of their members to blind taste some insects and reptiles that we feed them blindfolded and whoever gets the most correct answers get to have a first hand choice in the protein that they will be cooking together with their mushrooms! So much fun isn't it? :P

Nah.. just kidding.. we don't serve insects and reptiles. This was what we really served them last Sunday. From apples to carrots to french beans to almonds. Healthy living people!

Ranger Shannon vs Ranger Adam. It is on!

Ranger Daniel vs Ranger Calvin

Ranger Krystal vs Ranger Jonathan

Having gone through the blind test taste and getting their proteins, the cook off officially commenced!

Ranger Kids' Cmdrs and their little helping hands
"The peace sign?! Man, I don't know these people." 
Cmdr Jayson and the Discovery Rangers! Those are some huge mushrooms!

After an hour of intense cooking.... the end results!

ER: Mushroom Pie and Ravioli  by the Popping Plungers

Cmdr Zhi Fung, the PIC of Cookarama 2014 "inspecting" the pie

ER: Love Wrap by the Chop Chop Axe

AR: King Oreo! (Aglio Olio) by the Iron Tiger
AR: A Slice of Heaven by the Pirate Parrots
DR: Mushroom Burgers and Wraps

RK: Mushroom Wraps with lotsa vege! (Vege Training starts young people)

After putting much effort in plating and presenting all their dishes in the best way possible, it's time... for the judges... to taste the fooooddddd! (We pray no one got food poisoning :P)

The rangers waiting anxiously as the judging was about to commence!

The four judges for this year's cookarama! *besides Cmdr Zhi Fung.
Cmdr Eric seems doubtful.. hmmmm..
Ranger Christopher telling us the story behind their Mushroom Burgers and Wraps

Ranger Hans and Ranger Yuan Qi explaining their dish to the judges.
What are you writing Cmdr Zhi Fung?

Soooo.. after blind taste testing, cooking and judging.. Who's the winner for this year's Mushroom Cookout??

*drum rolls.....*

you ready? you ready?

The winner issssss.....

Join us for our Council of Achievement this coming November to find out (;

But! Though we can't tell you who won, we'll be so kind to show you some really glam pics of your Cmdrs taking part in their own Cookarama soooo many years ago..


Blessed Friday ya'll!

Hear, Hear! #1


In conjunction with the Gold-bordered Communication Merit that the Expedition Rangers are achieving, we're going to start a new Hear, Hear! series featuring all that the Expedition Rangers have to say.

Hear, hear is an expression used as a short, repeated form of hear, hear him. The actual source can be found in 2 Samuel 20:16. "Then cried a wise woman out of the city: 'Hear, hear; say, I pray you, unto Joab: Come near hither, that I may speak with thee.'" (KJV)

So do keep a lookout for more from the Expedition Rangers and hear what they have to say! Here's one from Ranger Celeste to kick start this new series!

Hi everyone! I am Celeste Tan, and I am an Expedition Ranger at Selangor #6.

Since I am not yet a commander, my journey as a Ranger is not yet over, so here's what I've learnt at Royal Rangers so far.

I have been in the Rangers ministry since I was nine, and it has been a real blessing to me over the years.

Working on merits makes me manage my time wisely, and plan ahead for certain things to be done and submitted. I've learned about lots of different interesting subjects that I wouldn't have learnt on my own; like public speaking, sign language, leadership skills and Christian missions, to name a few.

from the merits and numerous camps that I've been to, I have learned a lot of survival and life skills; like surviving in the jungle, using a compass and how to build a fire, amongst many other things.

I still remember and reminisce about the training camps (JTC and Survival Camp), and how I learned so much about myself and my teammates there (think dealing with stress, leadership skills, teamwork and surviving without internet) :)

I've grown spiritually thanks to the Bible studies and the commanders asking us questions that make me think deeply. It gives me different perspectives on Biblical insights that I sometimes find boring/overrated, and really spurs me to do better in my Christian walk by the grace of God.

I've met all sorts of different people on the way, and learnt how to deal and work with them. Although it is not always smooth sailing, it has made me a better person in the process. It takes all sorts of people to make the world go 'round. And some of those people are my good friends now :)

The purpose of Royal rangers is to reach, teach and keep young people in the church through mentorship, and I am glad that it is still going on strong after so many years. I am really grateful to all of the commanders who input into our lives week in and week out. I hope one day I'll be able to serve and give back as they have.

God bless!

As the saying goes, 'Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger'.
We look forward to having you grow and mature into a wonderful leader in the years to come Celeste! Till then, continue to shine bright for our Master Ranger (:


Monday, September 08, 2014

Fire and Rescue 101

Remember the time when you were a kid and your ambitions were always doctor, police, fireman? or the Hong Kong drama Burning Flame that made you want to be a fire fighter? Well last Saturday, the Adventure Rangers had the chance to accomplish that dream! Okay. Not really. But we did have the chance to check out the daily life of a fireman in a fire station. Which is pretty cool!

There are altogether four fire stations in Klang situated in Kota Raja, Andalas, Pelabuhan Klang and Kapar, which was the one we visited. The tour began with a half hour briefing equipping us with basic knowledge of the organisation's structure, statistics and some real life fire and rescue examples.

Next we got a tour of the control room! This is where the calls from the public will be picked up, answered and dispatches sent out in respond to the emergencies. We were fortunate to be able to witness a live call asking for help to burn the hive of hornets! Apparently people have already been stung! Ouch.

We were also given the chance to see and touch many of the tools that firemen use during fire and rescue missions. These tools are not meant for the faint hearted! They are soooooo heavyyyy!

Here's Chicken Rice Ball aka Ranger Jia Jun trying to look cool... pulling it off??

And Ranger Bryan Tay! The tank seems to be wearing his little body instead. Time to eat more little one!

And of course, the famous water pipe fire hose! For the fire hose to work, pressure is required to push water through the hose, to expel water through the nozzle, and to lift the water up to a higher level. The usual working pressure of a fire house is 8 to 20 bar while its bursting pressure can be up to 83 bar! The surge in pressure can actually damage the hose or cause the fire fighter at the nozzle to lose control of the stream but seems like Cmdr Reuben can consider being a fireman (;
Last but not least, the moment we've all been waiting for ... 

Click HERE to view the video!!
*A must watch funny moments of your fellow ranger friends hehe

Group shot! Here's one to wrap up the day (:

Indeed it was such an eye opening trip for all of us! Fighting fire and rescue work never come easy. Sometimes it even means to put your life on the line for the sake of others. But instead of sitting behind a safe office desk in a cold office room, these men are ready 24/7. Always ready to serve the people, ready to take us out of harm's way. They practice and drill, sweat and bleed so that they will be able to help us when we need them. In the same way, a ranger should always be READY! As our motto goes, a ranger should be ready for anything! Ready to work, play, serve, worship, live, and obey God’s Word. For there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. And we want to be ready for that. So that when chances and opportunities present itself for us to preach the gospel, help a friend or even step up to the occasion, we will be able to say yes Lord! Here i am, use me. 

Soooo that's a wrap from the fire station! (: Stay tuned for more exciting events coming your way!


Friday, September 05, 2014

Adventure Rangers Campout

Howdy rangers!

Guess what, Selangor #6 is going to have our very own Adventure Rangers Campout in 8 days time! If you're aged 12 to 15 then this is for you! Don't forget to bring along your friends as well. We'll be completing requirements for your camping merit, learning how to cook, playing games and simply chilling out with one another. What other way to kick start the school holidays than having fun with all your super awesome commanders *amen!* and ranger friends!

So what are you waiting for! Grab a form from any of the Adventure Rangers commander if you don't already have one and get ready for 3 days and 2 nights of relentless fun!

Be there or be squareddddd
See ya!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

For Cmdr Michelle

A word from the Senior Cmdr:

A true Knight
A roaring 4.0 CGPA candidate, proud GMA holder, a girl with awesome artistic skills, and most of all… the incredible White Knights leader – Cmdr Michelle Lee. Even as she takes on the next phase of uni life all the way up North in the land of Char Kueh Teow, Cendol, Apam Balik, Durian, etc… we can never take the Bah Kut Teh out of her! =) Here is to wish her all the best in her new undertaking knowing that God has many more things in stored for her life and that she will be a great blessing to the people there. Penangnites & UTMians, you guys beware because Michelle is coming to town!

May God’s guidance and blessing go with you that you will find favour with the people around you, Michelle! Hope you can settle down fast and find a good church there! We all miss you here and I’m sure the DRs too! Hope to see you back in RR during your holidays! =)

Even as you step into a new phase of life, Selangor #6 will always be here for you!
Come back often to visit Cmdr Michelle! (and bring back good food for us too!) We will miss you!

Much Love!