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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sarawak Missions 15' - #2

Hi there, more mission trip testimonies! By Ranger Adam and Ranger Vivien (:
Hope you'll be blessed

Helloo everyboddy. I'm Adam! This is my first Sarawak Missions trip and having been to just one has already given me so many reasons  to come back again. I'll start off by saying this trip has been the most physically testing trip ever. The hike was so tiring and energy consuming but after arriving at the longhouse, the Iban people really welcomed us and probably fed us with all their food and you know what, it was all worth the sweat. The people were so humble and welcoming that it melts my heart. But of course the highlight for me everyday was the night service. The people in the longhouses live on their pepper plantations and being able to see them seeking or craving more of God in their simple lives is the main reason that gives me the urge to come again next year. Being able to bless the people as a team has been an amazing experience. Seeing our bond and unity grow so tremendously in just 7 days has given me the assurance that the next trip there will definitely be better. Been a privilege serving and blessing these people with you rangers!

It was a wonderful experience being able to bless the Iban's people in the longhouses. The past seven days in Sarawak has been wonderful to me. We went to 4 different longhouses. Each longhouse has more than 12 families. I could see the differences in each family and their lifestyle was totally different from us. The children there are so independent, even at 5-6 years old, they have started to go to school and stayed in hostels. If  it were for us, we would probably want our parents to be with us all the time but the children can actually stay alone outside without their parents. They only go back home 2 weeks once, on a Sunday. I was really touched by these children. And the people there were so nice. They gave us lots of food especially pork and rice, hahaha. I could see the joy in their eyes. The exciting part was that I got the chance to ride behind a motorcycle and sat behind a Hilux. It was so exciting. I could feel God's presence with us when we prayed for them. When Cmdrs asked me to pray for them, I really prayed for them with all my heart even though my prayers were not as good as others but God still helped me. Helping out in the Children Ministry really taught me alot. Colossians 3:17 'And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him'. It was not easy handling all the children but God's presence was there all the time. I have no idea about how to take a bath in the river either. Having to do it for the first time was the best thing ever. This year, we had medical clinics with 4 doctors together with us. The doctors were so wonderful and humble. I've never seen such good doctors in my life. Everything ran very smoothly and I had the chance to learn all the medicines. Through this missions trip i have learnt 2 lessons. I started to learn to be appreciative. To appreciate the things that my parents provide for me. And i really thank God for putting me in such a great family. I can get anything from my parents but not for all the children at the longhouses. We like to compare ourselves with kids who were born rich but we never think about the kids that don't even have rice to eat. This really touched my heart. 2nd lesson that i learnt is not to give up so easily. We tend to give up so easily but the people at the longhouses chose to surrender their problems to God. There was one family that we prayed for where the lady's husband still hasn't accepted Christ. Yet she kept praying for her husband and asked us to pray for her too. Sometimes we have to wait for God's timing and continue to trust in HIM and not give up so easily. HE will give us more than we ask which reminds me about this verse, Romans 10:13 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved'. God Is Good All The Time. First missions trip to Sarawak and definitely many more to come! This missions trip really helped me and I encourage you guys to join us too. Come and experience it for yourself. See you there! - Vivien Teo

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